Argentina climbs two positions in the FIFA Ranking and reaches 6th place


After the Copa America win, Argentina climbed two positions in the FIFA World Ranking and reached 6th place.

For this reason, up to now, the Albiceleste would enter the Qatar 2022 World Cup as seeded since that prestigious group is made up of the best seven national teams in the FIFA ranking, plus the hosts.

The rank, which was updated this Thursday, showed several position changes due to the large number of international competitions that took place in the last couple of months such as the UEFA Euro, the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the CONMEBOL Copa America, and the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, plus international friendly matches.

The last update of this ranking had been on May 27 of this year. From that date to the present, 348 matches between national teams were counted. The next edition will be published on September 16, with Argentina having played three more CONMEBOL qualifiers matches.


  1. Ranking is based on a teams average performance in last 12 months. So every month or every 2 months when it is updated it eliminates the earliest month/months of the 12 months. Thatswhy Belgium is still no 1. And USA and Mexico are in the top 10. And we have 2 tied matches in the Qualifiers and 2 tied matches in Copa America. (Chi and Col). Or else we would have had more points. So if you think the Fifa rankings reflect the most current form, you are wrong. Plus it does not guarantees you a Euro, Copa or a WC.

  2. Meaningless- but atleast top 8 i can agree that they are good team..where is Germany and other south american nations?

    Unless Brazil plays the Jogo Bonito of early years, i do not consider them as a top team…

  3. FIFA ranking only matter for the fact that it determine the World cup pot. Other than that, who the hell rates USA and Mexico higher than Germany ,Netherlands, Uruguay, Colombia? lol

    Belgium? have they win something yet? didnt even reach last 4 in recent Euro.

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