Giuliano Simeone makes Atletico Madrid debut, assists in win


Giuliano Simeone made his Atletico Madrid debut as he provided an assist in their 1-1 but penalty shootout win vs. Numancia.

Only 18 years old, the left winger found himself being coached by his father, the legendary Diego Simeone. It was a high ball from deep into the Numancia penalty area as Simeone fought with the defender. Winning the ball and with the goalkeeper approaching, he dove in and passed the ball to Mario Soriano who scored the open net.

The youngest of Diego Simeone’s sons, Giuliano has an older brother, Giovanni, who is 26 years old, playing with Cagliari in Serie A.


  1. Big day for Fernando Batista today. Nothing less than a win today vs Egypt can keep us in contention for a knockout berth.

      • Lets see. If this team plays to their potential they can beat egypt for sure. But its the mentality that will be tested today. Its similar to Sr NT in 2018 /2002/ 1990 wc group stage.

        • It’s not easy to beat this Egypt team. Also, we need to defeat Spain (one of the best team in this Olympics) to make sure the progress.
          Big win against Egypt and draw against Spain may be okay depends upon other matches. So try to win big today.

  2. Paulo Gazzaniga signs a 2 year contract with Fulham who is relegated this season & will play in Championship 2nd division in England. I thought he may manage to convert a deal in Elche where he was on loan last season from Spurs. A classic case of a talent who wasted time in bench. While he is off NT radar , at 29 he can still have a good career in England.
    Sebastian Druissi seems to have his priorities set on making money. From Russian Rubles to now US Dollars !! – He has left Zenit & joining MLS with Austin FC . Wont be surprised to see him chasing Qatari Dinars in a couple of years.

  3. In an interesting situation today, due to the problems at Copa Libertadores and due to breaking of Covid bubble during the fights, Boca had to put their entire senior team in isolation.

    Due to this today’s La Liga match against Banfield was played entirely by Boca’s U23 and youth players. An amazing chance to see all their young talent in a proper senior level professional game. Lots of good moments for a variety of players, many of whom do not even have a professional contract. They played well for a 0-0 draw, though by the end their bodies were giving up. If you can watch replay of game you may find many interesting things. Due to length of bubble there is chance many of them will again play against San Lorenzo on Tuesday. You can read about many of the profiles of the players here

    • With senior & junior team – result is same. So maybe these youngsters should get more chances . Russo has drawn the last 7 of his 8 games . Clearly need of striker is so visible at Boca. Hope some of the young talent gets opportunities. I would rather see Gaich doing a loan season at Boca than playing in Serie B or Russian League. Atleast the high pressure knockout & derby games are guaranteed in Boca . There was some rumor before the Benevento move happened for Gaich early this year. Assuming Pavon leaves for Marseille , Boca is in a bad shape . Only good thing is that Russo is believing in a young midfield by playing Almendra – Varela – Medina quite often.

      • Too old fashioned coach past his best maybe. Hopefully riquelme will recruit heinze who is good with youth. but it is tricky in boca. lots of political situations.
        Striker situation I don’t see any light for them right now. Maybe Briasco can get more time but lets see.

    • Once again I am very impressed with Barco. I don’t think there has been such high potential in a left back playing his first games since Sorin. Hope Boca stop playing the clown Fabra and give more time to Barco once the dust settles.

  4. Before this world cup nears, we need to find an rb, cb, and one more midfielder.
    If we have a top class right back before the tournament then the team will be really hard to beat in Qatar

  5. Type of club Buendia is playing is good for his career..
    he will always be in starting xi ..
    so as a fit player he will always be in attraction in Aston villa along with EMI Martinez

      • Lanus has been the best club in promoting young talent & Zubeldia deserves lot of credit. Even for Olympics – they let 2 of their best players participate

    • yes he is interesting prospect. One thing to note is though Jose Sand is a very tricky striker in the box still at his age. Lot of defensive attention goes there. Lopez has done well in the last two games finding areas around Sand to exploit and do well. But real test will come when they rest the 40 y.o and Jose has to step into proper 9 position. We will see.

    • Olive have any update information about Argentine local players??
      I think till now some position is vurnearable such as LB, RB, CDM even though FW.
      So i think these position needs proper backup…Scaloni has 1.5 yrs before WC, and he has to solve it as early as possible.

      • The young talent pool in the local league mirrors the issue with our national team, not many prospects at full back but incredible talent up front. As I mentioned above Barco (17 year old) at left back has great potential but he is not a quick fix for the NT. In terms of back up for the world cup –
        LB: Angileri would be best, very good crosser of the ball, well balanced in attack and defense, but the worry is that he is 27 and I am not sure just how much better he’s gonna get. Hopefully a late bloomer. Nobody else at that level in the local league for left back
        RB: The best in Argentina remains Montiel and hopefully for the NT he will move to Europe, but there are doubts about him and no guarantees he will shine like in the final. Weigandt of Boca could be another option and he is now an undisputed starter there, but will need more evaluation before being able to play in NT. Kevin Mac Allister is also pretty decent but I think is more of material for the u23. Nicolas Capaldo went to RB Salzburg from Boca and can play in a number of roles, including right back and cm. He should be watched
        CDM: Caseres is back in Velez from Villareal but I do not think he will reach national team level. Belmonte is also not developed enough. Enzo Fernandez (20 years old) won the Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana with DyJ and is now at River but I highly doubt he can reach NT level soon – although someone to look for in the future. Our answer to CDM backup therefore rests in Europe with Rodriguez and maybe Ascacibar or converted Lisandro

        In forward areas there are riches of talent, many of which you already know most likely (Almada, De la Vega, Velasco)
        Facundo Farias has been a revelation and is very interesting to watch. Typical Argentinian talent that is not very tall but excellent at dribbling and intelligent in attack. I also watched Zenon vs Boca and will watch him tomorrow against River and he definitely needs to upgrade from Union. Very good crosser and can play on both wings. Good thing Payero is going to Middlesbrough because he is a great CM. Paradela at cm plays better every game he plays for River. Lecanda of the River reserves at CB also looks good and I hope to see him play minutes in primera. He did well during the Covid crisis and could be one of our future center back options for sure.

        But for back up in the WC based on form now I only see Angileri. Maybe Alvarez if he gets a move to Europe (this is me guessing Scaloni’s moves, as of now I do not take him) All of the other players we will have to see as time goes on

        • Good summary olive. Do u think braian romero deserves a chance- atleast as a sub till alario is back to top gear. While he is 30, he surely scores goals in knockout tournaments – sudamericana, recopa & now libertadores

          • i was jus looking at the stats . 17 goals in 17 games across Sudamericana20 , Recopa & now Liberatadores21. Thats one hell of stats for a forward

          • Ah I forgot to mention him. He could be a possibility for a few caps or for an Alario sub as you mentioned. He certainly loves himself some tournament goals and out of the local league definitely the best goalscorer. In terms of the world cup though I think that given our luxuries of goalscorers in Europe it would be a bit of a failure to not have at least three top class players well cemented in the pecking order above him. He also has an interesting backstory and had a rare condition when he was younger where he spent months in bed and could not move in pain, but recovered and went back to football. But excited to see how well he does for River and so far looks to be an incredible signing. I also think that 27-32 can be the best ages for strikers

  6. According to Alasdair gold who is big tottenham fan says Spurs are confident to sgin cuti Romero and player himself wants to come premier league
    According Violanews atlanta wants German pezzella to replace Romero.

  7. Emi Buendai is the best but I want to see him in Left Wing, Paredes,De Paul, Lo celso midfield is best. As Emi Buendai is right footed player so he will be good as Left Winger or he can play at midfield in any position. Angel Correa and Emi Buendai are best for Left Wing.

    • So far you’ve recommended him at both wings and anywhere in midfield to replace de Paul or Lo celso. What’s next? Ball playing center back?

      • I think buendia is better than locelso he should play in midfield not in wings we have enough talent in wings messi, dimaria, nico Gonzalez, correa, dybala etc. We r little weak in midfield and very weak in fullback position

          • Yes other than depaul nobody in our midfield is world class papu is old and a sub player max so he maybe good bt will not consider him. Locelso plays well sometimes bt has stamina issue and we r struggling in the dm position guido can help he is decent bt not even close to world class. So there is massive place to improve in midfield and fullback position

      • I do not know what weed are you smoking I never said Buendia should play in RW or in midfield I am satisfied with Lo celso,Paredes and De Paul. No one van take Messi’s role.Get a life bro.

        • You literally have said, and I quote, that he should play in center mid before. I think you were dissatisfied with one of De Paul or Lo Celso. This was a couple of months ago.. Your argument was that he can pass the ball well or something to be a center mid even though he hasn’t played there. I remember this

    • in fact we can play like this

      ——-Lo Celso—De Paul

      For sure Buendia can give more than Gonzalez during the Copa America and connect with Messi and Lo Celso to create more football. … But the problem is Messi like Buendia like to go in the center so we need 2 offensives Left and Right Back to use the wings. Acuna have the profil for the left Back but in the right Molina and Montiel will have to improve this year.

      We also can play like the Final :

      –Buendia—————-Di Maria
      ———-Guido—De Paul

      But we sacrifice the playmaking of Lo Celso … And i think Di Maria will have 34 in Qatar, he could be really better as our supersub like he did during the Copa America to destroy tired defense.

      The answer will be simple : How De Paul improve with Simeone. How Lo Celso can play 1y without Injury. How Buendia can succees in Premier League. How Molina can become un top right back of Serie A and we have to keep a look on Nico Gonzalez with Fiorentina.

      This season will be so importante because the World Cup will be at the begin of the season 2022-2023

  8. Buendia first match:
    imo still not comparable with Lo Celso or De Paul who are covering much more spaces in midfield, yes Buendia tackles are good but his overall defensive skills is under these twos. Scaloni loves taller midfielders too, so after his favourite position is Messi’s, maybe remains left winger pos? He needs to show us better goalscoring skills for that, in last PL season scored 0 goal. Di Maria, Papu, Nico Gonzalez, Correas, Ocampos are close or even over 10+ goals players in a season.

    • Buendia has one premier league goal scored vs Watford if I’m not mistaken. Trust me he will create chances and score goals. Remember he can play Same position as de pual and lo celso
      As far as know three players are untouchable. Emi martinez, cuti Romero, Lionel messi. Rest are for grabs.

    • His defending has improved since he first joined Norwich (per Norwich fans). I am sure he will score many more goals this season since he is not in a bottom placed club. If he is to play in another position we may want to see him playing there

    • These r practice matches he just joined a new club with new players and a new coach it will take some time we can only judge him after he plays 7-8 official games for Aston Villa

  9. Guys… Have you seen the debut match of Emi Buendia for Aston Villa. I know it was against a poor team and it was a preseason friendly, but it was really exciting to watch him play. 2 wonderfully crafted through ball assists (even though the game was against a poor side he made those through passes bypassing some number of opposition players which is a tough ask against any team) were some joy to watch. He makes runs with and without ball, passes from the middle and also from final third, looks for space, tries to finish and moreover comes back to defend. If he can make this season count then we are having an awesome midfielder for next world cup. A better Lo Celso with enough stamina!!!

    • I don’t want rush to make early judgement or overhype emi Buendia but I’m confident this guy he is going to make Argentina midfielder even much better than it’s now just Wait and watch Aston villa the new season starting two weeks from today. Emi Buendía is some talant I’m so happy scaloni called him for last world Cup qualifier even thought he didn’t play but been there with squad was massive bonus because he could easily play for Spain. I honestly believe with influence emi martinez we will even see emi Buendia get chance to make some appearance for next qualifier.

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