Argentina squad to be announced for October World Cup qualifiers


The Argentina squad for October’s World Cup qualifiers is expected to be announced within the next few days.

Copa America champions Argentina will play three matches in October, two home and one away. Their first will be away against Paraguay on October 7, their second match against them in these qualifiers. Their first match finished in a 1-1 draw.

After that, Argentina play Uruguay at home on October 10 at the Monumental. This would be Argentina’s first match against Uruguay in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The third and final match is against Peru, once more at home.

Argentina’s match against Peru would be their second against them in the World Cup qualifiers, their first ending in a 2-0 win.

Coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to name his squad for the matches in the next few days with the opening match fast approaching.


  1. I cant understand if Vinncent and rodrigo can start for real madrid playing 11 at young age 😐
    Why more talented julian alverz and thiago almada cant even play any team in top 5 legue
    Surely these two only lacking the finishing ability

    • Looks like sometimes Foyth is more better going forwards than most of the Villarreal players, LOL ! Though Still not fully convinced by defenssive play though again a great save first from Rulli and straight after Foyth blocked a clear goal chance so maybe Arg’s at Villarreal will finally start delivering…

      • For the 1st time, I think Argentina NT roster is and will be filled with competent and serious goalkeepers.
        Emi is World class, and on top of that we have Musso, Rulli and Benitez who are excellent keepers. I don’t think there is any place for Armani atm.
        Just wish that God continue to bless us and soon we will be ____champions.

  2. from 1 October the stadiums in Argentina will have spectators again. the 50% of the capacity will be available. that means next sunday we will have little more than 36.000 fans in Monumental against Bosteros. i really can t wait !!!

    • I am happy you noticed Dituro, I have watched three celta games this season and when I realized he was Argentinian I was shocked, I didn’t know who he was and for him to go from Bolivian/Chilean football (I think) to playing so well in the top flight in Spain is impressive

          • How many matches of Lukaku you have seen???! Lukaku is famous for his misses man. Again I won’t blame Lukaku coz when you are 9 and you get more scoring chances, you miss much more than others. That is how football works. You cannot praise a GK for not missing the target.

      • Of course I know Lautaro misses chances, in some cases more than he should (which is why I want to see another striker get some minutes) but I do think he is a quality player and has room to improve since he is only 24. His conversion rate for Argentina is not something to ignore. His anticipation for crosses and volleys is really good. If all of our strikers are fit we have other great options anyway

  3. In Serie A C. Romero,in Premiere League Emi Martinez, it looks like Argentines are going against Ronaldo. I like Argentine players spirit.

    • This Emi challenged CR7 to take the pen. Our goalie got balls. He was challenging a legendary player only second to Messi. How many players dare to do that? Cavani knew what kinda damage Emi’s mind game could cause them and Cavani was seen to push Emi away.

      I am never a biased fan. But if anyone still don’t think Emi is a top 3 best goalie JUST because he plays for Aston Villa is either a moron or a hater or a FIFA game lover where his rating should be 10 or more below the likes of Allison or Ederson.

      I mean a great goalie do perform when it matters. I mean Emi resume in the last 18 months:
      1. EPL goalie of the year beating the two overrated Allisson and Ederson.
      2. Copa America champion and best goalie of the tournament beating the 2 overrated again Allison and Ederson.
      3. Perform amazing in the semi final and final games the 2 games that matter the most!
      4. Hold MU to 0 goal and was the MOM.
      5. (bonus) Manage to stop 3 penalties in PK shootout against Colombia. How often did that happen in any PK shootout situation?

      I mean anyone has better resume than him in the last 18 months?

  4. Brazil announced their list for qualifiers last night
    And it includes 8 players from England!!!!!

    Let me repeat, EIGHT players !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Didn’t we just have a match cancelled in Brazil for having three players from England ???????
    Hypocrisy is the name of the game, and I must be living in a different dimension.
    Conmebol should merge with concacaf soon and the president should be from Jamaica! I’m tired of the bull shit.

    • “Conmebol should merge with concacaf soon and the president should be from Jamaica! I’m tired of the bull shit.”

      What exactly are you implying sir? I am from Jamaica. I hope you are not trying to disparage my country.
      I have been on this board since 2006, but I hardly post these days. I read the posts quite often though, so I know the quality is not what it used to be. Nevertheless, I am hoping this was not an attempt to disrespect my country.

      • I think they are implying that someone from an unbiased and separated from SA country should lead so we stop getting the usual conmebol BS.. I think

      • All the blessings 4 Jamaica ! Hopefully that day will come…as there are many people hoping 4 Great Jamaican Athletes or Cricket players around West Indie’s to show also that great quality of thy’ mighty against the world football elite though with all my respect 2 Jamaica, i’m sorry that can’t stop supporting Arg as i do not have anything against Jamaica infact it is one of my greatest ever country in the world for many reasons, but mostly for their Root’s and how they do respect their true Root’s…stay well and hopefully things will end up good 4 your Island and it’s Citizen’s ! Time will tell…as the most important thing will be sticking to the Root’s and stay united as ever !

  5. Aston Villa beat MU 1-0. CR7 can score against anyone except Emi Martinez. Emi Martinez MOM to me. His positioning today reminds me of the prime Nauer. His trash talking to Bruno Fernandez PK worked. It seems like everyone is scared to take PK against Emi now.

    Emi Buendia played the last 15 minutes and did pretty well.

  6. Icardi hopefully will get call up and starts at least in one game. Dybala and Buendia has been getting meaningless call up so far, although Scaloni probably will only starts experimenting more when we have reach at least 20+ points.

  7. Getting call up by the nt team is not doing
    Buendia any good,since he’s been back
    He is behind this this 20 year hold call Aaron’s
    I think.he didn’t make the starting 11 agaisnt united

  8. Would be nice to see Lisandro Martinez as cinco. At Ajax he has played a few matches in front of defence (although not recently) and did well. He can read the game well and is a good passer. He is also less of hot head than Paredes, who is the one with the better long range shot.

    • Lisandro Martinez in DM position,Paredes and Guido Rodriguez are enough. Lisandro is fourth CB currently ahead of Lucas Quarta Martinez.

  9. I read Palacios will still be called up and be assessed by the team. The squad should look very similar to the last one. I think the interesting topic is how many back up strikers he will call out of: Icardi, Dybala, and Alario. I say 2 of them.

    Oh and Aguero is supposed to be back by the end of October.

    • I remember that AFA didn’t exactly trust Bayer’s verdict on Palacios’s injury last time and got him healed faster than he would have. He may come back sooner

    • Hopefully palacio’s injury not that bad as reported from his team as it was the case before like u mentioned…about striker options anyone fit and in great form will be a good asset, though not so sure about Kun anymore, unfortunatly ! As offcourse it would be great for him an also for the fan’s to see his last rise from all of those injuries and finally deliver truly for Arg ! Though, it mighty just a stupid wish of mine as i kind of gave up on him allready for Arg, but Still respect him and his great career as when fit and form it was allways a pleasure to watch him play like any other Arg player too in present and also in the past…So will keep on looking forward 4 Arg players as there are not any intresting teams with none Arg players…might sound a bit too Harsh for other players or other teams who do not have players from Arg, but that how it is allways been for me and will allways be and there is absolutly nothing against any other player beside’s Cristiana ! As i do respect others too, but for some reason they never intrested me as Arg players have done for 43 year’s… Yes i know it is maybe a bit too old fashioned way…or at least it might sound so…just can’t change it simple as that !

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