Ligue 1 will release players for September’s international matches


Ligue 1 have announced that they will be releasing players for September’s international matches.

While the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A will not allow their players to travel for September’s matches, Ligue 1 have taken a different approach. This would mean that Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes would be allowed to travel for Argentina’s three World Cup qualifying matches.

The statement, which was released on Thursday, states that the league will also stand with the clubs in ensuring that the players return in the best conditions.


  1. With most of the players coming from Argentina local league (assuming even Messi, Di Maria and Paredes are finally prevented from joining the team), would Argentina be much different from Bolivia?

  2. Wait but I can’t find any link saying that Lique 1 release players for the WC qualifier. All I read is the opposite, they back up EPL, La Liga, and Serie A in blocking the players.

    Any credible source?

    • Oh maybe this one:

      Ligue 1 on Thursday criticised FIFA for extending the World Cup qualifying window, but stopped short of following the English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga and Italy’s Serie A, who have already prohibited clubs from releasing players.

      A Ligue 1 decision to challenge FIFA would be particularly onerous for Argentina and Brazil, who are counting on PSG to release stars Lionel Messi and Neymar for key CONMEBOL September and October matches.

  3. Leo balerdi and facunda medina are definitely option now in case likes Serie A and and la liga insist thier decisions even though I believe they will eventually allow. I’m not sure arogent, rich EPL will allow it. The main conflict is most teams complain three matches instead two because players will definitely miss one league game following weekend as the South America players will fly back Friday morning to Europe earliest.

  4. Finally, soon everyone will play in Lique 1 now. Paredes suspended is fine as it is only Venezuela. He is needed more against Brazil. I think it is safe to say that German and Portuguese league will also allow the players to join their national team. That means the 9 will remain.

  5. The league that one infamous character called a “farmers’ league” has more sense that others.

    Paredes is suspended for the first game anyway. Perhaps time for Ascacibar call-up? I hope the Dutch league also allows their players to leave. Licha Martinez call play as a DM too btw.

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