Argentina Premier League preview, 3 Copa winners, Dibu Martinez, Cristian Romero, Lo Celso


The Premier League this season will have a total of seven Argentine players, three of which are Copa America winners with the Argentina national team.

Aston Villa along with Tottenham Hotspur both have the most Argentine players on their teams as both clubs have two in their squads. Aston Villa boast Copa America hero Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia.

Emiliano Martinez, who was Argentina’s starting goalkeeper as they won the Copa America, is no stranger to the Premier League. This is his second season with the club as his first one, on a personal level was a success.

Martinez equaled previous goalkeeper Brad Friedel’s club record of 15 clean sheets last season while also being voted as Aston Villa Supporters’ Player of the Season. Dibu was named as the goalkeeper of the Copa America to go along with Argentina winning the Copa America.

Buendia also is no stranger to the Premier League, having played the 2019-2020 season in the league with Norwich City. He joined Aston Villa for £38 million, a an Aston Villa record signing and a Norwich City record sale.

He was voted as the EFL Championship Player of the Season in 2020-2021 and the Norwich Player of the Season. That was enough to get on the radar of Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni as Buendia was called-up for two World Cup qualifying matches in June. He didn’t feature in those two matches and still has never played for Argentina as he will continue to fight for a spot in the Argentina national team.

Alexis Mac Allister will look to have a much better season, both on a personal and at a collective level. Brighton & Hove Albion managed to survive relegation by the skin of their teeth as they finished in 16th place.

Mac Allister was selected and played for Argentina at the Tokyo Olympics but a poor showing and several things not going their way meant that they crashed out after three matches.

Federico Fernandez is now in his fourth season with Newcastle United. A regular in the squad, Fernandez played 24 league matches last season for the Magpies. While his Argentina national team days are behind him, at 32 years of age, Fernandez has shown that he can still be a very valuable asset for Newcastle.

All eyes will be on Tottenham Hotspur as they now have not only two Argentine players in the squad but two Argentine players who won the Copa America. Cristian Romero is one of the, if not the marquee signing for Spurs as he joined for €55 million.

If being named as the best defender in Serie A last season wasn’t enough, Romero’s performances at the Copa America surely helped capture the interest of Tottenham. Despite not featuring in all of the matches due to injury, Romero started the final and while playing on painkillers, completely helped shut down Brazil. Still only 23 years old, he can be one not only for the present but the future.

Gio Lo Celso is the other Argentine player in the squad. A pillar in the Lionel Scaloni’s midfield three, Lo Celso will look for more playing time this season after injuries kept him out of the squad last season.

An intelligent player with a sharp eye when it comes to passing, there’s no reason why Lo Celso can’t be the guy in midfield for Tottenham.

Manuel Lanzini will hope for an injury free season at West Ham United. His career has been one of great performances followed by a set back due to injuries. Featuring only 11 times in the league last season, Lanzini, already 28 years old, can still bring something to the table when healthy. While he hasn’t been included in the Argentina national team for a few years, that doesn’t mean the door is completely shut.

Aston Villa: Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia
Brighton & Hove Albion: Alexis Mac Allister
Newcastle United: Federico Fernandez
Tottenham Hotspur: Cristian Romero, Giovani Lo Celso
West Ham United: Manuel Lanzini

If you’re an Argentine fan and a fan of the Premier League, you will have a lot to look forward to this season.


  1. We need to watch buendia. He can be a starter in wc he has the star quality what is needed to win the starting place hope he doesn’t dissapoint

    • The gem of yours did the same blunder against Chelsea last night as he did against Colombia, only to get his ass saved by his teammate this time. Foyth is a solid defender with a really questionable sense of decision-making and that’s the red flag. The attackers can make wrong decisions but a silly mistake from a defender can often cost you a match. I replied to Kevin below regarding the same issue. You’ll get an idea why I’m disappointed in him. It’s like having a Ferrari in the F1 race only to get disqualified due to engine issues.

      • You talk about minor mistakes but what about tackles he won,aerial duels he won,chances he created his passing has become better.Mistakes happens but that does not mean he should not be in team. If you watch Copa Final there are many mistakes by Argentina players but they are part of game. Right now no one is better than Foyth at RB for Argentina.

        • Kevin, I do agree that Foyth is a good player but he throws it away by making stupid decisions. That is why I do not think he should start for us just yet. Of course “mistakes happen” but I have never seen a player with as many mistakes as consistently and as dangerously as Foyth. In fact in the span of a couple of weeks he made that the dumb decision to dribble out in extra time and also got sent off after two yellow cards against Marseille, and who knows what else in other preseason games. After what happened before Copa you’d think he has learned but nothing has changed. Plus the Otamendi comparison is not very good, for one I think Otamendi should be replaced anyway (although it will not be easy) and secondly Otamendi makes mistakes because he simply is not that good any more. Foyth makes mistakes due to impulses and boneheadedness. You would not have seen Otamendi make those mistakes so consistently when he was young. If Foyth thought before doing (something most people learn in kindergarden) he would be an excellent player and I would 100% support him as a starter. Plus — Otamendi has not cost us as many games as Foyth from outright errors. What does it matter if Foyth makes a couple more tackles or wins more aerial duels than Montiel or Molina a game if he will suddenly throw it all away without time to recover. If he had been playing such a high pressure game as the Brazil final he most certainly would have lost his head

        • @Kevin… I think it’s better not to have any further argument with you in this regard. You missed my whole point. There are minor mistakes or usual mistakes that can be made by any world class defender. And then there are continuous silly mistakes. You said that he usually does minor mistakes. The mistakes against Colombia in Copa, against Barcelona in La Liga and lastly against Chelsea immediately come to my mind. These are not just any mistakes or minor mistakes. These mistakes cost you the game. And btw he played very well in all those games. All your stats, clearances, interceptions, aerial duels don’t matter for a defender if he is prone to these kind of mistakes over and over again. Nobody said he is a bad RB. @Olive summed up my opinion pretty well. Stop being a illogical fanboy. I also liked Foyth before like you. But not anymore, unless he cleans up his head and improve his messed up decision makings in delicate positions of the field during important moments of the game.

          • If you take the mistakes of player you will be surprised.Chelsea mistake in that very game many other players must have lost the ball. You comes with just 3 mistakes he has been playing for a year in Villarreal.
            Do not put your stupid opinion like he makes mistake every other player makes mistakes just watch Copa final and semi final then create list how many player lost ball and you will end up with with your logic everybody on field should be dropped.

      • Otamendi made many mistakes in first few games in Copa but after some mistakes he was best CB for Argentina in Copa, Foyth needs same,a run of play with Argentina.Same for Dybla and Icardi

  2. During this transfer window, as you can see, many Argentine players got upgraded in their club career. De Paul to Atletico Madrid is a great move, Buendia to replace Grealish, Lamela(for more playing time) and Montiel to Sevila, Romero to Tottenham, only good move, I hope Lo Celso can find a club that he can finally continue his improvement which was stopped since he joined the London club.

    • At spurs especially under Mou he gained a lot of experience playing from deep. That’s exactly where the NT needs improvement and GLC fills that void. Forward driven B2B, creative passer, excellent dribbler, great tackler, and capable of banging in long shots.

  3. Foyth had great game against Champion League winner Chelsea even converted penalty kick smoothly. It looks like Foyth plays good against top Premiere League team like Man United, Chelsea.
    Foyth should be Argentina RB no doubt, he just need to be careful sometime otherwise great choice for RB. He has lot of potential, a higher ceiling.
    Montiel is also good but he had just one good game in Copa.Lets see what he can do in Sevilla but he had very tough competition against J. Navas who was best RB in La liga last season.

    • I think you should start watching entire games instead of reviewing any player based on ratings only. Nobody actually thinks that Foyth is a bad RB, though some people here are not fond of his lack of offensive contribution. The problem with Foyth is his questionable decision-making. He played really well in yesterday’s final against Chelsea. But if you really watched the game, you would have seen that how he got dispossessed trying to dribble past Chelsea players from his own defense at extra time. He was actually playing as a DM at that time. As a result, one of his teammates had to make a reckless challenge to stop the counterattack and got booked. It’s just the carbon copy of the mistake against Colombia. Foyth actually thinks that he is a good dribbler, which he is not. And most importantly, it’s not the job of a defender or a DM to try to dribble past opponents. I have a feeling that he’s not going to improve in this regard. How come a player after getting left out from the Copa America squad makes the same mistake in a final. Really disappointed. Btw he got the max rating of 8.2 along with Alonso according to

      • Foyth is great dribbler relative to defenders. Obviously he’s not great compared to mids and attackers if that’s who you’re comparing too.

        But yes, 100% agreed about bonehead decision making. If he improves, hes going to be heavily desired. I’ve said this before but i think it’s easier to improve decision making than it is to improve technical skills (maybe someone that understand development well can chime in). Foyth has the technical aspect down with tackling and passing, etc but damn he’s an idiot sometimes.

  4. Argentina rank 6 in FIFA ranking now. Slightly lower than I thought:

    1. Belgium
    1822 + 39

    2. Brazil
    1798 + 55

    3. France
    1762 + 5

    4. England
    1753 + 66

    5. Italy
    1745 + 103

    6. Argentina
    1714 + 72

    7. Spain
    1680 + 32

    8. Portugal
    1662 -4

    9. Mexico
    1658 + 28

    10. USA
    1648 + 93

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