Argentina U23 draw 2-2 vs. South Korea, Alexis Mac Allister, Valenzuela score


While the Argentina national team won the Copa America, the U23 team is preparing for their first gold medal since the 2008 Olympics.

Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista saw his team draw 2-2 vs. South Korea in a friendly match. Here was the starting XI for the match:

J. Ledesma
De La Fuente
Mac Allister

It was Alexis Mac Allister who gave Argentina the 1-0 lead with a great strike. Adolfo Gaich recovered the ball in midfield as he assed it to Alexis and the Brighton man with a strike from distance opened the scoring. South Korea would draw level with a strike of their own from outside of the penalty area. Seol with hit from outside of the penalty area as he beat Ledesma.

Fernando Valenzuela re-gave Argentina the lead with another fantastic Argentina goal. He would receive the ball on the edge of the penalty area as he would cut inside and curl a shot into the top corner of the net.

While it looked like Batista’s team were on their way to a victory, Won-Sang Um with a goal from outside of the penalty area in injury time of the second half.


  1. Argentina is looking strong contender for World Cup 2022.With inclusion of Emi Buendai midfield and attack will become solid,Foyth will provide solid defence(excited to see him in Villarreal this season).Dybla should play no. 9 role his finishing will be crucial, Alario also seems good he is good both in air and ground and his finishing is good too.

  2. In September wc qualifying match i think some playes should get the opportunity for backup…
    GK- Walter benitez, Musso
    DF- Senessi, Medina, Licha Martinez
    LB- Angileri
    RB- i didn’t found any name (in my analysis Foyth is not RB according to mordern football)
    CDM/RW- A. Correra, Gomez, Cervi
    FW- Dybala, MacAlister, Gaich, Chimy Avila (if he is fit)
    I think avobe nentioned players have the quality to lead NT along with present Scaloni team.

  3. Mosevich and Colombatto are level 2 players, who are there for sentimental reasons. These sort of selection are a plague hindering success for us for long.
    Capaldo was not allowed by his new club. River Plate refused to give Julian Alvarez.
    And of course bulk of the eligible players played with the senior team and hence were not selected.
    Batista could have called any of Galoppo, Enzo Fernández, Alan Varela, Chancalay, Canete, Zenon, who all had a fine season.

    • Very good article Amit. You should write more as the olympics progress. I was unsure of some of the player inclusions for certain teams in the olympics and the round up gives me a much better idea of what is going on. Well done

      • Thank u Olive. Will keep trying to post a few more on Olympics. Frankly i was more hopeful earlier on Olympics over Copa . Awesome the way things turned out for us at Copa

    • Wow. Actually I had read this at least 2 hours before you’d posted link in here. Great all-round writing… 👍

    • Fantastic writing Amit, precise, concise and straight to the point, not to mention a leisure read, *clicks on ‘bookmark this page’*.

      So if I surmised correctly, you think that it’s gonna be 1.Spain 2. Argentina vs 1.Brazil 2.Germany and thus both Argentina and the Germans get knocked out by the 2 strongest teams in the tournament? If that’s the case then I agree, which is too bad because I honestly think this Argentine squad is really good but as they say “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings” and I gave the senior team almost ‘0’ chance to beat Brazil in the final and they made me eat a delicious side of crow so I don’t plan on losing hope.

      • Thanks Mamoun. Fully agree our squad is good & team chemistry is maybe our greatest asset. The draw has not been favourable for us vs a Japan or South Korea who actually have a good run till semis. I am hoping my predictions go wrong as we have recent examples ( France & Brazil were clear favorites on paper for Euro/ Copa ) . But i am worried on our full back quality & the fact that we dont have a good experienced striker who can come in if Gaich is misfiring in a game. We shld have filled the overage quota atleast with 1 senior striker ( Icardi, Lucas Boye , GSimeone etc ) .

    • Nice write up Amit. I get it you might be from Kerala, do you write out of passion, or rather it’s your job?
      I hope our Olympic team breaks all expectations and return with the gold medal. A great opportunity given how well the team chemistry is (matters the most as we saw in Copa) but thought they could have used a better defender n goalie from overage players.

      • Thanks vishnu. thrissur native 😊. Settled in bangalore. Writing out of passion only. Hoping once i can retire from regular job & switch to something on football at some stage. Yes it will be awesome we win olympics immediately after copa. Will be quite a statement. Also since transfer window is open till aug 31, a good showing here will help almada, de la vega, fausta vera, giach get good european contracts. Right time for them to establish in europe.

        • Good luck with your wish Amit. I believe Copa triumph will help to bring the limelight back to our youngsters and wish they outgrow all expectations in Tokyo. I feel very good about next WC as well, if we can in corporate Buendia and a good backup for Otamendi that should make us one of the favourites. Vamos! From Alappuzha..

  4. Here’s a funny clip of a pizza delivery guy in Argentina sticking around a house to enjoy the final minutes of the game


  5. I am still enjoying the win and watching the game over and over again, but when our players were taking their medals and celebrating I felt sad for two legends who sacrificed for the NT; Javier Mascherano and Sergio Romero. They really, really deserved to win this silverware and celebrate it with their families and friends. Vamos Argentina!!!

    • 👍 is sad to think that those 2 didn’t make it. Maybe Masche can finally get one as supporting staff. i remember it was rumored that Samuel would leave, maybe Masche will take his place and be with the boys lifting the WC 2022 trophy.

    • Sergio Romero is not a legend. He deserved to win nothing Because of his selfish and lazy behavior. A Manchester United bench warmer doesn’t deserve winning wc he played well sometimes specially in 2014 wc he was good bt that doesn’t make him a legend

      • Wtf are you talking about? Who cares about Man U? His club career never concerned me. Like it or not, after Abondanzieri, Romero was our best golie untill Emi emerged and performed very well for the team. What did you want from him? To score goals and at the same time stand between the sticks? I think you are one of those guys who hate players for no reason.

    • True, Mascherano and Sergio Ramos deserved to win something big.
      They were both greats.
      Only consolation is that they were both part of 2008 olympic gold winning team.

      Masche has retired.
      But can’t Sergio Romero be part of reserves in 2022 world cup? I mean I prefer Emi, but Sergio has done so much for us, he deserves a place as reserve.

      • Yes, though Zaba didn’t represent Argentina as much as Mascherano and Romero did he too deserved to lift the trophy with the boys.

  6. Copa America just released their All Copa America 2021 team. Now this is very fair, there are 4 Argentines: Messi, Emi, Romero, and De Paul.

    Here is the team: Emi Martinez; Isla, Marquinhos, Romero, Estupinan; Casemiro, Yotun, De Paul; Messi, Neymar, Diaz.

  7. Both team score some wonderful goals…. Ledesma is your 1 overage player and he is not good enough too… Atleast should have taken 2 overage player

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