Facundo Medina scores for Argentina in 1-0 win vs. Egypt at Tokyo Olympics


Facundo Medina gave Argentina a life line at the Olympics as he scored in their 1-0 win vs. Egypt.

Having lost their opening match at the Olympics 2-0 vs. Australia, Fernando Batista’s team knew they had to bounce back with a win. A loss would have meant a possible elimination from the tournament before even playing their third group stage match.

Fernando Batista went with the following eleven:

De La Fuente
De La Vega
Mac ALlister

A slight change from the eleven which started vs. Australia as Ortega was shown a red card in that match, while Colombatto and Valenzuela were also dropped for this one.

Argentina were applying the pressure from the first minute and Adolfo Gaich came close to opening the scoring. A shot from outside of the penalty area but his effort hit the woordwork. Despite the early pressure, a stubborn defensive Egypt were able to keep Argentina out.

Egypt nearly took the lead themselves had it not been for Ledesma who pulled off a great save from close range. The first half would end score less.

The second half would finally bring Argentina’s first goal of the Olympics. What looked to be a shot or a cross by Mac Allister into the penalty area hit the post as the ball fell to Medina who scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead and the three points.

Here are the current standings:

Spain: 4 points
Australia: 3 points
Argentina: 3 points
Egypt: 1 point

Argentina play Spain on Wednesday.


  1. Adolfobgaich has improoved his game and workrate he has added dribling skills, long range shots as well where in the past he always wait for heading chances or to get a ball that defeated defenders now looks like more confident

  2. Very poor display by the youngsters today. Their heart and energy were in place but not the talent. There was none as talented to break the 10 men defence of Egypt. There was no dribbler. Mac ALister is far from being an A lister. He is technically challenged. On many occasions he could not even receive the ball clearly. Gaich is overhyped. The only players who seemed ready for the next level were Ledesma, Medina and De La Vega. In fact Ledesma can be the next big thing after Emi Martinez. It is now a must win scenario against Spain. And Spain can have the luxury to draw the match.

    • Ledesma is a year younger than Emi Martinez, so I don’t think he will ever become good enough to replace Emi. But I agree with you about everything else. This U23 side lacks talents. Due to changes in schedule of liga profesional argentina, pretty much no teams allow their best youngsters to go play for the Olympic.

  3. If we win…. We are in…. Simple….
    Just a shame we didn’t field older players..
    Ocampos would kill in this tournament along with Dybala and even an older ever banega to bring possession and stability to the midfield!!

  4. I don’t see how we gonna qualify for the next round…. We needed to win with multiple goals to negate the 0-2 loss against Australia we couldn’t. The odds are very much against us. Only a win against the mighty Spain will open the quarters’ doors…. Good luck Bocha!!!!!

  5. AFA has to strategize better for future Olympics. Either we participate :
    1) to seriously contest & win ( pick the players in form & maximize overage department with tactical choices ) .
    If its this route – we should have been filling 3 overage players like Dybala/ Icardi/ Pavon/ Angileri / Ruili & also play U24 youngsters like Ezequeil Palacios , Nicolas Dominguez , Senesi , J Alvarez , Balerdi, Foyth,M Zaracho, Santiago Sosa ( basically players who are qualifying from age & not drained out from Copa or joining a new club)
    2) Else we only look at it as long term investment for Sr NT & ensure the best youngsters play. Basically not bothered about results & only looking at our future.
    If thats the route – we should look at above U24 names & talents like Girotti, Facundo Farias , Anibal Moreno ,Alan Velasco , Enzo Fernandez , Julian Aude etc

    Either approach – players like Ponce, Urzi, Colambatto, De La fluente , Ortega , Valenzuela ,Mosevich & maybe a few more clearly do not belong here. This mid path approach is only leading to frustration & no long or short term outcomes

    • Actually you make one mistake. AFA don t have anything to do here. they are not responsible for the football teams that represent Argentina in every Olympic games. The Argentine Olympic committee is. But except that part the football Olympic tournaments was never a priority or considered as primary way to evolve national team of AFA.

      • If this is true, then that is stupid. Even Brazil used the Olympics with Neymar as a way to build a future squad. The Argentine Olympic committee should work cooperatively with the AFA.

        • Don t make things look so tragic. things is not like that. for that reason exist the U20 national team of AFA. this is that team s job.
          that is why every 2 years exist U20 world cups and many other tournaments of that team.
          We will wait every 4 years the Olympic tournament to build our future national team? are you serious?
          AFA s job is other and Argentine Olympic commitee s job is other.
          AFA is and should be responsible for national team and Argentine football generally. Not our Olympic committee or anybody else.

      • Cox4 – if Olympics team has no connection to AFA & its Olympics Committee that calls the shots , thats an even bigger structural mistake as we are missing a great opportunity. Any country should use a big stage like Olympics & not just U20, U17 World Cups. How can we forget that the Olympics 2004/08 success played a big part in the NT who went upto 2014 WC finals. Also i dont think ur statement is correct that AFA has nothing to do here !!! Goto the Argentina U23 wikipedia – first para says ‘ The team is controlled by the Argentine Football Association (AFA)’ . Refer – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentina_national_under-23_football_team . The qualification of Olympics is through the CONEMBOL Pre-Olympic tournament. I am sure anything to do with CONEMBOL means AFA is involved. Fernando Batista who is also our U20 coach was appointed by Claudio Tapia. Even earlier Bielsa was a common coach for Sr NT & our Olympics 2004 winning team. In Spain it was Spain FA that ensured Euro players were released by Spanish clubs for Spain Olympic team. The same AFA who lets undeserving player selection in Sr NT like M Suarez, Casco, Armani ,J Alavarez ( talented ..but no business to be in Sr NT for Copa) should ensure that Olympics team has the right talent who can be useful for Sr NT in future ( atleast local club talent) Understandable that foreign clubs cannot be pushed beyond a point bcos Olympics is not a FIFA event.

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