Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 2-2 draw vs. Sampdoria


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 2-2 draw vs. Sampdoria.

Martinez made it two goals in two matches for Inter in their draw. With the score at 1-1, a cross was sent in to Lautaro and his touch which was hit first time gave Inter the 2-1 lead.

Joaquin Correa was substituted on for Lautaro in the second half.


  1. Lautaro’s conversion rate is higher than Higuain’s and Caniggia’s at this point. Should he be more clinical? Yes, hopefully he improves. But I think right now he is probably our best number 9. Icardi is too static for the modern game and will need service all the time, I personally don’t like centre forwards that don’t participate in the build-up or can create a goal for themselves by dribbling or passing interchanges. Kun can be an option if manages to stay fit and sharp which is not guaranteed. Alario is a good back-up when fit.

  2. Beautiful finish from Lautaro is something none of us are used to!
    Thank God his finishing hasn’t costed us a copa America or points in qualifying. Lautaro misses 1.4 sitters per game!!! 😂 😂
    Will the chances Messi, locelso and dimaria give him; Lautaro should have 8+ goals in qualifying

    Known for misses goals that are harder to miss than make!! Lol

    • Dybala 2 goals in 30 games
      Icardi 1 goal in 8 games
      Tevez 13 goals in 80 games
      Kempes 20 goals in 43 games
      Aguero 40 goals in 100+ games
      Saviola 11 goals in 40 games
      Valdano 7 goals in 23 games
      Nico 2 goals in 14 games

      All has lower goal ratio than Lautaro for Argentina 👍

      Enjoy the stats

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      • If we take Lautaro off the team we will see the difference right away. He may not look good in the eyes but he is the most effective especially he brings results more than skills.

        • Lautaro, Acuna, Paredes, are some examples of players that some people never talk about when they put solid performance, only when they have bad game people will show up and pointed how Icardi would have scored 5 goals if he plays lol

          We keeps getting better because players like Lautaro ,Nico, RDP , Lo Celso, Acuna , always shows grit would press off the ball.
          Some years ago, you got players who’s passive when we’re off the ball like Higuain, Aguero, Biglia, Perez.

        • Results more than skills …you are right. He hustles but he definitely is lacking finishing skills and the ability to create shots. Aguero will be needed in the future as a more scoring #9

    • Yeah Lautaro Martinez’s positioning in penalty box is perfect,he has grit but his position sense can be countered well by top defenders like Brazil, England,Netherland,Spain,Italy.You can not always depend on positioning for a striker. Every match Lautaro missed two or three easy chance no one can disagree. Apart from Lautaro Argentina also needs Icardi,fully fit Aguero.

    • Interesting point. It does seem like he does better when he has no time to think, pure instinct like you say. Like that offside goal from Di Maria. But he sometimes butchers goals when he faces multiples options after controlling the ball.

      • Yes that is an interesting and completely true point, in fact I remember after Colombia’s goal the commentator in Spanish was citing a stat that a large percentage of Lautaro’s goals are on the first touch, or essentially no touch goals if that’s not the right term. Decided to do some research and I found an article from July 6 stating that out of 14 goals with Argentina 57% are scored with one touch. This essentially means that he is comfortable scoring with little time and as fast as possible, an interesting stat which proves this point. A thing to note is that this tendency has led to a few misses in the past, such as against Bolivia a few days ago

  4. Spectacular goal, we wanted him, we longed for him, we dreamed about him and we envied others who had one…………a PROPER #9 and by GOD we GOT ONE!!!!

    C’MON Medvedev, Beat that SMUG-Faced Djokovic 😉

    • Cervi is a quality player and of all the transfers that happened this summer, Cervi to Celta with Coudet was the one I was most excited about.
      Cervi is a skilled, energetic, defensively diligent box to box player with an eye for a pass. Also, he can play LW/LFW and if he performs like I think he will this season, he may make a great sub for De Paul or Celso.

        • Funny that these are the people who talk with the loudest mouth, acting knowledgeable. There is an old saying that an empty vessel sounds much.

          Lautaro is the number one choice for the number #9 position in Argentina. The competition for Icardi, Dybala, Aguero, Correa, and Alario are for the second striker of Lautaro replacement. Take it, either you like it or not.

          • With Messi and DeMaria on the lineup, you can’t afford a second striker without compromising defensive apparatus. If we see how Scaloni’s tactic has been evolving over the last two years, he secured the defensive apparatus first then solving the offensive apparatus. During this time, we not only remained unbeaten and become copa champion, we actually didn’t concede too many goals. I can’t remember the last time when we conceded more than two goals. And this success has been achieved largely with Otamendi,Pazella, and error prone Foyth as CBs. This was happened because his selection of a midfield and offensive players who contributed in defense. During that time we won matches in 1-0, 2-1 fashion- not spectacular but useful.

            Now, we see the offensive department start clicking and we are scoring 2,3 goals per match. When you have Messi, DeMaria, Lautaro, Nico in the squad, you do not need a second striker to score goals. Let them play together more and build chemistry, goals will come automatically.

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