Paulo Dybala named new Juventus vice captain, praised by Allegri


Paulo Dybala has been named as vice captain of Juventus as he was praised by Juventus coach Allegri.

This will be a big season for Paulo Dybala. After being left out of Argentina’s Copa America winning campaign, he will look to try and make the squad for the remaining World Cup qualifying matches this year.

It’s the final season and few months before the start of the World Cup next year and Dybala will look to be in optimal shape to get back into the team and hopefully make the World Cup in Qatar.

The Argentine received what has to be a boost as Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri announced that Dybala will be the vice captain of the club. In addition to naming Dybala as the vice captain, Allegri had this to say:


The three captains for Juventus are Chiellini as the captain, Dybala as vice captain and Bonucci as second vice captain.


  1. It’s not a bad one..
    Sometimes responsibility brings the best out of talented individuals..hope, he finishes this season on a high and played an important part in Qatar world cup..

  2. He should have been part of the Copa squad instead of Alvarez, who was a candidate for the olympic team.

    Once Messi retires from the NT, most likely after Qatar WC, Dybala is a big contender for the number 10 shirt. Who would be other options?

  3. Great to hear. If he’s back in form… Argentina will be benefited in 2022 WC.
    Praying…for Lautaro, Alario, Buendia and Nicolas Gonzalez..let them be in great shape too…let’s go for 2022 WC in great shape…

  4. Dybala most likely will play as CF for Allegri this season. He is working very hard to get into shape. We will have a quality striker in disposal.

  5. Dybla would be best suited for No. 9 role in Argentina. He is getting praised by Allegri.Dybla should replace Lautaro Martinez. Messi, Dybla,Lo celso,Buendai will be pleasing to eyes.
    These four will make Argentina attack very creative and dynamic. As Argentina is playing direct football so these four will be crucial. Dybla will also be good at Juve this season.

    • Agreed, i think upcoming wc qualifying match dybala and buendia should play full time. It will help to boost them and to show their skills.

    • Hell no. Dybala will get injured at crucial time. I think Di Maria and Messi are most important player for Argentina. They had good combinations in 2014 World Cups and we probably would have won WC 2014 if Di Maria was to play. Other hand Hugain is worst Argentina player with lot of bad luck from him and have ego of C. Ronaldo.

      • Get your head out of 2014 much has been changed. Dybla is best his link up with Messi is good. Di Maria will come as substitute,can not play Messi, Di Maria always as starter as both plays in RW. 433 is Argentina’s system.

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