Cristian Romero, Leandro Paredes suspended for Argentina vs. Venezuela


Cristian Romero and Leandro Paredes are both suspended for Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Venezuela on Thursday.

The Copa America champions will be without both Romero and Paredes for their match on Thursday. Romero is suspended after getting a yellow card against Chile and a second against Colombia.

Paredes will also miss both matches due to suspension. He received a yellow card against Ecuador and the other, like Romero, was against Colombia. Both players would be available for the second World Cup qualifier against Brazil on Sunday.

During the Copa America, coach Lionel Scaloni used German Pezzella or Lucas Martinez Quarta in place of Romero while Guido Rodriguez replaced Paredes in midfield.


  1. Ansu Fati is given the no. 10 shirt. He is a good young promising player, but the responsibility that is put on his shoulders is HUUUUUUUUUGE. This Barca team is a joke and Messi was their sole saviour for the last few years. Let’s see what the time is holding for Koeman and his boys!

  2. Cant help not saying that the last time we beat Brazil thrice in a row is 1957 . 2 back to back wins as we head into Sao Paulo away game. #hattrick
    Tite’s 11 can be
    Dani alves – Marquinhos – Militao- Alex Sandro
    Casemiro – Bruno Guimaraes
    Everton – Pacqueta – Neymar
    While our squad looks clearly stronger on paper , one critical aspect is that Lautaro, DePaul, LoCelso, Otamendi, Pezella, Palacios, Tagli, Montiel can end up missing Superclassico if they pick a yellow against Venezuela.
    VARsil carries similar risk only with Marquinhos & Militao when they play Chile first

    • Tite’s Brazil still look very strong even without 9 of EPL based players. The reason is Brazil has equally strong back ups. I hope we can go full strength against them.

    • According to the experts Argentina had the best NT ever in their history in 1957. Beating Colombia 8-2, Chile 6-2 with elusive players like Angelillo, Maschio, Sivori and Corbatta.

      • yeah, they also thrashed Brazil in the final 3-0, the same Brazil (minus pele) that won the 1958 world cup with ease. Sadly Angelillo, Machio and Sivori couldn’t play in 1958 because they were playing in europe at the time, otherwise who knows what that team could’ve done.
        With all that being said I’d say the best Argentine teams were the ones in the 40s with Morino, Pedernerra, Labruna and the like. Those teams won 4 out of 5 copa americas and they were so good that initially Don Alfredo Distefano couldn’t even make the starting line up.

        • What you mention about the team of the forties is very interesting, in fact many people think that that Argentina could have won at least another world cup had it not been for the fact there was no world cup because of the world war. Such a shame! A very underrated fact in my opinion

          • No use in wondering what would’ve happened, but many critics and pundits consider River plate’s “la machina” total football team (it wasn’t the dutch who invented the concept) as Argnetina’s golden generation, not Maradona or Messi’s generation.

          • closing in on 100 Rahman LOL! Seriously though I’m still in my 30s but I do alot of reading (novels, comicbooks, manga, history and ofcourse medicine). I read plenty of fiction and non fiction novels and I’ve read 2 books about the albicelestes (and another about Diego) so I got to learn tons about Argentina and it’s NT’s history.

  3. With all my respect to Scaloni and the crew i Still must question and wonder when they will use Licha finally ? I mean it is great that Dibu and Cuti are now as very important players for Albiceleste, maybe even the most important, though offcourse the team has many very great players with very bright future ahead them and offcourse we Still all enjoy LEO ! But, my point is i remember how long it actually tooked for Emi to Replace Armani as i do understand that nobody can’t just walk in to starting eleven as there will be allways respect for elder players who have played for Albiceleste so many times and are Still playing good and can be fielded as starters, but not forever as year’s do pass on and time is allways running…so with all my respect to Otamendi, Pezzella as both were mostly great for the last Copa specially Otamendi, Still Argentina should allways try develop their current younger players who are allready as good as they are as for example Licha is ! So i do wonder sometime’s that why Still even Scaloni and the crew has done tremendous job so far, but Still it got them quite long before them started Dibu and it has taken them even more longer time to start Licha and start to see him as Cuti’s partner for CB ! Please, dont get me wrong as i do have not against any player, but i think we should allways try utilize our best players as the best way as possible, which is giving them more time to play on the pitch !

    • I agree with you. But I feel, Scaloni wants to secure a place to Qatar first.. If we get 7 or 9 points in the upcoming 3 matches.. we will be quite comfortable. I blv we will see more of Licha after that

      • Yes, i do understand your point which is very correct indeed as i truly hope we will get those needed points…! Maybe, some friendliess will hopefully come even Covid all over the place it might be difficult thing arrange them…? Anyhow all the best and stay as healthy as u can and let’s get those needed points for Argentina and also some more them to Qualify to the WC as first SA nation and then even if those friendliess won’t be able to arrange then at least Argentina/Scaloni and the crew might get an chance to experiment a bit in the last WCQ’s as if we have qualified allready before the last game’sand offcourse integrate Licha to first eleven if he stays fit and on form offcourse…

        • Licha has to wait for his turn of the Devine touch (as amit once mentioned) to get to the starting eleven, just the likes of Emi and Cuti. Scaloni is not a bold coach, he is cautious.

  4. Koeman is a joke. Barca is now after mediocrity. When you have Aguero and Braithwaite why go for De Jong? He was never a good striker. The only reason is he is dutch. Imagine from Neymar-Suarez-Messi to Depay-De Jong-Braithwaite attack.

    Real is in financial problem too but they are making good moves. They bought Camavinga for 30 millions. They will get Mbappe for free next year and can use Mbappe money for Haland.

  5. Koaman making Barca mini Dutch. What the hell they will be doing with Luuk Jong!!!

    For Argentina, I would like to take half of yellow card thread players at a time on the pitch.

  6. Argentina probable team:
    Emi Martinez; Molina/Montiel; Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuna; Guido, De Paul, Lo Celso/Nico Gonzales; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro

    Source: TYC

    If Lo Celso then it is 4-3-3
    If Nico then it is 4-2-3-1 (Di maria right and Nico left winger)

    • I don’t know why Scaloni loves Pezzella so much. I really don’t think he is the best alternative option. Scaloni should search for more options in CB position.

    • Lo Celso/Gonzalez shouldn’t even be a question, Lo Celso is vital for the team, and if not Di Maria then it’d be great to see Dybala start

  7. With Griezmann gone, Barca will be even weaker and will have hard time making it to the top 4. However, Aguero will now get enough time on the pitch, that is only if he can stay fit.

  8. Pple keep saying lich martinez is short as defender
    Really? Look Gary Medel he plays as defender most of the time and he is 1.71 height … let me tell you something lich martinez is fantastic defender
    Strong in the air , quick, good at 1v1, won most dual on the ground and we know how good he is on the ball .
    In my opinion he is good as cuti Romero
    Scaloni need to be brave and let him start a long with cuti.

    • Yes, spot on Godin as i’m a big Fan of Lisandro ” Licha ” Martinez and been waiting for so long for him to play beside Cuti !

      Godin11 August 31, 2021 At 7:35 pm
      Pple keep saying lich martinez is short as defender
      Really? Look Gary Medel he plays as defender most of the time and he is 1.71 height … let me tell you something lich martinez is fantastic defender
      Strong in the air , quick, good at 1v1, won most dual on the ground and we know how good he is on the ball .
      In my opinion he is good as cuti Romero
      Scaloni need to be brave and let him start a long with cuti.

      Well, as for now as Cuti is suspended for the game against Venezuela Scaloni should deffinetly use him as starter as u very well enxplained allready what he is really about as fantastic player as he is very inteligent and smart and also very technical and skillfull with the ball and has an eye for to pass the ball as i see this maybe one his best skills on the game as he has plenty of others too, but for his football IQ, well he could very well end up playing as even DM or central middfielder as that good he is allready and will just get better for sure !

      Best regards Ricky

  9. Rojo can be a good back up Otamendi and Romero. More over can play in Left back position. Scaloni can easily call him.
    Senesi is also a good alternative.

    • We must move on from all those players who will not make it to 2022 WC. Since 2014, Rojo has been on a downward spiral. We already have Pezzella who had a decent game against Madrid, he can easily fill in for Romero. My only concern is his pace, he is getting outrun by opposition quite frequently. Also, Foyth, Tagliafico and Licha can play CB. So Rojo, Enzo perez , Banega, Pavon, Lanzini shouldn’t even be considered for backup. We should also move on from Aguero who will need a miracle to make it to the 2022 WC and integrate Icardi into the team.

      • Pavon shouldn’t be on that list. He’s only 25. If he somehow lights up the stage, i see no issues including him.

        For Aguero, injury free and in form, 100% call. Couldn’t give 2 shits if hell be 34.

      • First of all Rojo is only 31 years of age and he can be used in different position. I personally don’t like Pezzella because he got enough chances in NT but could not show us any thing extra ordinary. Playing in La liga and NT is two different thing. Other players you mentioned i agree but Rojo is exceptional i believe and he is getting some game time Boca so. Scaloni should call him for backups. Even Senesi is better than Pezzella.

        • SulaV makes a good point though. It not like we’re talking about about Banega or Papu who were on fire into theirs 30s. Rojo on the other hands, headed downhill after the 2014. He had one great season at MU but really hasn’t done much. See El Mongol response below, he isn’t currently doing great either, at least not enough to bench the others.

      • Yes, Licha should be allready concerned ahead of Pezzella as for him my also concern is exactly the same as yours which is Pezzella’s pace

        And i think Tagliafigo is better as CB than LB as i think this he started or at least played in the Argentine Premier as CB before switching to LB as if i’m correct and remember right ?

        Though i can’t remember if he allready switched to LB before moving to Ajax or was it in Ajax that he turned out be or play as LB ?

        According to subs i totally agree with u as we should only look for subs from mostly younger generation’s as theese players u mentioned in your post are clearly passed their peak so Yes Icardi will give us an other option for goals and i’m sure there are and must Be younger options for sub’s as Rojo, Banega, Lanzini, Enzo Perez and Aguero too as he just can’t stay fit anymore and even how hood friend he is with Messi, well that is not a reason to call him up…

      • he’s been doing average to ok actually.
        but no reason to choose him over the guys already there. romero, otamendi, pezzella, quarta. maybe if there’s a massive emergency and you need a #5 and #6 etc. Even then it might be better to call Balerdi, Medina etc.

      • Llorrente is the right winger and will be under Simeon, his favourite player. Correa wil be only a rotation forward if old Suarez needs to rest, or Joao Felix is injured maybe Griezmann will be shit like in Barcelona. And im not sure even De Paul will be a starter this year.

        • If De Paul is in form he’ll start without a doubt, he’s their most expensive player this season, infact he’s the most expensive player in Spain this season!
          As for Correa, well don’t you worry about him, he’ll play plenty like he always has, starter or not.

          • Yes, De Paul will play for sure as A.Correa will too even Griezmann is back ! As A.Correa has been suberb and starting to really look close to his peak even i think he has Still plenty of more to offer and we will see him just getting better as also De Paul allready as very great player will deffinetly show that him too has plenty more to offer and also him will get even better than now, for sure ! Theese 2 players are very important for Albiceleste allready and will be even more in the future !

          • A Correa has been a great survivor. Every season fans think he will get sidelined in Atleti. But somehow he emerges strong. For sure he will be a key player for Simeone this season also. Wish to see more of his playing time in NT. He did well for the minimal minutes he got in Copa.

    • Unbelievable that they had to sign a brazilian cuhna and now griezzman when correa is having a breakout season. 5 strikers for two positions? I hope correa keeps getting minutes wherever it may be on the field

      • Correa ALWAYS got minutes, always! No matter who came and who went because he’s exactly the type of player that Simeone likes, fast, direct, skillful and full of grit and energy. Correa can play right forward in a 4-3-3, a support striker or a right midfielder in a 4-4-2 system. Believe me, it’s Greizman who has to step up, because if he plays like he did for Barca he’s gonna be warming the bench.

        • Yes, Correa is real piece of Gem ! And very important player for Cholo and prooving Cholo’s Mind at the moment with his suberb form, though i allways liked him since the beginning and saw that he will have great future ahead as he has clearly show’n that to the whole world allready before his current suberb form ! Cholo has played smart with A.Correa too even at somepoint there were rumours him leaving, well both Cholo and A.Correa did stay loyal to each other and that has clearly paid off very well, indeed !

  10. It looks like, Messi departure from barca not only because of their economical crisis. There is something else as they were trying to get felix from Athletico. Additionally, they sold some players too. What do you think guys???

  11. Nico Tagliafico is set to stay at Ajax. He will mot move to West Ham. Romano has just confirmed it. Not sure if it is good news since Ajax has not started him since his red card.

  12. Well on the bright side Romero and Paredes will be able to prepare and give their all for the Brazil match. But the amount of players that are on yellow cards is extremely concerning, especially considering the next match.

  13. This is quite a shock. Venezuela is definitely a very good team and without Romero the defence of Argentina is always shaky. And it’s a must win situation for us. But this news would keep the dressing room in worries. All eyes are now back to the same man Lionel Messi. If the Messi, Maria combination can work, then there are chances otherwise Scaloni has lot to worry about. I hope the team had come out of the Copa hangover. It’s a new day and a new match. Let’s see what gameplan is adopted by Scaloni.

    • my friend this is not ‘shocking news’ as such. This has been known since july. Since the day of last qualifier. its why scaloni keeps 30-35 players in his pocket even though you can seat only 23 on game day.

  14. Paredes and Cuti suspended

    These players carry one yellow and will be suspended if they receive another one:
    Tagliafico, Montiel, Otamendi, Pezzella, De Paul, Palacios, Lo Celso, Ocampos, LM Quarta, Nico Gonzales.

    De Paul, Otamendi, and Lo celso are crucial. They can’t get yellow or else they won’t play against Brazil.

    Against Brazil, all the key players should intentionally get yellow because it is better not to play against Bolivia at home than others.

  15. Everyone asking for Lisandro to play CB. Question: do you think he would be better as a DM due to his height? I personally like my CB above 6ft.

    I would like to see Senesi or Mammanna (when healthy and playing well) partner with Cuti Romero

    • This whole “Lisandro is short ergo he’s not good in the air” is a myth, Licha is very strong in the air, it’s a non issue. Also Licha should be a defender, ALWAYS, it’s his specialty and he’s a hell of a defender. He can be a LB in extreme situations but if any defender should play midfield it should be Quarta or maybe Foyth.

      • Exactly Mamoun, i agree with you 💯, lich martinez is hell of defender, he should be starting along with Romero, no disrespect I don’t rate otamendi especially age of 33,

        • Because of Otamendi Argentina defence in Copa was rock solid, Lusandro lacks physicality otherwise he is good.

          • I agree. As good as licha is, because of Paredes, one of the CB pair needs to be a pitbull general, which Otamendi is. Otamendi had an excellent copa (minus a stupid penalty) and a phenomenal final. He is still a starter. Licha is competing with pezella, and quarta for the 3rd cb spot.

      • Yes i don’t understand this so called Licha’s issue with his height as he is very good CB allready and will just get better and hopefully we will see that soon as time is running and Scaloni should give him some minutes for sure to boost his confidence and also i think he should partner Cuti as CB’s and specially now when Cuti is suspended against Venezuela i see Licha as must starter as this will be his game to shine and proove himself to all of those who are Still doubting him…as i do understand that Scaloni want’s to play safe, but at some point he must replace Otamendi too as for Pezzella his pace is allready way too slow…

  16. I want dybala to spice thingsnup this season
    Man 3-4 yeras ago football experts were saying he is the next superstar and in youtube people were comparing him with neymer, but the arrival of CR7 really affected him.
    He was also the best free-kicker and most free-kick goals after messi but later juve give CR thr free-kick duty as well
    Time for him to fire and be the superstar

  17. Venezuela is of the two worst teams in south America. All respect due to Bolivia and Venezuela. But if we play majority of our starters then we should win without much effort.
    I’m thinking of Sundays game vs Brazil. They want redemption and revenge. I pray that we beat them and with a good number of goals too.
    Also tagla to west ham would be good for him and for the national team. More competition in premier league, plus much more speed.

    • Yeah, Venezuela and Bolivia are the two weakest team but they are no walkovers. They can easily defeat us. As a matter of fact, any team can defeat any team in South America.

  18. If Argentina players can play 70-80% from their actual potential they can easily beat Venezuela. Scalony should not be too complacent with his selection because most of players not playing with their respective team after Copa due to extended vacation. He should select those players who has match fitness. I think Lisandro Martinez will be better option instead of Pazella. Though coaching staff knows better than us. Hope his selection will be alright.

    • Lot of people underrate Pezella he was good in Copa America and in La Liga he will become much better.C.Romero,Otamendi,Pezella should be order. Foyth can play both CB and RB. If Scaloni wants both Montiel and Mollina in his team Foyth is fourth CB.

      • @ Kavin We are not underrating any player. What I m saying is to play fit players. Definitely Pazella is a long serving player and playing in high level league for many more years than Lisandro, Foyth, L. Martinez. He has lots of experience. Hope you will understand.

      • Pezzella made the match-saving yellow card for us vs Colombia. If he didn’t make that foul in the final minutes of overtime, Colombia was through on goal.

    • Yes, Lisandro indeed is and should have allready got more playing time and as for now Cuti suspended Scaloni should look for those who are in good form as Lisandro, Molina and Quarta also had a good game last time for La Viola as Nico Gonzalez was just awesome !

    • What are you talking about!!! 70-80% this is Argentina … we don’t take it easy on people … we cut their throats wtf!!! When you relax is when you die … #madness

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