Lionel Messi scores first ever goal for PSG in 2-0 win vs. Manchester City


Lionel Messi scored his first ever goal for PSG in their 2-0 win vs. Manchester City.

Messi scored for the first time ever for PSG and in a Champions League match. After being rested in their last league match, Messi was back in the staring eleven with Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi on the bench.

It was 1-0 PSG until Messi received the ball. A run forward as he played a one-two with Mbappe and Messi with his shot from the edge of the penalty area gave PSG the 2-0 lead.


  1. I saw some improvement on Pochettino’s tactics, using Verratti as regista so more room for Neymar and Messi. It forms a kind of triangle, other players moved around them. Mbappe and Hakimi are there for counter attacks. The other weapons are their central midfielders. Most of them can score. There is no fast transition or pressing. They attack only with individual talent and the defense prefer playing safe. It looks like Mourinho’s football with Chelsea during early 2000s. It’s really not the football I like and don’t think it will work for long run, let’s hope for Messi that at least the result will be there.

    Another thing I want to highlight here is that seems Messi’s gaols and assists against EPL teams are quite impressive, I still remember his 4-0 against Arsenal 10y ago(or more).

    • From what I see the understanding among Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe is improving. Already much better than the first game where they started together. Add Di Maria into the mix, the 4 have the potential to be really really good.

      I don’t think Mbappe is selfish. He always looks for Messi. CR7 is thousand times more selfish than him. In Messi’s goal, Mbappe would have shot the ball himself if he had not had Messi behind him. For me there is quite an appropriate respect to Messi from both Mbappe and Neymar. I mean they don’t really worship him but they do serve him.

      • I completely disagree with you. Mbappe and Neymar are both selective passers although Neymar is biased towards Messi. Their first instinct to get on the score sheet (can’t blame them).
        There was numerous occasions in last match where Messi was in good position but Mbappe over dribbled and lost the ball.

        I think competition is always healthy but the day when the trio creates a symbiotic relationship between each other, PSG will be scary.

      • Also, I don’t think Dimaria will start with the front trio if he does then Angel has to defend like his life depends on it. The team will be very unbalanced as the front 3 will seldom defend unlike a champions league game against powerful opponents.

  2. Messi took the role of laying down behind the PSG wall when Mahrez took the free-kick in the dying minutes of their clash. This act of Messi’s generated a lot of reaction in social media.

    IMO, that was a genius thing by Messi. He showed the rest of PSG players that he isn’t looking them down and he is there to help the team and make them win something big. This will make the team members work for Messi more and although every PSG fan loves him, what he did last night will earn him more love and respect among PSG members.

    I was really dissapointed when he refused to shake hands with Poch after that substitution, but he made up for his mistake last night through that act.

  3. Licha and messi made our day happy
    But very disappointed with lautaro martinez when its come to crunch momments and champions legue his finishing gets very poor
    He got many chances were worldclass players will finish it. His workrate is fantastic with defence so Scaloni wont be thinking of aguero(more talent and better finish but nothing for defence) i hope lautaro improve his finishing power

  4. “…….Spanish publication, AS, ran the headline ‘Foyth kept Vinicius at bay’ after the former Spurs man stood out at the Bernabeau.

    The paper reported that Foyth’s ‘commitment is total’ and that he showcased a variety of skills to keep Vinicius out of the game.

    He was also regarded as the most highly-rated performer on the pitch. That is certainly going some, given the talent that was on display…….”

    Source: Teamtalk

    Looking forward to seeing another stellar performance from him against Man U.

  5. I would like to talk about “the best goalkeeper in the world” based on people opinion, someone whose FIFA rating is the highest among the goalie, someone whose rating according to FIFA is 91 (Emi Martinez is 84) and someone who is always on the top list of the best goalie in the world named: Ederson.

    1. 4 goals that he conceded in important matches he did NOT even dive to try to save the ball: Against Di Maria’s Argentina, Hotspur Son Heung Min, PSG Gueye, and PSG Messi. He was just looking at the ball! What kinda goalie is that?

    2. 2 match ups against the REAL BEST GOALIES in the world. Vs. Emi Martinez in Copa final. Emi rating 9 Ederson 4. Against Donnarumma last night. Donnarumma 9, Ederson 3.

    3. If you want to talk about the real OVERRATED goalie, his name is Ederson Moraes. Someone who is probably can rival Pirlo/Xavi if he had changed his position to DM but nowhere among the best among GK.

    Think about it 4 goals he conceded, he just got caught looking at the ball, not even diving to save the ball! I hope I am the first one in the whole world who recognizes how overrated Ederson is. Good thing he is not Argentine. If he was Argentine, I would still put him behind Emi, Musso, Benitez, Rulli.

    Best goalie in the world my ass!

    • Anyone from Brazil would be rated as GOAT by Fifa and journalists.

      Remember that Robinho supposed to be next Pele! and Kaka supposed to win 4-5 Balon, Adriano supposed to be the next R9!

      Once they play teams who dont fears them, they got exposed to the point where the quit the match like few weeks ago!

      • Ederson is overrated. He has multimillion defence infront of him still his performance does not convince me atall. Anyway i can’t believe I am saying this but I think Kaka was ok…maybe only Brazilian recently I admired secretly

        • a great goalie has to have good reflexes just like a great winger has to have good pace/dribbling/speed.

          If in 4 goals he did NOT even react. How can he be a good goalie??? Maybe he wouldn’t have been able to save all those 4 goals but at least dive or something. Not just looking at the ball.

          I mean Di Maria, Son, Messi and Gueye exposed how overrated he is. A total moron.

    • Ederson is actually quite good but I think Curtois, Navas, Allison, Handovic and our own Dibu and Musso are every bit as good if not better.
      Last season it came down to Dibu and Ederson for best GK in EPL and more experts chose Dibu than Ederson but at the end, Ederson won the premier league and Dibu didn’t hence he [Ederson] got the nod.
      I have to say this is the first time in my albiceleste supporting life that Argentina has a spoiled wealth of high quality GKs. I mean Dibu and Musso aside, you’ve got poor Walter Benitez who is total class and he doesn’t even get a look in, then there Manchersin who kicked a** in the CL last season and now Rulli is regaining the form that got him so much attention 5 years ago.

    • I like Emi Martinez even more after his talk to CR7 before Bruno Fernandes’s penalty kick 🙂 He is not only good but he also has the balls! To me, Donnarruma, Navas, Emi Martinez, Mendy and Courtois are the top 5. Oblak and Neuer are has been. Never fan of Alisson and Ederson.

    • I never understood why they play him ahead of Allison. But I don’t have a problem if he’s overrated. Let Brazil keep starting him and people think he’s good

  6. Gary Lineker on Messi’s record against English big six:

    Messi’s first for PSG was his 27th goal against Premier League opposition in his 31st appearance. All in the Champions League and all against the so called big six…and some say he couldn’t do it here.

  7. Nothing to worry about Messi at PSG, his time will surely come; as a person and a player he adapts easily with others’ how he lay down to block the free kick and shown his finger to Mbappe after Neymar hug. A beauty of friendship !

    What i am worrying is lack of idea from Poch to bring the best and rotate the players. Otherwise PSG is a big contender for UCL. Applogize for posting about PSG, focus is due to Messi performance as we all love him wherever he is.

  8. Lisandro Martinez’s performance against #Beşiktaş : 🇦🇷

    • 90 Minutes Palyed
    • 87/97 Acc. Passes
    • 8/13 Acc. Long Balls
    • 5/5 Duels Won
    • 2/2 Succ. Tackles
    • 2/2 Aerial Duels Won
    • 9 Recoveries

    8.0 Rating of Fotmob 🌟

    🇦🇷 Lisandro Martínez did not lose an individual match (5/5) and recovered 9 balls in Ajax’s 2-0 win against Besiktas in the #ChampionsLeague.‌‌

    • IMO Licha is right up there with Cuti in terms of ability and potential. From what I understand, Barca was seriously looking into him but Ajax wouldn’t let him go for less than 25mill and Barca, at the moment, can’t even afford a cheap hooker, so the talks and interest never amounted to anything.
      Ajax is a very good team to play for, the team has an excellent coach, an excellent system for young(er) players to develop in and they play CL (and are competitive at it), so I don’t have a problem with Licha staying in Ajax for the time being but if Ter Haag does end up in Barca next season I wouldn’t mind seeing Licha go there because I think at his young age, with his ability on the ball, his versatility and his familiarity with Barca’s system (Ajax and Barca have very similar playing philosophies) Licha can do really well with the blaugrana.

  9. Off the topic, Marquinhos what defender to me is world class, the closest Argentina defender to him in terms not making rush challenges not dive on the ground too early and too easy is lich martinez.

  10. Maybe soon some of the PSG scrubs can learn the #1 rule…. Pass the ball to Messi Boludo!!! It’s Soo hard on the eye to watch PSG play or should I say attempt to play with a genius like Messi!! They cant!!! Neymar, veratti can… hikimi is trying but mendes and gueye suck….they lack proper footballing instincts And mbappe is NOT the player that people hype him up to be… not world class! Very talented but not world class. Truth mbappe in one word…. Selfish … because the 1st time that he finally plays with Messi… Messi scores!! Mbappe, boludo… learn the lesson #passtheballtomessi

  11. Lets GO BOSS, let the floodgates open.
    Messi scoring today was Huge, 1) his 1st goal, 2nd, vs ManCity, 3) Vs Pep, 4) he was not even supposed to be playing today, and finally, he scored in a UEFA competitive game.

  12. They won 8 games draw 1 but it seems that Poch only gets criticized lol. First they said because he only won in farmers league, now he beat EPL champ at CL with comfortable scoreline, but its still not good enough until PSG played like Barca from 2009-2015 and Messi gets his hat trick lol

    If MU win narrowly from CR penal or 3 yard tap in… Media would still hails it as solid performance

    • This is my first time watching the farmer’s league but so far I have found it quite competitive. I was expecting PSG to breeze pass all of their opponents but doesn’t seem to be the case so far!!

      • Believe it or not, people never even watch that league to make judgement. Read the list of the winning teams in Ligue 1 history, you’d find its actually scattered more evenly than EPL, Bundes, Serie A and La liga.

  13. I hope this amazing goal from Leo will be a great lesson to Poch, his staff and the players. Messi can produce magic anytime , you just need to keep passing him the ball. There is a reason he has been playing full 90mins in Barcelona and Argentina for the last 15 years. He has scored over 45 goals after 90min mark, in his career so far!

  14. Very happy for Messi but sad for Paredes. Verratti’s performance today will surely nail the coffin in the short run.
    Paredes is clearly very talented and has amazing passing ability but his weaknesses boils down to 2 main issues – 1) lack of forward drive and 2) defensively lazy. For the NT and PSG, we do get to see how great he can be but its not consistent. All too often i see him reverting to back passes and sideways passes, not running around trying to tackle, or letting some winger pass him up while he jogging. The guy is a professional athlete, coaches and close people must be telling him to modernize his game and work on these areas. Does he really live in this bubble where he thinks he doesnt need to work on defense and forward passing? I just don’t get it. i do think he has all the talent to be world class but if he doesn’t improve, he’ll be left in the dust. Now everyone praising Verratti when it should be Paredes.

    • Paredes is not a sure starter for the NT either because now Guido is competing for his spot and Guido’s been on fire and has upped his game big time. I’ve been watching Betis and Guido is now attempting (and often succeeding) is creating chances and driving the ball forward. It seems that his time at copa really lit some fire in him, hope he continues.
      As for Paredes, well we’ve all counted him out before at PSG but then he really stepped up in the CL against Atalanta and then Tuchel made him a starter. This continued with Poch last season but now he has Winaldum and the resurgent Gueye and Herrera to compete with and he has to really stepped it up physically like he did in the CL 2 seasons ago.

    • He has Guido & RDP covering all spaces for him jn Argentina. Noticed in most our games, Parades job has been mostly shoots from outside the box.

      However, he’s still able to contribute in Argentina team despite his lack of running. He assisted Messi first goal and indirectly assisted Messi’s third. He also had another shot on target earlier but fell into Di Maria weaker right foot.

    • The season is very long, even though Verratti-Gueye-Herrera working well at this moment, remember that Verratti usually play only 6 months since many years and Herrera got injured quite often. Wjnaldum is a big flop so Paredes will have his playing time.

  15. What I forgot about this game. I was working all day. Good to see Messi on the score sheet.
    I read Pochettino switching up style. Maybe this can be a good sign for his coaching career. Adaptability is a luxury these days.

    I know because I’ve coached many top clubs in my FiFA PS3-5 career! lol

  16. I’m so happy for Lionel messi to score his first goal of psg shirt, i’m also happy for pochettino to show he can adapt different stlye, since his stlye was known high intensity and high pressing to opponent half which he can’t do at psg, so he had to come with different stlye which suited his luxury stars, I think psg will play this kind game plan especially big champions league matches Compact, quick transition, keeping nice and tidy, i think t’s kind similar to scaloni’s Argentina

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