Gio Lo Celso scores for Tottenham in 3-0 win vs. Pacos de Ferreira


Gio Lo Celso scored for Tottenham in their 3-0 win vs. Pacos de Feirreira.

In a UEFA Europa Conference League match, both Cristian Romero and Gio Lo Celso started for Tottenham in their win. Romero played a long cross in from deep to Harry Kane early in the match which Kane nearly scored.

Lo Celso had a hand in the second goal as his flick inside the penalty area fell to Kane who scored.

The Argentine would get his goal and a free kick at that. At a difficult angle, Lo Celso’s free kick beat the goalkeeper for the third of the match.


  1. C.Ronaldo is moving to City. His farewell to his team-mates was said to be rather emotionless because his only close friend at the club was the third choice goalkeeper, Carlo Pinsoglio. LOL. He doesn’t care he just want to keep challenging Messi that is why he has been so successful. Smart move, I must say. Pep also seems to be okay with signing Ronaldo as he knows overrated English players will not get him the champions league.

    Since both City and PSG are in the same group. French league and PSG are going to get more publicity and capital from their showdown against man city now!! Mbappe leaving PSG is best thing for Argentina this year after the COPA triumph. Icardi, Messi and Dimara regularly playing with eachother is nothing but blessing for us. It seems everything is falling in place !!

    • If Mbappe goes, Haaland comes…100% imo, qatarians dont need money. 170 mill. euros for Mbappe…they want to do something with that sum.
      “PSG are attempted to make a stunning last-minute swoop to replace Kylian Mbappe with the prolific Norwegian striker.

      This is according to Matt Law of The Telegraph, who claims PSG have sounded over Haaland’s agent, Mino Raiola, over the possibility of signing the 21-year-old.”

      • It might just be too late for signing Haaland this season. May be next season they will get him but Real might steal him from under PSG’s nose.

  2. Locelso is a great talent but he lacks consistency in Tottenham….but he had displayed amazing football consistently in Betis..
    Hope this is to be the Season of Locelso not of the overhyped Delle Alli

  3. Players like Mbappe,Cr7 will never be able to digest the fact that the little magician is far above the level they can never reach. No matter whichever club they play. Talentwise its impossible to match Messi. His transfer to PSG has created a havoc in worldwide. Which shown how much the world loves the wizard irrespective of how much PR works the other players do to make themselves mentioned in the same breath as Messi.Bring it on, lets see what Mbappe abd Cr7 can do.

    I for one likes Mbappe to be transfered to wherever he want. Otherwise he will feed on the Assists that Messi is gonna give in tones. If Mbappe leaves it opens the door for Icardi to feed on the assists and play along with Messi more which he havent done till now in his career constantly.It opens a deadly possiblity for us in the WC that Icardi, Messi, Di maria and Paredes play more together at the same time.

  4. So CR7 is that ambitious huh? He knows that this year Messi would get the Ballon d’or and next year is the World Cup, usually the best player of the WC winner will win the Ballon D’or (especially the WC will be held in December).

    CR7 is 36. He won’t win the next 2 Ballon D’or for sure. If he moves to City, at least on paper City look like the second or third best team after PSG and Madrid (with Mbappe). So he hopes somehow right before he retires, he could still win 1 more Ballon D’or.


    Harry Kane, Bryan Gil and Harry Winks all had fine games, but the Argentine was a constant threat with intelligent play bringing the best out of his team-mates.
    Starting off on the left of a three in midfield and then later on in a more central area, he attracted players towards him, waited for players to make potent runs and then slipped balls behind the Pacos line in a position to create dangerous opportunities.
    There is tremendous competition for a place in the three forward slots behind Kane but on this performance Lo Celso must have a chance of earning himself a starting berth.

    • even the English are sure that lo Celso was MOT… usually the say a English Player was MOT
      how can some of you say he is worse the average and has no talent. you are real fans of Argentina

    • Lo Celso was very good yesterday but am not sure if that is enough to win him the starting spot. Rotation player, yes for sure. Starting? Not sure as of now.

      The reason is Hotspur starting 3 in midfield have been playing more than average in 2 league games: Against City and Wolves. They are Hojbjerg-Skipp as double DM and Ali as box to box. Hojbjerg and Ali are almost certain to start. Hojbjerg is the Hotspur engine, playing like De Paul role for Argentina. Alli will give them an extra man both defensively and offensively and he usually ran 2 km more at least than other players. Against City I heard he ran 11+ km, the next player who ran as much as him ran around 8+ km.

      The one that Lo Celso can possibly challenge for the starting spot is Skipp, who last year played for Norwich along with Buendia. Skipp is Godriguez type of player. Lo Celso is more offensive minded than him. So it depends who the coach prefers.

      • Celso is more talented than both Skipp and Alli combined and that’s not an exaggeration, he will have absolutely ZERO problem displacing them both……ASSUMING he stays fit, which he hasn’t been for the entirety of last season and there in lies my problem with this s*** show of a club, they don’t take care of their players’ fitness and health, hence why Lamela, Foyth and Celso haven’t been able to stay fit for an entire season. Thank god Lautaro didn’t go there.

  6. So Haha Madrid is about to sign Mbappe, this would be a good move since Icardi can be their main foward now playing infront of Messi, Neymar and Angelito. They will not be lacking firepower. CR moving to City will also benifits Dybala who can finally become Juve vocal point.

    • This would be great news for our albiceleste boys, I truly hope that this is true because without Mbappe PSG could look like this:









      Which ever way you look it, those are deadly lineups and the last, all Argentine line up is very likely considering how often Neymar is injured (misses 50% of PSG matches).

      • Neymar will miss some games whenever his close friends or relatives has birthday party or things like that. I dont think Poch will start Messi, Icardi, ADM, Neymar at once, its top heavy and would be inbalance.

        You’ll probably only see 3 out of 4 of them starting at the same time in CL games especially at knockout stage. Veratti and Paredes probably starting and ADM as super sub. In ligue 1 , I could see those 4 starting at once against weaker sides to put some goal party.

  7. Btw CR7 is confirmed to leave Juventus. There is only one who is interested in him: City.

    PSG and City are in one group of CL.

    Hotspur look good this year. I am sure they will make it to top 4 especially they still plan to buy new players in the next 4 days.

    • Tottenham won’t make into top 4 this season . They were totally got dominated by wolves lucky to win that match wasn’t even a penalty. Top 4 will be City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

  8. Ayala on the possibility of calling up local as well as available players from other leagues amid the current WCQ situation: “It is a huge disadvantage to have to call players that maybe you never have had and you will only have them once.” That’s the exact same issue I was referring to in another thread. Hopefully, the situation will get resolved.

  9. According to ESPNArgentina AFA is setting up a charter plane in Madrid for all European players to fly to Venezuela. The federation is “confident” that the players will be flying out for the qualifiers despite the leagues’ non-compliance.

    • Strongly disagree with you, he is very talant and versatile player. Lo Celso’s problem is fitness he never had proper and full per season with spurs since he join them,

    • Disagree with EVERYTHING you just said, Celso is pure class, his close control is superb and the only thing he needs to improve is his fitness, if he can do that he’ll be a starter for sure because he is BY FAR S**tspurs’s best midfielder.

        • ?……….Honestly the link your provided doesn’t support any of your points, not to mention that passing (what seems to be) final judgement on a player based on a meaningless match is suspect analysis at best.
          The season is just starting, so I suggest we all just sit back and wait until half the season before we pass judgment on Giovanni, hopefully he’ll get a good run of games injury free, especially since he won’t be playing for Argentina in the coming 8 WCQ matches of this year.

    • Lo celso is best, if you want end result he is necessary. He distribute very well ball in midfield.He always make right pass. No doubt he will be undisputed starter in Argentina.

  10. Lo celso was man of the match, he was so impressive
    And main creative for spurs.
    If lo celso stay fit, I’m sure he will have very good season. He is way better than all spurs midfielders including dele ali, to me ali is way overrated can’t dribble can’t make forward and diagonal passes, can’t even tackle. contrary Lo celso is opposite to dele ali.

    Cuti Romero had good game too simply quality,
    Complete defender in modern game
    Good playing from the back, comfortable with the ball. Good Bring out , making forward passes, reading so well
    Making timing tackles good at 1v1 good at headers. hope he settles quick English game other wise they will murder him.

    • Don’t get me wrong paco de ferreira isn’t biggest test for Romero and spurs fans won’t judge based this game performance but a lot better than last week
      Put this way Romero and emi martinez give me massive hope that Argentina nt will compete biggest and best nations in the world, that is why I’m desperately want cuti Romero to be big success in EPL .

      • I hope Romero will show his huge qualities that he showed in Italy .. I wish he will be the best defender..ahead of two Manchester and Chelsea , liverpool defenders

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