Lautaro Martinez suffers injury with Inter, to be evaluated


Lautaro Martinez has reportedly suffered an injury and could miss the first two league matches.

Serie A begins next week and Martinez is already a doubt for the second match. According to a report by Gianluca Di Marzio, Lautaro has a slight muscle strain and he will be evaluated for Inter’s second league match.

The second match day would be on August 27 when Inter play Verona.

Argentina play three World Cup qualifying matches in September, all three coming early in the month.


  1. Its time to show young guns like Alverez, gaich a chance
    ESPN made a artucle about contenders for Qater worldcup, and get what they ruled out argentuna beacuse they says we dont have a worldclass youngster our squad will be too old for qater😐

  2. So Lautaro, Aguero, and Alario are injured. Lautaro might make it if his injury not too serious. Joaquin Correa is one of Scaloni’s favorite. He will make it.

    So I think Scaloni will call Lautaro, Joaquin and one new one. It should be Icardi/Dybala.

  3. There are many who are not acknowledging Foyth’s great form or even after knowing they do not want him in team.Foyth is continuously performing great against top teams. Here or there he makes mistakes but who does not. His only one mistake cost that was against Colombia and even that case goalkeeper was major factor.
    Foyth should be in the team far better than Mollina and Montiel.He got height, speed, passing, better than other. Other RB option are good but no one should be guarantee starter.

    • Well Foyth return is inevitable as its no point continuing with Pezzella. We don’t want to endup like 2018 with aging washed up players.

  4. He could make it, but it would be very very tight for Argentina. Him and Aguero are injured, which seems like the usual curse before our games, but you know what I think it is? The invisible hand yet again, which helped us several times before in the Copa. I am hinting at Icardi

    • I also hope he will make it but I think Argentina now needs to look beyond Aguero. I doubt he will ever regain his fitness for a good stretch of time. It is rationale to utilize the little time we have to integrate new players – by which I mean Dybala and Icardi.

      • Wow, completely forgot about Dybala. So the invisible hand is helping with two major necessities at once. I hope the other two players recover well and get to form but I am excited to see what happens with the next qualifiers

        • Can dybala messi play together?? Messi at psg if icardi stays then obviously icardi should be picked as icardi start or not he will be training with messi day in day out plus we may need a target man against tough defenses what both dybala or lautaro is not.

      • Dybala for me over icardi any day, with all due respect for Aguero I really think he is finished or at least to say it’s difficult situation in terms of fitness, emotion and physicality too. Remember his move was due to play with messi and since he left will personally harm aguaro probably will kill him emotionally

        • > Wow, completely forgot about Dybala.

          This reminds me of really funny incident few years ago i made a survey and ran it on mundo to see who Mundo would pick for 23 squad and starting 11. Before i posted the surveymonkey link, i posted a comment with list of players and asked mundo if i forgot anyone. Cox4, Ebo, Godin, Mrnial, Gonzalo, etc all chimed in.

          I remember Godin11 commented and i’ll never forget – “dude, you forgot your favorite player Dybala”. It was true, i totally forgot him, and i almost died laughing at the absurdity of going through all the trouble and forgetting one of favorites, Dybala.

          Godin, remember that?? lol.

          • speaking of surveys I think it would be fun to do one before the next qualifiers, with several of our opinions changing after copa plus some new players to replace in Icardi and Dybala

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