Inter CEO confirms that Lautaro Martinez will remain at Inter


Lautaro Martinez has been linked with a move away to Inter but the club’s CEO confirmed that he won’t be going anywhere.

Martinez is presently out injured as he missed Inter’s opening match of the season but his name still made the news. Being linked with a possible move to Tottenham and even Arsenal, Lautaro’s future seemed uncertain for a few days. However, Inter CEO Marotta stated that he will remain at the club. Speaking with DAZN, here’s what he had to say:

“Lautaro Martinez has decided to stay at Inter, he strongly wants to stay also with many clubs approaching us with official bids to sign Lautaro. We’re so proud.”

Still only 23 years old, Lautaro has already won Serie A with Inter and lifted the Copa America trophy with Argentina last month.


  1. Lautaro,Alario & Icard injured? We have more depth than any other national team.


    A.Correa\Gonzalez -Messi\Dybala-Dimaria\Dybala\Messi

  2. All Copa America players form after Copa America:

    1. Emi Martinez: starter, OK form (2 games)
    2. Armani: starter, poor form (6 games)
    3. Musso: starter, excellent debut (1 game)
    4. Marchesin: DNP, injured
    5. Molina: starter, OK form (1 game)
    6. Montiel: starter, good form (4 games)
    7. Otamendi: starter, excellent form (4 games)
    8. Romero: rotation, a bit injured (2 games)
    9. LM Quarta: DNP (still a bench player even after Pezzella leaves)
    10. Licha Martinez: starter, good form (3 games)
    11. German Pezzella: DNP
    12. Acuna: starter, good form (1 game)
    13. Tagliafico: a red card, poor form (1 game)
    14. Guido Rodriguez: DNP
    15. Paredes: DNP
    16. Lo Celso: subs, OK form (3 games)
    17. Palacios: starter, good form (2 games)
    18. De Paul: starter, good form (2 games)
    19. Nico Dominguez: starter, good form (1 game)
    20. Di Maria: sub, excellent form (1 game)
    21. Nico Gonzales: starter, good form (2 games)
    22. Papu Gomez: sub, OK form (1 game)
    23. Messi: DNP
    24. Lautaro: DNP
    25. Angel Correa: starter, on fire (3 games)
    26. J. Correa: DNP
    27. S. Aguero: DNP, injured
    28. J. Alvarez: starter, OK form (5 games)

  3. Dybala was on fire today… Christiana got a yellow card for scoring an off side goal.. the way he celebrated I thought he won the scuddeto 😂

      • With all the injuries , this is our best lineup.

        • ————-Messi———-

          i wish this could work. A Correa more in form than Nico for past few seasons but Mamoun gave a nice breakdown recently and isn’t fan of A Correa at LW.

          Mr Ebo or other ATL supporters, does A Correa ever play LW?? I always see him SS, RW, and RM.

          • Angel Correa actually prefers central position and hates to play on the right wing. Since he is equally good with both feet he is perfectly equipped to play in the left flank!

        • You’re right Chori, A.Correa on the left is a BIG NO for me. He simply can’t play on the left and watch the games against Brazil and Germany in 2019 if don’t believe me.

          [Mr Ebo or other ATL supporters, does A Correa ever play LW?? I always see him SS, RW, and RM.]

          Chori, while I’m not an Atletico fan, I do watch their games regularly and I can honestly say that I’ve seen Angel play on the left maybe ONCE in the last 3 years! Correa playing left is about as rare as peace in the middle-east.

    • Nico – Dybala – Messi

      GLC – Pardes – GLC


      Dybala – Messi

      GLC – Paredes – RDP – Correa

      Acuna – CB – CB – RB (acuan needs to create width for GLC and Dybala)

      For ADM, i love him and want him to start EVERY GAME. Hes obviously our top attacker but he has bad luck with injuries so tread carefully with giving him too much time.

    • Correa has a chance to have a breakthrough year this year. The key is Atletico should not buy any new striker this window. They have been linked to the likes of Dusan and Cunha. Hope both won’t go to Atletico. Simeone now must see that Correa is the answer for their long term.

      Suarez getting older and Correa getting Simeone trust more than ever. Hope it is more than just a couple of games.

    • Goal made in Argentina. This is exactly why I want our players together in clubs, so that they understand each other and make runs. De Paul also fed another great through ball to correa later. They seem to understand each other well

      • And this is the reason why I am praying that Lautaro goes to either Tottenham (GLC and Romero) or Atletico (Correa, DePaul and a future Simeone)

  4. Cristian Romero missed out today, is he ok and will he be back soon?

    Yeah, hopefully. When he finished the game in Pacos he was ok but yesterday in the training session he didn’t feel totally comfortable, so we decided not to bring him. He’s getting treatment now and I think he’s going to be better soon.

    Nuno Santo quote

    • we have to wait a bit to really compare i think. under russo earlier he was suffering because in russo’s style of defensive play he was really isolated, no service, really a striker completely alone. battaglia yesterday show some courage and had wingers briasco and pavon split very wide offering opportunities for him in the middle and now he can start to show something.

  5. I watched Hotspur and Wolves full 90 minutes. Cuti Romero did not play as he is exhausted after playing 90 minutes 3 days ago.

    Lo Celso who is also trying to get back to match fitness, came as a sub and played the last 25 minutes when the Hotspur already led 1-0 and was attacked thoroughly by the Wolves. Lo Celso performance was a bit better than his performance 3 days ago. Defensively he was at the right place and offensively, his CK was dangerous. He played as MRC (Rodrigo De Paul’s position in Copa America).

    However, it is not good news for Lo Celso as Hotspur midfield trio looks solid 2 games in a row: Skipp (DM like Guido Rodriguez), the all Euro cup team of the tournament Hojbjerg (a bit like De Paul but more defensive minded), and Dele Ali (rediscover his form under Nuno).

    Lo Celso was back to the training camp where the 3 above already played together in a couple of friendlies before Lo Celso arrived. It is not good news because Hotspur is also close to signing Senegalese Metz 18 year old wonderkid Pepe Sarr who also plays as a midfielder center. In other words, if Sarr won’t be loaned out to Metz, Lo Celso will have to compete with 4 other midfielders for 3 starting spots: Hojbjerg (key player), Skipp, Ali, and Sarr. Another world class Hotspur have, Ndombele will be out for sure.

    The best scenario is he will eventually win the starting spot. At worst, Lo Celso will be a rotation player.

    • Not to sound negative but Lo-celso so far has failed to adapt to EPL and Spurs style of play. Locelso is more effective when played closer to the goal and is as good of a finisher as any foward in Spurs. But he has failed to impress when played in deep midfield not only for Spurs or PSG but for Argentina too. Yes, he has had flashes of brilliance once in a while but if you look at the overall performance he has failed to impress as a Centre mid. If Palacios manages to impress Scaloni this season then he will be a better fit for the deep lying CM role for the national team than GLC. Our teams needs someone like Modric who is a complete CM and Locelso’s defensive and ball holding skills are inferior to play that role and I believe if Palacios can contribute a little more in attacking area then he can play that Modric role better for us.

      • Actually when I watched the game, I was amazed at Dele Ali. This guy can’t dribble, mediocre at shooting, very average when passing the ball either short pass or long pass but this guy is a crazy box to box midifielder.

        I mean he was there to defend ALWAYS and he was there to attack ALWAYS. He was their extra center back or an extra left back or an extra attacking midfielder or an extra striker altogether in one player.

        We have a couple of box to box midfielder like Lo Celso, Palacios, or De Paul (hybrid). But none of our midfielder have the work rate of him. He really IS genuinely a box to box. He was seen in each box for 90 minutes either his own box or his enemy box.

        The last player we had like that I could think of was Sorin, but Sorin was a left back. We never had a midfielder like that.

      • I disagree with that assessment, I think Lo Celso’s issue has been fitness, if he just stays fit for a while, then we can see his true potential in the CM role. While it is true that he’s better closer to goal, I think even as a CM he’s just fine.

      • Lo Celso is ball carrier he likes to take the ball from deep and make final third pass in penalty box. He is playing good for spurs he has good link up in midfield. As a midfielder he is good.

    • I think his new coach plays defensive football and usually put 1 defensive and 2 box to box plus 2 fast wingers, in a 433. He prefers to have powerful midfielders. As I said before, it’ll become challenging for Lo Celso with the new coach. The remaining transfer window still have 10d to go. If an offer arrives, he shouldn’t hesitate

    • Lo celso just needs to be fit…he is the best midfielder at spurs. That dele alli is shit, good for nothing and an above average player at best. You are saying dele alli box to box? Seriously?
      Skipp is a kid with some stamina, nothing else and hojberg is a warrior but without having any quality with the ball. As for ndombele he has some skills but is very inconsistent.
      Lo celso is a gem, he just needs to be fit.

  6. Good, I don’t want to see too many starters. Our players need time to develop. Inter and Italy in general is a great hub for Argentines.

    Tottenham is promising but PL is much too competitive and I’m afraid our players will suffer same fate as Di Maria or Romero at PL.

    Inter is the place for him to cement himself as a future world class striker. If he can win Serie A that will be a huge accomplishment.

    • Is the atlanta united move going to happen in january or is it entirely scuttled. Jus hoping some laliga or serie a clubs does a last minute surprise purchase of almada in next 1 week transfer window.

      • what i heard is that his work visa could not be guaranteed in time for USA so he did not actually sign the paper, but will do so for january. i really hope now that heinze is gone that boy changes his mind or someone else comes in between now and then.

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