16 years since Lionel Messi made his Argentina debut


On this day in 2005, Lionel Messi made his debut with Argentina in a friendly match vs. Hungary. Leo was substituted on during the second half replacing Lisandro López and got red-carded just 47 seconds after entering the pitch.

It was definitely not the best start for Lionel Messi with the senior national team. After a brilliant U-20 World Cup, where he ended up lifting the trophy with Argentina, coach José Pekerman included him in the list to play a friendly match against the Europeans. It was an 18-year-old Messi, wearing the No. 18, who unintentionally fouled a Hungarian player while running with the ball, which sent the Argentine off the field.

In the image below, we can see the current Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni arguing with the referee Markus Merk, who showed Lionel Messi the red card.

Lionel Messi would go on to become the most capped player ever for the Argentina national team and 15 years 11 months after his debut, Messi would lift Argentina’s first trophy in 28 years.


  1. It is NOT confirmed yet. They say Scaloni will give the list today. But all the sites say the same thing that Scaloni will call 30 players. 27 of them would be all the Copa America heroes but Sergio Aguero (injured).

    The new 3 additions are: Juan Foyth, Lucas Alario, and Mauro Icardi.

    We will see the final list in the upcoming hours. But I don’t see the names of Senesi, Buendia and Dybala in all the sites.

  2. Pezzella used to be really good at Betis in his first spell. To be honest I did not see that coming at all, his return that is. La Liga is a better league, Seville a fantastic city and Manuel Pellegrini a good manager.

    After a good start in Fiorentina, his form kind of stagnated lately. I hope we see the best version of him in Spain.

    Also, having so many Argentines in the same city is amazing. Surely many asados will follow even though all of his NT mates play for a rival club.

  3. Fabrizio Romano
    Germán Pezzella joins Betis from Fiorentina, done deal and comeback now confirmed. Agreement on a four-years contract, Diego Godín has never been an option for Betis. White circleGreen circle #Betis

    Fiorentina will sign Matija Nastasic as new centre back, as per
    . He joins from Schalke

  4. Dani Alves still in Brazilian squad he is aging like a fine red wine. He could have been in Copa too but I think he was injured. Lucas Moura also deserves Brazilian jersey.
    Waiting patiently for Argentina squad. Brazil vs Argentina will be great match. Argentina have chance to be on top of table

  5. Guys on a different note, really wanted to know about Marcos Sensei. People who have watched him play a lot, can you please tell me how much do you rate him. I only saw him against Athletico Madrid a week ago in a friendly where Feynoord won. He played really well and also had a very good assist. He is tall, young and his passing also seemed good. Why is no club showing intsrest? I am very excited for a Romero, Sensei, Ota and Licha defence in the wc squad.

    • Senesi is good, real good, excellent at reading the game, strong in the air and is very, VERY good on and with the ball. His one weakness (as far as I can tell) is his pace or lack thereof, but that’s not an issue if he plays in a deep back 4.
      In saying that, he needs to move out of Holland and into a better league where he can prove himself.
      As for why aren’t the big clubs going for him, well we don’t know that they aren’t, they were rumors just last month that Real, Barca, Napoli and Roma were all considering/monitoring him, so just because we haven’t heard any concrete transfer rumors about him doesn’t mean that teams aren’t considering him.

  6. The picture above is funny as hell, the coach was the teammate 16 years ago.
    Long-haired Messi seems like just yesterday.
    Quick story, a good friend of mine is a die-hard Christina fan and as expected we always argued about the two….Messi never won anything for ARG……blah blah…etc only to tell me that he was “HAPPY FOR MESSi” for winning COPA and I said WHAT?? and today he tells me how excited he is to watch Messi play for PSG, more so than me…….all these haters are LEO fans but never want to admit it.

    • So true. We used to see lot of people using argument that Ronaldo won with country against Messi even though deep down they know Messi is better. After COPA and how much Messi dominated that tournament, they are gone quiet. However hardcore Ronaldo fans still use claim against Messi in UCL chocking(but it was barca chocking) but they know it is matter of time Messi win couples of ballon dor. They are also scared that motivated Messi and Argentina team might win World cup. I cant wait what Messi might do with PSG and relaxed Argentina version. I think PSG will win UCL because of squad and Messi bring calmness on Neymar and it might motivate Mbapphe to finally perform well in UCL game.

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