Argentina play Uruguay, Brazil twice in two months, World Cup qualifiers update


Argentina will play 8 World Cup qualifying matches between September, October and November.

It was confirmed by CONMEBOL on Tuesday that the September and October World Cup qualifying matches will have three matches per month and two in November. For Argentina, the Copa America champions, here is their list of matches:

September: Venezuela (A), Brazil (A), Bolivia (H)
October: Paraguay (A), Uruguay (H), Peru (H)
November: Uruguay (A), Brazil (H)

The month of September will have two away matches in a row, the first against Venezuela and the second against the team they defeated in the Copa America final, Brazil. The third match will be at home against Bolivia.

In October it’s three more games but two home matches. They will once more play the first match away, this time against Paraguay. That is followed by Uruguay at home and Peru at home.

On paper, November brings the most difficult matches as they play Uruguay away and Brazil at home.

Argentina are presently in second place behind the team they beat in the Copa America final, Brazil. The champions are on 12 points with Brazil on 18 points. Behind Argentina are Ecuador on 9 while Uruguay and Colombia are tied on 8 points each. Paraguay are on 7 points, Chile on 5 with Venezuela and Peru on 4 each.


  1. A very tiring first half from De Paul. As always he’s still adapting to simeone’s system. He Will not have the freedom to play as he used to when in udinese but it’s interesting to see how he do this season.

    Out of all the ones, simeone jr seems electric, Nehuen too had a decent first half. Both rodri and Nehuen are in their adaptation stage.

    Nothing to worry.

  2. I read a good article about what is happening in serie A now. The only serie A team that makes a purchase above €20 million this summer is Milan who bought someone for €29 millions. Everybody else is selling their players (Inter Hakimi for example to PSG for €80 millions or so). Juventus? none. Atalanta yes buying Demiral only after they get a €55 millions cash from selling Romero, and that’s only a loan move with an option to buy.

    Now it is getting worse, a lot of serie A stars want out. I read Joaquin Correa want out. The other day Lautaro keeps saying that he wouldn’t mind going to Epl.

    The covid is changing everything.

    • True, it is an interesting trend that has coincided with almost all Serie A teams this window. All have become more of selling clubs (except maybe Roma who are stocking up for the Mourihno project). Udinese of course have also sold although they do have funds to spend and I hope they buy more Argentinians before the window ends

  3. Congratulations Las leonas. you make us proud for one more time. this team for almost 30 years now making all Argentines proud again and again.
    this time i wish we don t have the end of 2012 Olympics. i saw the crying farewell of Luciana Aymar. i don t want to see again one more time the same story this time with Noel Barrionuevo. no more crying farewell. please no more.


    as about India only the best words to say about them i can say. really my Indian friends here HAVE TO be proud for their team. not should be proud. they HAVE TO BE proud. i am sad that our road bring us India in semis. i wish we could face India in final. i would be so happy that way.
    My respect to India and her wonderful team.

    • I won’t celebrate too soon but this is exactly what I was hoping for. Some dramatic sudden breakdown of the move, whatever necessary. But do you have any link to an article or website reporting this?

        • If this is true, that almost completely changes my view on all of the mls transfers… maybe many of the bad transfers we’ve see have been propagated by greedy agents. It always seemed odd to me that players would want to go to the mls just for a little more money instead of having great careers, since of course footballers usually care more about playing football than anything.

    • Grealish is a very good player, but not world class, tipic overpriced englishman, Buendia is way better passer and more hardworker, Grealish only a better dribbler, not a big upgrade compared to Bernardo Silva, Gundogan, KDB, Sterling, Mahrez, Jesus etc. team, Kane much more, an in form striker, but he is aging, and very slow, peak Aguero was better, but the team were worse in peak Aguero times, and Kane seems a born looser so far, dont think they will win UCL, Pep is not the same without Messi. 8 years in UCL without messi, Xavi, Iniesta with world beater Bayern than ManCity and 1 final really?

    • Aston Villa signs an England international striker, Danny Ings. They get stronger this year. Ings, Leon Bailey, and Emi Buendia making them stronger.

      I don’t think they are any longer interested in Julian Alvarez.

  4. Proud of our girls who went down in the women’s hockey semifinals. The albiceleste are a great unit so all the best to them to get gold. Extremely proud for our girls whom no one gave a chance to no one even spoke off to reach this stage. It is unbelievable. Chak de ! Vamos !

  5. India really scared Argentina even though we lost.. incredible fight from us.. anyway blues change from India to Argentina.. hope Argentina fight against Nederlands till the last and make Gold..all the best..a memorable close semifinal..

  6. This is a tricky stretch. We must continue the solid defensive game

    September: Ven (A) – win, Brazil (A) – D, Bol (H) – win
    October: draw and 2 wins at home
    Nov: a win and a draw

  7. I don’t think Scaloni will change his Copa team, it will continue; unless there is an injury he will add new faces. Hopefully he will bring 1-2 new players to add the defense and CDM

  8. Apart from beating brazil again, i want to see this 8 matches:
    1) ending with us atleast in top 3 comfortably
    2) give good opportunity to lisandro/ senesi, buendia, a correa, papu & dybala.
    3) Also 1-2 strikers shld get time outside lautaro – from a pool of alario, gaich, girotti & even braian romero. I guess icardi will be kept out for overall squad camaraderie. We need to identify a backup striker assuming aguero wont last till doha.
    4) some redemption time for ocampos, foyth.

    • Foyth will definitely be back in the squad.My wish is to see lich martinez and cuti Romero partnership at the back, emi Buendia play some sort minutes for next qualifier especially one of the three midfielder spots, Nicolás González play righ side Where he can cut inside and believe me he will be deadly in righ side instead left

      • I’m curious why people want Foyth back so quickly. His mistake was outrageous in the Columbia WC qualifier. And really, he’s had at least one to two of those same type of mistakes in the back in every game he’s played. It’s just the Columbia game came back to haunt Arg/him. Scaloni was so disappointed that he cut Foyth from the team immediately when Foyth had been his preferred starter for quite some time!

        I just dont see Scaloni giving Foyth another chance when Foyth does not have a new club season to prove his worth. Even if not spectacular, Molina and Montiel showed they are capable of holding down the RB slot.

        • i think it’s easier to work on knuckle head mistakes than it is to develop skill and that’s why I’m optimistic instead of writing Foyth off.
          Foyth is incredibly talented but his downfall are stupid bonehead judgment calls like trying to dribble out the back in the last second. Decision like that can be coached and through experience hopefully he becomes smarter.

        • Well actually that FOUL that allmost everyone put on Foyth worstly including Scaloni is a very big misstake and i’m quite sure Scaloni will regret it or is allready wishing that he would have not put that a single misstake only one player’s shoulder as he did it with Foyth! And actually theese kind of misstakes with clearing the ball away have been and will be Still very common in world football so in the end of day it could have happened to anyone, really ! And for me the biggest misstake which cost us points was firstly Scaloni’s change of tactic’s for the second half to ultra Turtle defenssive tactics a little bit like in semi of Copa against Colombia, but even more which did not only broke our great way of play from the first half, but instead put us completly for under total Colombian pressure and control for the rest of 45 minutes of the whole game and with comparing theese 2 games against Colombia which were a brilliant first half of WC qualifier and then total switch of tactics by Scaloni which put us on constant pressure will ultimatly in the end coat basicly anyone points if luck is not on your side and if u do not have Emi in the goal or Romero on the field anymore and instead of Musso Scaloni put our worst Goalie that i have ever seen called as Marchesin who literally coat us that last equalizer from very weak Colombian header which he blundered some how with his hands and belly&ribs to let that ball to went in to our goal in the very 94th minute! So clearly the misstake was more of Marchesin’s misstake than Foyth’s ! But, the most saddest thing was to hear from Scaloni after the game that” WE HAD COMPLETLY THE TOTAL AND WHOLE GAME UNDER OUR CONTROL AND CONTROLLED THE GAME FOR THE VERY 94th MINUTE” !
          What a joke and total false story of what really happenned! Yes, we had a very great first half most propably the best since 2006 against Serbia, but half of story was totally different to what Scaloni claimed that ” WE HAD TOTAL DOMINATION U TIL THE VERY LAST 94th MINUTE” !
          No, sorry, but this is false story which begun and ended like it did by Scaloni’s tactics which he Still has to be very cautious about even he finally got it right at the Final of Copa vs Varzil at Maracana for which i sakute him and forgive him all the previous misstakes with tactics and mostly by subning our players who are performing well to the one’s who can’t contribute on the same level and keep on that great way of game that we for example played against Colombia in that WC qualifier before Copa and i thinkonly aub hehot right in that game was Lisandro who for me should be our strating Cb with Romero ! It would be great if Spurs could buy Lisandro to partner Romero which will do marvelous thing for our beloved Albiceleste if those 2 could play one season together before the next WC ! But, back to Foyth, and to Scaloni’s Harsh and very stupid comment on him might even put Foyth’s career on the back track and as for Scaloni or any coach one should never blame your players specially ’a single player” as he put all that pressure and our lost victory and 2 dropped points completly only on Foyth’s shoulder’s ! Wow, i really do like Scaloni and his staff and wish them to continue our project for next WC, but this kind of comments from our head coach are NOR wise at all specially attacking a very young and in my oppinion quite talented player who just need’s to be polisiaseman out properly etc… is very strange thing to do specially from Scaloni who iallways liked for his man management skilss for example, but this thing with Foyth is totally opposite to what i have learned from Scaloni so far and hopefully he won’t do it again as it goes with me to same category what Passarella did with Redondo, not to even mentioning him slapping that ball boy from Fiorentina who could not deliver the ball quickly enough to Passerella, but did not do it on purpose either during while Passarella was Still a player and not coach yet… But, in general i think one or most of us will ultimatly learn from their misstakes andScaloniclearly did that after the thrilling semi against Colombia by beating Varzil at the mighty Maracana and giving us that trophy after 28 OF YEARS’S with our beloved Albiceleste players and with his staff and everyone else involded in that project, so hopefully things will be now even more improving and ultimatly will get better for us before the next WC which is Still needed as there is till time left and many things can happen in very short of time as we have seen recently and also before etc… sovery well deserved selfconfidence was very, very needed for our beloved Albiceleste, but one Still has to stand firm and look for beyond to future and prepare things correctly before the next WC and now there is quite shock wawe going not only through Messi’s head, but more less with everyone’s head more or less and also in Argentina for sure and i’m a bit cautious how things will end up for our beloved Albiceleste and hopefully everything goes well with all our players and also for those who have not yet presented in our beloved Albiceleste shirt for the real deal ! As allways new faces in form are allways most welcome ! And competition for to get to the next WC is very necessary as well so hopefully everyone will get their dtuff sort it out the most best possible way or another and with this they will improve our beloved Albiceleste even more ! All the best for our beloved Albiceleste and for those who truly support it as well, never matter where we will end up and if things are done and prepare properly with certain chemistry of certain players who are in form well then we might be very close to our 3rd WC ! And with bit of luck on our side and with DIEGO AND WITH ALL THE TEST OF THE GOD’s on our side it could very well happen that we will be able to lift our 3rd WC in Qatar, but now it is not yet to time celebrate for that next WC instead let’s keep on enjoying and celebrating our last Trophy from the mighty Maracana ! The time will tell ultimatly when the time is right if we will lift our 3rd WC in Qatar, but there is Still long way to go and lot of time left which must be used in the most best possible way to improve our team even more etc… Gongratulations once more for everyone rootin’ for our beloved Albiceleste and offcourse to Scaloni and to his staff and everyone else involded in this project who brought us finally that trophy after 28 year’s as all our players from this Copa squad and also from the previous squads of Copa and WC’s etc… thank u so much for from my personal point of view which gave me so much of joy and bliss and made me so, so happy with rest of my family etc… just never can thank u so much Argentina as country that made me felt in love with football forever since 1978 as kid and Still going strong with same mindset for future challenge’s and would not personally Mind to see some more trophys won by our beloved Albiceleste !

  9. Our result in these 8 matches would be determined by whether a more confident team plays those matches or complacent team. A test of character for the team. Typically after big wins complacency sets in. Hope the coach and psychologists involved with the team manage that aspect. Specially Brazil would be quite keen to take the revenge. We are anyway in a precarious situation in the qualifiers. We started on a positive note and then gave away critical points because of momentary blunders in matches.

    • The team had not played with each other for many months and Scaloni was still relatively new considering the many pauses in matches with the NT. So I’ll cut them a bit of slack, especially since they didn’t lose any games.

      I do agree with their mental state being a possible issue. They may have a hangover effect in their first matches. Thankfully their first game is against a very bad Venezuela team.

  10. The initial 8 matches are must is early in the club season and most players will be fitter and more energetic. After the new year the club schedule is hectic and chances of fatigue and injury are higher… these i matches must be used fully by Scaloni to get max points and stay in top 2.

    • The Brazil away game is not a must win in terms of being able to qualify. Arg record is very poor when playing in Brazil. I think 15 points out of those 8 matches will be a solid result. You have to remember that Uruguay will stack the back, foul and cross their fingers for a bit of magic with their forwards. Really hard to get 3 points against them

  11. Hope that the Copa winning fresh & positive mentality will lead this team towards a bigger success inn shaa Allah! ✌✌
    Anyway, can’t wait to see my team in action again! 😇🙃💪💪

  12. Lets go lets go lets GOOOOOO, avoid complacency at ANY cost.
    It goes without saying that the players have experienced something they never felt before (WINNING A TROPHY), how to cope with that success in a positive way is where Scaloni comes in.

    • I don’t see Brazil winning any of the two upcoming matches against us! I am sure Copa final loss has made a huge psychological dent on Brazilian players !

    • > avoid complacency at ANY cost.

      I think the opposite has happened. Taste of Copa victory is like a vampire tasting blood for the 1st time. Maybe this will ignite the fire to chase the 6.1 kilos at all costs. I actually think previous squads all had that burning desire so this isn’t unique but i don’t think the current squad will get complacent.

  13. Talking Lautaro he is big game player people may not see it but he brings out best of messi for the nt. I don’t doubt he will even develop one of the best all around centre forwards in the world just remember that
    Unless you are deluded Kevin

    • Hahaha till now not a big game player neither in club nor in country, literally no one will agree it. Lautaro soon going to lose his place as Scaloni even warned him during Copa America, Aguero, Dybla, Icardi,Alario are much more clinical than him and are pure goal scorer.

    • Since Scolani took over, Lautaro is Argentina no.1 top scorer with 14 goals, Messi with 11 goals. In addition, Lautaro also won 7 penalties which converted by Messi and Paredes.

      Dybala in comparison, scored only 2 or 3 goals in same number of caps. Icardi? he’s busy on IG.

      • Most of these goals are in friendlies and against small teams like Bolivia, Qatar,Venezuela in official matches and not against top teams like Brazil, Uruguay,Chile who have good defence. Dybla was never given proper chance same for Icardi.Alario never got proper run of games. Lautaro is good player he should come as substitute.

      • Half of Toros goals were against dogshit teams – Iraq, Nicaragua, and Mexico B. The other half were against good squads and some very important matches. Don’t get me wrong though, i think he’s definitely an incredible NT asset.
        No. Opponent Score
        1 Iraq 1–0
        2 Venezuela 1–2
        3 Nicaragua 3–1
        4 Nicaragua 4–1
        5 Qatar 1–0
        6 Venezuela 1–0
        7 Mexico 1–0
        8 Mexico 2–0
        9 Mexico 4–0
        10 Bolivia 1–1
        11 Peru 2–0
        12 Bolivia 4–1
        13 Ecuador 2–0
        14 Colombia 1–0

        For Dybala, there are blatantly obvious reasons for his underwhelming performances. Dybala was always played in the wrong position in parallel to messi and many times as a sub. Both kinda 10s drift right and cut in to left and they clashed. it was never going to work and it was obvious on the pitch. Only until Scaloni (massive credit to him) declared “Dybala is a 9” and put him IN FRONT OF MESSI as a second striker next to Kun that he finally blossomed and scored and looked dangerous as hell. Those several games were easily amongst the BEST NT attacking games i have seen in years. And guess what dummy Scaloni did? Abandon the attacking success of 4312 and integration of Dybala and revert back fiddling with formations and leaving Dybala at home. And guess what? It was horrific. we looked like ass for most of Copa. Overall, I blame the shit coaches for Dybala’s underperformance but I seriously hope Scaloni calls Dybala for WC.

        • Dogshit teams? He scores half of his goal tally at competitive games. Colombia is dogshit team team? They’re tougher than Brazil in final lol

          Lautaro goal gave us ticket to next round twice in Copa 2019. 2 of his goals recently were in KO stage. Luis Diaz only scored twice in a game that matter and he’s being called best forward in the tournament lol. Two of his goal came in meaningless 3rd place game, just like Dybala ironically.

          You cant justify almost 30 games with only 2 goals as great performance . Dybala is never a finisher. He’s creative forward , more similar to Messi than actual “9”.

          Also Lautaro is only 23, Dybala is like 28, he’s suppose to be in prime age but somehow never reach his full potential.

          • Luis Diaz is being called best forward not for his only goals but his runs, dribbling his effective work rate, Can Lautaro score a goal like Diaz did in semi final vs Argentina hell no,can Lautato score goal like Diaz scored against Brazil hell no.
            People says Lautaro has work rate but his work rate is not effective never saw him winning the ball back.His goal vs Colombia was good but not enough to be starter but substitute.Mina bullied Lautaro and same Brazil CB did. Dybla,Alario and Aguero are pure goal scorer. In those 30 games how many times Dybla was starter? He was always substituted in last 10 minutes

          • > Dogshit teams? He scores half of his goal tally at competitive games. Colombia is dogshit team team? They’re tougher than Brazil in final lol

            You need to re-read what i wrote but let me do something for you just to ensure you don’t miss it, again. Here’s what i wrote AFTER that 1st sentence –

            “The other half were against good squads and some very important matches. Don’t get me wrong though, i think he’s definitely an incredible NT asset.”

            > You cant justify almost 30 games with only 2 goals as great performance .

            You clearly did not understand what i wrote. Again, you need to re-read but i’m not going to copy my response for you again. lol.

            > Dybala is never a finisher. He’s creative forward , more similar to Messi than actual “9”.

            And there it is…you have just demonstrated that you do not watch Dybala or know anything about him. “never a finisher” goodness, what silly statement.

          • “You cant justify almost 30 games with only 2 goals as great performance . Dybala is never a finisher. He’s creative forward , more similar to Messi than actual “9”.”

            That’s exactly the point, he did not play well enough in so many games because he was used wrong, but when he was used right he was good. Dybala is an incredible finisher.

            Also Kevin Luiz Diaz and Lautaro are different styles of players and types of players. Strikers are not expected to be good at dribbling. How can you say you never saw him win the ball back when he did against Brazil leading to a dangerous counter. Even just one or two of those per game is great for a forward.

        • Yaa its a pitty that argentinas next big natural talent is not in the squad for fucking stupiddity of same type tag a clever coach will find a solution for that within 2 matches and playes your best 11 dybala+messi if somehow scaloni can work it out our attack will be bombshell and dybala can take the duty of messi post 2022WC

        • It’s hard to make an argument that Lautaro is not special when he has scored so many goals with the NT especially in qualifying and Copa. 3 goals in this year’s Copa was good for 2nd of all players in the tournament

  14. If inter Milan sell lukaku they will target Joaquín Correa as replacement and I hope That is the case.Lautaro won’t go arsenal or Tottenham he has big ambition to play elite clubs like Real Madrid.BTW I don’t think Real Madrid will sign any Argentina players while Florentino Pérez still president for Real Madrid, in the past was good club for Argentine players.

    • “I don’t think Real Madrid will sign any Argentina players while Florentino Pérez still president for Real Madrid, in the past was good club for Argentine players.”

      Florentino Perez is probably not that much deeply involved with lower level talent discovery and signings. He is more of the hazard, or mbappe kind of galactico stuff.
      Real madrid’s main guy is their head of international football – Juni Calafat who is a Brazilian brought in a few years ago after their neymar failure. He is the guy responsible for vinicius, rodrygo, reinier, militao etc signings. He is deeply connected to the brazilian agency and club network, like a brazil focused Monchi. Raw argentine talent does not have access to something like that.

      • I understand now why Brazilian youngsters come to Madrid because of this guy . I hope nicolas Burdisso does same for fiorentina af course different level clubs but still won’t be bad few more young Argentine come to la viola

      • interesting. such a powerful influential position that most people would not even recognize his name. Like Godin mentions, hopefully some Argie puppet master type help Argies get into good clubs.

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