Manuel Lanzini scores for West Ham in 1-0 win vs. Manchester United


Manuel Lanzini scored for West Ham in their 1-0 win vs. Manchester United.

Lanzini got his first goal of the season for West Ham as they eliminated Manchester United from the Carabao Cup. Lanzini started the match for West Ham and scored early.

A low cross into the penalty area took a deflection as the ball fell to Lanzini and the Argentine would hit it first time and score.


  1. Paredes and lo celso are poor from at club, right now given chance at N/t guido Rodriguez, nico dominguez, leo balerdi,marcos senisi

  2. I’m glad Poch did what he did by pulling Messi out and most likely averted a disaster in the making, whether La Pulga liked it or not, it wasn’t really up to him.
    Messi just today started jogging again, thanks Poch for saving Messi from himself.

      • WHAT?!!………..Are you honestly saying that we fans tend to overreact and draw hallow conclusions based on nothing?!….Get out of town!!! ­čÖé

        In all seriousness, have any of you been following Guido at Betis and Nico at Bologna? Honestly those guys have been killing it, even with Palacios injured and poor Celso being misused I’m not to worried about Argentina’s midfield.

        • Watched betis games this season Guido is everywhere on the pitch , he is beating press , making clean tackles and providing forward passes and assists he will be a real deal for NT if integrated properly.

        • Mamoun, the other day I watched Bologna vs Genoa and I must say what you say about Nico is exactly right. Whenever the in-game situation allows him to be higher up the pitch or with the possibility of contributing to a counter attack he does it really well. He is technically really good and center mid type passing (quick passing, one touch, releasing the ball to a wide player, etc) is really good. The situation is similar to Palacios but I feel like he is more wasted than Palacios in a double pivot

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