Lionel Messi suffers knock to the knee, will miss PSG match


Lionel Messi has suffered a knock to the knee and will miss PSG’s next league match.

Messi was substituted off for PSG in their 2-1 win vs. Lyon with the substitution making noise around the football world. Mauricio Pochettino received a lot of criticism for taking Messi off but a report on Tuesday by the club, stated that Messi received a knock to the knee.

The statement read that Messi will undergo more tests in 48 hours, which would mean he is ruled out for their league match against Metz on Wednesday.


  1. It might sound philosophical but we actually won the Copa America in 2019.
    The semifinal against Brazil was the match when we came together as a team and fought for each other. We lost 2-0 that day but since we have an unbeaten streak of more than 20 games.
    I hope we go unbeaten in the whole qualifiers.

  2. This bullshit negativity around here seems to be never ending!!!

    WE “”””HERE”””” are ARGENTINA FANS, Not Barcelona, or Juve, or PSG, or AM, or Mickey Mouse fan club……….don’t like it? GO somewhere else.

  3. Hopefully it will be okay and he will play again next week. Nothing to worry about.

    Let’s keep calm and don’t get nervous with PSG performance; the main is N/T and WC

    • Man just get out from this forum and stick with some Portuguese NT blogs. Getting minor knocks doesn’t mean anything disastrous. He just played 180 minutes for PSG and yes,in these minutes..he has not performed a/c to his standards, but that doesn’t necessarily meant he played poorly.
      Yes in these 180 minutes, he didn’t scored..Stop exaggerating ffs

      • Totally! and what is Messi’s failure? 30 goals and 25 assists? may be he will fail. I am fine as long as he wins the WC next year.

        Jokes apart, this will suddenly click, like the Real Sociedad game in Barca, when suddenly MSN clicked. Like the Colombia away game under Sabella, Kun scores and it suddenly clicks.

    • @Mrinal
      I’m getting why people in this forum really hate you. I mean, it’s not that I haven’t seen any negative person like you before. But your negativity is reaching the level of a troll. Are you this negative about Arg NT only or do you feel like this about everything in your life? If the latter is the case then I feel sorry for you. And regarding the season being disastrous for Messi, let me tell you what Messi will most likely feel about. Let’s say but certainly hope not that, he misses half of the season due to injury and performs subpar for PSG. Even then Messi will remember this year as the best year of his life. Because guess what? it’s the year he won the Copa. In all his successful seasons at Barcelona, he couldn’t achieve what he valued the most. So, the season being disastrous is purely subjective and in your case, also biased. Because you never really liked his move to PSG. So, it’s your agenda to prove his move to PSG unsuccessful in every chance you get.

  4. Well Messi’s reaction to substitution says something else!!!! That’s’ not how you react when you get substituted for injury! I hope they are not punishing him for displaying frustration publicly by not allowing him to play the next match or they could just be trying to save face from this fake injury news !!

    • I dont think either PSG or Poch have enough CV to punish Messi. Messi is bigger than both. One is funded by Oil country and other has 0 trophies to his name. Poch only trophy is trying to win title.

    • Or C – Messi wasn’t aware or willing to accept the knock because he felt good enough at the time and wanted to continue but the sidelines saw something else and subbed him.

    • Sometimes, we look into things too much. Messi felt discomfort during the match. He believed it’s nothing serious and wanted to continue. But Poch subbed him nonetheless which is why Messi gave the question mark look to him. PSG has 4 matches in 10 days including important home matches against Montpellier and Man City. That’s why Poch didn’t take the risk. And the news of Messi’s injury came today after medical tests. So, it looks like a coincidence to me. I think Poch’s decision looked odd because PSG was trailing at that moment and we are not used to seeing Messi getting subbed off in these situations. Maybe PSG doesn’t care about the league anymore. They only brought Messi for the UCL.

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