Emotional Lionel Messi cries during Argentina interview, celebrations


Lionel Messi broke down crying as he was interviewed after Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. Bolivia and also during the celebrations.

Messi scored a hat trick and was the man of the match for Argentina. However, he stole the show even after the match. As he was speaking following the win, Messi got emotional and began crying. Here is what he had to say:

“I really wanted to be able to enjoy it. I waited a long time for this, I looked for it and I Dreamed of it. It’s a unique moment for the way it happened, after so much waiting.

“There was no better way to celebrate this than to be here. My mother, my brothers are in the stands… They suffered a lot and today, they are here celebrating. I’m very happy.”

The Argentina team celebrated with the Copa America trophy on the pitch after the match and Messi was once more emotional.


  1. Someone shut up this man richarlison up, the man talks as if he is good. Mans subpar at best. Argentina is living rent free in his head haunting him yet he keeps talking shit on social media as if we weren’t his father. Trash ass player

      • Yes better to ignore him and let him talk as more he talks the more he will only harm himself and his country so Arg do not need bother about him at all as everyone knows that he is just another clown as there are so many in modern football nowdays it is like the time for to make some noise about anything and try to get to the headlines by any means which is not a necessary or wise thing to do as Messi is best example of humbleness in football and also in general life too, so he is not only above others because he is the greatest of the all time players with DIEGO RESPECTLY, but which makes him even more unique and more better player is that humbleness of his is just that we never have witnessed anything like this in football’s history, period ! Humble Lion King he truly is as he set’s an very great example for all the world By his present and humbleness ! Long live King Leo !

  2. The most important thing is winning with a bigger goal difference..it always used to be 1-0 or 2-1, 2-2 – last minute equalizer that gives more heart break..

    The tempo has changed and every player has become more responsible…It is good to have Argentine B team and build it in parallel to the starting 11.

  3. Let it out King, Cant imagine what you’ve been through trying your hardest to bring this joy to Argentina. You will officially have a stadium named in your honor now if it wasn’t already going to happen.

  4. the result is important but the way to win too. Scaloni succeed to build a playing style, they attack more in the axial position, they can feel comfortable to defend 50m from their own goal and play more compact. lautaro made lot of run for his team, the only thing may need to improve is the attack contribution from the fullbacks, I expect much more from them

  5. Argentina team is looking good, both Correa are looking good, Scaloni needs to incorporate Emi Buendia as soon as possible. I do not know why South American coaches takes too much time for a player to be included into playing eleven even if he is worthy.
    Arajuo of Uruguay is very very good defender but he is getting his chance now as starter.
    Arajuo and J. Gimnez are best CB pair in South America or may be even in world.

      • Lisandro Martinez does not have speed, height and physicality. Only his passing,dribbling and positioning is good. He is average in air so do not daydream.

        • Kevin where did u get this information about Lisandro at first place as everything u said about him is quite totally the opposite !

          Kevin September 10, 2021 At 11:00 am
          Lisandro Martinez does not have speed, height and physicality. Only his passing,dribbling and positioning is good. He is average in air so do not daydream

          Well, it seems more like u must have been daydreaming or either u have yet woken up from your daydreaming, because Lisandro is actually very good at air even he is not the tallest of those CB’s around the world, but he has all those qualitys in him that u mentioned in your post about him as u said that he does not have speed, LOL ! He is way faster than Pezella and Otamendi too, though those 2 are not really good to compare with him as they can’t run that fast anymore as they been around Arg NT for long time and server well etc…, but one thing u might be a right is that he may not been the most physical and the tallest CB around the world, but this has nothing to do about how good he actually is allready as he pretty much is not far from Cuti or maybe even level or could turn to be even better…as for sure he has great future in head of him as he has no problems or any issues at all because of his height and physicality as he can defend in the air or at ground level with speed and physicality too ! As for his technique with the ball is awesome as his vision of the game and passing the ball with very accurate and has an eye for those key passes and actually i think all this skills he has in him will make him very important for Arg as the only problem he faces now is that Pezzella and Otamendi are Still favored by Scaloni, but Csabalala said he will most propably field together with Cuti the most best CB pair in the world as Chiellini and Bonucci are getting just more older year by year so just wait and see and u will be surprised forsure how good he is allready and how good he will be paired together with Cuti, that ihan assure u forsure ! At meanwhile sleep well and have a better.dreams too !

          • Lisandro is fourth CB I would prefer Senesi over him.Hevlacks physicality a CBist possess physicality. I think Scaloni and coaching staff knows more than you.

        • funny Kevin that you did not include defensive stats or traits on your list, because that is the primary thing that matters for a defender and you know he is good at it

  6. He released that pent up emotions that us 40 year olds have kept inside. It’s raw, it’s beautiful, it’s releasing all that pain and suffering we’ve endured. We were never deluded, just disillusioned.
    So go ahead Leo, let it rip

  7. After he quit Barca, everything good happening for argentina🤪🇦🇷
    His family suffer criticism in his home country, while he is enjoying @ playing barca & achieving everything at club level.
    Even though Messi is more dedicated to Arg NT than his club ( barca).
    His hard work does not pay any trophies with white& sky blue jersey (Albiceleste). Everytime he ends with disappointment, unlucky & emotional..
    Now, after lifting the copa trophy it is understandable how much pain he goes through for this two decades, to attain this goal..

    But finally he left Barca & some fortunes happened to him..

    I hope Messi will be much happy, if barca wins the La liga league title & PSG wins the UEFA champions league trophy 2021-22

  8. Great result and beautiful football. All players had good game and Leo’s explosive performance tells us he still has a lot to offer in the near future. Is the number 30 he is wearing at PSG has some effect on him and takes him to his amazing teenage memories? We are 437 days away from the World Cup, so there is much room for much improvement. Vamos Argentina!

  9. To tell you the truth Di Maria earns his place in the starting spot since that final game. I can prove it to you:

    1. At the end of Copa America during the trophy presentation, Scaloni hugged Di Maria awkwardly. It seems like Di Maria always thinks that his good performances in Copa America should make him an automatic starter. Then Scaloni did finally start him in the main event, the final and Di Maria was the MOM (according to the Copa official site) and delivered one of the most important goals in Argentina futbol history.

    That awkward hug between them was like: I-told-you- coach-I-am-a-starter hug.

    2. Di Maria played bad against Venezuela but as I said great players don’t play bad 2 games in a row. The fact that Scaloni did still start him against Brazil and Bolivia (he played great) shows that he already gains the coach trust. In the past when Di Maria played a bad game, 100% he got benched the next game.

    3. Today at the stadium. 3 people got the most applause: Messi, Scaloni, and Di Maria.

    4. The medias no longer gives him low rating after a bad match. Back then the likes of ole or tyc used to give him a 4 or 3 rating anytime he had a bad game but against Venezuela for example he got a 6.

    So they stop crucifying him. I don’t think his role for us is a “super sub” anymore. I think the super sub role will fit Angel/Joaquin Correa now. Di Maria is a starter whether u are still his hater or not. This is the reality. Period.

    • If you notice, the first goal against Venezuela came after Di Maria dragged two defenders on the left with his dribble, thus freeing Lo Celso from his markers. Lo Celso then put throughball for Lautaro to scored.

      Today, he should have had two assists. Unfortunately, Lautaro was an inch offside and Messi shot went a bit wide after Di Maria dragged 3 defenders with his footwork.

    • I am really not surprised by his performance, since 2017, his club performance has been consistently strong. He delivered same number of assists as Kevin De Bruyne(although different championship). maybe that’s because of his playing style can age. I like to have 2 playmakers around messi that allows him to play simple and use his energy in the last 30m. Lo Celso, Papu, Buendia and Angel would be so important in this 442.

  10. Great Game. Messi was on fire. Di Maria was pretty good too. Solid defence. But one thing is sure again, we need Lo Celso. He’s got the most assist as for now in WCQ. I love that Messi has 0 Assists so far. That means we don’t need him anymore as bad for creating the chances. He’s got more freedom now. I love that, he can enjoy his games and score.

    I think Di Maria was pretty good. But still for me, as a lot of you guys said, it’s time to use Correa as right Midfielder. A. Correa is playing great right now. And I mean Club and Country. Lo Celso on that Left with lots of freedom was missing against Boliva. I was a bit dissaponited from Papu, he played much better at Copa. Right now we have an Inform Nico Gonzalez maybe he should’ve played instead of Papu.

    I’m very sad, that we didn’t see Dybala in the Bolivia Game. The few Minutes he had against Venezuela were promising.

    I think we got our defence right now… Acuna, Ota, Romero, Pezella, Montiel, Molina. But we still need some replacement for Ota, in case he gets injured or something. Hope to see more of Foyth and finally Senesi…

    As for now let’s see what happens about the Brazil Game, then watch forward to October and hopefully our next points..

  11. all we are missing is for CORREA (16) to start and FOYTH to start and we can go get that World Cup. AMAZING how good we can look when our own ppl arent corrupting our own soccer.

  12. Now this looks like a team which can challenge for the World Cup. Kudos to Scaloni for blending the pragmatic and attacking methods based on the opponents. We cant win tournaments by only playing attacking. Have to adapt according to opponents. Scaloni at this point is like a Super lotto for Argentina NT.U cant ask for better from a rookie coach. He has been a revelation.

    Great to see the team celeberating infront of fans. Messi meanwhile deserves all the love and applauds he is receiving from the Argentine fans after years of difficult relation.He has to overtake all,in the most goals scored category.CR7 doesnt deserve to hold that spot. Messi has to ecclipse it.

    Technichally we need to collect 25 to 28 points which usually secures the World Cup spot. At this point its gonna be achieved soon. Topping the WCQ doesnt matter at all in the WCs where 7 matches need to be played consistently with some luck.

  13. Messi’s performance against Bolivia is very good but iif this is against bigger teams it wii be very beautiful. It is very sad that Scaloni not giving too much playing time to Dybla..

    • I am hoping for more time for Nico. He has played well but has been “unclucky.” After awhile unluckiness comes into question — are we wrong that it is unlucky or are we missing something? Either way you decide it is in the players head. Di Maria was excellent as a substitute in the Copa America. Not only were his attributes optimally used but also he was available for the final. Next year he will be a year older so of course Scaloni will use him the same way. We have not yet even discussed the type of matches he is most effective in. So Nico Gonzalez must be an important piece in 2022. We must clear up the “unlucky” question both in ours and his head.

  14. Overall I am really happy with the game, I know it is Bolivia but as opposed to some of the Copa America matches we experienced I am really enjoying the faster flowing football and better attacks we are stringing together. It is to be seen how much we will play like this against tougher opponents, but for whatever reason this football feels better than the football we played against weaker teams even a couple of months ago. We probably could have scored three more goals and had a bit of luck against us. Still slightly worried about finishing because while Lautaro did score an incredible offside goal and had great link up with Messi for the second he still missed a big chance, not to mention the Gonzalez run later in the game and J Correa’s chance if I remember correctly. The one downside to this game is we did not get to see Dybala play as I think it was the perfect opportunity to test him out and gel him with the team. We will see how the finishing issue is navigated with the names of Dybala, Icardi, and Alario, and Aguero’s fitness in the coming months. But I am not trying to be negative, I am more than happy with the beautiful match and the great memories that will come from it. Can’t believe the qualifiers are already over, the game has barely ended and I am impatiently looking forward to the next round! My main hopes for October are that Senesi gets called up, Dybala gets more minutes, and that Buendia gets his debut.

    • I agree Olive, we seem to have a nice balance between short passes in the rival’s third and long, quick, spontaneous attacks. In the past we have been too possession focused or too messy. Scaloni has found a good balance.

      The team is happy and aggressive. Good esprit de corps. Aggressive, focused, yet loose.

      Haven’t complained so little in 28 years.

    • Totally agreed with everything you wrote. 👍

      Especially the faster flowing, 1-2s, quick passes. Great to see after some painful games in copa. Always glad to see progression but finishing is going to EFFIN HAUNT US. World Cup only gives few chances per game. Thats why its mind boggling Dybala isn’t given more chances given how clinical he is. Hope to see him next round.

      • Choripan, I think we can play these more sloppy, spontaneous matches against teams which bunker against us. These tactics give us a better chance of betting the 3 points. Against the harder opponents in the knockout stages we have to be more cautious and capitalize on the fewer opportunities. Of course that is easier said than done (see 2014 World Cup). But ironically, being looser in spirit (which I think this squad is) helps us in that regard. The rest we leave to the gods.

    • Correct, Olive. Good positioning and quick combinations are the way to break tight defences. The faster we play, the more I like it. J. Correa could become an important player in this team.

  15. Damn work always seems to get in the way, I missed the game obviously but as usual kept tabs on the game and here comes the BOSS of BOSSES, GOD Bless …………………THANK YOU MESSI for all the joy you have brought me, you and all of us………….all the times people doubted you, insulted, and talked down about you, Not a leader, Not captain material, Not vocal, a LITTLE BOY they called him who cries in the locker room, NOT mentally strong enough to lead, this player or that are much better, HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ARGENTINA, all he cares about is his beloved Barcelona, he is a NOBODY without Xavi and Iniesta, he plays scared when he put on the ARGENTINA jersey blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you can all KISS HIS ASS, wait you’re not even privileged enough to do that either.

    NOW, I’m go and watch his goals, I haven’t yet and I was saving the best for last.

    • Just watched the goals a few times, lol nothing needs to be said.

      Oh yeah, Messi doesn’t sing the national anthem, he doesn’t know the words or maybe he doesn’t even care, he really wished he played for Spain LMAO

  16. Pele : Messi right foot is dead

    Messi : Broke Pele record with his right foot

    Great and emotional celebration with the home crowd. They deserves it more than anyone. Argentina supposed to be the host but Brazil stole it but Argentina claimed the thropy which makes the whole campaign even sweeter.

    • yep. all that pent up negative energy over the years. must have been brutal and now hes letting it all out. It’s great to see him happy and crying with joy.

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