Emiliano Martinez comments on working with psychologist, Lionel Messi and Argentina


Emiliano Martinez gave an interview where he spoke about working with a psychologist, Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team.

Martinez was instrumental for Argentina when they lifted the Copa America trophy. Stopping three penalty kicks against Colombia in the semi finals, Martinez was named as the best goalkeeper of the Copa America. Speaking in an interview with El Pais, he spoke about what he said against Colombia in that match:

“Celebrating after stopping a penalty or talking to the opponents, that’s not the example I want to give the young kids. But it was what happened at that moment. In an athlete, behind every success story is a lot of effort and sacrifice.

“I had to overcome a lot of adversity before getting to where I am now. That’s the message I want to give to the youth, not a meme or a celebration.”

He also commented about working with a psychologist:

“Playing with the Argentina national team was a dream of mine since I started stopping shots at the age of six. I was always strong but I work with a psychologist. It changed me a lot. It prepares me for every match. We talk two or three times a week. My head is more focused than ever, win or lose. I have three preparations. Mental, individual and that of the team.”

In addition, Martinez commented on Lionel Messi:

“I’m more happy for him than for me. He behaves like just another team mate and a crazy captain.

“Before the match, he will give us a talk explaining to use about the weaknesses of the opponents and what we have to do. After that, he asks that we all sing the national anthem together. Details like that make us more enthusiastic. And there’s the obvious, he’s a total reference point in the play.

“The message, nevertheless, was not give the ball to the number ten. It was to work for the ten. If we have to run 12 km per match, we will run. But we can’t pass him the ball and hope that he fixes everything. In that structure, the idea is to give your life for him. And everyone who plays understands that.”

Regarding the match against Brazil on Sunday:

“It will be nice playing them again. The important thing is to continue collecting points in these qualifiers to be able to qualify for the World Cup.”


  1. Is it true that Brazil had never lost a Qualifier in their soil?
    Quite incredible stats if true!
    How come that’s even possible with teams like Argentina Uruguay Columbia.. around.

  2. Regarding yellow card rule in Conmebol WC qualifiers, if you are booked in your last match and manage to avoid a yellow in the successive match, is your first yellow card null and void?

  3. Argentina on paper starting to look stronger than fxking Brazil. But that won’t give us any upper hand in Brazil. Hope our players will be once again in Final mode, desperate to defend and win. We must be cunning as we were in Copa to continue the good run.

  4. There are news in the Brazilian media that the 4 EPL players could be prevented from playing due to 14 day quarantine rule in Brazil. According to health officials of Brazil, anyone arriving from England, North Ireland, South Africa and India has to complete a 14 day quarantine upon arrival in Brazil. They are quite vocal in the media about this. I think they have made some inquiries about the players whether the players have been granted any exemption regarding quarantine. Basically, they are jealous and trying to weaken the team as much as they can. Surely, Emi, Cuti and Lo Celso are important players for us. But if it really happens then i hope our players will be more pumped up to prove that they are still a better team without them.

    • Well, sounds pretty bad as we are talking about 3 major players for Argentina !
      If this would be the case then i wish that Lisandro will play with Otamendi as CB’s and Musso will be in goal and Nico Gonzalez for Lo Celso as and if Cuti, Dibu and Lo Celso will not be allowed to play ! Hopefully this will not happen, but if it will we Still have a strong squad with also very much quality on the bench too, but as allways as playing in Brazilian soil it will not be an easy game, though Argentina can repeat their Great Copa Victory again as i will also be satified for a draw as our streak of not loosing a game will continue…! Good luck and hopefully all our players will deliver as great unit working hard together as they have tremendously done so far !

  5. Scaloni have work hard to form his team and at last he make it according to his wish and the team gets united and bring glory; no coach want to change the winning team unless there is injury or un ‘in form’ players. We are not expecting a lot of changes but also do not want to see that the door is closed for “on fire” players. Best example is the last match against Ven, the 2 Correa are in form and play their best for winning the game, pull off ADM at the right moment is a right choice. That’s the good coach do !

    Vamos Albiceleste !

    • Yes, no need to change this winning team only just somehow move Pezzella down in the pecking order and Yes, allways keep the door Open for players ” on Fire” as it will only make team even more better and also as many of our players can get some minute’s at some point, maybe not yet in this game, but hopefully against Bolivia as we need those players to be ready as they can when we need to play and forsure at some point we will need to play as many as many of our sub’s/bench players to get them warm and starting to feel that Fire too ! As in tournament like WC u will need your bench to be ready at any time ! Also i think many of the bench players know allready how Scaloni want’s them to play as some can be even straight sub’s to an starting player as some of the subs could as well be our starters if Scaloni will decide so as he is the coach is best to let him make the decission’s and after the game’s we can analylize maybe a bit more than before as the journey of this great team will continue forwards !

  6. When Sampaoli was the coach, we all criticized him for ALWAYS making changes in all matches he played. Never one time he used the same line up 2 games in a row.

    Earlier we criticized Scaloni for doing the same thing as Sampaoli, which is always changing the line up.

    NOW though, he has found his core of the team. his job now is to keep improving the team chemistry of his starting line up, NOT change the line up again and again to satisfy the fans who want to see their favorite players play. I am truly in disbelief when some of you still want him to keep changing the line up. Y’all want him to be Sampaoli 2.0 I guess, huh?

    Scaloni is doing the right thing. It is us against Brazil. No time to experiment. If u guys want to see your favorite players play. Maybe he can play them against Bolivia, but not Brazil.

    • You have to understand that this is a special case because it’s the first time that Argentina had to play 3 WCQ matches in such a short period of time since…well ever! Or atleast since the qualifying format became what it is in 98. Such an intense schedule in the already most intense qualifying tournament in the world requires rotation, otherwise exhaustion and injuries will set in.

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