Lionel Messi on Copa America win: “Thank you God for making me Argentine”


After winning the Copa America with Argentina, Lionel Messi posted a touching video and some heartfelt lines via his Instagram account.

“In the Maracana and the classico against Brazil…”

That is how Messi started his post.

“It was an incredible cup. We know that we can still improve many things but the truth is that the boys left their souls, and I cannot be prouder to be the captain of this spectacular group.”

Then, Leo thanked his family, his friends, the Argentina fans, and Diego Maradona:

“I want to dedicate this triumph to my family, who always gave me the strength to keep going, to my friends, that I love so much, to all the people who support us, and especially to the 45 million Argentines who had such a bad time with this shit of a virus, especially those that suffered it more closely. It goes for all of you. And, of course, also for Diego, who surely supported us from wherever he is.”

After these lines, Messi sent a message of awareness to all the Argentines, so that they continue to take care of Covid-19, which in Argentina is still causing a lot of deaths:

“In order to continue celebrating, we have to continue taking care of ourselves. Let’s not forget that there is still a long way to go to return to normality. Let’s take advantage of this happiness to gain a little strength, so we can fight together and beat the virus.”

Messi finished his post with a sentence worthy of framing:

“Thank you, God, for everything you gave me, and thank you for making me Argentine! CHAMPIONS OF AMERICA!!!!!”


  1. In September wc qualifying match i think some playes should get the opportunity for backup…
    GK- Walter benitez, Musso
    DF- Senessi, Medina, Licha Martinez
    LB- Angileri
    RB- i didn’t found any name (in my analysis Foyth is not RB according to mordern football)
    CDM/RW- A. Correra, Gomez, Cervi
    FW- MacAlister, Gaitch, Chimy Avila (if he is fit)
    I think avobe nentioned players have the quality to lead NT along with present Scaloni team.

  2. GREAT NEWS!!!

    The uefa president and conmebol president are talking about bringing back Artemio Franchi Trophy. Basically a Euro-Copa Super Cup. Since there is no confederation cup. And this would happen before 2022.
    Brace yourself- Argentina 🇦🇷 vs 🇮🇹 Italy
    Maybe another silverware for Messi. You never know. Let it rain. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  3. Otamendi looks great he can be starter in World Cup too. He is commanding in the box his aerial superiority and his guidance in penalty box is good for team. Some members were criticizing Otamendi from more than year and he has proved himself now. C. Romero and Otamendi pair looks good. Even Pezella showed good game. I think from young defenders Medina and Lisandro Martinez looks good.

      • He is not shit. He is an experienced seria A defender who helped us win this trophy. Show some respect.

        He will, as will Otamendi, eventually be replaced as they are the veteran players carrying todays team for new blood of the future. I seriously doubt both will start at the WC.

      • Pezella was good he and Otamendi can play 2022 WC. I do not see young defender of good quality. Age is not matter. Pepe, Bonnuci,Vertonghen,Chilleni,T.Silva all were better than their younger parther.

        • We have Romero and lisandro Martinez both better than otamendi and pezella. Otamendi still a decent defender and good in air but pezella should be discarded for WC. Italy defence will struggle against pacy forward lines in wc. They were lucky they didn’t face pacy teams like Portugal France germany plus england didn’t field pacy wingers like Rashford sancho foden etc. Plus pezella is no bonnuci or chielini both plays for juventus and pezella plays for a mediocre club like florentina there also he is a sub player

  4. just watch the u23 vs korea u23 .i would say the team may not pass to second round in olympic games .

    GK ledesma(5) : didnt show any ability

    claudio bravo (6): fast and skillful should improve later

    medina(6): decent performance

    mosevich(7): impressive

    de la fuente(4): poor defense ,not national team material

    fausto vera(4): disappoint, slow ,both attack and defense are below par.

    colombatto(4): disappoint, slight better than fausto vera .i think both vera and him need huge improvements.

    mcallister(7): the best player

    barco(6): decent performance

    valenzuela(7): good performance

    gaich (6): didnt show too much

    ortega(5): slow but skillful ,need improvements.i think bravo is better at the moment

    herrera(6): better than de la fuente

    tomas belmonte(6): impressive

    urzi(4): too short in height ,didnt impress me in every matches he played

    almada(5): didnt impress me a lot thats why he still had not gone to euro

    ponce(5): not too bad but definitely not too good.

    all in all this team is weak ,perhaps several players can be national team material in few years . Mcallister, E barco , Gaich, Pedro De la vega , Valenzuela ,Payero, Medina,Mosevich are the best of all. Tomas Belmonte , Herrera, Claudio Bravo are ok too .others not that impressive

    • Sorry but who dont see Almada is sky high the biggest talent from this group is football blind, his ceiling is world class, unlike other attackers in this team.Valenzuela is 24 years old and a sub in a small portugal club says all forget him, Barco wastes his career in MLS, didnt improve since Independiente days, Mosevich cmon sub in Argentinos, the players who have chance to be regular NT players with time, Nehuen Perez, Facundo Medina, Fausto Vera, Macallister (he has to raise his work rate, even in Brighton he can play only as SS due to his lack of defensive skills and work rate and not as midfielder, but he is not a natural goalscorer type), Thiago Almada and de la Vega, Gaich is way overrated too. Almendra has the potential from the Primera, but he has mentality problems.

      • Most overrated U23 players Matias Vargas, Valenzuela, Colombatto, Ascacibar and Gaich, i guarantee neither will be regular NT player, unlike Thiago Almada. And promote 2002+ born players as olympic members who doesnt play in primera yet is pointless.

        • IMO the most promising young player in local league should be Benjamin garre, E Zeballos and Facundo Farias not T almada .

          Gaich is the type of player national team missed for many years.

    • Look, I’d deem only a maximum of 4 best possible starters played from the kick-off today(I rate Lautaro Morales a better GK than Ledesma) – Gaich, Barco, Medina and Vera. De La Vega and Payero were never given minutes today.

      Barco, Almada, Gaich and De La Vega up front, Vera and Payero in the center, Herrera, Ortega, Nehuen/Mosevich along with Medina is to my eyes the best 10 outfielders.

      Mac Alister is great at going from the distance, but his approach could hamper our fluidity. I hope Batisra figures this out soon and plays the best 11 whenever required!

      • We should have Dybala there as an overage player. He had enough rest and fresh. He could change the dynamic of our Olympic Sqaud. Another player Foyth.

  5. This is funny but in the 2018 WC qualifiers France faced unknown nations, Check wiki, How did they built a team of champions by facing such bullshit teams.
    We atleat face teams like Brazil, Uruguay,and Colombia two times in the process.
    Even chile is good.

    • France was stacked in every position with world class players playing with top team umtiti was beast at that time varane was main cb of real Madrid there was Griezmann at his peak mbappe at his peak pogba was there pavard was decent. Bt they struggled initially in their group matches also conceded 3 against a worst Argentina side for decades thn eventually they grew in confidence and skill was already there so they manage to win it though the quality of opponent was also not great in 2018 wc

  6. Can anybody tell me about Marcos senesi or facunda Medina or nehuen perez who can be a better bet for being Romero’s partner in world cup?? I know lisandro Martinez is a great defender but for a strange reason scaloni prefers pezella over lisandro. I hope we don’t see pezella in wc squad or even in upcoming wc qualifiers

    • Marcos senesi is better developed for now. Medina improved fastest last year. Perez has max potential long term.. But my guess is still 2 years away. He needs to first start getting consistent minutes in laliga. For romero – medina / senesi / lisandro will be ideal as they are left CBs & romero/perez right CBs. Natural side of Cb is a good to have feature.

    • Facundo Medina hands down. It’s a shame we see shit like Pezzella picked ahead of him.
      Medina can also fill in as a LB (he plays left sided def in 3 man lens defense and attacks whenever possible). Lisandro Martinez also falls in the same category, Medina is aggressive while Lisandro is more measured. These three along with Foyth have to be the backbone of our defense. Give them a year together and they will unbreachable by quatar.
      Play Guido in front of them, De Paul as a 8, then make the masterstroke of moving Messi to the 3 man midfield. This way either Di Maria or Nico Gonzalez can play in their LF position. Nico struggled because he was playing out of Position on the right, unfair, just like the NT has been to Di Maria all these years. You have Papu, Correa ( Joaquin), Ocampos and Correa to play on the right. If we can find a natural goalscorer, then we would be formidable. Hopefully Alario can have a stellar season and come back into the NT.

      • Yes this deffently sounds like a good plan and specially for acomplish fully our defence and give Emi and Romero the best possible options as u mentioned and for me i would have given more game time allready for Lisandro in this Copa and also before and btw has medina been get his first call up yet or are we Still waiting for it to happen as he also must be and same goes for senesi and maybe for others future prospects…

  7. Dear friends any update about olympics football team??
    And our properity in the tournament??
    No senior player included in the squad, so how many chances has the Argentina for championship??

  8. “We know that we can still improve many things”—- this quote from messi shows the difference between fanatic and a proper football mind. If any mundo member say this thing other members attack him like a pack of wolves and start to abuse him. If Argentina wants to win world cup we need to be self critical. Don’t forget in copa America we have to face only 2 country which is among top 10 fifa ranking Brazil and Uruguay bt we have to face all 9 countries from top 10 plus other sides are quite decent also. Its not going to be easy. We need improvement. Plus need 1 player replacement for each position as there can be injuries fatigue out of form

    • u better keep your mouth shut. you are no argentina fan. for all I see in your comments is negativity even if someone makes some positive comment u rush to negate them

    • We need to improve – this is what Messi said we all echo this. Nobody here would say Argentina is complete now.

      But people like you here do trash talk like we are crap, Brazil is much better, Neymar is the best player in the world, Argentina can’t complete with European teams etc.

      This Argentina team is capable of winning the World cup. If they show the same desire and spirit. But we have room for improvement. I am pretty sure we will improve. We have the right men at the helm.

    • Get lost dude…you are an imposter. Get lost from this site.
      Even a world cup winning side is not the perfect. We have enough good players that can lead us to victory. The players are very much United and have never seen such a great bond among team members like this Argentina squad. Now, the pressure is taken off, we are completely competent to show our best in the world stage.

  9. I smell WC trophy in the air, vamos
    now we have good GK and best defender of serie A
    best player in the world. and soon one of the great midfielders DEPAUL
    we can do it. with hard work and dedication.
    I hope:
    DiMAria and PAPU stay in form till next year
    Lautaro by then will gain more experience, and LoCelso will be fit because I think he can be deadly when combining with Messi
    and of course new talent should surface by then, Let’s go Argentina we can do it

    • My wishes after this copa:
      Papu, Di Maria, Otamendi, and Aguero to be good for at least for the next 1 year and half (WC is in December right?).

      Emi, De Paul, and Romero to prove that they are among the world best if not the best.

      Nico Gonzales, Palacios, Lo Celso, Molina to have breakthrough year.

      Guido to move to a bigger club and start there.

      We find some players who are national team material from the Olympic tournament.

      More new “Romeros” or “Martinez” right before the WC: meaning that someone who in a short time become the world beater.

  10. Jose Luis Chilavert, one of the legendary goal keepers said that he is a fan of Emi Martinez. He said Martinez has 3 major qualities to be a great goalie: Strong personality, psychologically strong, and excellent technique.

    The other day right after the Copa, I searched on google: “the best goalkeeper in the world”. None of them listed Emi as among top 10 of the best goalies in the world. I see a lot of names of Ederson, Allisson, Courtoius, Oblak, Neuer, Donnarumma, and even the English failure, Pritchard there but not Emi.

    So playing for a small club like Aston Villa really ruins his chance to be the best in the world I guess? What happened to Batigol of Fiorentina? He was arguably among the top strikers in the world along with Ronaldo and Weah in his era but his club was “only” Fiorentina.

    To make it clear I disagree if there are anyone better than Emi Martinez at this moment, NOT Ederson, not Allisson, not Oblak, not even the Euro champ golden boy goalie, Donnarumma.

    Statistic wise, Emi proved it:
    1. NO goalies in the world in the 2020-21 season had more reflexed saves than him. That is a very important stats for a goalie which shows your true ability.
    2. He beat the likes of Ederson, Allisson, Pritchard, Henderson, Mendy for the best goalie of EPL.
    3. He beat Ederson and Ospina for the best goalie of Copa America
    4. He has conceded a ridiculous 2 goals only in 7 matches in Copa America and 4 penalty saves! Out of these 2 goals where he conceded, both wouldn’t have happened if: Tagliafico wasn’t late in Chile rebound goal; Romero had played instead of Pezzella in Colombia equalizer goal.

    Those who want to argue that Ederson is the best in the world just because he is unrivaled in distributing the ball, can argue with me now.

    Messi was right when he said that Emi is a beast. In head to head match ups, Emi never lost.

    Probably it will take him one more excellent season in Aston Villa for the world to recognize that he is the best in the world.

    • Playing for top team helps in getting recognition. Better press and better propaganda. Alisson has been poor in this season for Liverpool but people only remembers earlier seasons.

      But another factor is Emi is doing it for 1.5 years. Obalak, Thibout and Donnarumma have been doing well for last 5 years+. So they get the recognition more. He must maintain his performance for one more season to get that kind of recognition.

    • in the Pl he is considered second only to Ederson
      He was crucial for Arsenal when he played 2019/2020
      He left to Aston villa because he wanted to be NO.1 at Arsenal. now they biting their fingers for letting him go

  11. Nice comments from Messi.

    I think at least 5 players from this Copa should definitely be in the next world cup.
    They are :-
    Messi, Di Maria, De Paul, C.Romero and Emi Martinez.

    Probably many of the others should stay as well – but these 5 are must.

  12. Anyone has the link for today’s Argentina Olympics team friendly with South Korea U23 ? pls share if you find anything

  13. Guys anyone knows Santiago colombatto Fernando Valenzuela Barco ,Ponce , FerreraHowmuch good these players? Thy r capable to play NT..

    • I have been watching U23. None of the above folks will make it to Sr NT. Barco has talent .. but very inconsistent. Lets see if Heinze as Atlanta coach will change his mentality.
      From the current U23 Olympics , imo gaich, almada, de la vega , fausto vera , neuhen perez , facundo medina, martin payero look the players capable to grow & reach NT in future .

      • I am also following argentina local league .I would say a few players have potential to become national material.

        1,Benjamin garre , injuried for a long time but definitely is a future star
        2, Zeballos (Boca ) technically he is perfect
        3,facundo farias (Colon) He looks like chimy Avila
        4, Martin payero (Banfield ) : de paul type ,strong ,tall ,fast and skilful. I think he is better than paredes or should be promoted to national team .
        5, Jose paradela (Riverplate):very much look like Lucho ganzalez. Very impressed by his skill
        6, Cristian Medina (Boca): talent but need more time to mature .
        7, ortega (Velez): I think he will be argentinas LB in few years.
        8, Eric Meza (Colon): very decent RB
        9, Kevin Zenon (Union): Box to box ,hopefully he can developed into a CM
        10,Julian Aude(Lanus): This Guy is very skillful as a LB .I think he looks like argentina Sergio busquets. His best position should be DM .

        others such as Luca orellano (velez),Joaquin Garcia (Velez), Alan Varela(Boca) need more time to improve .
        Overseas teenagers
        Matias Soule ( juventus) lo celso type
        Dario samiento (Manchester city )
        Facundo Colidio (Inter)
        Franco Vezzoni (inter)

        So I think the Olympic team may not be the strongest team since many players didn’t free to play .If I were the coach I will choose

        LB: ortega, Claudio Bravo
        RB:Eric Meza ,N molina
        CB : Balerdi ,N perez ,F medina
        DM : Santiago Colombatto ,Cristian Medina
        CM : Jose paradela, martin payero,McAllister
        wingers: Garre ,Pedro de la vega , Zeballos ,Sarmiento
        FW: Gaich ,Colidio ,Facundo Farias

        Line up

        Eric Meza Balerdi Perez Ortega
        Payero Paradela
        Garre McAllister Zeballos

    • from what we have in Olympics team ,I think the line up should be
      Heirera Perez Medina Ortega
      payero colombatto
      De la vega McAllister Barco

  14. Mascherano predicted that Di Maria would score in the final that gave us the trophy right after we won against Colombia in the semis. Di Maria then answered in a whatsapp conversation? You mean like my Olympic goal?

    We know what happened in the final…

    Masche is destined to be our next great coach. No doubt about that. Just remember that name: Javier Mascherano.

  15. Good morning all mundoalbiceleste friends from Kathmandu Nepal..
    Though I am from Nepal I being feeling as I’m an eyes full of tears once full time whistle blown in maracana..
    2014 was an heartache..I didn’t sleep for many nights after that final..
    2010 vs Germany..tears flown once we got out..
    2006..this was the best team we ever had in My opinion.. pekarman cost us the game..
    2002..I was overconfident..once the game vs Sweden was tied I didn’t eat for 3 days..
    1998..last minute goal by Dennis bergkamp..
    Hitten woodwork by Batistuta..
    1994..I was a kid..I was very much sad after maradona was banned..
    I was very much happy on Sunday morning..did a party.. after a long time I witness trophy win.. definitely we will be a great force on 2022

    • You and I are of same age I think.. But I saw little bit of 1994 as well.. Maradona banned.. Batistuta hit the frame against Romania in the pre quarters.. So when he did that again against Netherland in quarters of 1998, I thought we were fucked and that Bergkamp goal was a bullet in the chest.. Ariel Ortega was great in 1998 but that silly headbutt against van der sar killed the game for Argentina when Netherland was playing with 10 men.. Pekerman is the worst manager in the history of argentina, he had the best team Argentina ever had… He fucked up in quarters, substituting riquelme, not bringing Messi, substituting Crespo and bringing Julio Cruz.. Oh my God that silly pekerman.. That’s why argentina need a mediocre coach who does not try to be fancy in big matches.. I think the fate is written there for Messi to win world cup.. I think the world will get the indisputable GOAT ie Lionel Messi at the the end of next world cup.. How undisputable?? I am talking about Maradona and Pele debate.. That debate will be ended by Messi in next world cup..vamos Argentina

  16. Messi points to the sky whenever he scores to thank the ONE and ONLY because he knows where his gift, his health, his EVERYTHING came from as we ALL SHOULD.
    While others point to themselves and say me me me………..I love how smart people think they’re smart because they made themselves that way LOL

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