Ramiro Funes Mori joins Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia from Villarreal


Ramiro Funes Mori has joined Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia from La Liga club Villarreal.

Funes Mori departs from Villarreal after three years at the club and a Europa League trophy in his cabinet. The 30 year old defender represented the yellow submarine’s over 70 times in the three seasons.

With the Argentina national team, he was part of the squad which made the 2016 Copa America final and got a third place medal for the 2019 Copa America.

He posted the following on his Instagram page.


  1. Have you guys heard of the interesting story of Niko Takahashi? He is eligible for playing Argentina, Spain, and Japan. I tried to post the link, but admin removed it. Copy the headline below and search it in Google.

    The story of Niko Takahashi, the promise of Barcelona who is in the Sub 16 in Spain, but has proposals to play in Argentina and Japan

  2. Well, that’s disappointing. Here I was hoping he could play his way into getting a recall to the national team ahead of the 2022 World Cup instead he goes and makes a move that ensures he’ll never get picked again for the national team. Smh. I can understand Banega going to the Middle East at 34 but not him.

  3. His brother has been scoring some miraculous goals for mexico … A few of the goals he made out of nothing with two defenders on him. What a find for mexico!
    Unfortunately some of the Mexican press and some of their retired players have been upset that a “non Mexican ” is on the starting eleven. Anyways, good luck to both of these boys

  4. i absolutely loved Funes Mori – Otamendi partnership. Its such a shame FM was injured and never recovered. Also shame that Romero is unable to have partnered with a younger Otamendi..those 2, just like the 2016 pair, would have been force to be reckoned with for many years. Otamendi did great at Copa but he has dipped and may not last much longer. Not sure hell go past past WC unless he takes some stem cells from Chiellini and Buffon 🙂

  5. Thanks for ur services Ramiro…. Bad lucks, injuries halt ur progression and ur career…. Go make some money and come back to help us.

  6. 3 mins ago…

    Tottenham Hotspur have reached an agreement to sign Cristian Romero, according to reports from Calciomercato.

    The sub-heading clearly says that Romero is just one step away from moving to the north London club this summer.

    An agreement has been reached, and the signing will be announced shortly.

  7. Romero is wanted by Chelsea. That’s right but I am talking about Sergio Romero… Chelsea want him as the third goalie of the team.

    Man Romero is just so wasted. I wish he had a bit of mentality of that of Emi Martinez: Hey Arsenal, If u don’t start me, I will go somewhere because I wanna start for Argentina.

    This Romero has been in England forever, but he doesn’t care whether he plays or not. He did not even ask for a loan. It was very sad because from around 2012-2017 he was untouchable. No one even came close to replacing him. Sampaoli would have started him too had he not gotten injured before the WC.

    I hope all of our youngsters follow Emi/Cristian Romero example: go somewhere where u will play regularly instead of being in a big club where u hardly play.

  8. One day he is Args best CB. If he fit and kept his foam in all season it will be a great pair for Romero..Looks to be a disappointing End.

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