Cristian Romero reportedly agrees terms with Tottenham Hotspur


Cristian Romero has reportedly agreed terms with Tottenham Hotspur.

As we reported a few days ago, Cristian Romero was being linked with a move to Tottenham and FC Barcelona. And now, per the reliable Fabrizio Romano, Romero has agreed personal terms with the London based club.

Romero would be signing until June 2026 with both Atalanta and Tottenham still negotiating the fee.

A Copa America winner with Argentina, the 23 year old was named as the best defender of Serie A last season.


  1. I would really love him to see at Barcelona. Barcelona needs a world class defender and Romero needs a world class club who can fight for League & CL trophies. This would be a match in heaven. As we all know, Romero can improve Barcelona defense and Barcelona can improve Romero in many aspects, be it ball control, passing, game awareness, technics. You can learn a lot more by playing against Messi & co week in and week out.

    Apart from that, I feel like this is going to be Barcelona’s year. Fear of Barcelona can’t register Messi before Jan 2022 are also just rumours and something that will never happen. Barcelona are team in rebuild process and they have already started clicking from mid of last season, winning Copa Del Rey and coming close to winning La Liga out of nowhere.

    • It’s something that will never happen. Both the Barcelona board and La Liga will make sure they register Messi by August 15. Eventhough Tabez says in public they can’t modify rules for Messi, he will do everything to retain Messi in La Liga. Apart from the obvious sporting reasons, without Messi, Barcelona & LaLiga will be in trouble as far as their marketing and revenue are concerned.

  2. Huge respect to guys who are following closely this argentina team. I salute the passion of this argentina team. I used to follow Italy before Messi became my favorite and argentina became my favorite team to support. I hate those who only comes when argentina loses.

  3. I hope he keeps on his form. After a long time we have a young Defender who is world class by all standards. He needs a new partner in the NT slowely. Otamendi will be there till the WC for sure, but apart from him and Pezzella some one also need to be stepped up who is young and slowely can replace the veterans after the WC. Foyth, Lizandro, Perez, Medina, Balerdi, Quarta…as of now these looks like are the next in line.They may have to step up slowely.

  4. According to TyC, deal is very close. It’s 40 millions + 10 millions add-ons. Atalanta is willing to take installments in several years. So a deal is almost certain.

    In my opinion, this is Barcelona’s loss. They could have a top defender and pay in installments. Who would give such a deal when every club needs cash? Lenglet, Umtiti and Pique are finished, Mingueza is not good enough. Garcia and Araujo has potential but none as good as Romero.

    • Agreed, completely their loss. This situation reminds me of how we noticed our players don’t go to big clubs and need better agents. I mean for Barca to buy back an average player they sold that is Eric Garcia when Romero is going to Tottenham is disappointing.

  5. Romero to hotspurs is a good move overall.

    1. Nuno is a good manager. Otamendi was a okish defender until he joined Nuno’s Valencia. Nuno developed Otamendi’s potential and turned him into a worldclass one. He also worked with another Argentinian, Lucas Orban. Orban played his best football under Nuno. Same can not be said about Koeman.

    2. Tottenham fans are depressed and their expectations are low at this point. They will be very happy if Romero joins. They will be patient with him and adore him if he delivers. Same can not be said about Barca or Utd.

    3. Lo Celso and Gollini is already there. Sporting director Fabio Paratici made mistake about Romero when he was at Juventus. He is trying to make amends at Tottenham. So Romero will have a helpful environment.

    4. No UCL football but quality of league is much higher. He will face quality strikers every 2/3 weeks in PL. In Serie A, it only happens when you meet Inter or Juve. Atalanta do not go deep in UCL, so it is not much of a big advantage.

    5. Stardom guaranteed if he can deliver.

    Finally, this is a covid affected market. You can not expect big clubs spending 60 million in one player unless it is very very urgent. So barca move can not happen. Just be thankful that Man Utd did not pursue him.

    • I have to admit Cristian Romero is now my favorite player. So any news about him get me excited.

      IMO, Romero adapts really quick. When he was called up to the Argentina in the qualifier, everything was new for him. New teammates (never been around Scaloni’s squad), new tactic (4-3-3 instead of 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 in Atalanta) and don’t know anybody much except his ex teammate Papu Gomez, a couple of youngsters, and Palomino who was then cut before Copa America.

      Then Scaloni started him right away and he looked good in all matches he played. There was no one game where he did not look good.

  6. I see panicking comments in here let us put prospective.I Don’t totally agree those who believe is bad move for Argentineans into EPL here is the list Argentina play who I believe they had successful cereer in EPl.
    Martin Demichelis man City struggling in the beginning but end up going world Cup and English press praising P. Zabalata legend of man City Kun aguaro legend don’t need more details. Otamendi successful end up 2017/ 18 team of the year.
    Carlos tevez big success and remarkable history West ham fans still loves him because he single handly save Relegation from he was hit man utd and was part of history team that won man City their first premiere league 2011/ 12 and was good story on it you can google if you want.
    Manu lanzini big success before his devastating injury 2018 just before world Cup. Robert Pereyra Watford.
    Fabricio Coloccini legend of Newcastle
    Javier mascherano big success at Liverpool
    Gaby heinze was success at man utd.
    Gio lo celso up to now it success prior his fitness and injury. Di Maria was big hit in the beginning but he fade away after robbery of his family house plus van gaal tactics. My point is this if cuti Romero move to Tottenham which more likely now I believe he will succeed.

    • Exactly, I am actually neutral on Romero’s next destination. If he chooses Atalanta, that’s fine. But Hotspur isn’t that bad either. The thing with Atalanta is that they kinda “abuse” Romero. They keep saying that he is the best defender in serie A, but do they even attempt to raise his wage? NO.

      Romero makes €31.000 for Atalanta which is the same amount of most what bench players in EPL top teams make which is insulting. So the truth is Atalanta never plan to keep him, instead they have been thinking of plan B: selling Romero and buy someone cheaper and pretty good quality (they are interested in Demiral now who is a back up in Juventus) and make money.

      • 2021 Active Roster
        PLAYER (26)

        Harry Kane F 27 £10,400,000 £200,000
        Tanguy Ndombele M 24 £10,400,000 £200,000
        Heung-Min Son F 29 £7,280,000 £140,000
        Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg M 25 £5,300,000 £101,923
        Dele Alli M 25 £5,200,000 £100,000
        Hugo Lloris GK 34 £5,200,000 £100,000
        Toby Alderweireld D 32 £4,160,000 £80,000
        Erik Lamela F 29 £4,160,000 £80,000
        Lucas Moura F 28 £4,160,000 £80,000
        Moussa Sissoko M 31 £4,160,000 £80,000
        Steven Bergwijn F 23 £3,800,000 £73,077
        Eric Dier M 27 £3,755,200 £72,215
        Serge Aurier D 28 £3,640,000 £70,000
        Giovani Lo Celso M 25 £3,640,000 £70,000
        Matt Doherty D 29 £3,400,000 £65,385
        Davinson Sanchez D 25 £3,380,000 £65,000
        Ben Davies D 28 £3,120,000 £60,000
        Joe Hart GK 34 £2,700,000 £51,923
        Harry Winks M 25 £2,600,000 £50,000
        Sergio Reguilón D 24 £2,500,000 £48,077
        Jack Clarke F 20 £1,600,000 £30,769

        So Romero’s salary is Jack clarke’s. who the heck is that? Oh my bad should be lower than Jack Clarke’s salary. Jack’s salary is Poundsterling, Romero’s Euro.

        • Salaries in football, especially in England are insane.
          How many years do people in the stands have to work for an amount like that? Money from TV rights made the clubs crazy.
          Sure, they entertain a lot of people, but it is still just football. They are not curing a terminal disease or providing a solution to stop hunger or change the rising temperatures on earth.

      • “abused him”? Seriously? Atalanta were the only team to realize his potential and they brought him in and gave him 100% support and the environment to thrive, hardly what I call abuse.
        On one corner we have Atalanta, a very, VERY good club that plays attractive football, competes actively in the CL and is now one of Serie A’s best sides despite their limited budget. In the other corner we have Spurs, the world football’s most underachieving “big club”, a club that was “made” by an Argentinian coach and then unmade i.e. went back to their baseline state, when said coach left.

        As for his low salary, well remember that he’s on loan to Atalanta, when they sign him they will have to renegotiate his contract and pay him accordingly.

  7. makes zero sense. spurs are not gonna qualify for cl next season. he will be wasting his career there. better stay at atlanta and next year big teams with better finance will buy him

  8. I would much rather see him at Barca but some opinions a bit harsh on Spurs. Top 10 league club, top 10 world’s most valuable club, plenty of money to pivot quickly. Last season poor performance often due to Dier and Sanchez. Could have easily ranked higher with better CBs. We don’t know how it will turn out. chill and have patience, not likes he’s moving to Russia. (*yes, no UCL this season is horrible)

  9. Been a overall bad week for Argentine football :
    1) Except River & maybe Rosario Central , all clubs knocked off in Libertadores & Sudamericana pqf. Even if we keep aside the CONEMBOL open robbery of Boca , that is a mighty fall considering we had 7 teams in Libertadores/ Sudamericana quarters last year. Only expectation is Gallardo is LAST MAN STANDING & knocks off Brazilian clubs for some sweet revenge .
    2) Olympics start . Lesser said the better. Prior to tournament , this team looked well organized even though player individual capability was lesser than Spain or Brazil. For those who have seen this team in last 2-3 years , tough to comprehend how we got whacked by Aussies yesterday. Bigger worry is the yellow card accumulation & we may have key suspensions in last group match vs Spain . Now the only expectation is play for pride & Almada , De La Vega , Gaich , Vera showcase skills & get some solid Europe offers
    3) Heinze reign ends in Atlanta United . He was expected to light up the retirement league. But turned out to be too hot to handle for his own soft club. While i am happy he is out of MLS , its a stain in his resume & even though short term i wanted to see him grow Barco, Sosa & Ibarra .
    4) Romero’s Spurs move. Ideally he should have stayed in Atalanta & wait for a real big CL contender club. But you cant blame him. He will atleast get a 3X salary increase going to a top 10 PL club & he knows its the next 5-7 years that he can maximize. He has already spent 3 seasons in Serie A. The solace is he will face better opposition more regularly & improve himself. He can potentially look at a bigger club in a couple of years. Also such lateral movements can hopefully open up slots for Eredivise stars like Senesi / Lisandro to get into a Serie A / La Liga .

    • Quote:
      “Olympics start . Lesser said the better. Prior to tournament , this team looked well organized even though player individual capability was lesser than Spain or Brazil. For those who have seen this team in last 2-3 years , tough to comprehend how we got whacked by Aussies yesterday”

      Took the words right out of my mouth, honestly seeing this team play yesterday was a shock to the all the senses.

    • This mid-year break in the domestic football is not doing any good for the argentine clubs in continental tournaments. After intense actions in April(discarding May where only top 4 contest in the knockout stages), they are back at football without any match-experience for almost three months whereas Brazilian top flight is at the peak of action during the same time. Even other nations have some kind of competitive football happening while all we get is a warm-up match to flex and stretch and land for heated knockout games there!!

      • yes this is correct and not only for this year. argentina league runs roughly from july/aug to next april or so depending on year. Liberatadores used to run from feb to july or so. This meant our teams were in good shape and hitting top form during the intense part of the competition.

        In 2017 conmebol changed the continental structure so that the libertadores and suda-america run basically from feb to nov or so with knockouts starting in mid-summer when our teams are basically just coming back from summer vacation from previous season. everyone knows teams takes time at season start to get in gear so this calendar structure puts our team in disadvantage recently.

    • In 25 years every MLS team has equal or in some cases better training facilities, and pitches than all the clubs in south America and most of Europe. It also pays it’s players on time every time. That’s how you get young talented players and coaches and you still want to call it a retirement league?

  10. Hopefully he can be like Osvaldo Ardilles, ex Spurs player who won the WC 1978 for Arg. Right now Atlanta is his best club, one who give him plenty playing time; but money have more powerful magnet

  11. It’s tough to say and speculate who should play in the world cup when it’s still over a year away.
    Things can change in one month, sometimes in one game. I hope our core players from Copa retain their fitness, but who knows what will happen. We will hopefully have more options then. Maybe Luka Romero does well and is considered. Maybe foyth starts playing better. Maybe we lose a couple players to injury.
    Shit, Maybe Icardi will be a man and leave his dirty wife and say sorry to his old friend and the Argentina team so that he can be considered.
    But until then, posting a lineup for the world cup is like pointing at a bird through the window and saying that this bird will be in Qatar next year.

  12. This is terrible news, why leave a really good Atalanta side that plays CL to go that s**t hole? I hope with all my heart and soul that this doesn’t happen.
    Celso was one of the brightest prospects when he came in from Betis and ever since he’s been in that awful club it’s been nothing but problems and injuries. As I said before without Poch this club is on permanent “sinking ship” mode.

  13. TYC reports that the Hotspur is offering €40 plus €10 million in various bonuses. Atalanta asking price is €55 millions. Also it is reported that Atalanta is willing to take installments for many years. So I think it is as good as a done deal. €5 millions difference is nothing.

    Among all EPL team the one that I always liked the most is the Spurs. I don’t believe Romero will waste his career there.

    Here is my take:
    1. First of all Romero is not Rojo or Foyth or Heinze. Those 3 are pretty good but never in their career they were half as good as Romero is. They all were pretty good rotation players for MU and Hotspur but were never the untouchable key players.

    2. Romero costs them €50 million or more (almost the same as Di Maria to MU), so unless there is a drastic change that an idiot called Louis Van Gaal taking over the managerial department in Hotspur, I don’t think Romero is in danger. Plus no on wanna pay €50 million plus and put him on the bench especially we are living in a moment where €50 millions means a lot more than 2 years ago (before covid started).

    3. The coach Nuno Espirito Santo is a fan of 3-4-3 tactic, a bit similar to Atalanta who use 3 men in the back too where Romero excelled, but even if he plays 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 in Hotspur, Romero proves it that he was just as good in 4-3-3 in Argentina.

    4. So far the Hotspur best line up: Gollini/Lloris; Doherty/Aurier, Rodon, Romero, Reguilon; Hojbjerg, Lo Celso, Alli/Ndombele; Son Heung Min, Gil, Kane.

    Definitely strong enough for making the CL next year.

    5. IF things don’t work out, I still have no worry. Class is permanent. Walter Samuel in his prime did not work out for Real Madrid but then he moved to Inter and still managed to become the world top defender for the next several years.
    Angel Di Maria one year did not work out for MU, but then he was still a superstar until now for PSG.

    If Romero really move to Hotspur, I will be the Spurs fan next season with Aston Villa as my second team in EPL. Barca in la liga. Fiorentina in serie A.

    • The last news I am hearing is Atalanta has rejected the offer of €40 plus €10 million from the Hotspur. They seem to want €55 million or no deal.

        • Hojbjerg seems to be the only one who is untouchable in midfield for Hotspur especially, just like Romero is among All Copa America team, Hojbjerg also among all Euro team 2021.

          The other 2 should spots should be between NDombele, Lo Celso, Alli. So I say pretty good chance at least to be a rotation player for Lo Celso. Also the fans love Lo Celso.

    • Bad move but yea, Sergio Romero & ADM were bench warmer at MU but didnt affect their performance at national team at the time.

      I believe Ardilles might have big influence on landing these Argentines on that club. If him & Ricky Villa can win something at Spurs plus the WC, it might not be bleak afterall. It took forever for Man city to win EPL, but who finally delivers it? An Argentine 🙂

  14. The Romero move is better to judge after it happens. I think it could go really well or really bad, we will have to see. It could be good for him to play in such a competitive league but it could be bad if Hotspur’s craziness ruins him

  15. Well it is disappointing to hear what happened with the olympics. I am not able to watch due to the horrible times (middle of the night) especially on weekdays. If anyone has a full link with good video I may consider watching. But something people are forgetting is that this is not a perfect representation of our u24 talent. Several players were not released by their clubs and several were not selected while players I didn’t even know exist like Colombatto and Mosevich get in. It does call for a hard look but does not merit sounding the emergency alarms. On top of that there are no overage players called while other teams did take advantage of this which is just plain stupid. That should be used to plug in the weak spots of our squad, namely full back. It is a shame the libertadores has to be at the same time as this because it would be easier to get an Angileri for instance. Something I do not understand at all is the Alvarez situation. When he played against Argentinos the first I could not believe he made it to the national team. I was expecting him to look a lot better and he was below average. Him going to the national team makes no sense whatsoever. It did no good for anyone. On top of that I would have expected the reason why he wasn’t released to the olympics to be the Libertadores, and guess what, he was an 82nd minute sub yesterday. He has been completely mishandled. I also thought that thinking Buendía could be called up to the olympics was a bit exaggerated because he is in a premier league team but look at how Richarlison is is the olympics ON TOP of playing all of Copa. AFA need to get their shit together because it is embarrassing that they are not able to call up anyone. I appreciate that Batista cares about chemistry because we know how important it is for national teams but at the same time you need to consider squad quality and tactics as well. Having a couple of overage players today would have helped way more than chemistry did. In regards to what people are saying about the local players in the olympics I do believe they are talented but it is true that the Argentinian league has lost competitiveness due to so many players going to the mls and Mexico recently. Even a couple of these players back in every AFA team would make games look better and be just a perfect bit more competitive. As people are saying physicality is a problem because that helps European teams to buy players. We need to rely on Argentinian managers to buy our players because otherwise it is becoming a lost cause. Because Poch and Simeone are in top clubs I don’t expect them to get local players, which is why I am waiting for Coudet to do something. Not only is La Liga a less physical league to get settled in but I would think that they have a budget decent enough for the cost of a couple of youngsters, either from local leagues or to do a rescue of Gaich or Barco. Hope he thinks about it because I think it is the perfect situation. Otherwise these players which I know are talented are going to be lost and stagnating

  16. God knows what will happen later, but in my opinion this move looks like a career-destroying one. The WC is knocking the door and Romero is switching club and looking for a new challenge. SMH.

  17. This is out of football subject just i want to ask the friends here from India if they watch of like the sport of hockey. Argentina is in the same group with India at Olympics and it will be interesting that game 🙂

      • of course. i didn t expect anything different 🙂 🙂
        good luck to India too. i hope we both qualify in next round 🙂 🙂

    • Cox or anyone else, for those who watch olympics what are the sports that Argentina is best at outside of football? I heard good things about Argentinian rugby are they good this year?

      • we have good basketball team (even if our golden generation have retire).
        we have decent volleyball team and our biggest hopes for medals is always our hockey teams. Especially our women team.
        As about our rugby team i haven t see the squad to have opinion to tell you.

        • Yes my friend, i think at least that Argentina’s women’s hockey team will deliver though wishing for moremedals and if they would come from volleyball or even better basketball i would be continuoning my cloud nine mood as i can’t get bored of it and i think i will never will and i heard some people mentioning Ardiles and Ricky Villa wonning that last FA CUP for Spurs and that is quite some time ago as i remember so as true and forever fan of Albiceleste forever it would be great if Romero, Lo Celso and Gollini would be able to delivered it til’ ”for once Upon time in spurs last decades” and since 28 year’s of waiting for our beloved Albiceleste to finally give us all that trophy we all were waiting for those who support our beloved Albiceleste, well it would deffinetly be great if Romero, Lo Celso and Gollini would deliver the FA CUP for finally after more than over 3 decades ago ! Ok, Juande Ramos gave spurs their last trophy at 2008 which was the English league cup or at back then went by that the name or was called as English League Cup etc… Anyway back to Argentina and to Olympics in Tokyo, well i truly hope that Argentina will won as many medals as possible ! As being my favourite country representing the Tokyo Olympics ! All the best and stay as healthy as u can and also same goes for your family and for whole Argentina ! Best regards Ricky

    • Hockey has fallen off from an average Indian fan’s radar due to cricket. While hockey is officially considered our national game , today we have sporting stars in cricket & badminton . In hockey while we are a 8 times Olympics champion , last we won was the boycotted Olympics in Moscow 1980. Nowadays only a India – Pakistan hockey match generates some interest. An average fan wouldnt even know who are national hockey team’s top players. The team has been playing decently well in last 2-3 years .. but unable to excite fans.

      • Wow, that is really sad to hear as been visiting India twice in my lifetime as first at 1998 at Maha Kumbha Mela in Haridwar ” On 14 April 1998, 10 million pilgrims attended the Kumb Mela at Haridwar on the busiest single day, according to the Himalayan Academy editors.[85] In 2001, IKONOS satellite images confirmed a very large human gathering,[86][87] with officials estimating 70 million people over the festival,[87] including more than 40 million on the busiest single day according to BBC News.[88] Another estimate states that about 30 million attended the 2001 Kumbh mela on the busiest mauni amavasya day alone.” Wow, never have witnessed something great like in in my life time and after words i headed up to as once called ” Uttar Pradesh” which nowdays i belive is called Uttar Kashi and to their Holy sites like’s of Gangotri, Yamonotri, Kedarkantha etc… But back to the subject as i do follow a cricket a bit of myself, but not as much as my brother who follow’s cricket nowdays even more than football besides the our beloved Albiceleste games are the only ones he watches nowdays as before he use to only follow and watch constantly football from all over Europe and also from offcourse Argentina’s Primera, Copa Sud Americana, Re Copa Sud Americana and offcourse Copa Libertadores… So i do know how popular is cricket in India and offcourse about their rivalry against anothers as everyone seems at least to be less or more against the English which is for me the most intresting part of the game as iso not favour English i. Any sports at all or ” the mighty” British East Indian Company and their heritage… ! But i do know also about the rivalry between India and Pakistan and that for me as i allways liked hockey as one of my favourite sports after football as basketball, handball or Badmington and all the another ball games pretty much i allways remember that fact as great as India allways been at hockey!
        But, also i have admit that i will allways for some reason as since 1978 only support Argentina as my first and only choice in football even i have not yet visited Argentina and if i one day hopefully will do i would not compare that experience to the once that i once had in India staying a half year in the country from december 1997-beginning of june 1998 because that was just something like the greatest spiritiual experience of my life which i’m Still very affected to in fact so i do wish also a good luck for India during the Tokio Olympics and hopefully they will also like Argentina hopefully too win as many medals as possible as i do even wish more in all general life for all the people living in India and for the whole country of India or should i say for all those descendants of the Great Indus Valley Civilisation ! All best and stay healthy as u can as same goes for your family andd for your whole country too ! Best Regards Ricky

        • BTW: for everyone liking cricket and it’s history check out a documentary called ” Fire in / or inna Babylon ” i think u can watch it from top documentaries, i quess?

  18. Whaaaaaaaaaat? They must offer him a huge salary. Ok guys whether we like it or not, we have to support his decision. Been reading, the Spurs fans worship him like crazy already.

    Atalanta are demanding €55m (£47.1m) for Tottenham Hotspur-linked Cristian Romero, according to Fabrizio Romano.

    The latest reports are claiming the Argentina international wants to move to north London.

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