Nicolas Tagliafico scores for Ajax in 5-0 win vs. Fortuna Sittard


Nicolas Tagliafico scored for Ajax in their 5-0 win vs. Fortuna Sittard.

Tagliafico scored his first goal of the season, a lovely one-two with Tadic to give Ajax the 5-0 lead. A run by Tagliafico into the penalty area as he passed it to Tadic and the Argentine would receive it back and score.

Lisandro Martinez started the match for Ajax with Tagliafico on the bench. However, Tagliafico was brought on for Martinez in the second half.


  1. Cuti played OK. Is he guilty for the second goal of Wolves? A bit, not much. It was Ndombele’s fault/referee bad decision I think.

    Lo Celso played also OK. He had a one of one opportunity in the first half against the goalie but he slipped. The good thing is Nuno trying to be a bit more offensive now.

  2. The more you want to avoid the sick face of CR7 the more his face comes in front of you, Whenever I am searching for Messi related news that sick face of him comes front. No other player have I ever hated in my entire lifetime of watching football. The disgusting English media is doing everything in their power to project CR7. CR7 and English Media is actually a perfect match for each other. It’s like a Marriage between 2 of the most disgusting persons. What The F***. When is it gonna end.

    • Im glad Italy beat the English at their own backyard and Argentina lifted a thropy in Brazil.

      Those are the highlights of this year & they cant twist that around.

  3. Aaron Molinas of Boca is a player I really recommend watching. His maturity in passing is almost like if he has been playing in a European league for a couple of years, and he only made his debut a couple of months ago. I think he is the most recent resurgence alongside Castro and Farias

  4. Just my 2 cents or advice to fellow Mundoers, if you don’t like a post, simply ignore it. No need to start calling for banning or name calling “fake fan” unless its egregious and inappropriate like romance and his sexual depravity.

    • I kinda enjoyed Romance’s post! I could be wrong but I don’t remember him making any negative comment towards our team and players. Yes, he was hard on management for ignoring Icardi but other than that he was quite funny!! 😎

      • i found it funny at the beginning but it got old really fast. i do understand peoples frustration though as he did go full troll mode with negative farmers comments and all the sexual stuff.

  5. PSG are thrash. Poch is not good enough, he was never a winner and have not won anything as a manager or player. I feel sad for Messi after all these barca humiliations, he has to go and train under Poch, serial loser.

    • Before winning copa, Messi played under a coach with no resume. Whereas, Poch took a mediocre team like Tottenham to the champions league final. I call it a success.

    • Hopefully Poch succeed this time, he have the golden chance in his hand at this moment, once in his life time maybe.. Hakimi even scored 2 goals and put them at the top of Lique 1..

  6. Lamela, Gomez and Montiel has been phenomenal for Sevilla vs Valencia.

    First goal : Montiel intercepts, passes to Lamela, Lamela makes throughball, Papu Gomez makes one touch 18 yards shot to goal.

    Second goal : Montiel makes cross which misses everyone to goal.

    It’s 3-1 now half time. Lamela and Montiel has received yellow. Ocampos has also started but most play is going from the right.

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