Alejandro Papu Gomez scores for Sevilla in 3-1 win vs. Valencia


Alejandro Papu Gomez scored for Sevilla in their 3-1 win vs. Valencia.

Papu Gomez scored his first goal of the season as Lamela provided the assist. It was Gonzalo Montiel with the long pass into Lamela who gave a through ball over to Papu Gomez as his first touch from the edge of the penalty area gave Sevilla the 1-0 lead. Erik Lamela now has three goals and one assist since joining Sevilla.

Gonzalo Montiel was involved in the second goal as his cross took a bounce off the Valencia player and beat the goalkeeper. In addition to Alejandro Papu Gomez, Erik Lamela and Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Ocampos also started the match.


  1. Sad to see Messi playing in French league. Spain was such a footballing environment. With PSG, we dont even know at least 15 teams in the league. On top of that, loser Poch is his manager who is media darling but serial loser. I hope Messi does well vs man city if he is allowed to play the match.

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