Argentina land in Brazil for World Cup qualifier, Lionel Messi seen limping


The Argentina national team has landed in Brazil and one of the videos captured Lionel Messi slightly limping.

It was a big 3-1 win for Argentina against Venezuela as they flew out to Brazil where it will be a repeat of the Copa America final on Sunday. Messi was seen walking with a limp following the dangerous tackle he received which saw Venezuela reduced to 10 men.

Per a report by TyC Sports, there would be a training session on Friday night which will likely see those who did not start or play against Venezuela taking part in the training.


  1. Well, Yes u are totally right about Lo Celso as he was clearly our best player until subbed off as also same for Rodrigo De Paul. Theese 2 players are very important players for Argentina ! Very happy for both Correa brother’s as it was their time to shine as they both are very good players and been at very at good form recently !
    I also do agree that playing against 10 man Venuzuela gave us big advantage as i would like to seen the whole game ending up with both teams having 11 players on the pitch and avoid that That horrible tackle against Messi !
    It was very brutal tackle and did reminded me of what happened to Diego against Atheletic when he was literally trying to been killed from Athletic players and offcourse Diego did not liked that and showed them what he was about as not only the greatest player of that time, but with Messi theese 2 are the greatest players of all time and that will allways remain like it is and it will be !
    Few things that i did not understand as once more i saw the weakness of Pezzella is that why he is on the field when we do have Lisandro Martinez as i was very disapointed not to even seen him on the bench, is he injured or what is the reason not having him on the bench and as by leading with 2 goals i would have imeadiatly put him on the field ! Clearly Acuna and Otamendi and also Molina were all much better than Pezzella and i think that even Foyth would have been better than him as i see him also player for the future, though he with Rulli have to get more confidence and i’m sure they will do it in Villarreal this year !
    Di Maria did not have the best game and hopefully against Brazil things will be different with him and hopefully his final touch on the ball will improve as he did got many touches to the ball enough to perform better, but his final touch was allways lacking quality and looked like his decission making also was lacking quality too…
    So against Brazil Argentina will need to defend more better and also the decissive thing will be our DM as Guido got some heavy knocks too and i’m not sur about Paredes current form so if Guido is fit to play i will hope him to start and be subbed to Paredes if necessary which most certainly will be thing done by Scaloni either way viceversus he will either start one of those 2 and sub the starter to the one who starts on the bench as Palacios been a very great player Still he is not really though a real DM…
    Papu was great as were the all other subs too specially the Correa brothers, but also Dybala, but with so many attacking players on the field Argentina’s middfield and defence looked quite vulnerable, luckily, though Argentina was playing with one man advantage and leading by 3-0 until the referee gave that penalty to with Papu’s ”fault” against Soteldo who indeed was playing great as his team was one man down and chasing by 3 goals so, well not that sure if it was really a worth for penalty, but nevermind as he finnished it with great Panenka and now we come to the most important thing that Argentina must concentrate more on their defence and if De Paul can play full 90 minutes and Nico Gonzalez will start as i was really disapointed not seen him even coming on as a sub, please do not get me wrong as i do not have anything against Papu,but Nico Gonzalez form have been awesome as been the case for Correa brothers who continued were they left from their great club form and most importantly Nico will run more than Papu and will be also better option to support Acuna against Brazil even lacking and missing so many players i would no consider it as easy game at all !
    So here is the problem for Scaloni as we need Lo Celso clearly as we do for Rodrigo De Paul as we need also either Guido or Paredes to start and play as long as they can !
    So as i said before i see Nico Gonzalez as very important player against Brazil so who does Scaloni play and if he hopefully will start Lo Celso, De Paul, Guido/Paredes and Nico Gonzalez then he would have TaKe Di Maria off and bench him and use him as a sub as i would do… Lautaro clearly have to start and Correa brothers are very usefull subs as they could easily start the game too for me as i rank their quality very high, though A.Correa i see even more important player as he can defend better than his brother who has a lethal finishing touch as does Lautaro too as he has scored now 15 out 30 game’s so basicly every second game and he is very good at pressing and keep’s working hard and run’s lime hell also he is important player to defend off the corners of the opponent as he can clear the ball withnhis head very well !

    So i would start Dibu offcourse and not sure about RB as i see it very Open battle with Molina and Montiel, maybe i would continue with Molina as Montiel has not played much after that famous Copa final ! Or i would TaKe the risk with starting Foyth as RB, which i know it sounds risky, but it might just work out…
    Cuti is clear as the purest water and Lisandro should partner him, but it would be Otamendi and Pezzella will come on before Lisandro if necessary, as i truly hope not will be the case !
    Acuna has no competition at all from any of the current players selected so no need to talk about his quality which is so obvious for Argentina and even mote for Sevilla as they use him there as their player who creates allmost every single attack !
    I allready talked about how i feel about the rest up front as i would only, but Dybala in to Messi’s place if Messi can’t play because of that bloody brutal tackle against him !
    So De Paul, Lo Celso, Guido/Paredes and Nico Gonzalez ahead of Di Maria this time as Di Maria can start against Bolivia with front the Argentine fan’s !

  2. 3 points was key, there was clearly rust on the team but they did their job. This team is clearly super united as you can tell by players ignoring their clubs in order to be together, That’s huge! Scaloni even for his lack of experience is a players coach and the fact that he has used almost every player on the bench speaks volumes about the teams adaptability. My only concern is that DiMaria should go back to the bench and should be used as a super sub as that has been where he has excelled. Scaloni was using him the right way I hope he realizes that one great game in the final doesn’t change that Fideo is best off of the bench. The players are happy and have all clearly boarded La Scaloneta as have I…Dale Argentina

  3. OptaJoao
    17 – Argentina had 17 shots against Venezuela, becoming the team with most shots in the current South American WC Qualifiers: 100 in seven games (avg. 14.3). Firepower.

  4. Brazil would be a difficult contender for various reasons. The match with Chile showed that even the video helping the VAR is a Brazilian. The Brazil side is very talented. Their next gen is ready. They have proved that by winning the Olympic Gold. The team would be hungry for revenge. Messi avoided a serious injury today. But he might be in pain which might prevent him from giving his best on the match day. Di Maria seems to be out of his best possible self. He should have scored today instead of giving a shabby pass to Martinez. Similarly he should have scored instead of trying to pass a bouncing ball to Messi and land up giving it away to the Venezuela goalie. Frankly, other than Lo Celso and De Paul, nobody impressed today before the red card incident. To me the man of the match was Soteldo. Every time he came closer to our box he was a danger. Replace Soteldo by a far more talented Neimar and it would be a real threat for the team. Scaloni is quite limited in terms of his strategies when the opponent starts playing well. Venezuela proved that once again today.

  5. I could have sworn for the whole week that the Brazil game was going to be tomorrow (Saturday), did something change or am I having deja vu?

  6. Messi will be fine. I am not worried about the injury.

    Few quick points from my side…

    1. Finally 3 goals. Could have been 4 or 5 another day.
    2. Rodrigo De Paul is becoming a stalwart.
    3. Lo Celso was very good. One who broke the lines with his passes
    4. Messi was very ordinary. I think he needs a few more matches
    5. Paulo Dybala was a revelation. He was charged up and showed the desire. Kudos.
    6. Venezuela was really poor. Really bad. Lackluster.

    Will be great to get a draw from Brazil. Just don’t lose. Then win the Bolivia game. We will be in a good position. Other results in 7 rounds, so far, have really gone in our favor.

    Did I mention that we are Copa champions!!! I am STILL SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!!

    • Scaloni loves to troll journalists. He said similar thing about Emi being not fully fit for Copa opener and Cuti probably not playing in final. Off course that aint happening.

  7. By God’s grace, he looks fine.
    By the way, It’s high time that CONMEBOL should look deep into this concern and assure that this type of Wresting tackles are strictly prohibited.

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