Lautaro Martinez open to joining Arsenal, Inter could be willing to sell


Inter could actually be open to selling Lautaro Martinez to Arsenal.

As we reported last week, Arsenal are interested in signing the Copa America winner. However, what was believed at the time was that Inter were not open to selling. Per a new report by The Athletic, Arsenal have held Lautaro in high regard for some time and have asked about Lautaro.

According to The Athletic, Lautaro would be interested in joining the Gunners should Inter want to sell him. Part of the reason why Inter could be willing to sell Lautaro is because they would need to balance their books for the upcoming season. It’s believed that the 23 year old earns roughly 2.5 million per season and having switched agents in April, Inter could accept a bid should a reasonable offer come in.

Scoring three goals for Argentina as they went on to win the Copa America, Lautaro joined Inter from Racing in 2018 where he won the Scudetto this previous season.


  1. Tata, officially the silver medalist specialist.

    2nd place with Paraguay 2011
    2nd place with Argentina 2015
    2nd place with Argentina 2016
    2nd place with Mexico 2021

  2. Since Scaloni took over in mid 2018, Lautaro has been national team top scorer with 14 goals, Messi is second with 11 goals. With side notes that Lautaro also won 7 penalties which converted by Messi (5), Paredes (2)

  3. Funes Mori ready to shine tonight…….must be weird, an Argentine playing for Mexico (2nd adopted country) vs his first adopted country!

  4. It seems like our Copa America players really draw attention of the European teams. Sadly non Copa America players find it hard to make it to Europe.

    News update:
    – Gonzalo Montiel wanted by Benfica
    – Inter will want Joaquin Correa to replace Lautaro in case Lautaro leaves the club
    – Rodrigo De Paul will wear number 5 for Atletico.

    • Arsenal has money for Lautaro. Remember they had paid 72 millions for Pepe. London clubs like Tottenham and Arsenal are in shambles football wise but not money wise.

      Staying at Inter will not improve Lautaro’s career. Inter Milan is unwatchable, their midfielders can barely make the ball cross halfway line which has nothing to do with Conte’s defensive tactics but their abilities.

      Arsenal and Tottenham management are serious this season, joining them is not a bad idea. Playing in EPL for competitive teams is better than playing only group stages in UCL.

  5. Apparently Inter are demanding 80 million for Lautaro so I don’t know if Arsenal will be able to afford it (have no idea about their finances). Assuming they can’t because they already spent 50 million on Ben White.

    Bayer Leverkusen has reached an agreement to extend Alario’s contract to 2024 unfortunately

    Looking at his highlights against Monza I must say I am very very impressed by Soule. He is much better than I thought he was. I wonder if they are planning on using him off the bench for Juve or going to send them on loan, he is way too good to continue in the reserves

    • Soule in Juventus is reminiscent of Messi’s story. Both were very young and both were playing for the youth team and both were mentored by a world class player: Ronaldinho and CR7.

      I am sure Soule will make it to the first team this season. Just like Messi that day when he scored a goal on his debut for Barca. This Soule is way more talented that all our Olympic wingers. His talent is off the charts. Man, looking forward to seeing him and Romero in the next WC u20.

  6. “According to La Republica, Raul Moro and Luka Romero have won over the Lazio staff & management with their commitment in training & professional attitude.

    While it’s still a long way to go, they are making a strong case to be with the first team this season.”

    I have seen a lots of wonderkid faded away, I have seen many of them being overrated. But I believe strongly for Luka Romero and Matias Soule. One should always look for ball control and decision-making when to judge an attacking talent. Both Soule and Romero have it. They have bright future.

    • That is a really good sign. I love it when our young talents have good attitudes and don’t put money or their instagram followers ahead of their career and future, as that is a trend we are seeing all too often these days

    • And Dario Sarmiento will play in Girona next season loaned by Manchester City, just like Nahuel Bustos former Talleres and U23 striker, i didnt know Nahuel Bustos is Manchester City player too.

  7. Celebrating Three weeks anniversary of the COPA AMERICA win. I remember not sitting down the whole 2nd half, pacing back and forth and being the paranoid person I am, I even avoided spots in the living room that I used to walk over in past WC and CA games just to keep that winning vibe going.
    Martinez just needs to get his mind right regardless where he plays in club football and everything else will fall in place, off course scoring his PK vs Colombia plus all the positives he did in COPA will only add to his confidence.

      • The sec the REF. blew his final whistle…………….I felt that monkey just fly off my shoulders………I swear the more I think about it, the more unreal it feels………………..all the negativity about ARG and Messi that I endured for many years are NO LONGER and I want more of that drug.

  8. Can we keep our posts to 50 words or less? This is not a blog last I checked to barf out your personal manifesto on the NT. If anybody can take a look at “Ricky Villa’s last posts, it’s just ridiculous. Sorry to hijack this thread, but the length of some of these posts is insane.

    • Then just skip them.

      You may find them offensive but others enjoy them.

      I personally think long post are sometimes distracting and key points are often missed. But I have also read long posts that I enjoy very much.

    • We’re not txting here, we’re messaging, if you find some of the posts too long (like when ever kidulthood decides to grace us with his negative presence) then simply skip them.

    • Sorry, to make u feel that way as it was never my intention ! And i’m not sure if i can keep my post’s to 50 words per max as my password is allmost that long as well, so no hard feeling anyhow from my side towards u as it will and as i i will allways stay kind of neutral to any kind of negatitivies even i don’t consider or TaKe your word’s as negative or anything bad against myself and u and anyone else too can post as ever they please to do so as i find it quite intresting to read on daily basis allmost through every comments or post’s never Mind who wrote them, Ok maybe i do skip some as ”Romance King’s AKA whatever name he please’s to use etc…” and actually when i firstly discovered this site more than 10 year’s ago i never had time to post even been as fan and allways only supporting of our beloved Albiceleste since 1978 as i also have read from your great post’s many time’s that u we’re present in live when our beloved Albiceleste won at 1978 and i do even remember talking about this with u some year’s a go in the past as when i discovered u being the first Argentine Person on this website, but surely there must be some other’s even recently i have mainly talked with Cox4 who i will allways remember in my heart til’ the day i will pass away as same goes for waweride even they might not remember 1978 or any other member from this site which is not really important for me if one has been fan of our beloved Albiceleste since 1978 or even before that or just starting from this year’s Copa all this does not matter to me at all because i do read allmost every single post and the one’s which i find intresting are normally the one’s i do like to comment and keep on posting with those one’s, but the actual problem for me is that there are very many intelligent and very good post’s from many different member’s from this site so it’s kind of hard trying keep my 2 children playing football and training every single day+not to even mention their school’s which are luckily just at the stage of beginning as my son is 8 year’s old and my daughter is 10 so i do find time to read allmost every single post, but can’t unfortunatly comment one everyone’s post as i would like to do as much as i can, but my time is limited so now at Six a clock in the sunday morning i’m writing this post as i would prepare my son’s football kit and everything related to that and after an hour i will have to wake him up as we have quite long way of driving to his team’s tournament which will played today unfortunatly in a very rainy and wet condition’s like in kind of thunder storm as the weather has stayed for the past few days and with quite big amount of lightnings too!!

      So, stay well and as healthy as u all can !!! Y salute por San Isidro y por la todo’s las personal De El Mundo Albiceleste!!! Adios, San Isidro ! Saludos : Ricky

  9. The only teams who are able to buy are the English clubs.

    It seems that our players are in a competition to have transfers to a lower club. Play less competitive football. Its really depressing.

    • Money seems to be the motivating factor as English clubs pay higher than other European teams. I would prefer him stick with Inter until the world cup but if he decides to move , he will not be deprived of quality opponents and tough matches in EPL. However, he will have to raise his game and be more clinical. English media and fans are brutal, they will show no mercy if he pulls Higuain kind of misses there!! But on the positive side, when Aguero arrived at Man City he was almost at the same level and age Lautaro is today and Kun ended his Man City career by becoming the top 5 foreign strikers of all time in EPL history!!

  10. I remember Dybla saying I wish 2022 World cup would be mine after 2018 WC as he did not play much in 2018 World Cup so I think under Allegri this season Dybla will shine.

    • I actually have a feeling that Dybala is going to get his due with Argentina soon. I don’t know if it’s 2022 or the next world cup. But one of my major gut feeling after Argentina were crowned Copa champion was that Messi was not done with the NT. I again felt they he might win another one. I don’t know what, maybe Copa or the world cup. But for sure, I was quite convinced through these supernatural gut feelings that Messi was not done with Argentina and so is god not done with Messi yet.

      There’s still something we are going to see, but only time will tell. Just before the final of Copa began I was having these dreams that Dybala might be the one who’s going to decide Argentina’s fate next year. 2022 will be the crucial time for him. I’m being truthful but all of these things were happening in my dreams.

      I don’t know if Messi will win the world cup next year or when but I do have feeling that 2022 is the year when Dybala will finally take the mantle and the no.10 shirt from Messi. It’s just what I saw in my dream.

      Y’all should remember that Dybala’s debut red card and his failure with NT is yet to be resolved.

      Only time and lord Jesus knows what he has kept for Messi in 2022.

      • Free roaming forward usually has trouble to gel with Messi cause they usually occupy the same spot on the pitch. We’ve seen Tevez who played well in Copa 2004 and Olympics 2004 but when paired with Messi, both tend to drop deep leaving nobody upfront to finish the ball like in Copa 2007 final and throughout 2010 qualifier.

        As a sole #9 , Dybala doesnt have the same type of energy to press like Lautaro or towering presence like Icardi. Dybala has played same number of games for Argentina as Lautaro, both with 29 caps. So its like Dybala was never given his due.

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