Mauro Icardi scores second goal in two matches in PSG win vs. Strasbourg


Mauro Icardi continues his excellent start to the season as he scored his second goal in two matches.

It took only three minutes for Icardi to score the opening goal of the match. A cross into the penalty area found the number 9 as his flying header opened the scoring and gave PSG the 1-0 lead.

Lionel Messi was presented before the match as he, along with the two other Copa America winners with Argentina on the team, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes watched from the stands.

Icardi is definitely making a case for himself to be included in the Argentina squad for next month’s World Cup qualifying matches.


  1. People are saying Icardi should stay away from the national team? I think the past is the past and if he scores 25+ goals with 10+ assists, you must give him the #9 for the national team.

    Warn him and his wife that it would be the last chance and no more outbursts.

  2. There has been no news of Icardi getting into any kind of conflict post 2018 world cup. Psg squad is happy to have him . If you want to win the world cup you can’t leave behind players like Redondo, Zanneti. It will cost you big time!!! Focus on how to win a world cup and not on how Icardi got married to his team mates wife. Look at the bigger picture. Messi Dimaria Paredes and Icardi will be training together everyday. If their chemistry clicks I’ll happy bench Lautaro for Icardi.

    • > There has been no news of Icardi getting into any kind of conflict post 2018 world cup.

      As far i know, that is an accurate statement.

      > Look at the bigger picture. Messi Dimaria Paredes and Icardi will be training together everyday.

      Agreed. Invaluable for NT.

    • who told you that the problem is that Icardi did what he did with the wife of his teammate.
      The problem is that his wife/manager/tv persona/whatever else have BIG MOUTH and speak MUCH.
      if your opinion is to risk entire world cup effort for one striker then ok it is your choice.
      for dozens of people inside and outside national team is not worth the risk.
      Sure something more all those people know.
      my opinion is same with the majority of people in Argentina.
      Redondo or Zanetti never allowed their managers to interfere to national team afairs. NEVER. don t compare things which is not same.

    • Yes Sula V, exactly if our beloved Albiceleste want’s to win the next WC we will need goals and sometimes they won’t allways come from the ones u expect them at the most so every single player performing constantly on a certain level which is required to make it to the WC are in the tournament’s like WC so, so important ! I hope Icardi stays at PSG and mbabbe moves away, but not really sure of that one yet, though even if mbbabbe stays then it could be maybe necessary for Mauro to find a quickly a club that will need him and this one can go all the way to the very last hours of this transfer market so then if mbabbe stays at PSG i reckon’ Icardi could end up in Spurs as they normally wait until the very last moment as being the tactic of Daniel Levi&co. for so many transfer Windows and they are very good pulling the last robes when it comes to matter hours sometimes if necessary and also i would love him in Sevilla so if mbbabbe stays at PSG then i wish Icardi will move to either spurs or Sevilla ! Because i want him to continue to scoring on every week level until the very end of the next WC, because i think he was the missing puzzle or at least one of them at 2014 when KUN, HIGUAIN AND EVEN MESSI HAD INJURY PROBLEMS BUT COULD STILL PLAY AS HIGUAIN DID LATER ON AND OFFCOURSE WE LOST DI MARIA AT MOST WORST POSSIBLE STAGE OF THE TOURNAMENT AND IF SABELLA WOULD HAVE USED HIS BENCH OR PICKED HIS BENCH A BIT BETTER AND SPECIALLY HAD TAKEN MAURO ON BOARD I’m sureveven MASCHERANO WOULD HAVE MOST CERTAINLY FOR GIVEN THAT MAXI STORY IF ICARDI WOULD HAVE BEENNOUR SUPER SUB IN THAT BLOODY FINAL WHEN THAT BLOODY GOTZE SCORED AT THE VERY END OF THE GAME ! So my point is we need strikers who can deliver when others can’t or get injured during the tournament like WC !

  3. I personally want Mbappe to leave in order to open up things for Icardi and maybe just maybe he’ll turn things all the past negatives into positives. The potential for having something very special here is real………………just imagine if Messi and Icardi both start all the time!
    Having said that, will his wife behave???
    Will Romero play today?
    Dybala is another player that obviously needs to perform in order to play in the qualifiers

    • In other words, you have messi and Neymar who are good scorers and Dmaria what you need is a clinical finisher upfront…i have a feeling that it will work for Icardi this time and Mbape may be a substitute untill he gets an edge over Dmaria…

      • Mbappe would never be on the bench.. never. He is way too fast and has scored more goals than Neymar for PSG. DiMaria or Icardi would be benched.
        Icardi’s only saving grace is to keep scoring goals so that the decision is hard for the coach.

        • Yes anyhow in what so ever team u basicly play u need to keep on delivering goals as striker and performing constantly on the highest level possible when playing in other posssesions etc…

      • Sorry for everyone, but i got post this for el_principe as he has joined the spurs bandwagon for which i’m really happy for and hopefully spurs will not let u down as they have maybe done for others, but after our beloved Albiceleste spurs is the most important team that has allways been in my heart after WC 1978 because of this and specially even what they did 69 year’s before that + how they have treated Argentine players and also even DIEGO HIMSELF !
        Here is the full story :
        Tottenham Hotspur and Argentina have history, a long and happy history, that our new signing begins to write a new chapter of.

        Spurs became the first club to play a foreign born player in the football league, Max Seeburg on 26th September 1908. He was a German who played the one Second Division game against Hull City and then moved on to Leyton Orient the following month. Thus the tradition of foreign born players begun.

        Erik Lamela is the latest in our association with Argentina, an association that began in 1909. Freshly signed from Roma this summer for £25.8 million, he is showing signs of finding his feet quickly and gives the impression that it won’t take him to long to adjust to the Premier League. A star is in the making who will be commanding a first team place sooner rather than later.

        Let’s not forget Lamela doesn’t speak any English so communication with the players is a problem, but he made an assist for the winner at Cardiff in only 15 minutes, created the first against Tromso with a delightful through ball for Defoe and got a full game under his belt against Aston Villa.
        He is certainly in contention for a place against Chelsea on the right where he looks most dangerous. He can dribble, he can shoot and he can pick out a pass as his assists in such limited game time already show.

        The 21 year-olds signing had me thinking about our Argentinian connection and the day we shook the world.

        In 1909 having finished second in the old Second Division (Championship today) and gained promotion we embarked on an end of season tour of Argentina and Uruguay, in the days where you went everywhere by boat so it was quite an undertaking. We played 7 matches in 19 days over there, winning 5, drawing 1 and losing 1. We drew 2-2 with Everton, beat the Uruguay League 8-0, beat Argentinos 1-0, beat Liga Argentina 4-1, lost to Everton 4-0, beat Rosario 9-0 and Alumini 5-0. We were to wait another 69 years for the next major connection between us.

        Argentina had just won the confetti World Cup in 1978 in front of their own fans, the images of a stadium full of confetti floating down will live on probably longer than any other image of that time. It serves as a reminder, a prompter for the recall of other memories, the blue and white stripped shirts, Mario Kempes finishing and the players with the trophy itself. Among these images a diminutive Argentinian Osvaldo Ardiles sticks in the mind.

        English football had only a couple of years earlier lifted the ban on foreign players playing over here and the few that had come from Europe were journeymen pro’s, nobody of any significance. Spurs changed all that.

        Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricardo Villa wanted to play in England and were offered to Sheffield United just a few days after the World Cup final. Sheffield United couldn’t afford them and phoned our then manager Keith Burkinshaw. He interrupted a board meeting to get permission to fly to Argentina to sign the pair.

        The negotiations took 20 minutes, the pair cost £750,000. The world was stunned. It was described as the most sensational deal in British football history.Q
        Front page headlines recorded the incredible event, a ground breaking event. It led the 6 o’clock news bulletin.

        The World Cup Final was on the 25th June 1978, the papers told the world of their signing on July 11th. The World Cup was fresh in everyones mind and as an 18 year old Spurs fan I can tell you if you related this to today’s market, for shock value it was like we had just signed Lionel Messi. This sort of thing just didn’t happen in football.

        We all know what followed despite people thinking Ardiles was too small for the English game. He proved them wrong. Ricky Villa scored on his debt and of course scored what was voted as the Wembley Goal of the Century in the 1981 Cup Final replay.

        It was a pleasure to go and see Hoddle and Ardiles in the same team each week. Cups won, Villa wonder goals, it was a good time to be a Spurs fan. Ardiles revealed:

        “The idea was to play a few seasons and then return, but we never imagined the impact we would have. It’s said that our success paved the way for more foreign players to come to England, and there is some truth in that. “I believe the influx would have happened anyway, but our accomplishments accelerated that process.”

        Spurs Hoddle & Maradona
        In May 1986 Ossie Ardiles had a testimonial at White Hart Lane and the worlds best player agreed to play for his fellow Argentinian. Glenn Hoddle gave a certain Diego Maradona his number 10 shirt to wear. In front of a full house the team that night against Inter Milan was:

        Clemence (Jennings), Roberts (D. Thomas), Hughton, Mabbutt, Miller, Galvin (Samways), Ardiles (Waddle), Falco, Clive Allen, Maradona, Hoddle

        The Falklands War raised it’s ugly head and tensions rose so we loaned Ardlies out to PSG for the 1982-83 season while things calmed down and Ricky Villa left for Fort Lauderdale.

        In 1987 Ossie briefly took on the role of caretaker manager and then in 1993 he had a spell as our manager that didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. He brought Jurgen Klinnsman to the club but we had off field problems at the time and we parted company in 1994. Today Ossie is still an ambassador for the club and both he and Ricardo Villa are in our Hall of Fame.

        At the end of 1998 our association with Argentina continued in the shape of Under 21 international Mauricio Taricco who we bought from Ipswich Town. He was a tough tackling left-back who stayed with us until 2004. Prone to the odd error he was full of determination and commitment.

        In February 2013 the Tottenham Hotspur Argentina Supporters Club was born and now we have a new Argentinian in our ranks and a very talented one at that.
        Erik Lamela has arrived as a 21 year-old to wow a new generation of Spurs supporters, the way Ardiles and Villa wowed my generation.
        Federico Fazio
        Juan Foyth
        Paulo Gazzaniga
        Erik Lamela
        Giovani Lo Celso
        Mauricio Taricco
        Cristian Romero
        Osvaldo Ardiles
        Ricky Villa

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