Lionel Messi has Argentina priority clause in PSG contract


Lionel Messi reportedly has an Argentina priority clause in his PSG contract.

Messi’s contract with PSG apparently has a hint of Argentina in it. Per a report by TyC Sports, Lionel Messi has a clause in his contract which stipulates that the Argentina national team take priority.

According to the report, Lionel Messi has a clause in his PSG contract which states that the Argentina national team would be his priority when it comes to playing official matches and friendly games.

In addition, the Argentina staff would have access to PSG’s facilities.

This would mean should PSG have a match that is close to the international break, Messi could choose to play for Argentina without any problems.


  1. Its good that doha world cup is in nov 2022. Psg for sure will be busy in championsleague in may & a normal world cup schedule of june would have got an tired messi

  2. As I said before this is the best thing what could have happened in the best interest of argentina national team. Since aguero is injured and will miss the matches i wouldn’t be surprised seeing scaloni nominating icardi for the next matches.

    • He won COPA after he was out of contract with Barca. Long time ago I used to think leaving Barca would be beneficial for Messi in Argentina shirt, I have been proven right. Hopefully Argentina Manager in Poch dominate club football and Messi in international football.

  3. Im sure it sucks to leave Barcelona since he wanted to stay but there has to be a lot of excitement to play with a new club. Why not with some Argentine fellow mates, his friend Neymar, and Team that has one of the best talents at almost every position. I wonder how the first meeting will be with Ramos and Messi, intense for sure lol

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