Video: Lionel Messi wears number 30 jersey with PSG


Lionel Messi will wear the No. 30 jersey with Paris Saint-Germain. It was rumored to be number 10, after that number 19 and then now 30 on the shirt. However, it has been confirmed, Lionel Messi will wear number 30 for PSG.

It was reported that Neymar would have offered him the No. 10, which would have been rejected by his Argentine friend. Therefore, Messi reportedly had to choose between No. 19 or No. 30, both numbers which Leo already used in his beginnings at FC Barcelona.

PSG’s Pablo Sarabia is currently using N. 19, while No. 30 is used by substitute goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier.

Messi has decided on number 30, a number with which he made his debut for FC Barcelona back in 2004.

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