Argentina Premier League, week 1 review: Alexis Mac Allister only goal scorer


With seven Argentine players in the Premier League, a total of six of them took part in the first match day of the new season.

Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia saw better days as Aston Villa lost 3-2 vs. Watford. Dibu Martinez can hardly be blamed for the three goals which Watford scored. The first goal got the better of Martinez after an initial block by the Villa defender and Emiliano was beaten from close range.

The second goal against Villa took a massive deflection, nothing Martinez can do about it. Martinez was at full stretch on the third goal but the ball was perfectly placed as it struck the post and went in. Buendia was substituted out in the second half.

Alexis Mac Allister was the hero for Brighton. After starting the match on the bench and Brighton being down 1-0 vs. Burnley, Mac Allister was substituted in and scored to give his team the win. A pass into the penalty area found the Argentine as his goal gave Brighton the three points.

Federico Fernandez played the entire 90 minutes for Newcastle as they twice let go of a lead in a 4-2 loss vs. West Ham. The 32 year old defender managed 11 clearances with four blocked shots. Manuel Lanzini was on the bench for the entire match and did not play for West Ham.

In what was built as the match of the weekend, Tottenham Hotspur managed a 1-0 win vs. Manchester City. Gio Lo Celso and Cristian Romero were both substitutes for Tottenham as Lo Celso was brought on in the second half to help control the midfield.

Cristian Romero made his Premier League debut with minutes left in the match when he was brought on.

Aston Villa: Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia
Brighton & Hove Albion: Alexis Mac Allister
Newcastle United: Federico Fernandez
Tottenham Hotspur: Cristian Romero, Giovani Lo Celso
West Ham United: Manuel Lanzini


  1. Foyth has been like this since he is playing, so nothing is new or surprising. I cannot support the opinions that if I am getting a red card frequently or making a game changing mistake frequently, then it is everyone else’s fault but mine. Or it is OK to do such, because I am talented. Really biased viewpoint.

    And stop comparing with Ramos. Really? Ramos did not only get red cards, he did many other things also, at the top of the game. You are comparing only one aspect of the game that too a negative one.

  2. foyth played last night really well. Yes, as usual stupid game sense, through 1st yellow card was just for a soft faul…
    I think he needs regular playing time.. World cup nearly 1.5 years later.. And 1 year is enough
    for foyth to prove his quality

    • There are very few games where Foyth actually played bad. He usually have good stats in nearly every match if not great. That’s not the point here. All these stats don’t matter if he is prone to frequent silly mistakes as a defender. If he was a midfielder or a forward, the context would have been different. You can risk a inconsistent forward or a midfielder but not a defender. That’s tactical understanding 101. He needs to prove himself as a consistent no nonsense defender first like Garay was. No flashy skills or dribbling, just do the basic job of a defender. Obviously, Montiel and Molina are not the answers to our RB problem, not yet. They both have their limitations. But i would take both Montiel and Molina over Foyth any day of the week and twice on sunday based on current form, simply because they are less inconsistent compared to Foyth. Foyth needs to be consistent first. For me, It was never the question of him about being talented. Once, I was an admirer of him personally, maybe that’s why I’m disappointed in his lack of growth. So, i’ll be sceptical about him until he proves me wrong. I hope he proves me wrong one day.

  3. Kylian Mbappe will have a meeting with the PSG president today asking for a transfer to Real Madrid.

    Then PSG will want someone named Cristiano Ronaldo to replace Mbappe. Then eventually PSG will send Icardi to Juventus. It is crazy if this is happening.

    Messi-CR7 together? CR7 is super selfish, I am not sure if I like this news. He will want most of the PK and FK and he will want to show that he is better than Messi by being selfish.

  4. Foyth is a fantastic player. Red card is not a big deal. Many legends have seen red card. Ramos is one of the best defenders yet he has seen numerous red cards. Even Maradona and messi have seen red cards. There is time for wc he will improve atleast he is playing constantly in a top league against some of the best players

    • This is a really poor comment. Horrible comparisons. Its not about Foyth’s talent, its his poor decision making and his head is wrong. He is not a kid anymore so enough is enough.

  5. It was a simple foul for second yellow. It looks like no one have watched the game. Those who are harsh on Foyth must have not seen Otamendi and Montiel’s foul in Copa Final rules are hard in La liga.Even Foyth got good ratings 7+ in

  6. Calamity Foyth should not be called up because as it is painfully obvious to most (with one stubborn exception) that he is extremely error prone and also not even a proper fullback.

      • WC Qualifier roster going to be 30 players I think Scaloni will choose almost everyone deserving. What logic In Copa final brutal fouls were happening compare to those it looks like simple foul. Do not be result oriented go for objectivity.

  7. I see the reasons why Scaloni did not take Foyth to Copa. No matter how much you hate Scaloni, he does things right in his way and won us a Trophy in almost 3 decades.
    I have no complains as long as he gives us victories. Whether it is Icardi or Alario, I dont care anymore, I want victory.

  8. Expecting some nonsensical backing for Foyth from @Kevin. Anyways, it’s really hurting to see a talent albeit inconsistent like him going to waste like this. I hope, he proves us wrong in the coming days.

        • Rahman Sevilla move completely changed Acuna and at that time Acuna played as midfielder in Argentina team it seems you are always less in knowledge.No. 9 is for finishing and Argentina definitely have better finishers than Lautaro.Lautaro should be substitute for now but he has great future with Argentina no doubt.

          • There is a fundamental aspect in writing in scientific journals, which also applies to basic communications. That is: “don’t say, prove it”.

            You, the Kevin aka Kavi consistently proving yourself in this forum as someone who is stubborn, lacks rationality, doesn’t accepts alternative explanations and have a lack of respect to other’s opinion.

            Don’t claim that I have a lack of knowledge, rather I welcome you proving it with sane argument.

  9. Foyth has been on an unbelievable streak of mistakes, last two games for Argentina mistakes, two red cards in a couple of weeks, the decision making mistake against Chelsea, and know knows the other pre season games. Literally game by game

  10. I’ve said it many times Juan Foyth is a poor man version of David Luiz. He is in the ranks of Fabricio Coloccini.

    And why do people rate him? Because of one stupid step over against Countinho. In the same game, he stops playing defense and allows a goal.

    Some are saying he should be RB, yet he is too slow even as a CB. I do hope he turns things around, but how many times does a person have to show you who he is until you accept it for what it is?

  11. River Plate used to have a promising goalie names Franco Costanzo. He was one of the players who either made spectacular saves or dumb errors. There is nothing in between.

    Juan Foyth is the same.

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