FC Barcelona confirm Lionel Messi will not continue at the club


Lionel Messi will not continue at FC Barcelona.

After an entire summer saga last year, this season it looked clear that Lionel Messi would remain at Barcelona. However, financial restraints have been an issue yet despite those issues, Barcelona looked and remained confident in signing their greatest ever player.

Messi landed in Barcelona on Wednesday with media outlets reporting that he would sign his contract on Thursday with an official presentation and announcement on Friday. That was not the case.

FC Barcelona put out a statement stating the following:

Despite FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi having reached an agreement and the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, this cannot happen because of financial and structural obstacles (Spanish Liga regulations).

As a result of this situation. Messi shall not be staying on at FC Barcleona. Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of the player and the club will ultimately not be fulfilled.

FC Barcelona wholeheartedly expresses its gratitude to the player for his contribution to the aggrandisement of the club and wishes him all the very best for the future in his personal and professional life.

An incredibly storied career with an ending out of his control.


  1. The only person who can turn the tide now is Messi himself. Why don’t he play one year for free ? He got enough money for ages. Just one year or six months. But Barca board planned the plot very well and executed even very well. Everyone is to be blamed. Very unfortunate. But witnessing the Covid deads for the past one year, not surprised by another meaningless end. Messi.. still you can act smart with your heart..

      • Not sure about the real problem. In case if financial protocols are the real reason and both Barca n Messi wants the affair to continue, Messi can reduce the wages to the bottom most extent. This is the era of pandemic. Everything is so uncertain. Messi can show his ultimate loyalty now. Maybe he can ask Barca to pay in future. Barca gave everything to Messi n he gave everything back. Maybe pandemic can lose its grip n intensity and life may come back to normal in a year. Messi should be remembered as a one man club..

        • I found your point funny since Messi can’t play free for his club. Everyone has their obligations and he taking a 50% wage cut itself is a big thing.

          The fact Barca waited this long to find in this position is astonishing. Bartoumeu either way ensured Messi goes out of Barcelona.

  2. Fabrizio Romano
    Barça president Laporta: “Leo Messi had other offers on the table but he wanted to STAY, also if our proposal was inferior on financial point of view. He was NOT creating any problem, trust me – he did many financial efforts to stay here, the contract was agreed”. Red circleFlag of Argentina #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    “What happens if Leo Messi will not accept any bid other than Barcelona one?” Down pointing backhand indexRed circleBlue circle #Messi

    Barça president Laporta: “You’ve to ask Leo Messi, not me. He’s the best player in the world so he’ll have many proposals on the table. Messi accepted our bid, but we can’t register him”.

    Barça president Laporta: “We’ve shaken our hands with Leo Messi. The new contract was DONE. Two years salary but paid until 2026.

    It was 100% AGREED, we had to SIGN yesterday. But then La Liga rules and reality came, I told to Jorge Messi yesterday… a cold shower”. 🚨🇦🇷

    Barça president Joan Laporta on Messi deal with PSG: “Messi to Paris Saint-Germain and if would I like to see him there? I’d like to see Messi at Barça… ask him, I don’t know about PSG but for sure he has options”.

    Barça president Laporta: “We had an agreement with Messi to sign a five-years contract but paying him two years salary. Leo agreed the contract, it was ACCEPTED. We were convinced it was a good agreement for Financial Fair Play but… it wasn’t allowed by La Liga”. 🔴

    Fabrizio Romano
    Barça president Laporta: “According to our calculations, we can register Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Kun Agüero. I hope there will be no problems, also because these players made an effort to join Barça”. Red circle #FCB #Barça

    Fabrizio Romano
    “If La Liga call and allow you to sign Messi in the next days?” Down pointing backhand index

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta answers: “We can’t live of dreams. I love dreaming but it’s not the case, we have to talk about the reality. We had an agreement, we can’t register it”. Red circle #FCB #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    Barça president Laporta: “Leo Messi is NOT happy. He wanted to STAY at Barcelona, as we wanted to keep Messi here. But we can’t change the reality now, I wish Leo the best wherever he will go as NEXT CLUB”. Red circle #FCB #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    There’s no chance to re-sign Leo Messi in the next days for FC Barcelona, president Laporta says: “We can’t sell fake hopes to our fans. We have to move on. Barcelona Football Club above everything”.

    Barça president Laporta: “We had phone conversations every single day with La Liga and we thought that they were prepared to accept Messi’s contract [agreed with Leo]. So we’ve to look at the reality and we can’t proceed with Messi contract, we can’t put Barça at risk”. Red circle #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    Barcelona president Joan Laporta: “We had an agreement with Messi and he was helping the club, he made it easy. We had a total agreement and we can’t register it – yesterday we spoke with Leo and his father Jorge about this limit we had from La Liga”. Red circle #Messi #FCB

    Fabrizio Romano
    Joan Laporta: “Negotiations with Leo Messi have ENDED. We can’t register Messi because of La Liga rules, they’re not flexible with us on salary limit. We had an agreement with Leo but we can’t register him.

    Leo will now look at OTHER OPTIONS, we had a deadline”. Police cars revolving light #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    Barça president Laporta: “Chances to change the situation and re-sign Messi? I don’t want to give fake hopes. We had a deadline because La Liga is starting soon… now Messi can look at other options”. Red circle #FCB #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    Barça president Joan Laporta: “I’m sad but we did everything to keep Leo and he was prepared to stay at Barcelona, it was agreed. A new era starts now without Lionel Messi, we’ll be thankful to Leo”. Red circle #FCB #Messi

    Fabrizio Romano
    Barça president Joan Laporta: “Leo Messi wanted to STAY at Barcelona, he had an agreement to stay at Barça and we wanted Leo to stay. I want to thank Leo’s camp and all people involved in the negotiations. Unfortunately, because of La Liga rules we can’t proceed”.

  3. Messi staying at Barcelona 100% , it’s just a bluff game. It’s hard to believe how quickly it’s within 3 hours decided the departure of messi.

    • Laporta already confirmed Messi departure. He said that he club is more important than one player. So it is confirmed.

      So Messi will NOT stay; I repeat will N-O-T stay at Barcelona.

      Ole.com reported that Messi is shocked, but then is looking forward to the next challenge now.

      Fabrizio Romano reported that there is already a contact between Pochettino and Messi.

      So this is the probability of his next team:
      1. PSG: They have the money but also a huge debt and tax should they sign Messi. But it is not impossible especially if Messi does not depend crazy salary.
      2. Manchester City: The world richest club can sign Messi but they have just spent £100 million and gave the number 10 shirt to Grealish just one day before the breaking news of Messi. They are also believed to target Harry Kane but with Messi now available, let’s see if they would change their target to Messi.
      3. Inter: the dark horse to sign Messi, it will depend on if they will receive €100 million from Lukaku selling.
      4. Manchester United and Chelsea: They also are believed to have the financial power to sign Messi.

  4. So….?? Byebye Barca!!

    They’ve really shown much disrespect to Messi, who was the main man to form this Barcelona! Really sad after all.
    Anyway, who is Barca??!! Just kick them out from mind.
    We’ve won copa, now dreaming for something big inn shaa Allah! We’ll respect & support them who will respect our players!
    So..goodbye barca, the new AC Milan! Now survive without Messi & eat lots of shits every season!! 🤭😇🙃🤣 But..feeling sad for Aguero!! 🙄

  5. Been reading the news that PSG move is unrealistic they say. Too much tax and debts for PSG. Manchester City is more likely. I prefer City moves for Messi.

  6. PSG: Donnarumma; Hakimi, Ramos, Marquinhos, Bernat; Veratti, Wijnaldum/Paredes; Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappe; Messi.

    —Di Maria———Messi———-Neymar

    bench: Navas, Kimpembe, Kurzawa, Paredes, Rafinha, Drexler, Icardi

    Who can beat this team? 11 World class and at lesst 5 world class as subs.

  7. Well. I saw this news in the morning but this coincided with a day that I am going out so only now am I sitting down to think about this. And I have no idea where to start. Some people believe there is a chance that he may still stay at Barcelona because of one reason or another, while it looks pretty confirmed he will leave, so in conclusion I don’t know. We’ve seen how football can be, anything can happen. If there is a chance he can find a way to stay at Barcelona I think it is weird that all parties, him, Barcelona, and third parties, have entirely accepted it as impossible.

    Even though I, like many others on here, do not give a shit about Barcelona, I do feel pretty shocked. Messi is shocked and sad, and so am I. I am sad because he is sad, if he wanted to stay I do feel for him. I am shocked of course because it is such a big change, he has been there since I ever knew who he was. It also feels anticlimactic, there was no goodbye game or ceremony with fans, just a social media goodbye. His last game was a loss against Celta Vigo.

    Many people have given their opinions on who he should join, and I think PSG. Some seem to be against PSG but here are my reasons:
    -going there it will be maybe the most likely club to win UCL for him
    -he is already hanging out with have of the PSG squad anyway, if he is happy, I am happy for him. I remember a year ago some Barcelona players decided not to be on talking terms with him. If that was true then what the hell was that about? Hope you enjoy yourselves now. If he can feel at his best in the locker room in a club that isn’t crumbling apart than good.
    -he will play under Pochettino
    -thinking about Argentina, he will be able to get more rest minutes there than maybe any other club in the world, and of course rest will become more and more necessary for him. Better not to be at a club that needs him as desperately as a fish needs water.
    -it will also be a complete joy to watch him play with some of the other PSG players, I really hope they can keep
    -they have already made some other good signings this summer so they are looking better on top of better.
    Of course I do not like some aspects of PSG, the oil money club, that damn Leonardo, the lack of freedom they give Poch, and that they can be a glittery social media club and do not feel as historical or prestigious as Barcelona. In terms of the club itself I would like an Inter Milan or Atletico Madrid more, but based on footballing and logistical reasons I don’t think they are good or can even happen at all.

    Also call me messed up, but if it weren’t for Kun being there I would be rubbing my hands and looking forward to seeing Barcelona utterly collapse this season. Time for a change. But I hope Kun can score some goals and stay in fitness

  8. This was surprising. It will change the entire dynamics of the European Club football.There are not much days left in the transfer window. August 31 is the deadline. There are very few clubs who can afford Messi. Even though still a cut above everyone,his age will make teams skeptical to take him for huge salaries. Whoes gonna bring him now? Lets see.

    Barca mean while shows the epitome of how to treat a player badly. Infact if this can happen to Messi imagine what they will and were doing for other players. Damittt. I sincierly hope they dont even qualify for the CL next season.

  9. There are two potential moves I think will be coming soon. Of course he may pull an unexpected move since that’s Messi for you…

    1) he stays in Spain and moves to another spanish club, maybe Atletico because of Suarez

    2) he comes back to Argentina

    Why? I doubt Messi is the type of guy to move to another country and learn a new language. Unless he is secretly practicing or something it is unlikely. Moving back to Argentina makes sense since he has said a few times he would like to play with Newell’s one more time.

    Also don’t think that BS about moving to the US is legit, he doesn’t know English and he doesn’t seem to have made an effort to learn it over the last 15 years despite majority of popular football critics and people being English speaking.

  10. The only reason I feel sad for Messi is that aguero won’t be able to play with him as we all had expected until the last few hours. I was hopeful to watch them both and then out of nowhere, this bomb dropped.

    Anyways,let me remind you guys about something.
    Maradona left Barca and won the 1986 world cup.
    Messi leaves(if) Barca and ……………. I’ll leave it here.

    • Messi wins this Copa whenever he wasn’t a barca player anymore..
      Fingers crossed, he Wil win something big for albiceleste after leaving barca permanently now..

    • Yes, i remember very well indeed when DIEGO left Barca for Napoli!
      And offcourse what happenned to him after that was that he finally won the WC for himself and offcourse as well to our beloved Albiceleste ! I think actually he could have won at least 3 more WC’s for our beloved Albiceleste , but for some reason it was not ment be..? If just Menotti would have chosen him for 1978 as even sub it would have been great, but Menotti refused him, maybe because of his age or maybe not ? I though have a feeling as being a fan our beloved Albiceleste since 1978 WC that, maybe his relationship with Menotti by leaving him out of our famous and our beloved 1978 WC Winning ALBICELESTE TEAM, did’nt exactly helped their relationship as great coach and what an incredible and amazing player he just purely was ! As we all know it !, the way or another…., but personally for me he should have deserved at least 2 more WC’s at 1978 and at 1990 and if Menotti would have picked him even as sub at 1978, well who knows how or what would have happened against Brazil and Italy at 1982 WC even though the treatment he got from every opponent player was pre-planned and some players by some teams we’re just ordered to disable his grea and magical way of play by constantly brutally fouling him and trying to keeping him in their pockects no matter what it would cost et… And 1990, well not really going to even talk about that specially after FIFA’s request allready at sem’s against Italy for our beloved Albiceleste to loose against the Italian team etc… and at 1994, well again in my oppinion he should have been given a chance to bringour 3rd WC for our beloved Albiceleste, but again Hangeland and Co. with rest of what they call FIFA did what they did etc…

      So maybe it is the time for Messi to move on from Barca even maybe he would have liked to stay and specially if he is now sad about it well and not really ready to leave yet speciallynow after they finally brought Kun in to Barca which Leo been requesting from Barca for god know’s how many year’s allready..? Well, if that is the case then i wish that what he things will suite him and his family best as same goes for our beloved Albiceleste then i wish that in the end what ever happens ?, that at least he would get his wish to come true ! Stay well and fit as long as possible and Leo Messi and your family and have all as healthy and good life as possible nerless where ever in this world you will end up..!

  11. As already been said, Di Maria and Neymar IG posts are clearly intentional. Messi was seen with PSG squad in that pic.

    I hope Simeone wins La liga again. De Paul would be dominant player in la liga next season.

  12. First of all, I could care less about Barcelona since all I ever cared about was ARGENTINA and nobody else when it came to football but be that as it may, I still want to see him play and be ready for the NT, qualifiers and obviously the WC.
    One thing I don’t get though, It was announced just yesterday that La Liga increased the amount teams could spend on players’ salaries and that both Barcelona and RM are getting something like 250 million and today this happens.
    I was always against Messi going to PSG but if the news holds up then it would be the best fit because of the Argentines on the team and the coach.
    Pep and Mancity don’t deserve Messi especially after how he treated Kun unless some guarantees are made to keep La Pulga happy.

    • Apparently Barcelona are not allowed to accept the 215 million until they drop out of the Super League, it’s crazy that they are willing to let go of Messi just for the slight possibility of a Super League ever happening.

    • Pep has shown his true colour once he left Barca. He didnt left because he wants some rest, he simply loves $$$ and wants more $$$ and he always choose a team that almost guarentee a league title without having to do much.

      Messi won another CL after Pep left and Pep has yet to win another after a decade!

  13. Barcelona may be using Messi’s exit to blackmail la-liga into helping them resolve their debt and salary crisis!! Without Messi La-liga will be another Budesliga and Barca will end up like AC-milan!!

    • Apparently they will re-evaluate in January because the problem is a visa. So let’s not celebrate too soon. Who knows, it could be even longer, the visa situation between USA and Argentina is complicated right now and some of my family that wants to visit the US needs to wait until March. I hope that with at least 5 months he fires his agents and has time to think about it without the pressure of the transfer window. If he puts more than two brain cells to the task I am sure his decision will be different.

  14. Wow……..and I could care less! Barcelona means jack to me, also if Lio goes to Paris, it might be very good for Argentina especially with Maria, Paredes and to a lesser extent Icardi in there, not to mention that the demands of Ligue 1 is considerably less than that of la liga and paris has enough depth, which allows Messi to rest on occasion.
    I see alot more +ves than -ves, so I say…..f**king A!

  15. I don’t see him leaving barca. This is either bs news that has been confirmed on many sites or something. I hope it’s wrong
    They will find a way to keep him, whether a stipulation in the rules or something. The statement that was made about thanking him for his time in barca doesn’t seem to fit Barcelona and Messi relationship.

  16. Weird things that can happen if Messi ends up playing for PSG: Messi and Ramos in the same team and Messi not wearing the no. 10 shirt while Neymar has it on his back.

    This news is the second most shocking news football lovers around the world have ever heard after the news of Maradona’s death. But the one good thing is that Barca’s fans will forever respect Leo’s loyalty to the team and his endless sacrifices coz he was ready to put smile on their faces for a few years to come BUT…

    Wish the GOAT the best of luck and happiness!

    • It’s really weird Messi and Sergio Ramos playing together at the same time It’s good to see messi playing different club before he retired. imagine Messi win back to back champions league with psg plus World Cup with Argentina.

  17. If he want world cup tropy..he need play at his local country..at less one season coz world cup near come.. preparation with coaching staff… just my opinion

  18. There is a chance he stays at Barca, if you ask me. Barca pulled a big one on La Liga. Putting a lot of pressure on them to change regulations. If Messi is not there there are huge losses for La Liga. TV viewership, sponsors all gone. The whole league will tank. This is huge pressure put by Barca on the league.

      • Remember they just signed a 2.7 billion with a private equity firm CVC. Do you think the equity firm will pay 2.7 billion if there is no Messi?

        Another reason why it is done so early. Much before transfer window closes. Javier Tebas have to suck up and let Barca sign players

        • That 2.7 billions deal with CVC hasn’t been officially signed yet. With Messi leaving now, the deal definitely won’t happen. From the statement, Barca definitely seems to want to put pressure on La Liga. Hopefully, Tebas will allow Barca to sign Messi, but this has a really low chance.

    • Some sources say Tebas has already given green signal to sign messi the deal collapsed because Barcelona couldn’t believe a competitive team for next one of the biggest reasons is not signing Cristian Romero whom Messi suggested.
      But i still strongly believe Messi will continue at Barcelona.

  19. Now Barca is saying different things. They say that Messi really want to stay but the la liga financial regulation won’t allow that. They say Messi himself is in a shock state now. They already try everything but it is impossible.

    So I don’t know which version u want to believe.

  20. Reports coming out that Messi requested Barcelona to sign Romero but they didn’t do much to sign him..Messi was ready to cut his wages upto 50%..if Romero joined…
    That had a great influence in his change in decision…May be Messi thinks this team is not good enough…

    • Also Koeman was the one rejecting Romero signing. He prefers Eric Garcia that they signed from Man City. So think about this: Messi wants Romero but their coach thinks Romero “not good enough”. The result is: divorce.

    • Dude, I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the “project”. they don’t have money to spend 60m on Romero. Forget Messi reducing his wage 50%, they may not even be able to sign Depay and Aguero now

  21. i like that i will see Messi play for one other club. i get bored to seeing him in Barcelona.
    I will like so much to see him play with Inter ,Napoli, Man city or Chelsea.

  22. I think there is still a chance he stays at Barca. At least not 0 chance. The season will start in less than 10 days, who can sign Messi within 10 days?

    For me anywhere is fine except MLS.

  23. Maybe pull a Jordan?
    He won the Copa and realised his dream.
    Retire now and make a comeback next year and win the WC. That would be some story!

  24. Messi is disappointed with the lack of project Barca have and their inability to sign players (especially Romero). He is realistic enough to be aware that Barca don’t have what it takes to compete with the best. I mean City, PSG, Bayern, and Juventus are clearly stronger than them this season.

    If we want Messi to be in his best form in the World Cup we should root for City and hopefully they will make a u turn from Karry Kane to Messi instead. Pep Guardiola needs a striker, what can be a better striker than a man whom he created in a “false nine” system that shocked the whole world by scoring 73 or so goals in a season.

    So City for me… (or Hotspur :))

  25. i don’t know the cause but i refuse to believe this is final. Especially after tier 1 reporting yesterday the deal was almost done. Something else is happening…

    • Why? His way was out from City, a Depay/Dembele-Aguero-Griezmann trio could still kick some asses. Messi wanted to stay but it seems mission impossible…period. The ball is on spanish federation’s halfway. Loose regulations or lose your biggest star.

    • I think Messi leaving means Grizemann can finally play that free roaming forward role which he does with France. When Aguero finally back to full fitness , he’ll score goals as usual.

      However, I think without Messi , it would be harder to compete with Real Madrid , not to mention the Atletico Madrid just brought in RDP. I can see Simeone lifting another league title.

  26. Messi with Barcelona..no trophy with Argentina.
    Messi out of contract with Barcelona.. Already a Copa winner.
    Now WC 2022 Messi’s ultimate aim…I believe so..

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