Erik Lamela scores in injury time for Sevilla in 1-0 win vs. Getafe


Erik Lamela was brought on as a substitute and scored in injury time for Sevilla to give them the 1-0 win vs. Getafe.

Lamela is joint top scorer in La Liga as he leads the Pichichi race. Now on three goals in two matches since joining Sevilla, Lamela has been the ultimate super sub since joining the club.

With the score at 0-0, it was a counter attack in injury time as Rafa Mir’s effort hit the post but the Argentine was there for the rebound as he scored to give Sevilla the three points.

Marcos Acuna and Alejandro Papu Gomez, who have both been selected for the Argentina national team, started the match. Gonzalo Montiel was an unused substitute.


  1. Calls to include Lamela a bit premature to sat the least, especially at the expense of Palacios and Nico Dominguez. Lamela has to stay fit for a while first. I like the guy but his injury record is atrocious.

  2. Nehuen perez having medical at udenise this morning. I hope this loan works out for him , such talant Diego Simeone still highly rated him. Atlético has a lot of non Eu players thier squad. that’s the reason N. Perez have to go out on loan.

  3. To put his squad – it took ages for Scaloni to officially announce..Not sure why he called Lautoro Martinez..when he is not fit…we have so many options in front…

  4. Except Armani , the squad looks good. I guess 4GKs is Scaloni’ s plan to slowly outphase Armani. By Doha , i guess he will be out especially considering his club form also very average now. If Lautaro is injured , then we dont have a CF. All our attackers are more of secondary strikers or wingers. Will be interesting to see how Scaloni plans if Lautaro is out.

  5. If he is fit he should be in squad ahead of Dominguez & even Palacios. Lamela always has the ability to make a cameo impact. Imagine if GLC is having a bad day . I hope he gets few chances in coming days with NT.

    • Who lamela, should be ahead of dominguez and palacios? Really, Well firstly dominguez and palacios are part of the process, still very young. Secondly palacios played very well last two bundesliga games for Leverkusen He look completely different very sharp, dynamic. I don’t think we have same profile player in our squad
      As palacios , Dominguez started last two games for his club too and played good. Thirdly because lamela scored three tapping goals it doesn’t mean he has right to be call up for arg nt squad
      Lamela has nothing to offer for the nt.
      This guy has been hyping since 2011

    • Sorry amit but I have to STRONGLY disagree with you there, Palacios and Dominguez aren’t world beaters (yet) but they’re both talented young central midfielders who can defend, create and (in Dominguez’s case) attack. While Coco, well as I said several times before, he hasn’t shown that he can stay fit for prolonged periods since….I don’t know….maybe 5 or 6 years ago and until he does, calling him would be a waste of space right now.

      • Agree on his fitness records Mamoun. But frankly Palacios & Dominguez also are not having the greatest fitness records. Palacios missed Copa 19 & was on verge of missing Copa 21 by injuries.
        All I am saying is Coco should be in radar & if he is fit he should atleast get some chances. His attacking quotient is naturally better than Palacios & Dominguez. While he is not a CM , he has shown to be versatile to play multiple midfield spots & can be a handy sub & most importantly an impactful sub. When we have 6-7 games in next 3 months , giving an inform Lamela a chance may end up being a good move. Needless to say he needs to be fit

  6. So many wasted chances and opportunities, past, current, but I hope NOT for the future for some of these players.

    Lamela has been around for a LONG time (29 years old), showed flashes here and there and nobody can deny his abilities but taking one’s chances is a MUST in this business or its oblivion until retirement.
    Dybala, Correa and Icardi still have time to prove themselves but don’t take too long.
    I remember the first game Dybala played for ARG, qualifier vs Uruguay where he got ejected ……when was that? 2017 or was its early 2018 and then he scores in Copa 2019 and that’s that.

  7. I’m really happy for Coco, but I advice caution from all of you, the 2 seasons before last at Spurs he started out the season explosively and then fizzled out after 5 games or so with his never ending injuries. For now Argentina has Angel Correa and Dimaria not to mention Buendia on the right side of the attack and I see no reason why Lamela should come ahead of any of them. If and I mean IF he manages to stay fit for atleast half the season (really doubt it) then Scaloni should consider giving him a chance.

    • > For now Argentina has Angel Correa and Dimaria not to mention Buendia on the right side

      I’m not sure right wingers are Lamelas competition.

      He’s more B2B, going against RDP, GLC, Palacios, and Dominguez.

      • Quote:
        [He’s more B2B, going against RDP, GLC, Palacios, and Dominguez.]

        Since when Chori? Coco has never played b-2-b, atleast not officially, even though his constant running, hustling and defending when he’s playing RW does give the impression that he’s a b-2-b type.
        Attacking and defending doesn’t mean a player can be an effective b-2-b, what’s really important is knowing when to attack and when to defend and that requires a high footballing IQ. Now I’m not saying that Coco can’t play b-2-b but thus far we haven’t seen him do so, hence the jury is still out.

        Coco’s baseline position was enganche but when he came to Spurs he had to play RW because Erikson already occupied the no.10 position.
        Tell you what though, Coco played really well as a LFW (copa cent) so perhaps he can give Ocampos, N.Gonzalez and Papu some stiff competition on the left side but again, all that depends on whether Coco can stay fit or not.

        • At spurs though he was often subbed on for attacking midfielders GLC and Dele Alli. maybe i mixed up the B2B terminology but i do not see him as winger in the mold of Nico, ADM, or Ocampos. He doesn’t have the pace and i don’t see him hugging the defensive lines making runs in behind. I did see him often hassling everyone roaming the center or right side midfield and he constantly kissed both outer penalty boxes. The guy is freaking everywhere so yes, i did get the impression that he’s more a midfiler.. box 2 box type.
          For the NT, i see him as a sub for GLC or RPD (unless he proves to be better), which means competing against Palacios and Dominguez.

  8. Good for Eric Lamela, he suits with Sevilla style and teammates, definitely will get more chance of playing time, stay focus and healthy, no doubt if he keeps his shape, the N/T door will be open wider. Keep consistent!

  9. What did I tell you? This is my guy!
    Who scored an amazing goal against Germany after WC 2014 in a friendly?
    Who kept scoring goals in limited minutes during Copa 2016?
    Who assisted Icardi’s only goal at a time when no midfielder was servicing our strikers?

    I’ve been saying that a player with technical skills, speed, and tenacity like him should always be in NT. If Pastore wasn’t slow and contributed defensively, he too should be in the squad (except too injury prone). The quality and skills these two possess are rare.

    Lamela should have left England 4-6 years ago. He was supposed to be “Totti’s heir”.

  10. Lamela is a complete midfielder, he can attack, assist,score ,track back and defend. If he manages to stay injury free then he will force his way back into the team. Numerous, technically gifted South American players have had average success in EPL and Lamela is one of them. Best time to move out of EPL was 3 years ago next best time was this year and this move has come for him in perfect time.

  11. If Lamela keeps his form, he can be called up.
    For me these AM/wingers are uuntouchable: Messi, Di Maria, Angel Correa, Papu Gomez, Nico Gonzales. Julian Alvarez? He made the final 28 squad but the WC only will have 23 squad. He won’t make it as of now.

    Joaquin Correa is not untouchable to me, so if Lamela keeps performing good then it is J Correa or him.

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