Alexis Mac Allister scores for Brighton in 2-1 win vs. Burnley


Alexis Mac Allister scored for Brighton in their 2-1 comeback win vs. Burnley for Premier League matchday one.

The 22-year-old Argentine attacking midfielder was substituted on in the 75th minute and scored just 3 minutes later the winning goal for his team. The former Argentinos Juniors and Boca Juniors got off to a great start in this Premier League season 2021/2022.

Mac Allister did not have the best of showings at the Olympics for Argentina but a goal to start off the season will surely do his confidence a world of good.


  1. I know that it’s a bad idea in general to allow a player to influence the coaching staffs decision on the player call ups… But in our case I think scaloni should seek Messi advice on the Icardi call. Now that Messi shares training and a locker room with this piece of shit Icardi, he can say if he should be admitted into the holy realm of our national team. Messi is not only the best player with maybe the most experience in the world now out of any active player, but he is also the smartest player in terms of the field. I would love to hear what Messi thinks of Icardi joining the ranks.

    In my humble opinion, I would never let Icardi near the national team. If dybala is available then bring his and Alvarez and or try someone new in the 9 position.
    Dybala is a player that would start for almost any national team and I think it is time to transition the team to him.
    Also mccalister isn’t good enough, sorry, I was hoping that he would develop and improve but he is the same above average player since 2019.
    Call up the same team as Copa plus dybala and let’s win in Brazil again

  2. just because i don t have memory of a fly let refresh the memory to my friends here.

    31 august 2017 after game against Uruguay.
    “Mauro should be playing regularly to the team (national). He is the best but don t expect from him score every time”.

    5 september 2017 after game against Venezuela.
    “Mauro trying his best but his teammates especially those in midfield don t give him the ball properly”.

    6 October 2017 before game against Peru (after be public that Icardi dropped and Benedetto take his place).
    “i don t understand this move. Sampaoli lost his mind probably”.

    10 October 2017 before game against Ecuador. (Icardi remain out ).
    “this team is worthless. they will not qualify to world cup. Sampaoli is stupid. I am happy that Mauro is not inside team because he will not humiliate himself by being part of it”.

    for all those wonder who said all those things up i can say to you that NO IT WAS NOT FROM A MUNDO POSTER HERE.
    it was said in Argentine media from manager/wife/tv persona/whatever else of Icardi Mrs Icardi.

    for not mention Inter case or many other public insults during time from manager/wife/tv persona/whatever else for the Argentine national team and people inside it.

    Icardi should stay the f… out of national team together with his manager/wife/tv persona/whatever else.
    Thank God in Argentina people we have still good memory.

    • If everyone is healthy, I agree maybe Icardi not needed as we have Lautaro, Aguero, Alario, etc. But if 3 main strikers are all injured, I would rather have Icardi instead of Gaich or Julian Alvarez or anyone else. WC qualifiers are not friendlies, we need the best team possible. Not someone unproven to be our #9.

    • > for all those wonder who said all those things up i can say to you that NO IT WAS NOT FROM A MUNDO POSTER HERE. it was said in Argentine media from manager/wife/tv persona/whatever else of Icardi Mrs Icardi

      lol. I actually spent 30 seconds trying to guess which mundo member said that. i guessed few names and then i read your next comment 🙂

      I also did not like when Icardi said something in 2018 like “the locker room is much happier than last 2016”. It just wasn’t the right thing to say publicly given all the drama that the media and dumb fans created around “club de amigos” and all that.

  3. Scaloni should call up his players soon. I am not worried about Emi. He himself said that he turns into “super saiyan” mode when playing for Argentina, which seems to be the correct case.

    MacAllister, man the only thing that is good about him is he made his look like Messi a year ago. That’s all. Other than that he does not have what it takes to play for the national team.

    I expect the majority of the Copa America players to be included. The ones that might be in danger not to be selected (other than the injured ones):
    1. Lucas Martinez Quarta: Was the fifth defender in the Copa America and is likely not among Fiorentina starter this season.

    2. Agustin Marchesin: conceded 2 goals when replacing Emi Martinez and did not look convincing at all.

    3. Julian Alvarez: Was almost always not among the 22 players in Copa America who were allowed to enter the stadium.

    These players should be called up:
    1. Mauro Icardi: 2 goals in 2 games. Look very sharp and show that he gets along with all the Argentines in PSG: Di Maria, Messi, Paredes. It would be very unfair to not give Icardi a chance this time as 2 Scaloni’s fave strikers are injured and Lautaro is half injured as well.

    2. Juan Foyth: He should be back to give competition to both Molina and Montiel.

    3. Dybala.

    Please say no to MacAllister, Gaich, and some other Olympic players.

  4. We have enough players in forward and mid field. Scaloni should prepare defence properly. Especially RB and CB. We need proper substitute for Romero. Senesi deserves a call.

  5. I think both icardi and Dybala will get the call up this time. Both are looking fine as well. Dybala looked active last night although he got tired fast. That’s not a problem as he is playing a competitive match after almost two months.

    Dario sarmiento…….need to keep an eye on this kid.
    Saw a lot of flashes.

  6. A lot of folks are way too quick to judge. I’ve read doom and gloom comments about Emi and drooling praise about Icardi.

    It’s simply too early to judge. Emi was on fire last season and copa, 1 bad game doesn’t mean shit. Same with Buendia, let the guy settle in.
    Icardi is a talented chap but again, he didn’t impress last season so although todays game was great and in the right direction, i’m patiently waiting to see if he’s consistent and adapts his playstyle. Btw, todays header was fantastic and he was more involved.

  7. Mac Allister is just fine, he will get more playing time. Buendia needs adjustment, he must adapt quickly. Bilesa need to bounch back after the Man Utd humilation. The league is on fire from day-one. Tight and hard games ahead but really entertaining and exciting to watch

  8. In Aston Villa match all goals were unsavable.First goal could be saved but may be his view was blocked. Buendia really disappointed.

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