Mauro Icardi scores for PSG in 2-1 win vs. Lyon


Mauro Icardi scored for PSG in their 2-1 win vs. Lyon.

Icardi came back from injury and scored in injury time to give PSG the win. It was Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria starting with Leandro Paredes and Icardi on the bench.

A free kick by Messi which hit the post would have been his first goal for his new club as he continues to search for a goal in a PSG shirt. Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria would get substituted off with Icardi being brought on and Paredes remaining on the bench.

With the score at 1-1, a cross into the penalty area would find Icardi and he would score with a header to give PSG the 2-1 lead.


    • Two of them were fantastic yesterday. Lopez, blessed with a deadly combination of physique and technique for the modern day No.9 seems destined to have a fast-paced growth trajectory. Nico Castro is already praised all over the media these days. Hope both continue to grow and learn from each passing match. ❤️

      • Great to hear. Young players having breakthrough seasons should be rewarded with a recognition from the senior team. Lopez in particular should be given a try, considering the complete misery of our number 9s since Batistuta. Lautaro misses way toooo many chances, and just doesn’t convince me.

        • And Enzo Diaz, has been upping it this season after showing promise early on, this finally seems to be his breakthrough season.
          Leonardo Balerdi under Sampaoli is also someone to keep in our sights. So so disappointed that Sampaoli didn’t land Almada.

  1. What’s all this bullshit talk about having a world cup every 2 years nonsense!!!!!
    ….and I thought the previous, corrupt, thief, liar, cheat, sucking on Christina’s weewee……….etc ..FIFA president was bad, this infantentano or whatever this imbecile’s name is, is just that, an imbecile.

    • I personally would like a World Cup every 2 years – Messi with more opportunities to win it -WC scoring records broken.

      Honestly, every 4 years is torture! Heck, I’d take every 3 years cause I’m getting older lol

      Imagine if we had Messi in a world cup two years after 2010 with a healthy Pastore, on fire Tevez, Aguero, Lavezzi?

    • I am also in favor of World Cup every two years. I have never been a huge fan of club football to be honest and I never have had a favorite club ever , wherever Argentine players go I support those clubs. If European clubs play one extra league match every two week, FIFA should be easily able to accommodate qualifiers and organize WC every two years.

      • World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, forget the Olympics, Super Bowl, UEFA…………..etc its the allure, the “prestige” that makes this so special where truly the winner becomes the best in the world.
        We long for it, we wait for it, we dream and fantasize about and that what makes it different than any other competition. I haven’t looked at any details to how they’re going to go about club football, UEFA, nm world cup qualifiers, player’s fatigue and health.
        ……and all this is coming from a person who ONLY started watching club football and UEFA and such just over 10 years ago when I never did before because I was all about the WC and qualifiers.
        They are doing this for one and ONLY one reason, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they don’t make enough now??!!

  2. Juventus sit at 18th place after 4 games without a single win. This could possibly affect Dybala chance of getting another call up. Icardi rarely play full minutes but often managed to find the net. He deserve and should get a call up as direct sub for Lautaro.

  3. From the Spurs media. Lo Celso is under a heavy criticism. Cuti Romero is praised. Lo Celso was bought around 55 British pounds a couple of years ago, the club second most expensive signing ever after Tanguy Ndombele, slightly more expensive than Cuti Romero and he was expected to be the man replacing the club favorite, Cristian Eriksen. But in 70 Hotspur appearances so far, he has only 7 goals and 4 assists a rate of one contribution every 359 minutes, via Transfermarket.

    By comparison, Christian Eriksen managed to provide a goal or assist every 159 minutes across 305 appearances.

    They don’t really play exactly the same position. The Spurs fans are being too harsh. But if someone is the second most expensive ever, the expectation is very high for sure. Lo Celso will need to perform better or else, I see him leaving next summer or even this January.

    In my opinion, Lo Celso is a team player. He needs a lot of good players around him. He is not one of those “one man show”. If the Spurs buys a lot of good players around him, he will excel, but if they rely heavily on him to create a magic, they will be disappointed.

    • In my opinion, Lo Celso has improved as a player after moving to Spurs. His tactical awareness and physicality has improved. If you want to see the difference, compare between 2019 copa and matches in wcq and copa 2021.

      However he is misfit for spurs, he should move asap. It is never going to work.

    • I don’t think that goal contribution is a fair valuation of Lo Celso. I remember watching a lot of him a year ago and he has created own goals and had assists ruled out for offside. With slightly different luck he could probably have 3-5 more goal contributions which isn’t a lot more but looks better. If spurs fans are watching all of the games they should know this, on top of the fact that he was their best player during right before the covid era. He has had some injuries and sometimes has been given less minutes than he deserves, making his numbers and chances for goal creation worst. Mourinho also played him deeper than his preferred role on many occasions, also making less goal contributions completely normal (not to mention he turned Kane into the main creator last season which relied on all goals going through Kane). I wouldn’t be surprised if Lo Celso’s pre assists are higher, in fact he is the most “pre assists” type of player I can think of that is Argentinian

    • So Celso is the one getting criticized? LOL this club and it’s fans are a joke I swear. The kid comes back from almost 2 weeks of isolation and in his first start of the season he plays OUT OF-POSITION, yeah real genius work Nuno/Spurs. Also I love how they made him out to be the scapegoat considering the fact that Kane (also out of position), Son and Alli did JACK s**t the whole match, but yeah it’s the Argentinian who is the problem.

      Comparing Eriksen and Celso’s status is a joke, Erikson didn’t spend 70% of his time playing out of position (mostly as a ‘5’). Those so called Spurs fans forget the fact that merely 2 seasons ago, in the absence of Son, Celso was by far their best player because -surprise-surprise- he was playing in his habitual position as a CM.
      How did Eriksen do in Inter initially when Conte was playing him out of position?….yeah exactly, he ended up on the bench!

      [Lo Celso will need to perform better or else, I see him leaving next summer or even this January.]

      THAT would be the best thing to ever happen, Celso is way too talented for that reject club and if no growth spurs want one of their most expensive players to perform then maybe they should use said player correctly, I mean for god’s sake didn’t any of those so called fans wonder why Celso was so good in copa…..again this club is a joke! Thank god Lautaro didn’t go there, because it would mean that 3 Argentine starters would be ruined.

      • I have watched 100% every minute of the Spurs game this year. Lo Celso has played in about 50% of those games. He was the MOM in the UEFA Conference league against Pacos. His game against Chelsea was bad (voted as the worst of the match) but so was all his teammates, except Cuti Romero and Lloris.

        I think it is purely due to the price tag. When u are £55 million players, they expect a lot from you. If he was a £5 million player for example, I don’t think he would get criticized.

        Also another problem is Harry Kane has 0 goal so far in the league and barely had any shot on goals in 3 league matches. The Spurs agree their main issue is creativity. So they look at their squad, the one who is supposed to bring creativity to the team is Lo Celso. And Lo Celso was given one match only, yesterday against Chelsea to show if he can give them the much needed creativity. And of course it will be very hard for any midfielder to play good against Jorginho, who would challenge Messi for Ballon d’or this year and Kante, one of the best DM in the world.

        I agree though, Lo Celso has improved for Argentina at least.

    • Spurs fans r idiot. Locelso is a decent player bt not a world class player. They expect him to counter chelsea midfield with kante jorjinho 😂 most delusional fanbase

    • the new Portuguese coach is very defensive coach and lo celso is not his type of player. he is a good coach at small club but not for bigger. Even Mourinho takes much more risks than him. As I have always said, ideally Lo Celso can join inter and play with Brozovic and Barrella in a 352. Similar setup as Betis in the past when he had midfielders behind him and 2 Winger back next to him

  4. If you realy love football just watch following teams, Marseille under sampoali and fiorentina under Italiano
    They both playing such attacking joyfull football.

    • definitely, those 2 teams play the football that I like. aggressive in pressing, fast transition, compact, technical and collective.
      sampaoli is bringing back my passion for football. you change any player in his team and they can still play well

    • Don’t try to put an agenda against our players like some folks here did with Di Maria. Icardi may score a damn goal that you might direly need. He’s one of the most clinical strikers in the world.

      About personal life, Icardi is nowhere near Maradona

      • He is just saying his feeling in the article written about Icardi.
        SorinXcrespO is an Argentine like me too that we put the pride and honor of our country first than everything.
        we are not like Icardi and his manager to licking now where we was spiting before. everybody is free to have their opinion oposite than ours but we are free too to say our thinking too.
        i don t want any goal from Icardi even if he is the best striker in the world. (which he is not anyway). SorinXcrespO and me we are 2 Argentines that we don t forget. Icardi and his manager spit our national team in 2017-2018 with the worse way and attitute. So now i will lick Icardi for his goals? No. I want he stay the f..k out of the team. we are not licking where we was spiting. we are not Icardi and his manager. We want to keep the honor of our national team.
        Now if you want him ok it is your opinion which i respect. But we can have our own different opinion.


  5. 2 Argentine coaches are the big flop at the beginning of this season: Pochettino and Simeone. I remember lots of fans want one of them to be the national team coach. Pochettino had good start of L1 but I guess PSG will suffer at champions league. Pochettino is uanble to define a playing style for this team, they don’t play physic and compact. I don’t blame him for sub Messi but am pissed off by how he used Messi on the pitch. Simeone’s football is still so boring years after years. I thought he tried to play with more attacking players but this team gives up the ball so quickly. I don’t understand why they signed Griezemann when Correa was the key why they won the title last season. I really think De Paul is wasting his time even though Atletico is a big club. De Paul is a box to box and excellent when the team has the ball.

    On the other hand, I enjoy a lot Sampaoli’s football style. He was a disaster with the national team but at OM, he really brought the team to another level. They play collective, creative and aggressive football. Probably one of the best coaches in Europe at the beginning of this season. Balerdi is lucky to have Sampaoli who has been so much patient with him.

    • C.royal it’s too early to make conclusions about pochettino, his task is most difficult one
      No manager in the world can make balance of play when you literally have four or three players do nothing without the ball the only option poch have is to drop one of Neymar or Mbappe in order to make psg more team than individual luxury star’s, have saying that its too early to judge psg and pochettino. In meantime I absolutely I agree with you Marseille and sampoali, man its joy to watch,
      For now Marseille playing most attractive attacking football in whole Europe better than man City’s Guardiola. If psg play Marseille tomorrow I think Marseille will beat them, btw I’m so happy for leo balerdi let him continue to play this level.

      • I understand Pochettino’s difficulties but dude, he’s been there since 9 months, I have feeling that the team can run without him. Look at messi game vs bruges. He started on the right and he realized that it’s not the way so he decided to move inside in his usual 10 position, I don’t think Pochettino asked him to do that. He just think ok I got messi, mbappe and neymar, so I give them freedom and ask the 7 other guys to defend for them. Their victory against Lyon was lucky. But maybe it’s impossible to manage so much ego in the dressing room.

  6. “Jack drowsy and suckerberg has truly created snowflakes generation.”

    There could be a debate on who is responsible, but no doubt that we have a snowflakes generation.

    This generation has no patience; and too easily with too little evidence draws big conclusions.

  7. Messi will be fine. All the alarmist comments are premature or worse they are of sinister nature and intent.

    All we should care about is him finding his groove, stay healthy and come to the WC in optimal form.

      • if you speak for Mundo there was not Messi hater inside here ever. just opposite. there was Messi fans and Argentina national team fans. in the second category that i am as same as the majority of people inside here was exist fans we make critics some years before about his perform with the national team that was not same with Barcelona and about our coaches that they didn t know how to use correct one nuclear weapon that we have such as Messi is.
        Nobody was Messi hater inside here ever.
        if an older member of Mundo can remember someone let remind me.

          • well i remember some of them but allow me to don t name them now because of 2 reasons.
            first i am not police here and i have no desire to be one. plus everybody is welcome here for me personally as long as have respect.
            second reason is that if i name them i will provoke fights or arguments inside here and that is too something i don t have desire to happened. i don t like fights. it is not difficult to open fire inside here as you are able to remember since you are older than me here.

          • There are several people that I have seen openly admit they are fans only because of Messi and once someone said (don’t remember who) that when Messi retires they will stop being an Argentina fan / football fan. But as long as these people don’t outright disrespect Argentina, its local football, other players, etc it is fine in my opinion

  8. Less margin victories are best as it does not allow players to relax. Argentina won every match with one goal margin and they become champion of Copa America.

  9. I think Messi is going to be fine. That is for sure. I saw the glimpse of amazing team work of the front 4. They just need time to be deadly. We are talking about 4 people whose: Passing accuracy, offensive awareness, dribbling, speed, pace, technique are at least 9/10. It is impossible not to make it work WITH TIME. I repeat T-I-M-E.

    I saw Messi already had good understanding with all Di Maria, Neymar, and Mbappe. They just need more time together. Those who criticize Messi now will shut up in a couple of month. To think that they will be weak defensively, I also disagree. Come on the peak Barca also almost always defended with 6 men only and they collected more trophies in the last 10 years than any team. This PSG team have the best goalie in the world and 4 world class defenders and great DM’s. No way they will be weak defensively.

    2-1 against Lyon is not a bad result at all. We can’t expect them to win 4-0 5-0 anytime against all teams.

    • Yes, Messi will be fine ! He is already exchanging good passes with Neymar and Mbappe. It will take some time for the players to gel with Messi’s style of playing. But the problem here I think is Pochettino. In the 2nd half, Messi hardly received any ball and he was isolated the whole time. Ofcourse this has happened to him numerous times in Barcelona also but there, the manager didn’t substitute him but rather instructed his other players to pass it to Messi and he would then either score or create a goal scoring opportunities. But yesterday instead of finding a way to pass Messi the ball they substituted him because Pochettino and his staff were truly convinced that Messi was the weakest link and that is why they subbed him. He is not the kind of player who us going to run after opposition player to win possession. Players like Messi need one chance to change the game and that why his previous managers have been so successful because they build the team around him and that is why other players around Messi also have tons of success too. At 1-1 when you sub Messi off that clearly means Poch and his staff have no idea how to make best use of Messi. If Poch gets fired from PSG then he will have to go back to managing mid table clubs again. So he better find a way to accommodate Messi Neymar and Mbappe and not play Lio in the midfield like Sabella and his predecessors did. Lio is about goals and assist not about keeping possession or defending. You don’t sub the best player when you need a goal! Only incompetent coaches make those kind of calls.

      • Poch never won anything in his coaching career nor was a star player during his time. His coaching CV do not consist of anything other than comping up top 4 in PL. I doubt he would be able to win CL with PSG. Poach act like father figure but players wont trust his mellow behaviour unless he wins big. Poch is at same spot as luis enrique during his first year at barca manager. I hope poch gets serious. Additionally i think Messi deserve team like PSG that can win without Messi after all those humiliations at Barca in CL in last years.

        • I agree! This man couldn’t win the league when all the other big clubs in EPL were going through transition or turmoil and lost the league to Leicester city!! There is a reason Levy let him go, if you can’t win the league when all the opponents are down and out , you can never win it!! Also, in the last PSG game Poch kind of panicked , he was already under some pressure due to the draw in champions league match and losing against Lyon would have added more pressure on him. Instead of moving Messi closer to the goal and making Mbappe and Neymar feed him, he decides to sub Messi while the whole world is watching and adds 10 times more pressure on himself by making everyone question his managerial skills! I am 100% confident, that substitution will be blessing in disguise for Messi and will act as a wakeup call and make him more clinical and decisive factor !! Messi might be 34 but he is 5 times more fitter than other players of his age!! He is more like a 34 year old person in a 30 year old body!!

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