Another one: Nahuel Molina of Argentina got the Copa America tattooed


Nahuel Molina got the Copa America tattooed and joins three other national team players who immortalized the victory on their skin. Leandro Paredes, Alejandro “Papu” Gómez, and Ángel Di María are the others.

The Udinese right-back showed off his new Copa America tattoo on his Instagram account.

Alejandro “Papu” Gómez’s Copa America tattoo on one of his thighs:

Leandro Paredes’ Copa America tattoo on his left leg:

Angel Di María’s Copa America tattoo on his left thigh:


  1. If Grealish stays, this season in Aston Villa is looking great. Emi Buendia and Emi Martinez would be a treat to watch.Even they can finish top 4 this season if players remains injury free.
    C. Romero is Ronaldo of defending he will be good in any team. I wish Barça would have signed him but Spurs is also good choice and Romero also wants Spurs.
    Keeping aside Juventus there is no competitive spirit in Serie A teams. They are selling their best players and coach. Inter with Hakimi and Conte,Atalanta with C. Romero. Even Barca and Madrid are in financial issues but they do not sell their best players.

  2. Romero to Spurs almost done. Fee is €50 millions. Remember that Juventus payed €30 millions and Atalanta payed €16 millions for him. So it’s €96 millions+ in total transfer value for Romero. It’s insane. Name one brazilian centerback that generated that much market value.

    • It is actually done. It is just the official announcement left.

      I am officially a Spurs fan now. Their best line up:
      GK: Lloris
      DR: Doherty/Tomiyasu (new?)
      DC: Rodon/someone new (Zouma, Milenkevic)
      DC: Romero
      DL: Reguilon
      DM: Hojbjerg
      MC: Lo Celso/Alli
      MC: Ndombele
      AM: Mours/Gil/someone new (Traore)
      AM: Song
      F: Kane/someone new (Lautaro/Vuhevic).

      Transfer list: Aurier, Davison Sanchez, Dier, Sissoko.

      Lo Celso will be their important player, his main competitor is Delle Alli and Ndombele. 3 players for 2 midfield spots. Should be able to make it to top 4 at least. Btw Kane was absent on today’s trainkng. It looks like he is forcing his way out. Don’t be surprised if they want Lautaro.

  3. I don’t know why Brazil shout-out so much for their three Jules rimet trophy. It wasn’t even into question that it was a vague tournament. I would be taken too far to admit it as a major competition since many national teams didn’t participate in it. So if seen technically, they are on par with us, just two world cups. Only Germany and Italy are superior to have won four. Jules rimet doesn’t even exist today.

    • Its called being “insecure”. Brazillians are known to have this syndrome, especially Pele.

      There’s a reason why Italy and Spain rarely boast about their Euro title from that distance past. Only very few teams competing in major tournament at the time compare to today.

      Even before this Copa, Argentina could have boast about their 14 Copa titles which still dwarf Brazil, but the Argentine isnt bunch of insecure people. Hell, Argentina still the only team in Copa history to win 3 consecutive Copa. Brazil never win tournament at Argentina but Argentina has done it in Brazil in 1964 (a team that includes Pele lost 0-3 to Argentina) and off course recently in 2021.

    • Italy won 2 Jules Rimet (34, 38), and Germany too with cheating against Hungary (54). Argentina beat Brazil with 3 goals in Copa 57 with the legendary Corbatta, Maschio, Angelillo (season recorder goalscorer in Serie A before Higuain’s 36 goals season), Sivori (Ballon dor winner) and Cruz, where Pele didnt play yet, Pele was there only in 1959 ARG-Brazil 1:1 and ARG won the trophy again. In 64 there was no Copa, and no Pele in Copa anymore. Argentina have only won in Brazil now in 2021, 5/5 Brazil wins so far in home soil. Argentina in home soil 9/6. Only Uruguay won 3times in Argentina, in 1916 in first Copa, in 1987 after WC glory with Maradona and in 2011 with Messi.

      • Its not Copa America, but Copa de las naciones 1964. A tournament organized by Brazil and they invited Argentina , England and Portugal. Pele and Jairzinho were there but Argentina ended up winning the tournament by winning all 3 games. 2-0 vs Portugal, 1-0 vs England, 3-0 vs Brazil who created this tournament in first place. You can actually watch the video, its on youtube.

  4. Maradona interviewing 18 yr old Messi!!

    www .reddit. com /r/soccer/comments/ow41nx/18yearold_messi_interviewed_by_maradona_on_la/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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