Lionel Messi: “I am excited to begin a new chapter of my career at Paris Saint-Germain”


Lionel Messi has signed with PSG as the club release a statement.

Messi is now a Paris Saint-Germain player and he has already spoken about it. While the official presentation and press conference will be held on Wednesday, PSG release a video presentation on Tuesday.

The video was posted on PSG’s Twitter page while Lionel Messi’s comments were posted on the website.

“I am excited to begin a new chapter of my career at Paris Saint-Germain. Everything about the club matches my football ambitions. I know how talented the squad and the coaching staff are here. I am determined to help build something special for the club and the fans, and I am looking forward to stepping out onto the pitch at the Parc des Princes.”

Chairman and CEO of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelaifi said this:

“I am delighted that Lionel Messi has chosen to join Paris Saint-Germain and we are proud to welcome him and his family to Paris. He has made no secret of his desire to continue competing at the very highest level and winning trophies, and naturally our ambition as a club is to do the same. The addition of Leo to our world class squad continues a very strategic and successful transfer window for the club. Led by our outstanding coach and his staff, I look forward to the team making history together for our fans all around the world.”


  1. I think Pochettino has a chance to help Argentina win the WC 2022 by improving the chemistry if Di Maria and Messi. If he can improve the chemistry of Messi and Di Maria like how Messi-Neymar or Messi-Pedro once was, the sky is our limit. Because we already fix our defensive issue.

        • That is one hell of a game, we need more strong defenders like romero for WC. The defence is better now but we need more backups now. we will play 7 tough matches. we cant go just with romero and otamendi as CBs.

        • Brazil is a weak team they last won in 2002 and never reached final after that. Our defense needs to be better to win the world Cup this copa America was just like rehearsal and this win may break our jinx and we may became confident. Bt many problems are still there in our defense. Like right back otamendi old and slow average dm parades. World cup is tough there will be germany france spain Portugal belgium italy england. No place for mistake there

  2. I felt really sad when Messi was crying in the Press conference. I was following him in since 2005 and it was difficult moment.

    La Liga and Barcelona completely messed up this situation. La Liga popularity dropped by huge margin when Ronaldo left and now Messi-Ramos left. Already several sponsors has decided to leave or raised concern.

    I feel bad as Messi wanted to stay this time but La Liga and Barto-board made the situation worst. Some legends are saying if loves that much he should have played free to stay in Barceona but this is not the case.

    – As per rule, Team can spend as players salary upto 70% of total income. Barcelona’s players salary was 110% than their income (thanks to Pandemic and bad management).
    – As per rule, a player can re-join any team but his salary should be at least 50% of the previous salary, so Messi agreed to 50% reduction.
    – Even after 50% reduction Barcelona’s players salary remains 95% of total income. So unless they increase income or sell some players, it might be difficult for Barcelona to play the new players already signed.
    – Barcelona requested all the players to reduce their salary but only Pique and Busi agreed.
    – Lenglet, Pjanic, Umitti, Griez, Coutinho no one agreed to reduce their salary but earning huge amount despite not playing (apart from Griez). Thanks to Barto-board’s poor business in market.
    – Laporte no doubt knew this situation but probably he thought he will be able to sell players like Coutinho, Lenglet, Pjanic, Umitti, Roberto etc but no one decided to leave or Barca failed to sell.
    – So in the end there were no option other than selling Messi but Laporte could have directed last day drama little better as this was a sad end of club’s biggest ever superstar.
    – Messi could have joined City or Chelsea (he was interested in City although rejected earlier) but Laporte left no choice for Messi other than joining PSG.

    Unfortunately not a happy ending for Club’s biggest star.

    Although it’s further financial loss for Barcelona (170 million) and moreover Barcelona has to release their most bankable man for free, but it’s win-win situation for both Messi and Barcelona.

    If you look at the positive side for Barcelona, post-Messi era has started and still they are a very good side.

    Defense: They have problem with their defense but Araujo is very good defender, Mingueza is not that bad either, Alba still has sometime [although lost his prime], Dest is not bad, Garcia and Emerson are good buy. But they should get rid off Lenglet and dead-wood Umtiti.

    Midfield – Decent midfield. De Jung, Pedri, Busi are sure shot. Busi is below par in last 2/3 years but he was very good in Euro. Coutinho is not that bad either and if Pjanic is not sold then should be utilized, given a chance Puig can shine. Also few new guys like Gabi shined in pre-season.

    Attack – In attack they have very good players. Without Messi, Griezmann will play much freely and one can see the best version of Griezmann now. Depay is good striker and you cannot ignore Kun. He is a champion striker. But it’s time for Fati to shine, he is a gen-next player. No comments about Dembele though.

    With or Without Messi, this team cannot win UCL but definitely will be a contender for La Liga and CDR as even Real is struggling.

    Now for Messi:

    – Messi had nothing more to prove in Barcelona, he achieved everything. He will remain top scorer for Barcelona and La Liga for several years and also most number of titles.
    – In in PSG his focus will remain on UCL and World Cup. He will have a team that can win another UCL but pressure will be much less as compared to Barcelona.
    – He will easily win all 4 Domestic trophies without sweating much and his focus will remain in UCL and Argentina. Also will be with his friends Di maria and Neymar.
    – Being an Argentina fan I am really happy to know that Messi has a clause in his contract that allows him to prioritize Argentina games above all. In addition, Argentina’s staff will also have access to PSG’s facilities when required. It’s good that there are few Argentine players in PSG like Di maria, Paredes, Icardi etc.
    – I am happy to see the kind of respect PSG shown to him, that he deserved.

    Finally, I can say – No Club ever Paid Messi’s transfer fee! Because my man is priceless!!

  3. Mauricio Pochettino looks so happy when meeting Messi in Paris. The man who was supposed to be valued at €500 million – €1 billion at least even at his 34 years of age signs for PSG for free.

    They were lucky that they signed 3 key pieces that won them Messi lottery today: Angel Di Maria, Neymar, and Mauricio Pochettino. Those 3 are the key factors as to why Messi comes to PSG now.

    PSG instagram just increases their followers from 19 million to 42 million in just a couple of days. Man after Copa America victory, futbol just gets more exciting and more exciting.

  4. Messi moving to PSG is a huge deal. It’s going to change the landscape of European football, The Socio cultural Impact on the football fans this move going to make is humongous. It will be remembered as an iconic transfer forever. PSG will be benefiting by this move for long time, The Merchandise, Television rights, YouTube and other Social media followers increase. They are going to be the focal point of the world football now. Its easily the Top transfers ever and the moment he will be presented will be remembered for a long time. His farewell image was even projected in in one of the tower in China. China??? That shows the impact this little man has over the world. Cr7 can never even have half of this even if his PR tries to make him similar to Messi. Everyone knows why Messi is the start and end of football discussions.

    Even if PSG don’t win any trophy with Messi(Which is unimaginable), Still they will be remembered as the Club who landed Messi. This has sealed their legacy. Imagine the Smaller teams in French league also would benefit from this move, any matches PSG plays will be keenly watched means it will benefit even the smaller teams, if any of them beats PSG suddenly that club and their players will be in the limelight. Teams like Granada, Elche etc etc had even benefited by being on the receiving end of Messi’s goals.

    Barca meanwhile will have to pay dearly for the tears of Messi, They have to. One way or the another it doesn’t matter. For making the Football Icon suffer they will have to pay for it. Let’s see. 50% of Barca fans are Messi’s fans. They thought its Barca fans they are gone now. Boom. Their brand name has been diminished, They lost a player who is the incarnation of football God which is unimaginable.

  5. Now messi and di maria will play together for the first time. Icardi will be a good option in upcoming days as he will be playing with messi and di maria.

    • That’s not gonna happen , Do you think they wil play all Messi, Mbappe, Neymar and Di Maria. Di Maria will be a bench warmer now. The best thing for him is to leave Psg and join Sevilla but he will have to lower his wage enormously.

      • Di Maria was the second best player of PSG last season, Copa America hero, is coached by an Argentine who is a fan of him. What makes u think that he will be a bench warmer? Plus, he worked well with Messi in Copa America. I am excited to see their chemistry growing even more after one year playing together until 2022.

        I have not read news that Di Maria spot in in danger at all. What I read is the opposite, the world will see Di Maria-Messi-Neymar-Mbappe.

        At worst Di Maria will get 30+ starts for PSG this year.

        Again… only HERE in Mundo Albiceleste community we think that Di Maria is a super sub. In PSG he was their second best player only after Mbappe (better than Neymar) last season.

        • Di maria was the 2nd best player for psg last season still i don’t think they will start Dimaria over Messi, Neymar and Mbappe and I also don’t think they all them them together, Their main Target is UCL , in Champions league they will meet different animal. If they start all 4 in UCLs matches with 2 attacking wingbacks they have, they will be destroyed in Counter attacks.
          It’s highly likely Dimaria spot is in danger and Icardi will either be sold or will be a utility player.

  6. Argentina midfield have many good players and they need pure no.9 and Icardi is that.Icardi,Aguero and Dybla are best for forward line.
    Emi Buendai. Icardi. Messi
    Emi Buendai. Dybla. Messi
    Emi Buendai. Aguero. Messi
    A. Correa. Dybla. Messi
    A. Correa Icardi. Messi
    A. Correa. Aguero. Messi
    This trio is most lethal of all national team trio. Argentina got best firepower and midfield.Perfect recipe for WC.

  7. Does he know French?

    Haha all jokes aside, did not wake up expecting to see this. Not sure if it’s good or bad news, but he seems happy. Also nice to see that nostalgic 30 that he started his professional career with.

    However I won’t lie I am a Barcelona fan. I can’t support PSG in the UCL anymore 🤣 so forgive me Leo!

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