Atalanta agree Cristian Romero fee with Tottenham Hotspur


Atalanta have reportedly reached an agreement with Tottenham Hotspur over the transfer of Cristian Romero.

The saga is nearing its completion and if Fabrizio Romano is to be believed, it’s already completed. Per Fabrizio Romano, Atalanta have accepted the €50 million plus €5 million in add-ons bid from Tottenham. In addition, Romano also stated that Romero will be flying to England in the next 48 hours.

Cristian Romero would join fellow Argentine Copa America champion Gio Lo Celso in the team.


  1. I don’t like this move, but I hope it makes him stronger.
    My biggest fear is him getting seriously injured and/or not recovering in time for the World Cup.
    Tottenham & Arsenal seem to breed injury-prone players.
    Please pray for protection for my guy.

  2. “another bites the dust”….said the poet Freddy Mercury. Oh well, all I can do now is wish him the best, but to think that 2 of Argentina’s most important members are playing in such a loser of a club is disheartening at best.

    • I remember reading an argument a long time ago about infamous Mercury lyric and it turns out there are several meanings. It’s actually pretty funny since the literal interpretation is mostly used. The saying goes back to Ancient Greeks about soldiers dying but I really had no clue Mercury meant something else:). This site explains –

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  3. I’ve watched so many Spurs fan video channels and I am absolutely convinced Romero is seen as a beast that was missing in their backline. Fans are describing him as the best signing in the last 12 years..and as a Dog (it is apparently a compliment in England). I know a lot us here think of it as a downgrade but playing in two different leagues in a WC year is a golden opportunity for someone like Cuti…it is going to make him a well rounded player…need to keep an eye on injury with his direct-defense style of play.

    • > Mate tutorials instead of playing at Leverkusen it

      lol. i nearly spit out my food reading your comment.

      1) I didn’t know the trick about removing the dust.
      2) like an idiot, i put the straw in 1st, mate 2nd, water 3rd but that always led to first sip of mate particles.

      • Funny enough up until now I’ve used the same order as you, with the same issue. Next time I will see how blocking out the air works. I always thought it was the straw first. Guess the tutorial actually worked. Once he teaches the whole squad and staff about mate he should maybe take up cutting hair like Papu in order to make the next three years go by fast

        • thats hilarious and yes, guess it did work 2 for 2! Im curious if Enganche and Cox4 methods..

          Next up, Alario and Gomez team up for haircuts and Baila como el Papu dance lessons.

  4. For neutral fans I think the next superclasico is looking very interesting. It will be an elimination game so there could be penalties. Another thing that has gone very unspoken and unnoticed on here is that Boca are in utter disarray right now. They have won one out of their last 13 games, had that insane drama after the mineiro game, had to play two games with their reserve team, there has been a mass exodus of 10 first team players in 5 months, their new signings don’t all seem to be working, there are problems with the Colombians Villa, Cardona, and Fabra (Villa has said bye bye and is not going to training and it basically leaving on bad terms with the club, fans are angry at Cardona for going on vacation after the copa and not helping out against mineiro, there are also doubts about Fabra and his bad form), plus Pavon wants to leave and was horrible against Talleres, and many fans are calling for “andate Russo” because the team is playing very poorly and stale football that achieves almost nothing. So this situation will make the clásico interesting, as Boca also need to win or things will keep on going downhill. But of course River, despite our own problems, is looking far better right now.

  5. I wanted him to stay at Atalanta but I think it could go well. As I have said I think there is a big risk of Lautaro being castigated at both North London clubs but Tottenham are incredibly in need of a good center back and I think he can easily become a fan favorite. He will be an inevitable improvement. He has the physicality for the league and a good mentality. Let’s hope he has no injury problems that suddenly arise and he settles in well. Plus when it comes to the premier league I don’t entirely care if he swaps CL for it, if he went to a French or German club without CL that is very different but in England he will still play Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Leicester twice a year plus other clubs that have great forwards like Aston Villa, Everton, Leeds, and even Wolves.

  6. Italian clubs pay relatively less….. Most probably that is why players prefer playing in EPL despite losing the chance of being in the CL….

  7. My eternal gratitude love and respect for ONE LEGEND of Argentina that make us cry from happy for almost 2 decades. 20 years loyal soldier of Argentina that was always there to give everything he had for our colours. He honored Argentine jersey in biggest level.


  8. This is something that I don’t like. Such a huge downgrade on the world cup year. Remember if he fails or confidence destroyed by partisan media or gets injured, gone are our WC chances. On positive side, he will play lot less matches being in a mid table club.

    • Think positive side. He performs well and gain more confidence? We will be good in WC year..!
      LoCelso-Romero in same team is good for NT. If Lautaro can join thats perfect.

  9. I have no doubt Romero will be a big hit in England. Yes Fazio, Rojo, Foyth, Heinze, and many more were below expectation in England but we are talking about Argentina, without doubt, BEST defender in the last 18 years.

    Kane seems to refuse to play for the Spurs now. Let’s see if it is Lautaro or Vlahovic as the replacement. I will watch all Romero games in Hotspur this season.

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