Possible Argentina eleven against Brazil, Franco Armani trains away from the group


The Argentina national team trained on Friday evening with some possible changes against Brazil as Franco Armani trained separately from the group.

Lionel Scaloni held a training session on Friday evening where Franco Armani did not train with the group. Armani was left out of the squad for Argentina’s 3-1 win vs. Venezuela due to a problem in his knee.

Those who took part in the match against Venezuela did not train as they were rested while the players who did not play in the win did train. Argentina’s eleven against Brazil will not be the same as the one which started on Thursday as Cristian Romero and Leandro Paredes are both back from suspension.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Romero is expected to start in place of Pezzella while in midfield it would be between Leandro Paredes and Guido Rodriguez. The other two spots would be between Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel on the right side. On the left it’s between Acuña and Tagliafico. Per the report, this is an early possible eleven for Sunday’s match:

Emiliano Martinez; Molina or Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña or Tagliafico; De Paul, Guido or Paredes, Lo Celso; Di Maria, Lautaro, Messi


  1. The back ups of the back ups:
    Julian Alvarez, LM Quarta, Buendia, Nico Dominguez, Armani not even on the bench.

    Molina is rested. Foyth is available on the bench.

  2. Well, i’ve seen Argentina playing great with counter attacking as well i seen Argentina playing very Attacking football, but it all depends ofcourse who is the opponent and how will they play as it also depends of what kind or type of players can be fielded on the pitch together as team.
    So first u need balance between of all the players playing in different position’s and second u need to choose an tactic which might have to be changed in several times during the game as in modern football the game can be so fast that u need allmost every player to run their ass off and by defending good as a unit and more importantly wisely too as u will end up most propably scoring if u do have quality amongst the attacking players in any team and thirdly offcourse u just can’t sit back and just defend an run after ball as u will not only get very tired, but u will end up falling step by step too much down to your own half and giving or basicly welcoming your opponent to walk in with ball to close to your box which will leave any team in trouble.

    I’ve seen that Argentina allways had the quality amongst their players as in fact there have been so many of great players from past until the very present and this not a comparable thing as football constantly changes and get’s more faster, though offcourse there are teams that will like TaKe out the tempo and slow the rhythm of the game by holding the ball which is as fine as good and wise defending with perhaps countering tactics.
    And as Argentina will be playing against young and hungry Brazilian team which did not impress me against Chileno’s as i think they should have got a point from that game and offcourse both teams were missing players asi think the brazilians even more…Argentina should be smart and play most importantly wisely against this Brazilian team that are after the revenge from the last Copa Final, though i Still think Argentina has better players amongst their ranks, but this does not guarentee anything at all, because,
    Well, anyhow this Argentina against Brazil is a different game as every game is different to an each other, though some team may look very much as the same if their coach keep’s on playing mostly the same way and with same players which is good thing to do if your tactic is working fine and your players are performing fine….

    I don’t Mind Argentina playing defenssive way with countering tactics as i also don’t Mind Argentina playing with the ball and trying to attack as if u really want to make sure that u will win the games, well u have to attack as to be able to score, but also at the same time u have also to know how defend with the ball or without as that u won’t loose the game.

    So teams that can trust their own players and count on them as unit will defend very well indeed as a unit as they will also attack very well as unit so for this the balance and the chemistry with players of any team is the most important thing as that can bring u a long way and if u have some real quality players as i think Argentina has allmost for every posession on the field well then it is just all about finding that right balance and offcourse also about how is your opponent playing, but if do u have got such balanced team with lot of quality players then as team they should play the way which suites them the best…

    Right now my only concern is our Right side and specially our RB who ever it will be he will need support from other player of the team and as Argentina have Messi on the field who also nowdays defends even more as he is very capable of doing that too as everything else, but Still Argentina should not count on that instead use very fast and dynamic players who can run and drible past the opponent as who can also run down and support his team by defending, but also they do need to pass the ball correctly and most importantly quick enough and play with high tempo as attacking and some times also keep hold of the ball, but not by passing slowly around the same area of the field as it will only end up by loosing the ball…

    I’m not an coach or even close to be one, but i seen many different coaches with Argentina starting with Menotti at 1978 which ended up very well indeed as 4 year’s later it did not work so then came Bilardo and took Arhentina with Diego offcourse as the key player, but with a team playing as unit too who had several great players at 1986 and also even most of the first team players were injured even before the whole WC at 1990 started in Italy, well Still Argentina ended in the Final against the German’s who basicly won as because of same reason that happened at 2014 with Sabella that most our players were injured and Still both times Argentina was very close to win the WC as unfortunatly it did happen ! Also 1994 and 1998 i have no complains about Argentina’s performance at those WC’s as for 2002, well with so many expectations it did not just worked out which was offcourse big dissapointment as was 2018.

    2006 we played very great football and with little bit of luck we could have won the German’s as we were clearly better than the German’s who have even admitted this by some their players as Philip Lahm for example and who knows what would have happened if this or that as they are in the past history book’s and also in mind’s of many as good and bad memories as every individual feel’s differently even everyone is fulll behind Argentina.

    So for me personally i have lot of respect for some coaches of Argentina even they did not bring us the WC like Menotti and Bilardo did as they could have and maybe should have won the WC with their great Argentine NT team’s in past history, but as it is past history and quite long time a go allready i will not compare them to this present time as i will only member them all with great respect exept for maybe Bauza and Sampaoli also i will not forgive Passarella leaving Redondo out as he did not agree to cut his hair or what ever was the reason behind not to select him as Diego also ignored Zanetti, but, because he is DIEGO I DEFFENETLY WILL NEVER EVER HAVE ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HIM ! well everyone make’s misstake’s and some they learn and some do not, but that is not my business…

    I think this present time Argentina has many great individuals again as we seen allready and main thing will allways lay on the coaching team as every coach know’s this and accept how it is and for so far i think Scaloni has deffinetly prooved a lot from Sampaoli and Bauza ! And he is deffinetly trying to find the right balance between the team and has allready got the team together as unit which is very important and did won us that last Copa even at Maracana!
    So the future will show us all if he can get the team to improve even more and find those few pieces of that great puzzle of that greatly balanced team which will be needed to win the WC and put them together.

    So i have nothing against Scaloni and specially his crew as they were all once my favourite players and very great players too !

    I do understand that he has an maybe deffensive way to play, but as far as we keep winning that is fine for me, but Argentina should never ever Park the bus as until so far i never seen this been the case as it will be a big humialition comparing to the quality of the players…

    I truly hope that this will never happen as it will not win Argentina anything more even in the game’s that Argentina is leading by goal or 2 Argentina should not never ever Park the bus as they clearly have been masters of defence for decade’s allready and with such attacking players with super quality allways on their ranks and in nowdays football the marginal of details are so much smaller than ever before and that is why it is so hard for any team to win a trophy !
    As there are other good teams too and every team and country is eventually getting better…as i truly hope to see Argentina to win the WC once more in my life time and i truly hope that to happen for Messi as he been so close it with Di Maria for example as i see him maybe with Otamendi the only remaining 3 from previous old guard if i may call it that way…with all my respect !

    • Maradona ignored our complete midfield only Mascherano was there, he ignored Zanetti (midfielder at that time in Inter), Cambiasso, Lucho Gonzalez, Gago, Banega, Riquelme (even Aimar and Dalessandro were in good forms back then) would be one of the most talented group without that idiot coach. And this moron sent our team to slaughterhouse against Germany with Maxi Rodriguez (not a midfielder)-Mascherano-Di Maria (not a midfielder) and with 3 strikers, ohh yes and without full backs with 4 pure CB’s, worst coach ever.

      • 2010 we have one of the most talented groups ever, probably even stronger than 2006, but all bad coaches, not just Maradona, Basile was horrible before that as well.

        Anyway, our legend passed away, we shouldn’t talk to him with strong words like that. Good coaches are rare, see how Messi suffered at Barca since 2015 till now.

  3. Brazil attacking on both sides, I think Scaloni should use Nico and Buendia on each side to start and avoid their fullbacks from attacking. And eventually Di Maria later in the game.

  4. This is a young Brazil team full of energy boosted by the success at Olympics. We should have a young starting line up too. Nico and not Di Maria. Di Maria can come later when Nico is exhausted. Or the Lautaro + Correa combination with Messi and Le Celso feeding them with passes. Anyday Acuna in place of Tagliafico. In the Copa Final we played with the mentality of a small team against a big one getting defensive with sporadic counter attack. Scaloni should plan to do a reverse this time as a surprise move.

    • No Argentina historically loses against Brazil when they play possession style. Brazil has a hard time against technical teams that play counter-attacking football. Argentina should play counter-attack and sporadically possess the ball.

      2006 WC France beat Brazil (Zidane master counter and possession when needed) | 2010 WC Netherland beat Brazil (counter & Sneider holding up play when needed) | 2014 WC Germany beat Brazil (Countered until the 2nd goal, then they had no mercy) | 2018 WC Belgium beat Brazil (DeBruyne & Lukaku counter and Hazard holding up play when needed)

      Brazil always beat Argentina with counter-attacks (2005 Confederations Cup; 2007 Copa; 2019 Copa, etc.)

      When we play counter-attack vs Brazil they are weaker because they attack with the wing and are vulnerable in the defense – mainly the left (Marcelo LB, Lodi, LB trying to help Neymar – in the past they had the great and fast Roberto Carlos).

      • Correct.
        Argentina’s obsession with possession, Biesla, Menotti was the reason for going 28 years without a trophy. I’ve been saying this for years. Bilardo knew it.

        Sabella finally bucked the trend which resulted in our best qualifying campaign and the world cup final. Scaloni took note.

        Why did Argentina persist with bad tactics so long? Hubris, politics, and Messi in Barca.

    • Dimaria is very effective against team that likes to attack. Even Messi looks average when playing against team with ultra defensive bus park strategy!!

      • Average LOL, parking the bus team is mainly Argentina against powerhouses with minimal support from the wide backs and midfielders to the attackers. WC 2014 knock out stages, Copa finals vs Chile , in Copa final vs Brazil, Argentina defended most of the times.

        • Well, actually with fantastic 4 all pretty much fully injured or at least mainly injured allredy the WC 2014 even started, though HIGUAIN did come back and was able to play as was not the case for AGUERO at all and i think because of HIGUAIN’s injury from which he did recover as he was able to play,but also MESSI was more less injured, though he Still could play, but not with his best as also the case for HIGUAIN and then DI MARIA GOT INJURED before the final and could not play, but Still we were better team than German’s was and also dominated and had most of the better chanches that no need to mention names could not put them past in to the German’s net ! So what i’m saying that with the best attacking team of the world as the fantastic 4 were before the WC they all got injured before the WC except DI MARIA just before FINAL, so SABELLA had no other choice than change the whole dynamic’s of that greatest attacking fantastic 4 team in the world to CONVERT IT as the BEST DEFENDING TEAM of the world ! And he did in a very short time as AGUERO clearly did hide how seriously he was injured and all this also lead SABELLA with no other choice than drop also BANEGA as i think he allready had found out that the times of that great FANTASTIC FOUR WERE OVER EVEN BEFORE THE WC AT 2014 EVEN STARTED ! So all the the credit’s to him as he did like a MIRACLE as he completly changed the most best and propably one the most greatest ever attacking team as FANTASTIC 4 to an ONE THE MOST BEST DEFENSSIVE TEAMS as he knew it was the only way to get MESSI and CO to the final WHICH ARGENTINA MOSTLY DOMINATED AND WERE CLEARLY THE BETTER TEAM WITH THE MOST BEST CHANCES CREATED TO SCORE, but it just did not happen or it was not enough as LAVEZZI was taken also of and SABELLA DID NOT HAVE ANYONE FIT OR CAPABLE TO FINISH THAT GAME AND WIN THAT WC FOR ARGENTINA LEFT ON THE BENCH AS IT WAS ALLREADY THE SECOND WEAKEST THING AFTER ALL THOSE OF FANTASTIC 4 WERE MORE OR LESS INJURED DURING AND EVEN BEFORE THE WC STARTED, PERIOD ! R.I.P SABELLA !

      • Brazil is the best team in the world defensively right now, so i dont know what are you talking about, 2 conceeded goals in 7 matches? There will be hardly spaces, and Scaloni will play ultra defensive and caoutious again.

        • Before going full Karen mode on me learn the difference between good defense and park the bus strategy. In 2014 , 2015 and 2016, all most all Argentina’s opponents parked the bus against us. We have always struggled against ultra defensive teams no matter how weak, example the Iran match. Even in the final we were attacking Germany until Sabella went nuts and substituted Lavezzi. Chile’s bus park strategy took both finals to tie breakers. The one game where we should have actually parked the bus was against France, especially after leading 2-1 , but our managers always find a way to screw up!!!

          Coming back to your Brazil has the best defense, Yes, no doubt Brazil has good defenders and midfielders that can defend . But they have played against two teams with good attack and struggled against both. Even against Chile they had hard time defending, it was Chile’s mediocre forwards that couldn’t capitalize. I never said Brazil will let our players run around freely, what I meant was Messi and ADM can play their natural game when the opposition team don’t sit back and defend the whole time.

  5. Honestly I am not worried if a great player like Di Maria has a (one) bad game because it is highly unlikely that he will have 2 bad games in a row.

    I am more worried if a mediocre player has a (one) great game because more likely he will have a shitty game next. Think about one great game of Meza, Pity Martinez, Lucas Pratto, etc and then what’s next?

    Because that is the difference between the word “great” and “mediocre”. The biggest difference is consistency.

    • Not very clear what you are trying to say…Pity Martinez was not given chances – while Angel has played tons of matches for Argentina….the whole midfield of River does not play- Pity, Nacho Fernandez and Palacios not a starter…Lanzini, Pastore, Lamela are frozen..Dybala, Icardi are not given chances..does it mean they are mediocre..

      The whole Copa America group stages victory was a counter attack with some individual brilliance..Scaloni with some blessing from sky changed De Paul to Central Midfield and that changed the dimensions..

    • Like Messi, ADM likes to dribble a lot and when these kind of players play against ultra defensive teams then they look mediocre due to tight spaces. Against Brazil both Messi and Dimaria will get plenty of spaces to display their natural game.

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