Former Tottenham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga joins Fulham on a free


Former Tottenham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga has joined Fulham on a free transfer.

Paulo Gazzaniga will be playing in the EFL Championship for the 2021-2022 season as his time with Tottenham comes to an end. Gazzaniga, who spent the 2021 season on loan with Elche in Spain, joins on a two year contract.

The 29 year old goalkeeper has represented the Argentina national team one, back in 2018 in a 2-0 win vs. Mexico. He has spent most of his playing career in England, having played for Gillingham, Southampton and Tottenham.


  1. It’s better to play the whole season in any 2nd tier league than to just warming the bench of any top team, infact championship football is a very competitive one

  2. If we will have “the next Messi” Luka Romero in the next WC u20. He should be accompanied by the 18 year old “the next Di Maria” Matias Soule.

    Check out his cip. To me he is a hybrid of Di Maria and Messi. Defnitely one of our best talents. Oh he just scored his first goal for Juventus in their friendly.

  3. Doncic somebody? He could be the best european player ever and TOP10 all time. With 2 big losses against Slovenia and Spain its over for us. Shocking 3 points%. 2/18 cmon…

  4. In up coming wc qualifying match i think some players should get the opportunity as a sub or starter like
    CB or CDM as Licha Martinez
    LB as starter Angileri
    MF as starter Buendia,
    LW as A. Corerra or A. Gomez
    FW as starter Dybala and as sub B. Romero (recent performance basis)

  5. What happened to River Plate. Last game, Many non Argentine in the starting X1..! And the only young Argentine in staring X1 is Montiel (who is 24).
    I wish Boca and River promote more young Argentine players. Gallardo and River has done it before. But what happened now..!

    • Actually Boca has done a great job bleeding in some new young talent, infact their midfield for a while consisted of:

      ——–Almendra (22yrs)————-Varela (19yrs)————–C.Medina (18yrs)———

      Not to mention Capaldo (recently left the club) and Gonzalo Maroni (22yrs), both of whom got plenty of playing time.
      You can knock on the way Boca are playing but you can’t knock on them giving chances to young talent.

      As for River, well there are the likes of Girodi and Alvarez, so it’s not a barren waste land.

  6. Could have moved to Arsenal or any Italian Club instead..But still not bad if he is going to start all matches..May be he can be No.4 in Argentina GK list..

    • Every time I read these kind of comments I quickly go to YouTube to re-watch the penalty-shootout vs Columbia and Dimaria’s goal in the final for the millionth time!! 😀

      • Honestly I must have watched that video and many many more since the win and every time I cheer as if I just watched them live and still want more. Whenever I see a family member or friend, I point to my chest and say CHAMPIONS BABY…….

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