Argentina rumored eleven against Brazil, Lionel Messi to start


Argentina are back in Brazil after lifting the Copa America trophy as Lionel Messi will be starting.

After receiving a dangerous tackle against Venezuela on Thursday, Lionel Messi is fit to start against Brazil in Sunday’s World Cup qualifier. Per a report by TyC Sports, coach Lionel Scaloni has two doubts remaining in his starting eleven. It would be a very similar eleven which started the Copa America final.

Per the report, it’s between Marcos Acuña and Nicolas Tagliafico on the left while the right side would be between Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel. The match against Venezuela saw Acuña and Molina start. This is the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina or Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña or Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Messi.


  1. This is an important round.
    Our game is off course important. We should get a point out of there. Win is always the best, but a draw will be very good too. The other games are super important too. If results don’t go great, suddenly there could a few countries breathing down our neck and situation could get tricky. I am hoping for lot of draws all around.

    • Per ole, Brazil wanted to DEPORT them and luckily they’ve confirmed that Brazil has failed their goal and the players will be able to play. Phew. This pisses me off because it is no secret Brazil has badly managed the pandemic as a country, and now they go insane on trying to get professional football players that are in a bubble out? They should be more concerned with their general population. Seems like it has to do more with football results than covid. Also, even when outside of England it seems like our players playing in the premier league still bites us in the ass!

  2. Good to hear that Messi would play. However, the others in the team need to be alert. Messi would be heavily guarded as was the case in the Copa final. They need to take up the responsibility of handling the others in Brazil who would not be guarding Messi. And Messi needs to be aware that other then Neymar there would be players in Brazil who would target his injured leg to create an initial scare. Brazil can afford to that because anyway they would be playing with all 4 referees on their side. But Scaloni need to have a plan without Messi as well. Does he have one?

  3. Messi fit and playing is great news, I want them to play their game and everything else will fall into place. I honestly see no reason why it wouldn’t be possible to get all 3 points from this game. Sure, Brazil wants to win this game on their soil but that doesn’t mean its far fetched to BEAT them just like the final and THAT will be on their minds before and during the game.

  4. Draw would be good too. We should not peak before World Cup . Teams that peaks in qualifier most of time disappoint in World Cup .

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