Nicolas Tagliafico red carded for Ajax vs. PSV in Johan Cruijff Schaal match


Nicolas Tagliafico got himself red carded for Ajax in their 2-0 loss vs. PSV in the Johan Cruijff Schaal match.

It was the Dutch Supercup, the first match of the season and not a good start for Tagliafico. Ajax coach Erik ten Hag started both Argentina Copa America winners Nicolas Tagliafico and Lisandro Martinez in the loss but it was Tagliafico who made the headlines for the wrong reason.

With PSV leading 2-0, Tagliafico slid in with a rough challenge as the referee gave him a straight red card in the 40th minute. Ajax were down to ten men as PSV would go on to win.

Lisandro Martinez would be replaced late in the match by Lisandro Magallan.


      • I am just trying to say he chose money over Barca. And it’s fair if he wants to make money in his last years . But i came to know Footballers are great actors too.

    • He had already offered 50% wage deduction but even that wasn’t enough for Barcelona to keep Messi. Ex-Barca president had destroyed Barca by making unnecessary flop signings of Coutinho , Grizeman and Dembele. Also Messi can’t play for free. He has 2 more yrs to go and he needs to make some more for his post retirement life. People asking Messi to play for free should go to their own employer and ask them to not pay them anymore!! If you can’t do that, why should Messi?????

      • “People asking Messi to play for free should go to their own employer and ask them to not pay them anymore!! If you can’t do that, why should Messi?????”
        Not their employees get paid 500m in 4 years. Barcelona paid him 500m in last 4 years and if he wanted to offer his loyalty to the club he could have played 1 season for free or would have accepted 10m per season like an ordinary player.

        • People making 500 million don’t live a life like someone making 50k!! The richer you are the higher your expenses!! There is a reason Mike Tyson once a billionare went bankrupt!! He could have gotten out 2 yrs ago but decided to stick with mediocre team. Also he offered 50% wage cut. Why can’t Barca release Coutino or Grizeman for free then?

    • No way on earth is he acting. 0%. He has spent his entire life there. Of course he will get emotional. Even Sergio Ramos shed tears at his Real Madrid ceremony

      • On top of that as per weird laliga rules new contract can’t be less than 50% wage from last contract! Even 50% didn’t allow Barca to keep Messi as only 70% total expenses should be wages and with 50% salary, Barca would still be at 90%!

    • i do enjoy your comments but this one is absolute cockamamie.

      La Liga wage to revenue ratio is 70%. Currently at 115%. Even free wages (which is a stupid thing to suggest anyway), they would be at 90%. Also, Liga restricts wage reductions to 50% from prior year. NOT POSSIBLE. nothing to do with Messi wanting more money or being selfish. You want to me mad at someone, be mad at Barca management.

      On the personal side, shows how much you have watched Messi over the years. The guy is such a humble transparent player for his stature. Pure nonsense to suggest he’s acting.

  1. Matias Soule is rumored to be in the starting 11 tonight against Barca. It will be his 3 games in a row as a starter for the Juventus first team.

    Probable starting line up:
    Barcelona: Neto; Dest, Araujo, Pique, Alba; De Jong, Busquets, Roberto; Griezmann, Braithwaite, Memphis.

    Juventus: Szczesny; De Sciglio, De Ligt, Rugani, Pellegrini; Ranocchia, Ramsey, McKennie; Kulusevski, Ronaldo, Soule

  2. Man I am just excited to see PSG this year:

    First team:
    Donnarumma; Hakimi, Marquinhos, Ramos, Diallo; Paredes, Wijnaldum; Di Maria, Messi, Neymar; Mbappe.

    Second team:
    Navas; Dagba, Kehrer, Kimpembe, Bernat; Veratti, Danilo, Herrera; Drexler, Sarabia, Icardi.

    Even their second team looks extremely strong.

    Messi 45 goals this season
    Mbappe 35 goals
    Neymar 25+
    Di Maria 15 + assists

  3. Pochettino needs a midfield signing…that will make PSG Champions League victory story…May be Paul Pogba could the answer..

    Veratti, Paredes are good..but not great..

    Manchester City cannot win Champions league – Even if they spend as much as they want..Guardiola is not suited for English Clubs..Good if Messi moves to PSG or other Champions league qualified clubs..

  4. Thats far from worst tackle. The guy just made it looks worst than it was . Probably watching too much Kliensmann & Inzaghi footages.

    Just a bad day for Nico, nothing else. The likes of Ramos, Pepe, Materazzi recieves countless red.

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