Coach Mauricio Pochettino extends his contract with PSG until June 2023


Last Friday, Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until June 2023.

Speaking with the press, Pochettino showed his happiness about the renewal. This is what he had to say:

“I am really happy. For us, it is very important to feel the support and trust of the club. We will do everything possible to make the fans proud of us. 20 years ago I was the captain, and now I am the coach. It is a dream come true.”

In addition, PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi also spoke with the press about the deal:

“We are happy that Mauricio is continuing his adventure at PSG. He was captain 20 years ago; he shares the club’s values, ambition, and vision for the future.”

As in previous years, Paris Saint-Germain’s main goal is winning the UEFA Champions League for the first time. That is what Mauricio Pochettino will try to reach next season with his players. The Parisian club has already signed some good names with that objective in mind: Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Achraf Hakimi, Georginio Wijnaldum, and Danilo Pereira.

Pochettino arrived in PSG in January of 2021, replacing Thomas Tuchel, and signed until June of 2022. This means that he still had one year left on his contract.

In terms of results, his first months coaching PSG were normal, taking into consideration the club’s potential. Although lifting the French Super Cup by beating 2-1 Olympique de Marseille, and winning the French Cup, defeating AS Monaco 2-0 in the final, they finished in second place of the Ligue 1, one point below LOSC Lille. They also reached the UEFA Champions League semifinals, where they lost both legs vs. Manchester City.

With three Argentine’s within the squad (Leandro Paredes, Ángel Di María, and Mauro Icardi), Mauricio Pochettino will go in search of a great 2021/2022 season with Paris Saint-Germain.


  1. I’ve always felt that at the youth level things are a bit more unpredictable. Spain seem to be the favorites against us but you never know. I only have doubts about Batista’s acumen.

  2. Spain win 1-0 against Australia, it will be a tough last group game for Batista’s soldier. A win will secure the QF. France beat SA and Mexico loss to Japan. Brazil draws It’s really exiting and thrilling games. Every team get their chance to show up good result.

  3. Glad they got the win, I stayed up to watch the game then fell asleep and woke up 30 mins into the 1st half, watched for what seemed like seconds only to fall asleep again and woke up after the game had ended.

  4. So its basically boiling down to can we beat spain in last game. Looks v tough as spain will dominate possession & know that they just need a draw. Else a high scoring draw & egypt beating australia by a couple of goala.

  5. If ARG would take Olympics as serious as Spain: Rulli/Ledesma—Lisandro Martinez-Senesi-C. Romero-Montiel—Nico Gonzalez-Palacios-Ascacibar-Buendia—Lautaro Martinez-Dybala with 3 good overaged players…subs: Facundo Medina, Foyth, Nehuen Perez, Nahuel Molina, Nico Dominguez, Fausto Vera, Macallister, Barco, Julian Alvarez, Thiago Almada or De la Vega, ARG have excuses, Spain not.

    • Well, Brazil blanked against Ivory coast today and havent really qualify after 2 games despite bringing a strong squad. Pretty exciting tournament from result standpoint. Lots of surprises.

    • As far as I know, argentina took this seriously, they prepared for two years this. The bad perfomance is either due to batista’s incomptence or the loss of morale by not getting requested players.
      Sometimes we feel for coaching staff because the clubs denied them players. Senesi and Lisandro martinez were certainly denied by their clubs with many more players too, so who knows maybe Dybala was denied too.
      (Note:- Buendia is overage for this olympics)

    • I think spain is a good example that player strength alone wont make the difference for olympics. Its more important how motivated & refreshed the player is. Take andre pierre gignac for example. Maybe dybala, ocampos, foyth are not really interested in olympics glory. Bunedia, nico gonzalv anyway with new club cannot miss preseason. I think 4-5 changes on this squad like urzi, colambatto, ponce, de la fluente, ortega & we cld have been much stronger. Alvarez, ascacibar, senesi, angileri & a sr striker like icardi or boye or someone from local league like b romero.

      • In football anything can happen. Egypt can score one goal defend like today or against Spain. Egypt is actually in good shape.
        Suppose Australia win today..then they may use sub players against Egypt…it will be easier for Egypt then.
        So beating Spain is must for us to ensure the progress. Else pray for the other results that may give us luck after drawing with Spain.

        • Our current team wont beat this Spain imo, they will have 70%+ possession against us easily too. Btw Spain deserve it much more, strongest squad even with wonder kid Pedri after a full season and Euro, like Argentina in 2004 or in 2008. Our team is total chaotic, like in 2016 every team get what they deserve.

  6. I like the pressing this time but there’s still zero creativity when going upfront. Too many fouls given in this tournament, every 1-2 touches and the ref blew the whistle. We seems to rely on fluke goal.

    Isnt France pre tournament fav? Last time I checked they’ve conceided 7 goals in 2 games lol. Hate to say it but Brazil seems to treat this tournament seriously.

    I know there’s Libertadores while the senior players just finished Copa America but we couldnt even bring at least 1 or 2 veterans, really?

  7. My evaluation:

    Ledesma 7: he looks solid in 2 games. He made one great save.

    De La Fuente 5: very poor offensively

    Perez 7: much better than his first match

    Medina 8 MOM: scored the goal and he is pretty fast for a defender

    Bravo 5: Many bad passes, poor first touch, very limited offensive skill, but his positioning is pretty good

    Vera 7: the only DM but he performed good. Against a stronger team we should never play this 4-1-4-1 formation.

    Payero 6: Not special but much better than Valenzuela.

    De La Vega 6: His work rate is good that’s the only good thing about him. Offensively he is just average as a winger. Mediocre speed, technique, dribbling, pace etc. But he should improve as he grows older.

    Mac Allister 7: Much better second half, his set pieces is better, but again another number 10 with no pace/dribbling, only rely on key pass, poor man Juan Veron.

    Barco 6: Not his good game, did not get the ball that much.

    Gaich 6: One shot hitting the post, that’s about it.

    The one thing that pleases me the most is we did defend well in the second half, just like our senior team did in Copa America, almost everyone came to defend. Next game against the fave, Spain. We need 2 DM.

    Also Almada needs more minutes. The coach views Almada as the back up of his favorite, MacAllister unfortunately.

    • De La Vega is a type of player Scaloni like…work rate… willingness to defend. Need to improve in all areas.
      Mac Allister doesn’t loose the ball easily. Somehow he manages the ball in tight spaces.
      Gaich doesn’t get much services he wish.
      Perez needs to improve. I expect more from him.

      • Yeah De La Vega will grow as a player, u can improve skills but good work rate is hard to teach. I say he has a future for the senior team, although so far he is nothing special.

  8. It is boring to watch these shitty teams parking the bus in full 90 mints with no mercy. Oh man Is this football.thy r not loves to play football . Thy comes only defend . No need to touch ball pass the ball. Always loved to stay near penalty box as a dog protecting his house. Man this dog also attack well..

  9. A hard fought win..after a lacklustre first game..!
    It’s difficult to score against this Egypt. They are well organised in defense.

    • Yes . Today nothing was more important than the 3 points & team showed the mental strength to bounce back. Ideally we need Australia to draw Spain in next match & then we will enter Spain match with a point more.
      I think Macclister, Gaich having less playing minutes in this season is showing in their rustiness. Batista should start with Almada instead of Macclister. But our fullbacks is our real weakness. Bravo atleast defensively is ok. Urzi, Ponce, Colambatto, de La fluente , Ortega are all wasted spots . Ponce out of Spain match bcos of 2 cards.

        • Yes herrera better than de la fluente. Spain without dani ceballos & also tired after a long season can end up dropping points today. Our biggest issue is fullbacks & lack of bench depth. The moment barco & gaich were replaced by ponce & urzi, it was clear we wont be able to score & egypt attacked us well in last 15mins.

    • We shld avoid any yellow cards as 5players already carrying yellow. Referee has been easy on cards today unlike first match

  10. Not as clumsy as the first match but definitely better a bit. Gaich hit the post. Egypt parked the bus but quite dangerous in counter attack.

    Argentina played a strange 4-1-4-1 formation with Vera the only DM. De La Vega and Payero play the same position. Only one of them is enough. MacAllister poor as usual. Barco role is limited to a left winger only which is not good, he needs to touch the ball more. De La Fuente and Bravo as our wing backs are poor. Vera has a decent game as a DM. Ledesma the goalie is good.

    Almada needs to play replacing MacAllister or one of Payero/De La Vega.

  11. Poch needs to prove himself a winner. In all his time in Tottenham, he didn’t win a trophy.
    Opportunities were there when Man City, Man United, Chelsea, & Arsenal were poor, but a Leister City won the league and Poch was 2nd.

    During his time, Poch was always 2nd, 3rd, or 4th and finished Champions League final in 2nd. All Leicester, Arsenal, Man United, Man City, Chelsea, & Liverpool won some kind of title in his duration as manager for Tottenham (Cardbo Cups, League, Champions League, even Community Shield).

    PSG has dominated Ligue 1 and fires Thomas Tuchel (who wins with Chelsea). Poch takes over and somehow does not win the French League.

    I liked him for what he did for Tottenham, but trophies matter. Scaloni wasn’t well-received (even by me at first), but he won a major trophy. Results matter.

  12. De La Vega and Martin Payero starting today…formation is more like 4141.
    Thiago Almada may play in second half as the formation will suit him more.

  13. Tiago Casasola…anyone know about this guy? He is playing in newly promoted Serie A club Salernitana, mainly as RB. Is there any chance he can compete for our RB position?

    • interesting . Never heard or seen him . But as per sofascore he was a regular starter last season for Salernitana in Serie B . 3 goals & 4 assists . Also good height & prime age of 25. Worth to be checked considering our very less options here. Seems like an Emi Martinez who moved to Europe very early & has been in sidelines for long time.

    • Have followed him from 2013. He was pivotal in their run for promotion. But not sure whether they will play him at RB as he has more experience playing as RCB in 3 men defense. I guess his ownership belongs to Lazio. Anyway, guy has got good PACE…

      • thats interesting Sabarish. i was just seeing Salernitana’s last few matches sofascore & looks he is more playing like Right wing back or a RB when they play 4 in back . So maybe worth a look in considering our very limited options

        • No need to pick foyth is a very decent defense minded right back if not a serious player emerges in next 1 yr we should opt for more defensive more safe foyth as our starting right back he is playing at top league in laliga if given confidence i think he will solve our right back problems

  14. Poch needs CL this year. High time this calibre of coach has a big trophy. With Hakimi he has solved one side of the full back . Need a good leftback also. Ramos will beef up the defense as an additional option & Donnarumma & Navas is too much at GK position. Lot of this gets offset if Mbappe leaves – but my guess is he stays for 1 more season or PSG will atleast get a big replacement name like Ronaldo
    Jus a bit worried for Parades as midfield a more congested now with Wijnadulum also coming in & there is a talk of Pogba being tried.

      • Wijnadulum and paredes are not playing same positions I think Danilo and paredes will fight one place while likes Verratti, wijandulum, herrera
        And Idrissa Gueye will face competition from each other.

        • In NT i agree. But in clubs, the positions are very blurred in central midfield. Wijandulum is one of the most versatile midfielders & can play both offensive & holding roles well. He has multiple times been the linkup man between defence & attack for klop. I think a fit veratti will be undisputed & others will be rotated based on form & match tactic.

    • Pochettino will win uefa champions league for psg .Now he has tools to work with unlike spurs.Just set back and watch how devastating attacking football psg play under poch. Plus can’t wait to see poch vs sampoali
      What football match that will be
      I think they will take league 1 to next level.

    • It will be exciting to see what he gets out of Hakimi. He is an excellent coach for full backs and got a lot out of more average full backs when at spurs

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