Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on the team, Lionel Messi


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the team and Lionel Messi.

Lionel Scaloni and Argentina managed the 3-0 win vs. Bolivia in the World Cup qualifiers with Lionel Messi scoring a hat trick. The match was the first one at home for Argentina and with fans in attendance. Scaloni spoke about the win and having the team. Here is what he had to say:

“The sacrifice, the companionship, the humility, the work, it’s adding much more opportunities on the wings in attacks. We have players that can unbalance the opposition during one on one’s. That, we were able to achieve but we know that there are things to improve. We will try to do that.”

Scaloni also spoke about Lionel Messi.

“Winning magnifies everything. For the people, he was already an idol. Imagine now that he has won… Seeing everyone excited fills us with joy but it lasts until the end of the press conference. Then, we have to think of what is to come. He has always been a player who makes the difference. I have no doubt about it.”


  1. Walter Benitez in God mode again in Nice, his last season was average, but now started the season great. The last goalkeeper in TOP5 league without conceeded a single goal, only today saved 7 shots.

  2. The 37-year-old told DAZN as quoted by Football Italia : “When you have a world class player like Cristiano, you cannot help but use the team to play for him.

    “We must be grateful to Cristiano for all he did during these years at Juventus, but we carry on.

    “This will be Paulo Dybala’s team,” he affirmed. “Over the last couple of years, he lowered his average goals because of Cristiano’s presence, but he is a key player for this team and that is recognised by everyone.”

    Chiellini 👆👆👆

  3. Debates are nothing. If you are a true Argentina football fan, you’ll know Messi vs Ronaldo means nothing but media hype. If you remove penalties from the stats. Leo has scored more goals (654)than CR7 (650) penalties excluded. That’s excluding assists. CR7 is European. So what is there to debate about really? Media especially the English and European will always hype up and side with CR7, for they don’t want an Asian, South American or an African player to be regarded as the best. CR7 can not even dribble past one player yet people still are still debating. As for me, that debate is finished, I only care about Argentina NT players. Even Batistuta was better than CR7 in terms of skill. If Batigol was from this sport science era. He’d score 50 goals every season. He was able to fight four defenders alone without service and still managed to get goals consistently.

    • Again, CR is 2.5 years older and had about 100+ more matches than Messi.

      I dont think the rivalry still matter much for Messi. You could tell Messi is currently enjoying time of his life after winning major thropy for his country. You could tell how relax he’s now that he didnt rush himself to play the club matches. If he really wants to push himself to play, he could have started since 2-3 weeks ago and there wouldnt be any physical problem at all.

      The whole national team squads seems to be wanting to play for the national team every week lol

    • The reason Christina has been so successful is his envy towards Messi. When you try to compete with the best you will at least become one of the best! He was almost about to Join City and even Pep who has been a big failure after his departure with Messi was almost about to reconcile with Ronaldo! The more goals Christina scores , the better for Argentina as it will subconsciously motivate Messi to maintain his spot at the top!!

      • Guardiola is not failure he won Bundesliga, Premiere league many times without Messi, he just lacks Champion league title.

        • When you spend big and take away all the key players from the market and do not use them wisely….you are still a failure..winning premier league by eliminating others buying from the market is not winning..

          If Leicester, Everton, Leeds win premier league – the coaches are champion and not guardiola…He knows he cannot win and that is the reason, he is leaving Man City – before he gets fired..

    • Don’t be surprised if you see them saying Ronaldo is better because he scored more goals on his debut. They have a tendency to fixate on very specific and isolated incidents or differences between the two to prove Ronaldo is better when if you look at the big picture it is perfectly obvious that Messi is indisputably better

      • Actually, Gerd Muller has much higher scoring ratio than CR, has won everything at club and international level (including WC golden boots), and CR should have been compared to player like him since he’s basically just a goal poacher.

        The reason why Muller isnt even popular in “GOAT” discussion is because people back then didnt get obsess with statistic. Today, players like Salah and Lewa could put high numbers for few seasons and they’ll make it into “GOAT” discussion because of the nature of internet and social media.

        Even with Messi playing in much deeper position (almost in midfield all the time), he needs to go 100+ games without goals for CR to equal Messi goal ratio. That’s how untouchable he is.

  4. At this point I’m not worried about qualifying. We are pretty much in the cup unless some crazy disaster was to occur.
    If I were scaloni then I would try to set up two friendly matches for next year before the cup. One match with a strong euro side and one with a strong African side. We will most likely have one of the best African sides in our group and a good European side just like every world cup since 86.
    All of south Americas teams are above average in my opinion other then two maybe. But we know these south American teams and we know the style. We need to test our defense against different teams so we don’t show up to the world cup like we did in 2002.
    It’s been 20 years 😂 for fucks sake. I need to retire my Ortega jersey.

    • Well said, its important to have friendlies like those right before the World Cup, maybe Ivory coast or Senegal and a team like Scotland.
      Sampaoli had us against Haiti I think and the other was cancelled in Israel.. on top of that it was the worst Argentina team in decades

      • Right, can’t believe we wasted friendlies on teams like Haiti. If we had room for many friendlies Scotland wouldn’t be bad but if we have only two friendlies we should probably go for someone stronger, like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, or maybe even Denmark

    • Friendly doesnt mean much to be honest. We constantly beat Germany in friendlies , 1-0, 3-1, 4-2, even last time without most starters we came back from 2 goals behind to earned a draw.

      We also beat Brazil in friendlies many times even when we played badly under Batista. In fact, that team also beat Spain 4-1 after they just lifted the thropy. We also beat Germany right before WC 2010 started.

      Strong opponents dont approach friendlies the same way as they do in major tournament.

      Qualifier is tougher cause no matter who we play , there’s something at stake and they will try to win the game rather than experimenting.

  5. Watching Argentina vs Bolivia I can say Pezella was good,he is reliable but some prefers Lisandro and they criticize Pezella.Pezella is playing little advanced position and Otamendi holding the back line.
    It looks like aerial balls in front three is useless as Argentina forward are not good in headers. Messi, Di Maria are not good in headers,both Correa are average in headers and Lautaro Martinez is nothing special in headers but Argentina defenders are good in headers Otamendi, Romero, Pezella,Foyth,Paredes,Rodriguez all are good in headers I do not know when is the last time Argentina forward players scored headers that is why Icardi,Alario,Aguero are needed. To win the World Cup you have to be good in every aspect of game.

      • I think J Correa is a good header. Only time will tell. This season with Inter would be crucial. Lautaro is also a good header but his height is not there. Ofcourse in this category, Icardi and Alario is great. I think Lautaro is fixed in the team already because he is the best in positioning himself than all the rest. The numbers speak for itself. Joachin Correa has a great chance if he can create a formidable chemistry with Lautaro at Inter. And Icardi atlast might have an opportunity if he can create chemistry with Messi. So maybe bad news for Alario unless he does something really noteworthy for Leverkusen. Time is running out for Alario and Aguero for WC 2022. Dybala’s only competition Would be Papu. I think 1 of Dybala-Papu would be in the WC squad.

      • scaloni has obviously instructed him to drop to defense when we are defending crosses. He did it all game vs Bolivia.

        He is a great #9. Hard working for the team. He assists unselfishly. He has grit.

    • Well, Kevin there several reasons why people want Lisandro to play for Arg NT specially before the WC ! There is no need to talk about Lisandro’s qualitie’s as their obvious, but the most importantly Arg must let him play before WC as much as possible so he can be ready for it as it would be stupid to drop him of or select him as with not much playing time with Arg NT ! Pezella will most propably will called to WC by Scaloni, but u must understand that we need back up’s for CB’s as Romero and Otamendi or anyone at any position can be either injured or suspended ! That is why it is wise to try to give as much of playing time as possible for those back up’s or players who have made the bench, but have not played that much minutes like Lisandro, Dybala etc… Also Icardi when fit again will be most propably called so i don’t see really any issue with Argentine forward players or the one’s who are getting in to the box at right time for headers from crosses to head them in as Arg do have Nico Gonzales who is very a good header as Lautaro too and if Icardi selected by Scaloni then Arg have deffenetly enough air power up front also Alario is another option as we will see how things will work for Icardi and Alario as i have feeling that one of those 2 might be included in the WC team as if they are in form and fit, but until Arg should concentrate to qualify at first as i think this is Scaloni’s and everyone’s first target after that we might see some changes if necceasry…but, sorry to say as i don’t think unfortunatly Aguero have anymore enough to offer as once truly great and one of my all time favorite’s, but he is just too much injuryprone as Arg could only used him at 2014 WC i think only if i remember right he just played in the final as coming in on xtra time as he did not have anything to offer as he was injured even the WC started…

  6. Lover of Argentina football team please relax. Don’t fight against each other for player selection. We love Argentina football not any individual player. We wish Scalony will select best 23 players available for Argentina.

  7. Spurs got battered by Palace 3-0. Tanganga saw red and Dier got replaced by Rodon due to injury.

    Nuno’s favorites Skip, Holjberg, Dele started but struggled to create anything. The whole Spurs had only 307 passes completed.

    Romero and Lo Celso must be laughing from Croatia.

    • @Mafioso Same old Bottleham. No champions on the team. This is good news for Romero and Lo Celso because even if Bottleham wanted to make example of them, they can’t cause they need him. Dier & Dele never a stater in any top 10 European clubs.

  8. Foyth,Mollina,Montiel situation is very tight all are good but their club form will decide their future in the team,for right now Montiel and Mollina are preferred,Foyth needs to show his performance in Villarreal, Champion League and La liga are best platform for him to show Scaloni his calibre. Foyth can be choosed as 3rd or 4th CB or as a Right Back too.
    Emi Buendia should be in the team,Angel Correa and J. Correa are playing good.

    • Suddenly Montiel becomes a good defender from trash in Kevin’s definition – because he secured a transfer to Sevilla from River!!

      Now a days he is busy after Lautaro, watch until he changes his mind (again).

      • Fools like you always appear I never said Montiel is trash(but I think Rahman El Toreo is trash) I said he is average RB and neither I said Lautaro is trash Lautaro is good but Icardi,Alario,Aguero are more clinical upfront which is a truth.

        • Kevin there is a clear and obvious difference with how you rate montiel after going to Sevilla even if he hasn’t played for them yet. It is very obvious

          • I do not rate Montiel but Scaloni is rating him.i said Montiel and Mollina are preferred by Scaloni over Foyth and that is a fact as Montiel started vs Brazil while Foyth got not a single minute even not in substitute list for last match

          • Yes, good thing Foyth did not play against Brazil as we might have even lost the game. Montiel had the game of his life and faced Neymar six times while not letting him pass one, also pocketing Vinicius. Foyth actually has had many chances and there is a reason Scaloni has gone to prefer Molina and Montiel

          • I do not know in which world you live, you are acting like Montiel single handily stopped Neymar. Argentina player swarmed Neymar that is why Richarlison had so much space to score.
            While Foyth is playing good vs top teams like Chelsea,Man United.In Villarreal Foyth will shine better than ever. Unai Emery believes in him that is big plus point.

          • Of course other players were on Neymar, but the statistic I mentioned is explicitly when Neymar FACED Montiel, Montiel contributed largely in stopping him and had 7 tackles throughout the game and was dribbled past 0 times while playing against BRAZIL. Using your train of logic we might as well play ten men without Montiel because the other players will swarm Neymar anyway? No, Montiel had a clear job and he did it excellently. And let’s just imagine that Montiel or any of our right backs have no bearing on stopping wingers because other players are in support, the difference there with Foyth is that Foyth could have easily cost us the game with a mistake. Let me describe it like you are a toddler: Montiel = no bearing on stopping Neymar because of other players covering the right back, Foyth = no bearing on stopping Neymar because of other players covering the right back + high probability of game costly mistakes. There is your difference yet you never seem to learn

          • Foyth is the best defensive rb we have right now. Montiel played 1 game good doesn’t make him good he was destroyed just before in Columbia match big European sides will also destroy him no doubt. Foyth is far superior. He made 1-2 mistakes bt he will improve. Everyone makes mistakes messi missed penalty in loss to chelsea in 2012 ucl semi missed a one on one against germany in wc and missed penalty against chile in shootout at copa final so it doesn’t mean messi should be dropped. U should always choose for the talent and potential which foyth has in abundance. Yes against top teams foyth should play and against weaker sides Molina should play simple as that

          • @Rahman_el Torero why speak to @Kevin like this? We are all fans of the same team.
            Let us respect each other even when we disagree.

            We just won Copa and we’re going to win the 2022 World Cup so let’s keep the positive energy going!

          • @Wisdom, why? Didn’t you read his derogatory remarks? And, this is not the first time he did this. Whenever he confronts alternative argument, he name call others as “fools”, “stupid” etc. This guy thinks that he is an astute person and whatever opinion he writes (basically the same rubbish again and again) is of high standard.

            But, I get tor point that we shouldn’t lower ourselves down just because someone didn’t learn how to disagree respectfully. This is probably the first time I used an objectionable word such as “idiot” during my ten years of presence in this forum. This guy got into my skin by his repeated use of disrespectful language. Maybe, he doesn’t deserve a read, let alone commenting to his post.

            I respect your suggestion, Wisdom. But, Respect is something to earn. Let him earn it.

          • Rahman if you do not like my post feel free do not read it. I always talk about players skills and their weakness and strength as you can see above I only retaliate when someone goes personal. You were the first one who goes personal,calling names and other shit.Instead of talking about players you are talking about other things.
            Watch the game and talk about team,players and opposition team,tactics but some members disrespect each others opinion.

      • @Rahman, the guy is very lucky coz this isn’t social media site. If this was some kind of social media I would’ve bombarded him with screenshots till he knows how contradicting he is. I don’t want to offend him, but I think he is a teenager coz he has teenagers’ characteristics.

        @Kavi, I hope you will think twice before you get harsh on players.

  9. The World Cup is still around one year from now but Scaloni seems to already have the majority of the final 23 spots secured already. Let’s see who are secured and who are not as of now based on Scaloni’s reality choice.
    1. Emi Martinez locked 100%
    2. Nahuel Molina locked 90%
    3. Marcos Acuna locked 100%
    4. Nico Otamendi locked 100%
    5. Cristian Romero locked 100%
    6. Leandro Paredes locked 100%
    7. Rodrigo De Paul locked 100%
    8. Giovani Lo Celso locked 100%
    9. Lautaro Martinez locked 100%
    10. Lionel Messi locked 100%
    11. Angel Di Maria locked 100%
    12. Juan Musso locked 100%
    13. Gonzalo Montiel locked 75%
    14. Nicolas Tagliafico locked 100%
    15. German Pezzella locked 100%
    16. Licha Martinez locked 75%
    17. Guido Rodriguez locked 100%
    18. Exequiel Palacios locked 100%
    19. Papu Gomez locked 90%
    20. Nico Gonzalez locked 90%
    21. J Correa locked 90%
    22. A. Correa locked 90%
    23. F. Armani locked 75%

    Actually before the last 3 matches J. Correa was not that secured but he played 2 good games as a sub. It looks like Scaloni preparing him and A Correa to be the new super sub.

    When you see the list above it is hard to elimiate any of them. I mean WHO???

    The only possible rivals for them are:
    1. Juan Foyth who will have to compete with Montiel or maybe Molina for 2 spots.
    2. Aguero/Icardi/Alario/Dybala/J. Alvarez will have to compete with J. Correa for one final spot as how things stand now.
    3. Rulli will have to compete with Armani.
    4. LM Quarta will challenge Licha Martinez for the last DC spot.
    5. Nico Dominguez/Buendia will have to challenge Palacios who, for me close to 100% sure to make it to the final squad due to his ability to play DM and MC at the same time.

    Others? Highly unlikely. I know there could be other factors such as injury by next year. But without injury, those 23 seem to have their spots pretty seecured because they won the Copa, they are always called up, and they always took part in the matches lately.

    • I think if it’s between J Correa and Dybala then Dybala is the guy to bet on. Although he scored much less goals for the NT than we expected, but he can decide matches way more than J Correa. I like J Correa and he is a very good player and sometimes when he drives the ball he reminds me a lill bit of Kaka, but Dybala is better than him. Rulli is also better than Armani and deserves a spot.

      The rest of the list is fine. I hope all of our players will be fit and injury free!

      I feel bad for Buendia. It seems he won’t make it to the WC. Molina is safe IMO, but it seems Montiel is gonna have a hard time at Sevilla given that Jesus Navas is performing well for them and that gives Foyth more chance.

      The rest of the list is fine. Hope all of our players will be fit and injury free!

    • The only thing that can get Icardi selected is his how his on field chemistry with Messi will be this season. Beside Lautaro non of our forwards are a pure no9 . But since Inter is already using J.Correa as a pure striker and if he continues his impressive form then Scaloni will take him to the world cup over all other strikers.

    • I’m not sure if Pezella and LMQ is locked. They’re weak defenders who will surely be exposed come next round or after by stronger opposition. And if Senesi pulls his weight and the coaching staff is fair in their evaluation.

      • Yes, maybe for Scaloni Pezzella is locked, but i do not agree with this as i see Pezzella the most weakest part in Arg team, offcourse we will have to see how things will go with him at betis, but at the moment if i will have to decide by his 2 latest games which were against Venezuela and Bolivia, well they ain’t gonna make it WC with all the respect to them ! As for Otamendi, well he is not young anymore as he Still keep’s performing for Arg NT, so if fit i think maybe, good to have him even if he would not start as for other Cb’s Licha, Senesi should be allowed to play at some point so maybe they can proove themself’s to Scaloni if he decides to give them chance also LMQ has to be monitored as he might have a total different season compare to the last one which was not that great,but at least now he has show’n some clipses at Viola and hopefully continue to do that as for any Arg player and in the end Scaloni will decide, though i’m a bit affraid about the Cb’s that he has allready decided…as i see this the weakest point of Arg even Arg has Cuti he will need a right Person to partner him who is in great form and fit, well we will see when the time is right…

    • If pezella is selected another quarter finals exit on the cards. With pezella we can’t win against pacy technical opponents simple as that. He even struggled against 86th ranked Bolivia 😂🤣😹 and even otamendi may not be a good option for the starting cb spot he lost his pace and after 1.5 yrs in Qatar heat i don’t think he will can sustain the performance of copa

      • Yes, this subject must or should be looked at by Arg as it can be very dangerous to pick them both as i would only pick maybe one of them as clearly Otamendi over Pezzela at any day or even any other Cb over Pezzella will be a wise decission from Scaloni, though i think that Pezzella has somehow convinced Scaloni as i Still don’t understand how he has done that ? Those 2 last game’s against Venezuela and Bolivia did not look great at all from Pezella so i wonder how he Still keep’s on starting…? Well, for sure Scaloni know’s better and i won’t go against him as Arg have so far done tremendous job by Scaloni and his crew ! Still would like to see someone else tried instead of Pezzela and also maybe some one tried istead of Otamendi as it would just benefit Arg in general…of course not at WCQ’s if not necessary as i would keep partnering Cuti with Otamendi and maybe in the last 30 minutes will sub him to someone else if Arg leading by 2 goals or more…

  10. ‘Growing confidence in Argentine media that Brazil will be docked 3 points for the canceled match. However, an official decision isn’t expected before December”

    • Brazil is the only team avoiding Argentina. We all know what at stake for them. 3 consecutive loses (would be 2 loses at home) and Pele record being stomped by Messi.

      CBF clearly knows what’s coming in that match, they’re part of the plan .

      • Just before the qualifiers Bolsonaro changed Anvisa heads.

        Imagine Brazil receives it’s first home defeat in wcq at the hands of Argentina. They knew that they were screwed and had no chance without their EPL players.

        • Imagine this, if the situation is in reverse , Argentina would easily get punished without much discussion, cause FIFA & conmebole loves Varzil!

          Look how easy Messi earned a red card (in his debut game and against Chile in 2019), look how easy for them to fined and banned Messi just for stating facts after that semifinal!

          Look how long it took the ref to sent off the Venezuelan player after that brute tackle on Messi! Look how they helped Venezuela got non existant penalty , the ref re watching the VAR for 30 minutes!

  11. I have a feeling that J.Correa will get picked over Icardi and Aguero especially if he can maintain his outstanding form until the world cup. Also, Scaloni needs to give more time to Lucas M Quarta and Lisandro Martinez from now onwards. We need all our defenders to have good chemistry and coordination with each other. It going to be extremely hard to get into the team for new players now.

    • I think J Correa is not viewed as a back up 9. He is a versatile forward. For me the back up 9 spot is for one of: Aguero, Icardi, Alario, or Dybala. If you take more than one of them above, that means one of J Correa/Nico Gonzales/A. Correa would be eliminated which is unlikely. But I agree it will be very hard for new players to make it to final 23.

      • Inter bought him as one of the replacement for Lukaku and are using him as a pure striker . If he continues to impress, then Icardi Aguero Dybala and Alario will have hard time getting picked. Regarding NGonzalez and ACorrea, Scaloni view them as more of an attacking midfielders , subs to Dimaria. But if Scaloni decides to bring Dybala or Icardi or Aguero, JCorrea could get picked over Papu.

  12. I watched Messi’s goals again and then him crying before and after lifting the trophy and I remembered that EXACT look on his face after losing Copa the 2nd time to Chile and the scene of him sitting on the bench alone and just staring in front of him and that TORE ME UP because I really thought that COPA was ARG’s, they were scoring left and right and Messi was very happy.
    There was also the terrible story about him all alone in the locker room sobbing in front of his locker, found by one of the trainers who couldn’t do anything except sit and cry with him……………. He deserved the win and everything good that came after that and I WISH HIM more success to come

  13. I have very happy with the work Scaloni and team have done..

    We have started dominating games, we should dominate. After a long time I feel confident of winning when we play Bolivia at home. Few years back, it was like, we never know. We are Argentina and we should win Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay etc. and dominate Colombia, Uruguay etc. We are getting there slowly. Good job.

  14. Yes really looking for to the next round and, please no more drama from the British and the Brazilians as they can make reality TV program channel between themselfs as they are only intrested about glamour and glitter…

  15. Our next fixtures. Paraguay away. Uruguay home . Peru home.. the last match is against Peru. We can’t let our 4 PL players go again like we did again Bolivia. Peru is much stronger team. Hopefully CONMEBOL FIFA And PL. Find a way to avoid Covid Restrictions…. This 3 matches are important. If we get 9. We will be on 27. And that means we will be qualify easily

    • With the Brazil ban in effect, I don’t think PL clubs would stop their players again from leaving for their national teams because of the fear of losing them anyway, so its a good thing it happened

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