Joaquin Correa substituted off injured for Inter


Joaquin Correa was substituted off injured for Inter.

Correa, who started for Inter in their 6-1 win vs. Bologna, was substituted off early. A tackle by De Silvestri onto Correa and he was off substituted.

Inter coach Inzaghi spoke about Correa’s injury after the match. Speaking with Inter TV, here is what he had to say about Correa’s injury:

“We cross our fingers, he is doing the examinations in the hospital and we hope it is nothing serious.”


  1. Just calm down! If Messi scored that free-kick that hit the bar top corner, it would have been sensational news across all the internet. It takes a bit of time for things to gel given they play a game every three days.

    I am actually happy that Messi takes some rest, remember age matters. Look at how physically strong Ibrahimovic is, and now he can’t play a few games without injury.

    If you remember the last Copa, not so long ago, Messi didn’t shine since Semi-finals, he lost sparks for playing too many games!

  2. I remember right after the 2018 WC disaster so many wanted Poch to manage the national team. I am really glad that never happened. After watching PSG’s last few matches, I don’t think Poch will stay in charge for very long. He doesn’t seem to be good at handling mega stars. A happy Messi is not only good for PSG’s future but Poch’s future too. Neymar other than the penalty which also was the result of Messi’s pass was totally invisible in the game. Mbappe was also quite poor and lost possession numerous times. Messi was dropping deep like he used to during Sabella’s days and delivering immaculate long passes and creating good chances but was totally isolated in the second half due to PSG’s coach and his staff incompetence . Instead of pushing Messi closer to the goal what he does ?… he subs the best player on the pitch. Poch was unable to win the league last season with star studded team that had been playing over a year. Now, in the last 3 games , he is already showing he isn’t very good at managing big names. Even Neymar has been poor almost all the matches this season. Pochettino better find a way to keep Messi happy or else he is going out!!

  3. This is freakin hilarious…PSG played 7 games so far, won 6 , draw 1 but somehow everyone is freaking out as if they’re just on 10 losing streak lol. Messi will have some preasure until he score his first goal and thats it.

    Im sure If they upload a training photo which Messi happens not to smile on the pic, people will starts saying he wants to move to Barca lol

    Jack drowsy and suckerberg has truly created snowflakes generation.

  4. For messi leaving Barcelona is the biggest mistake of his life and joining P$G is the 2nd biggest mistake, if he had to leave Barca he should have joined Man City where Gaurdoila knows his footballing ability inside out.
    If he joined P$G to win UCL , he should have known Champions league is not guaranteed anywhere.

    • Messi did not want to leave, Barcelona could not afford to pay him anymore. He wanted to stay.

      Man City did not make any serious offers either.

      There you have it.

    • How could it have been his mistake if it was out of his hands completely?

      “If he joined P$G to win UCL , he should have known Champions league is not guaranteed anywhere”

      Of course it’s not guaranteed anywhere, same thing applies to it not being guaranteed at Man City, so what is your point?

        • “Staying in character as it were.” same goes to you enganche ,calling my every comment negative.
          I didnt say he will UCL at mancity but he might have enjoyed playing there under Gaurdoila.
          Obiviously, things were out of control so i am blaming him.

          • Well Guardiola didn’t have him in his plans, he made it quite clear that he/the management was looking at a younger prodigy for a long term, and hence they considered the overrated Grealish. If Pep would have wanted Leo, and Man City was sincere enough in their efforts, Leo would not have winded up in the farmers league. Not that I mind though, its better for him in terms of injury management, he gets space here because of a star studded squad, and that would keep him fresh for the national team. At this juncture, I think all the mundo fans here wouldn’t ask for more.

  5. It’s still too soon to judge Messi on PSG as this team requires timing for him to gel.
    If Messi were to join Man City (perfect scenario due to style of play), Bayern, Atletico, or Liverpool (a perfect scenario) he would gel automatically.
    With Man City and Liverpool he would score 30+ goals.

    I can tell he wasn’t happy to get subbed off, but he will need to learn to accept that it is to preserve him as he is not getting any younger.

    • Anywhere you go you need a lil time to gel, especially when you are a team player like Messi. So whether it is Man City, Bayern or Liverpool, if you are Messi you will need some time. If you are a tap in player it does not matter cos all you need is services to tap it in, whether it is Bayern or Queen Park Ranger. My point is Messi is fine. He could have scored in 3 occassions today, and if he had scored we would have not even talk about this, instead we would be like wow. I am just happy that he is more comfortable with National Team than club these days. And thats all matters to me. He is Messi, soon he ll be unstopabble in PSG too. Not worried at all.

  6. I watched the PSG game and here is my take:
    Messi played well for the most part, he was running, passing and shooting but the goal didn’t come………..he did his part.
    For the ones that say that he picked the wrong team! where did you want him to go?
    He plays on a team loaded with talent which is good and bad at the same time, he cant be selfish because its not in his nature and 2nd he has to take into consideration the job he signed up for.
    I for one would rather have him play on PSG not some other team that would run him into the ground, especially with qualifiers and the WC coming up.
    I’m sure he was ticked for getting subbed but that will happen every now and then, he’s 34 years old not 26 anymore.

      • To be honest I really do not care about his club career anymore. The man has won everything with club, he does not need to prove anymore. All I want is he enjoys his game with Dimaria, Paredes and Icardi. Form a great chemistry with them or consolidate. And play his club games with less pressure so he could give it all with Argentina when it matters. PSG is the right place for him if you are an Albiceleste fan.

      • He is better than Lautaro, and he has been Juve’s best player during this drought, so it has nothing to do with him. Juve have many other problems

      • Dybala is more talented than Lautaro but I also feel like it’s a slightly inappropriate comparison since Dybala is a second striker or trequartista and Lautaro is a number 9. So if Dybala is asked to play a number 9 role he can do it fairly well but still not as a classic centre forward. Can he head the ball? I don’t remember him scoring many headers.

        But Juve’s problems are elsewhere, their midfield is pretty mediocre and not good enough to support the strikers.

    • He deserve to play in next month qualifier. At least he needs to play in the third game since Scaloni at this point certainly would prefer Lautaro and the two Correa.

  7. So sad to see Messi been subbed

    Messi is not happy he is not settling at PSG

    His body language tells me he’s not enjoying life at PSG surrounded by Super Egos.

    As for Pochetino well he just can’t cut it, he’s just like Martino

    • Messi is not at Barcelona anymore and this team isn’t built around him. At PSG he will have to play a little selfish .. today he had few opportunities to shoot but instead he chose to pass and the times he took the shot he couldn’t score. He will have to be a lot more clinical as he is not going to get every ball like he used to at Barcelona. Nevertheless, sometimes we need something to push us bring the best out and this substitution might just be that blessing in disguise or the wake up call for Messi!!

    • Hope you are right.

      But I just don’t see it, he chose the wrong Club,like I said there’s too many Egos .
      Neymar and Mbape are too individualists they don’t defend for Messi.

    • I feel like if all 4 play and especially against strong opponent then Paredes is going to be sacrificed. Poch would likely go with a double pivot where at least one if not both DM/CM can compensate for the overly attacking quartet up front.

    • The coach from Club Brugge said it right. PSG is great on paper but when we have the ball, it is 11 vs 8. The three upfront don’t defend much. Messi, Neymar and Mbappe is too much.

  8. I watched the whole match of Spurs-Chelsea. Spurs lost 3-0 against the Champions league winner, the well oiled machine Chelsea. Romero was one of the better players though. Hotspur no longer one of the best PL teams. They are rebuilding now. They are built for the future not now. Chelsea on the other hand is on fire.

    Cuti played good. None of the goals are his fault. Lo Celso played below average. The Spurs fan starts to crucify Lo Celso now as he is one of their most expensive players but have yet to show his worth for the Spurs according to them. To make it worse, The Spurs (I think Pochettino) chose Lo Celso over Bruno Fernandez a couple of years ago. The later has abeen a revelation for the PL so far.

    If Lo Celso won’t improve for the Spurs, his days will be numbered. I hope he will still get the coach’s confidence though. He is not terrible today. He played out of position as right winger (Messi/Di Maria role for Argentina), but the Spurs expect a much better performance for him.

    The problem with the Spurs is they put too much trust on their English veterans especially Kane, Dier, and Ali. Kane played like false 9 but he did not have Messi creativity, dribbling, technical ability or offensive awareness to play false 9. He should just stay upfront more than dropping deep all the time. If Kane keeps playing the way, he would be the second coming of Wayne Rooney: someone who at some point of his career looked like a prolific scorer but then fell in love with playing “false 9”: dropping deep, later in his career and suddenly lost his scoring touch.

    Dier was panic anytime Lukaku ran at him. Cuti cleaned up all his mess today. Alli was good a couple of weeks ago against a weaker team but his box to box role was useless against Chelsea who was very discipline in positioning. This Spurs need a lot of new players. Kane, Romero, Lloris, Son, Hojbjerg are good qualities. But some others are not. Reguilon, Emerson (new signing, one of the worse Brazilian RB in recent era no wonder Tite did not call him up anymore), Bryan Gil, Moura, Bergwjin, Davinson Sanchez are all average.

    The 49 year old Thiago Silva was the MOM. This game shows us to never underestimate any older defender. Some defenders center get better with age. Hope Otamendi is the same.

    • Here’s my theory:

      Somebody has to work harder to compensate for the lack of press from the front 4. Hence, Hakimi who a super attacking fullback, one of the best in this role in the world, is on the bench. Instead you have Kehrer who is primarily a ball playing CB who play as a RB too but likely more conservative one. In the middle you have Gueye who is a super tackler and Herrera who is great at ball interception too, at least seems to be better than Paredes in that regard. It’s all about balance, you have two strong tacklers in the middle of the park and a CB playing in a RB role.

  9. Tottenham will forever regret firing Poch. He didn’t deliver a trophy for them, but in his days the team was a well-respected one and they are no more that good team.

    • Poch and Spurs are like fish and water. Firing a coach who brought the club to a higher level, and their long-term success was too hard to understand specially they got into Champion League final the previous season.

      Similar to Arsenal right now, after Wenger left, they are never the same club

    • You just brick bro , lo celso played out position plus he is not much fit since he didn’t play last two weeks
      The surprise thing for me is how the earth dele ali plays full match every game he doesn’t offer nothing.

      • Bro, you can’t digest criticism of our young players even if it is constructive. It has been 2 years since he joined Tottenham so now lo celso is running out of excuses.
        But the best part is , he plays well for NT atleast for first 50 minutes.

  10. Guys let’s watch Spurs vs Chelsea in one hour. Both Cuti and Lo Celso will start! It will be Cuti first start of the season. Hotspur will play 4-1-2-1-2: Lloris; Emerson, Cuti, Dier, Reguilon; Hojbjerg; Lo Celso, Ndombele; Ali; Kane, Son Heung Min. A very strong team on paper.

  11. I really like this Inter, even though they recently lost Hakimi and Lukaku but very smart signing of Dzeko, Correa and Dumfries. Barrella and especially Brozovic take the team to another level. I think they could be the surprise of the champions league. It’s the great spot for Correa and Lautaro.

  12. J Correa’s recent injury record is concerning. Calf most common.
    20/21 – 4 (8 games)
    19/20 – 5 (13 games)
    18/19 – 3 (6 games)
    17/18 – 1 (3 games)
    16/17 – 1 (2 games)
    15/16 – 1 (5 games)

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