Emiliano Martinez comments on playing video games with the Argentina team


Emiliano Martinez spoke about playing video games with his team mates from the Argentina national team and how he prepared for the Copa America final.

Martinez revealed that he is a big fan of video games. In addition to being a Copa America champion and the goalkeeper of the Argentina national team and Aston Villa, Dibu Martinez plays video games with members of the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with Ole, here is what he had to say:

“Before the final against Brazil, I played a few matches of Call of Duty to relax.

“In a lead up to a World Cup qualifier, we were 10 in one place playing Among Us. Until two in the morning we were playing with everyone. We trained in the afternoon and the truth is that we had a lot of fun.

“In Among Us, the one who stood out the most was Tagliafico. He was the one who created everything and was the one who would argue the most, the one thinking the most. He would always beat us.

“From there game the group from the Argentina national team, because we are united, we play cards, Among Us together, Call of Duty. There are some guys that play FIFA, like Lisandro and Cuti and they have tournaments or play ping pong. The group became more and more united and basically through the games.”

He also revealed that he has a phrase he says when he does play:

“From my group of friends, I’m the one that goes to war, the assassin. In place of “Look how I’m going to eat you” from the penalties, here I say “Look how I will shoot you a bazookazo”, he. I walk with a bazooka everywhere.

“I like it. Football aside, when I get home, I’m with the family and after that at night I have my video game spot to connect with my team mates from Mar del Plata. And the truth is I like it.”

In addition, he also spoke about how he started playing video games:

“Ever since I was a kid, I always liked things related to (video) games. When I lived in Mar del Plata, I would play with the ball during the day and at night, Playstation, Sega or Nintendo. Today, during the day, I play Mario Kart with my son and with my Argentine friends, we play Call of Duty. We are sick. There are four of us and we play every night as a squad, always.

“Obviously not as an addict but at 9:30-10:00 pm, I go online and play for two hours. And those two hours, we always play, every day.”


  1. Neymar and Mbappe recently had a feud where Mbappe called Neymar a beggar. Also Neymar apparently is not passing to Mbappe whenever he is in a goal scoring position. It would have been best if Madrid had bought him. Once Messi starts to run the show there, it will start even bigger drama in PSG.

  2. Juan Foyth is continuously playing good in top level,he did good vs Sancho and Tellas but some were saying he is mistake prone now they can have good sample size 7 or 8 matches.

  3. Funny that Koeman thought Messi’s “privilege” was the problem. He himself was privileged to even breath the same air Messi does. Happy to see Barca imploding

  4. Otamendi was brilliant today. May be he has one more year left. He is a leader and a bully. We need one like that at every level. It can backfire at times, but I guess right now he has a place.

    Watch Barcelona! A lesson for Argentina NT. It is not easy to cope when you lose Lionel Messi. We have to build a life after Messi. It will come. From the eyes of opponents, the prestige and fear goes away when you don’t have Messi in the opposition team. We must prepare. I believe we have a good base, we must build.

    I hate the Ronaldo goal. I was dreading something like that will happen and there you go. I won’t call him lucky. I hate it, just simply hate what happened. But won’t belittle his hunger at 36 and ability to deliver.

    • The thing I like about Otamendi though, like Messi and Di Maria , he loved to proof people wrong whenever they criticizes him. Like Di Maria before this year Copa, Otamendi often gets criticized but it never affects him mentally, it simply never gets into his mind. As much as I hate to say it, most winning team like Italy & Spain, they also got that kind of character such as Gattuso, Materazzi and as much I hate to say it, Ramos.

  5. Otamendi has a great game. He lead the defence, marshalled every threats. He went on to duel with Fati and taunted him asking ” who are you?” he manhandled overrated barca kids.

    None of Lisandro or Senesi can replace him.

    • Lisandro or Sensi is not needed to replace Otamendi till WC 2022. They needed to replace 3rd choice CB , Pezella who looks weak and gets easily dribbled past at betis.

      • Yeah that was an extraordinary luck. Foyth had a solid game, esp. in the second half, but this Rulli doesn’t convince me at all. Both of the goals were savable in my opinion.

        • I think it’s more bad defending than anything else. Is it something savable ? Yes but the ball can ricothe from your body which sometimes can be difficult.
          The only problem with that is those deluded fanboys will compare with Messi

  6. Be careful with Lamela’s knee! Do these Wolfsburg players realize how horrible his injury history has been? Good thing he’s still up and running

  7. What happened with Pareses guys?…. He hasn’t been playing for quite some games despite many changes in the midfield…?

    • Man, I was switching channels to look up UEFA games and BOOM there it was, I change channels and ARGENTINA is 2-1 with few mins left and of course Brazil and their bullshit stopping the game with 2 seconds crying about whatever and bye bye, have a nice flight home.
      Where is Richarlesson or however he spells his dumbass name now?
      All I want now, is a ManU Loss and it will be a great two days

  8. There is a comment I saw somewhere in social media today which made my day. It was like this:

    Things you can find in Achraf Hakimi’s pocket: His phone, his car’s key, his family photo, and Jack Grealish 😂😂😂

    • Jack Grealish, if he wasn’t English, wouldn’t even go for 30 million. Brutal English media will soon label him biggest transfer flop of the season. City should have pushed for Kane’s transfer instead of him. They clearly need a proper centre forward.

      • That is the beauty of this game. Jack Grealish is a good player and what he did at Villa made sense. He holds the ball longer, takes extra touch and falls to easily. This works in Villa because someone like him would take out of playing time from the 90 mins allocated. At City its a different ball game. Either Pep transforms him or he becomes the next Isco. Isco was same, he liked to caress the ball, take an extra classy touch etc. This is where Messi is supreme. For all his talent, his biggest strength is decision making. All his decisions are aimed at hurting the opposition the most, the path to a goal.

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