Exequiel Palacios injured, will miss World Cup qualifiers for Argentina


Exequiel Palacios is injured and will not be called up for Argentina for October’s World Cup qualifiers.

Palacios, who scored for Bayer Leverkusen in a 2-1 win vs. Ferencvaros, suffered an injury during the match. He had to be substituted off in the second half. Palacios has a ligament injury and is expected to be out for around a month.

Argentina play Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru in October in the World Cup qualifiers. Palacios, who was part of the Argentina squad that won the Copa America, was also part of the last squad for September’s World Cup qualifying matches.


    • Yeah, rotten luck with injuries. Nico Gonzales has a muscle strain though and was subbed as a precaution, with the upcoming games vs Inter in mind. He should be ok soon.

  1. De paul is a very reliable midfielder ,he protects and distribute the ball very well but he needs to provide more forward passes in that particular area he needs to improve . He needs to do some forward runs as well.

    • De-Paul has only played like 2 matches and he already looks so much settled in A.Madrid! Give him couple more matches and once he picks up his team mates runs and positioning he will start to contribute a lot in offense . It always take time to build chemistry with your team mates! Remember our team in Copa America 2019 , that team was even weaker and worse than the 2018 WC team.

  2. Well, said indeed !

    mamoun elpipita September 18, 2021 At 4:40 am
    Apart from some people here at mundo who clearly haven’t seen him play, NO ONE thinks Licha is too short because A. 5’10 is not short B. Licha in particular is very strong in the air and never exhibited any weakness in the air, especially not in the CL where it counts the most.

    So, please everyone just stop all this nonsense about Licha’s height isssue as their is NO HEIGHT ISSUE OR ANY ISSUE WITH LICHA AT ALL !

    So, sorry about Palacios as he really looked to be in great form after that last injury, but now unfortunatly once again…well, hopefully this trend with him will not continue as it did with Arg NT before and clearly Still is an issue that have to be looked at as Wisdom said :

    Wisdom September 17, 2021 At 9:30 pm
    Gago, Pastore, Aguero, Lanzini, Lamela (in Tottenham), DiMaria before a final (until recent Copa), Lavezzi (Copa Centro)….

    Who else is plagued? We need to pray because this can’t happen prior to World Cup.

    Well, Yes unfortunatly this blody plague with Arg NT has been unfortunatly pretty much an issue/or a case that has allways at either before major tournament’s like WC or COPA occured, so fingers crossed all the way hopefully to the final of Qatar that this time Arg will avoid that blody plague.,,

    Nico Dominguez will forsure do an good job if opportunity given by Scaloni..,

    • I once said, “I like my CB’s tall”. Didn’t realize Licha is 5,10 so not that short. We don’t have any CB who can partner long-term with Cuti at the moment, so we need to see Licha pair with him for 80-90 minutes to be certain.

      I agree his qualities are above what we have, I’m worried about set pieces, corner kicks. In world cups, these are much more important. I fear a Lewandowski, Lukaku, Virgil, heck even a 75th minutes sub-in Morata when lucky, inspired can make an important goal.

      Perhaps there’s really nothing to fear.

  3. Waited so long for this lad to flurish, havung too much injury means i wont be surprised if scaloni dont want him in worldcup squad with this high risk ( ideally every top countrys managers will do that). We should have called
    *Mateo Klimowicz* before he has choosen germany 😐
    We miss a big talent there

  4. The ones not available for the October qualifiers:
    Exequiel Palacios, Sergio Aguero, Agustin Marchesin.

    The ones who has recovered and will be available:
    Lucas Ocampos, Lucas Alario, Mauro Icardi.

    The back up 9 will be interesting. I think Scaloni will call 2 of these at least: Icardi, Dybala, Alario. And someone else will replace Palacios either someone new or someone we have already had.

    Also in England they are sure that their 4 players won’t participate in the October qualifiers. But AFA assures that they will be called up.

  5. I don’t know why Facundo medina is not being considered by scaloni. I think he will be the perfect partner for Romero if scaloni thinks Licha’s height is the problem. He has a knack for scoring goals as well. he scored one last week as well. He was the standout performer in the Olympics along with Perez.

    • Apart from some people here at mundo who clearly haven’t seen him play, NO ONE thinks Licha is too short because A. 5’10 is not short B. Licha in particular is very strong in the air and never exhibited any weakness in the air, especially not in the CL where it counts the most.
      As for Medina, yeah he’s actually quite excellent and has surprisingly developed much better than the (seemingly) more talented Nehuen Perez, but right now I think Argentina’s CB quota is full (Romero, Otamendi, Pezzella, Licha and Quarta) and barring major injuries I don’t see the likes of Senesi, Balerdi or Medina getting in the team this year or the next.
      The good news is Medina is still young (22yrs) so he has plenty of time to develop into a great CB or even a LB.

    • Lamela is not a replacement for Palacios. It’s like choosing a right back to replace an injured Centre back. Moreover, unless Lamela has the season of his life , he won’t get into the team. The position he plays is packed and packed with good players!! I am a big Lamela fan myself but I wouldn’t keep my hopes high on him getting a call up as 80% team is already decided for the world cup . Our team is playing with great chemistry and rhythm , bringing in new players will disrupt that rhythm and flow.

      • I’m not sure Lamelas role is “packed”. He would be in competition with GLC, RDP, Dominguez, and Palacios and Palacios is injured, GLC has fitness concerns, and Dominguez was also recently injured (i think). A Correa and Buendia probably more advanced in completion with Di Maria, Nico, and Ocampos.

        • Lamela never plays in GLC, RDP or Palacios position. He is a pure winger and sometimes can play as an attacking mid just behind forwards and that’s all. Yes, when playing for Spurs he did a lot of tracking back to defend but he was and never will be competing for a deep CM role. He at best could be selected as box-to-box midfielder for us but I don’t think he will be able to perform well there as his strength is offence and right now we have players who are performing better than him in that department.

          • Every single time i’ve watched Lamela he’s touching both ends nonstop and often in the center, shielding the ball like crazy, so yes, he could work as a b2b for us. You’re probably right about playing deep CM but I honestly don’t see him as a pure winger, especially now that he isn’t a spring chicken anymore so lost pace.

      • When I was an adolescent, I used to do things, say things that were be different from what common people would have done/said. Coz, I used to think that I have to set myself different from the common people. That, I am special.
        That wasn’t until a day I heard the following words “If you are different from the common people, then maybe you are someone special, but most likely you are abnormal.”

        Those words changed my life.

        I don’t know what the issue is with you Mrinal, but you seem most often talk about the negative aspects of Argentina players, which questions your intention, as some already did. I just think that you likes to bring something else to the table that most ignores to talk about. But it is neither healthy to always glorify certain players from Argentina and bash certain players from other countries nor it is healthy to often bring forth negativity of certain players from Argentina.

        The issue is that our thought process, interactions with others, attitude are actually the reflection of our inner self. I hope and pray that inside you are a positive person, no matter what expression you share in the blog. Adios

  6. Gago, Pastore, Aguero, Lanzini, Lamela (in Tottenham), DiMaria before a final (until recent Copa), Lavezzi (Copa Centro)….

    Who else is plagued? We need to pray because this can’t happen prior to World Cup.

  7. Another win by the world champions Argentina Futsal team. This time with a score of 4-2 against a strong Serbian team.
    Argentina stand in first place in Group F with 6 points and a goal differential of +13 with a showdown against Iran for 1st place in the group.

  8. Yeah sadly the kid seems to be made of glass, which is sad because he’s been doing quite well at neverkusen.
    I guess the one good thing about all this is that Nico Dominguez might get a chance to show his stuff at the WCQ because he’s been really, REALLY good with Bologna this season and I still maintain that he’s a better player than Palacios.

    • Yh nico dominguez is kicking well now, but him and palacios are sort of different players. I think palacios has been surpeb since end of last season up to now
      I can say both of them are adopting European football well, this season is break out season for them and So far so good, Even leo balerdi is playing well for Marseille except of one unlucky red card against Bordeaux, he is the main man of high defensive line because of his pace, quick acceleration to recover the ball and considerable good on the ball of his feet.

  9. This guy is another Gago!! Huge potential but fragile body!! Leverkusen might not renew his contract after it expires. Same thing should happen to Lanzini.

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