Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 2-1 win vs. Sassuolo


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 2-1 win vs. Sassuolo.

Martinez made it five goals in six matches as he scored off a penalty. It was 1-1 when Inter were awarded a penalty kick. Lautaro took it as he went to the goalkeeper’s left and the goalkeeper went the wrong way and Lautaro scored.


  1. Futsal is a fun sport! Vamos Argentina!

    In other news, looks like Paredes may have have lost his starting place in PSG, I am not surprised. He’s not dynamic enough and with the front 3 not pressing you need to have very high energy midfielders to make up for it. For the NT it means that we need to have Guido Rodriguez start as a DM. A midfield of Guido, De Paul and Lo Celso is much more balanced and also allows De Paul to attack more.

  2. PSG’s best midfield trio is Paredes, Virrati and Gueye sooner Poch recognise it PSG will be better. Those are of same profile as Argentina midfield trio of Lo celso Paredes and De Paul.

  3. Hard to watch this EPL They cant respect our players 😐 bundia and lo celso on bench🙄
    Total disrespect so far every tottenham coach toward lo celso
    Man he was on fire in psg all his transfers costed him
    I hope our young guns never go to PL its better play regularly for a small Seria A, la liga, or dutch legue than sitting on bench all season

  4. I watched Hotspur Villa. Man it was hard to watch as I support both teams. Here is my verdict.

    Cuti Romero: excellent in the first half, played like the Cuti we saw in Atalanta. His interceptions and tackles were on display. In the second half he got a yellow for being too agressive and that also resulted in Villa’s counter attack goal. Not 100% Cuti’s mistake but the goal would not have happened had he not closed down his opponent. Overall a good performance. My rating: 7.5

    Emi Martinez: A pretty good performance. 2 goals he conceded, he could do nothing about it. He had 2 amazing key saves in 2 one on one situations. One against Son and another against Kane. If the likes of Ederson had been the Villa goalie, it would have been 4-1 for the Spurs. My rating: 7

    Lo Celso: Played the last 15 minutes or so. He looked decent, definitely better than Ndombele. He had a shot ala Messi that was just wide.

    Buendia: played the last 20 minutes. Don’t really make any impact at all as he barely touched the ball.

  5. The status quo will remain as such as long as Mbappe stays with the team, plain and simple. PSG are fooling themselves, he WILL LEAVE so why pull a Barcelona and let your best player go somewhere else for FREE!!! sell his ass NOW and get something for your investment.

    • and Messi keeps tiptoeing just so he doesn’t step on this or that guy’s fragile ego and Poch puts in this player once and then pulls him when it doesn’t work and the cycle keeps going around.
      The Boss needs to be upfront to do his thing and everybody knows that but who is brave enough to say it out loud in that locker room?!
      And to my delight, I believe Neymar is in decline already, not fast or sharp enough, sure there are flashes here and there but not like before.

      • Neymar has been quite poor so far, one of the reason is he also needs the team built around and be at the center of all the attack for him to succeed and now since PSG has Messi , he is seeing even less of the ball. The only way PSG can actually get best out of Messi is if injury prone Neymar gets sidelined or Real steals Mbappe in January transfer!! If Messi can carry below average Barca alone on his shoulders for 4 yrs straight, not having Neymar or Mbappe will not make any difference to him. He might have lost his pace but his passing and shooting skills is still as better than anybody else . Also, Messi needs to be a little bit more clinical. He is not going to get 4-5 chances per match like in Argentina or Barcelona so he needs to make the best out of the chances he gets. .

        • Messi clearly still has the pace as we saw in WC qualifier and Copa. He’s constantly run pass multiple players . Just look at that solo run against Colombia, deep in second half of semifinal , he’s still able to run pass 3 big Colombians with bloody legs!

          However, he’d only use his pace in crucial games such as WC qualifier , Copa & CL knockout stage . Basically when the stake is high. In weekly league games , he’s certainly will conserve some energy . Afterall he made it clear that his ultimate goal by moving to PSG is to win another CL .

          Just watch , he’d score in next week WC qualifier, book it.

    • Right, with the absurd amount of money they can get for Mbappe they will be a) able to invest in a stronger midfield/defense, b) because of this investment and losing Mbappe have balance in their game and c) STILL have a world class attack. Neymar-Messi-Di Maria

  6. Poch prefers mindless runner who doesnt know how to pass the ball. PSG was on the ball most of the time but it took their players like 10 seconds before they could decided where to pass.

    Everytime Messi roam near the edge of the box, they’d just whip aimless crosses to the goalkeeper direction, expecting Neymar or Mbappe to tap it. They had no idea how to play short passing game.

    Messi could only put long through ball all day since nobody would provides Messi a close passing option other than Di Maria. Everytime he receives the ball, all his teammates would quickly charged forward expecting a direct pass to the box.

    I also think Messi did try to some conserve energy for WC qualifier. He’s too static in this game. Its must be weird for him that now it easier to score in national team.

    • The reason he looks static is because unlike Barcelona where 60-70% of the balls would go through him , at PSG his teammates are not giving him the ball. Yes he is always surrounded by opposition players and he might lose possession couple of times but he will also create chances after chances. Especially in second half today, most of the time PSG was attacking from left and when Messi moved to the right , instead of passing him the ball so that he can send a cross into the box, they would try to cross the ball themselves resulting in a goal kick or counter attack.

      PSG players and team management should know that there is nobody better in sending passes or crosses inside the box than Messi. The ball he fed Dimaria is an example of what he can do. Some people are expecting Messi to track back and press , if he starts pressing like other players then what’s the point of having Messi in the team. If Poch want’s to keep his job he needs play Messi closer to the goal and ensure that he gets the ball most of the time unless somebody else is in a goal scoring/ assisting position and move Mbappe and Neymar on the side feeding Messi the ball. Mbappe dribbles too much and I am sure when he moves to Madrid his privileges’ will be taken away. There is no point making this Mbappe hero as he will be gone next season no matter what. PSG better invest time and money in Messi and Neymar.

      This PSG team will get knocked out in 2nd round if they don’t accept the fact that Messi needs to be in the center of their attack!! They will not have an easy path like 2020 so Poch better make some harsh and firm changes to his strategy.

      • Most of the time the ball went to Mbappe. They seems always looking for Mbappe only. Also, I noticed Neymar seems to be getting wider (Like Pipita) and his finishing is getting worst. He failed to score from few yards twice today. Di Maria played well, should have had 2 assists, one incorrectly ruled out, the other one wasted by Neymar (after one-two with Messi).

        Mbappe wear “7” and he always act like that other “7”. No matter where he is, he always shoot it aimlessly.

        This team could only win game when those star players come up with individual brilliance. Most of the time Poch got bailed out by that. At CL knockout stage, he’ll get beaten badly if he dont have any proper gameplan.

        I also suspect Mbappe tries to deny Messi scoring plenty of goals. There’s one moment inside the box where he could have pass the ball back to Messi easily but he seems to delayed it until defenders finally closed the gap.

  7. Romero has had a solid 1st half. Lots of interceptions and clean tackles. He is fun to watch. Pretty calm and composed, at times casual movements from him. Yet he knows when to go for that tackle. 100% accuracy in the 1st half in terms of tackle. Sad to see Lo celso on the bench. I don’t know what this shitty Nuno sees in overrated Ndombele. Ndombele is the poor man’s Pogba. All flashy skills and movements with zero output. He lost several balls in the midfield and no one good final pass. Overhyped. On the other end, Emi’s position could have been better for the goal. The shot was inch perfect though.

  8. These PSG players hesitation to pass to Messi is the reason why they are not able to win. They see Leo surrounded by 4 players and look else where to pass the ball. Messi is used to playing like that, yes he might lose possession few times but he will also create quite a few chances. Seeing Mbappe miss chances after chances , one wonders if Poch might need to move him to the flank and put Messi in the centre. Right now he is playing to deep and PSG players are not acquainted to his long passes from the middle of the field like Alba and Suarez were. As long as over dribbler Mbappe is their main man, PSG will struggle. 60% of the balls has to go through Messi and only then he will be able to get you that 30 goals and 30 assists. Also, Leo got unlucky hitting the post again, otherwise Rennes would be trailing the match from there.

    • PSG were rather lucky a lot of times in the season so far (Lyon, Manchester City, Brugges), (unlike Messi who is very unlucky) better to lose sometimes or being unlucky to see and solve the problems.

  9. This PSG team is hard to watch, reminds me of 2010 ARG team with all the superstars on the field!!
    Messi had a decent game, he could have scored but wasn’t meant to be.
    Lets go Martinez, Romero and Lo Celso IF he gets a chance to play.

      • Not even close

        I have no idea what all you guys see in Buendia… Yes he was good last season. But that was some shitty second league. So far in PL a huge disappointment.
        And by the way he’s a RW. That’s the best covered spot in NT.. No other NT has that many players in RW that are worldclass, and Buendia is not even close to one of them

    • That 2010 team was crazy attacking talent-wise Aguero, Higuain, Diego Milito in top form, Messi, Tevez, Di Maria, Pastore, Maxi Rodriguez, Veron etc.

  10. SorinXcrespO

    my friend do me a favor. stop speaking about Icardi and his manager.i will stop too.
    Don t try to wake all those dreaming and don t try to make see the people that are blind.
    it is empty and no reason exist.
    in same time in that case i remember the old story about Troyan war and the horse that the Greeks take that city. the Troyans themselves open the gates to put in the beutiful horse. what happened after it is well known in history.
    of course was exist 2-3 “crazy Troyans” like you, me ,HIRA ,Engan Che that was trying to warn their countymen for the danger but as history teach us it was no use.
    So my friend let us see the result of our history.let see what the”beautiful horse” will bring to those support to bring it inside city.
    of course you and me my friend we should be silent. we don t have short memory. as about me personally even if Icardi succeed i will never accept him because i learn in my life even if i need help never go to licking people that they was spiting to my face some years before. I HAVE SELF RESPECT.

    from my side i end subject here unless somebody provoke me in future to open my mouth.
    my silence start from now.
    Exept that today is the big derby against Boca. i don t need to waste my time for the piece of shit Icardi.

  11. In 17 LaLiga seasons, Messi has racked up 2352 goal-scoring attempts with a cumulative xG value of 363,19. Thus, the xG model estimates that Messi should have scored about 363 goals from these chances, based on the type and the location of each shot. However, Messi has scored more goals, a lot more. In fact, in this time he has netted 474 goals. Plus 111 goals…given the xG value of each of his shots, the probability of scoring 474 goals or more is 0.0000000015%. It is nearly impossible to shoot that efficiently. One in the billion.

    • “Messi has outperformed his expected goals (xG) in every season since 2005. That is genuinely staggering, and a testament to why Leo is indeed impossible. He has doubled his xG in two different seasons too (08/09 and 12/13). It’s hard to fathom just how stupendous that is; it is a level of efficiency that has not been seen before (and probably won’t be seen for a while). However, the efficiency alone is not what makes Messi stand out; that efficiency is coupled with extraordinary consistency and longevity. “

  12. As a albiceleste fan i always look to our future talent on current form i want Julian alverz to get at least 30 minute in each match boy he deserve that 2 years ago he miss a chance to sign with real bcz of injury now he is the most consistant and infrom young player

    Take a look at his stats and how english medias rate him higher
    “According to InfoBae, no one under the age of 21 has produced more key passes this season than Alvarez. Not only in South America but also the whole of world football.

    That list, in case you’re interested, includes Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho, Joao Felix and the rampant Vinicius Jr. ”
    This ks straight from europian medias so we have a gem in hand, since our spot in worldcup is assured its time to build future 👍

  13. Barca are in such a sad mess, so sorry to see the beloved club at this state, but feel relieved that Messi doesnt have to suffer anymore due to the pathetic management of the club.

    Barca badly need a coach who can form a team and play tiki taka football. Ajax’s Ten Hag is the best candidate for the job.

  14. It might sound like an exaggeration but Foyth when in the kind of mood he was against Man Utd, he is almost impassable. A bloody wall. His body looks more stable, the clumsiness is slowly disappearing. He also high booted with clearances a few times, whereas in the past he would’ve tried to control and dribble out of trouble and in the end get into big trouble.
    If he can continue his development at Villareal he will be world class come the end of the seaon. For me he is already one of the best in Europe.
    Scaloni should integrate him, Licha (this fellow is class), Medina and Walter Benitez into the NT ASAP. A big shout for Musso, who looks just as good with Atlanta.
    Also, Scaloni should include atleast 2 or 3 players from the local league at every opportunity (no I’m not talking about Enzo Perez, Armani and other deadwoods but rather the lopez, Almada, Castro etc).

  15. Martinez has made a sound start to the season, but bad misses continues to haunt him. Should easily have had at least another 3 or 4 goals. He has to up his game in the champions league.
    Licha Martinez, Walter Benitez and Foyth have been other standous. Expecting a breakthrough season for Balerdi.
    Other than the above mentioned it has been a mediocre to poor start to the season for our players in Europe. Very disappointed with most of them
    In the Argentine primera, a lot of youngsters have raised their game, and none more so than 22 year old Martin Ojeda.
    A complete unknown before this, Ojeda has been the player of the season in Argentina so far with 10 goals (top scorer) for Godly Cruz playing as a left winger. Quite similar to Maxi Rodriguez.
    Almada is having his best season so far and hopefully that Sampaoli interest is still there. 5 goals and 3 assists.
    Nico Castro of Newell’s is another who is impressing continuously. 5 goals this season
    Jose Lopez with 7 goals, looks to be a fine centre forward. He could have a lot more goals, if not for Sand, who shares his spaces and has been vey wasteful in front of goals despite the 10 he has scored.
    Juan Cruz (son of Julio Cruz), looks another top prospect. Old fashioned centre forward. Has 5 goals this season.
    Julian Alvarez is already a NT player. He is out and out River’s top player, if only he had better team mates around him, he would be shining even more brightly.

    • Lautaro Martinez is not a good finisher and it is proven fact that is why he covers that with his work rate,Icardi and Aguero needs to come they are lethal striker they have eye for a goal unlike Lautaro Martinez.
      Erik Lamela needs to be called he deserves call up more than ever. He is good substitute or starer for De Paul place. He has same profile like De Paul.

    • About Martin Ojeda I did not know who he was before this season, and he has taken it by storm. Some Argentinians call Godoy Cruz “Godoy Munich” now haha. And he certainly plays a large part in that

      • Ojeda and Nico Castro have been on fire lately, but when it comes to the primera, one shouldn’t draw any quick conclusions because players rise and fall like lunar tides. Girotti, C.Medina, Varela and Velasco were all the rage a few months back and now some of them aren’t even starting, so I would give each of these players 2 whole seasons before I pass judgement.
        In saying all that I think Almada and J.Alvarez seem to be the real deal, too bad Almada decided to retire early by going to the MLS.

    • Yaa time for alverez to get regular time at national team he deserve it, and like u said with better players arround him he gonna be more brutal
      Like spain france england brazil we also needs to look at the next gen

    • Per xG stats Icardi and Aguero are not better finisher than Lautaro in the last 3 years, they are average. Lautaro has this this season in Serie A 5 goals and only 4,1 xG, in UCL 0 goal and 0,7 xG, big chances in UCL where? And he should score 3-4 more goals, where? Dzeko has 1,4 in UCL and 0 goal too, he missed the bigger chances. Messi is a different kind of animal, the greatest finisher who ever played the game, only in spanish Primera Division scored more than 100 plus goals than expected. Anomaly.

  16. Ojeda is the other revelation this season. Bit of a late bloomer but he has been precise this year. Someone who can play all three positions on the front line.

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