Paulo Dybala out of Argentina squad for October World Cup qualifiers


Paulo Dybala is out of the Argentina squad for the October World Cup qualifiers.

Dybala, who is not fully fit, was called up to the Argentina squad by coach Lionel Scaloni. However, the Argentina accounted tweeted out that Dybala will miss the three matches and is out of the team.


  1. Lots of cry for Icardi’s inclusion here. I don’t know whether he is a problem for the dressing room or not, but his wife is enough trouble for both of them. But nobody seems to care that Icardi’s playing style does not go with our current NT, not a single bit. He does not contribute to the build-up play. He is a super static striker. He does not contribute to defending. So, what is his utility in the team then? For set pieces in the dying minutes? Well, in that case, he has a worthy competitor in Alario. Both of them are subs in their clubs. Both of them are good in the air. But Alario offers more. He gets involved with the link-up play and does some defending too. So, give me a good reason why Scaloni will go for Icardi over Alario. Obviously, both can’t be called up. It’s not about whether Icardi deserves to be selected or not. Scaloni’s idea of defending is simple and modern. To defend with 9 players as we have Messi. Scaloni knows that a player like Icardi will not work in his system. It is as simple as that. So, he is unlikely to call him up even if there is a shortage of strikers. If Scaloni calls up Icardi sometime in the future, he will still not put him in the starting XI. I’m pretty sure he’ll rot on the bench. So, stop this ‘Icardi should be called up” nonsense. Not everything is related to dressing room politics.

  2. Man this guys luck…
    I don’t think they will call a replacement. When both paulo and alario were out, they were content with the rest of the forwards in the squad. This time alario is there too so my money is on there not being another striker call up.

  3. River Plate manager Marcelo Gallardo was reportedly on Tottenham Hotspur’s radar this summer following the departure of Jose Mourinho, according to Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano.

    Tottenham’s prolonged search for a successor to the Portuguese saw them heavily linked with a whole host of managerial targets including Roberto Martinez, Erik ten Hag, Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Conte, Paulo Foneseca, and Gennaro Gattuso before the club finally decided to appoint Nuno Espirito Santo (BBC).

    Romano revealed that Spurs club officials had opened the lines of communication with those close to the 45-year-old, only to be told that he wanted to remain at River Plate for the time being.

    The Argentine has previous experience of European football, having turned out for both Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain during his playing career

  4. The Argentina national team has something that not many teams have: we have players that are genuine friends outside of soccer. This is vital for our play and any chance of us attaining another cup. We also have Messi of course, but that’s another thread.

    We need to stop talking about Icardi and him being left out of the team. He hasn’t been left out, he chose this path.
    I have to admit that he is a good striker and can be useful for the national team, but he is more of a risk then a benefit. He may score for us in a match, but then he may cause issues (fitna) between players. We currently don’t have issues between players. France has infighting between 5 different players. Germany had problems last world cup between players and even fans. We need to maintain this group and it’s unity.
    In other words….. Fuck Icardi.

    • With all due respect, I disagree. A winning team doesn’t have to be a team full of “friends”. In the NBA the Chicago Bulls won 3 straight championships with a controversial player, “Dennis Rodman” – who was on their greatest rivalry team Detroit Pistons for many years. When asked about his teammate, Michale Jordan stated, “I don’t care what Rodman does or says, the only thing that matters is that he performs and does his job on the court.”

      I do not understand why in football there is an over sensitivity over “words” said to the press when asked a question. Riquelme quits the team because Maradona says, “I need him to play ten meters towards goal”. Riquelme wants comments to “remain in the locker room”. What kind of sensitivity crap is this?

      When Carlos Tevez was asked prior to WC 2014 if he is friends with Messi, he states: “I have no problem with Messi. We don’t need to be friends to respect each other”. What happens? He was left of NT squad until Copa (interesting that he praised Messi publicly as the greatest player in the world and then was brought back. In previous years he said that Wayne Rooney was the best player that he played with), whereas he had his best European season in Juventus before 2014 World Cup. This was during the “Team of Friends Saga”.

      Dybala asked a similar question about playing with Messi, and he simply states: “It’s hard to play with Messi because we occupy the same space. I have to adjust or (limit myself a bit)” The media spins it to the point it’s leaked that Messi asked him about his words and stated, “he is still young and has to be careful how he says things in media as words get twisted”. Why can’t Dybala express his truth? Why does Messi have to even ask him about the situation? Dybala is then left off on the bench during WC18 and from the team for a while until Copa 2019 (he played here and there when Messi semi-retired).

      The sensitivity is what is killing the beautiful game and the world. Where people want to sensor others because of a different opinion. I see people on here calling for others to be removed from the forum. For what? Because an opinion is different? Or because words can be perceived as “disrespectful”. Icardi mentioned his observation of the moral of the team. We all know during 2017-2018 it was toxic and the press made things worst. Players were mad and didn’t take. Even the great Batista walked into the locker room once and was astonished that people looked mad to see him and he shared it with the public. The players didn’t like when past players spoke. Why shy from the truth. It makes us stronger and we learn from it.

      Again too sensitive.

      Argentina needs all players in the WC squad that can make a difference.
      The past has shown: Redondo over a haircut 1998; 2002 Crespo on bench; 2006 -Messi on Bench, Aimar on bench; 2010 – Riquelme over words, Zanetti (not cool with Vernon), Cambiasso, (Inter treble-winning squad); 2014 was begging for a player other than Messi to make it happen – no Tevez, no Icardi, no Banega, no Pastore, no Lamela; 2018 – Meza? Old man Wily? Pavon? Dybala on the bench, Aguero on the bench after scoring a goal in the first group stage match. Icardi at home, Lamela at home, Pastore at home.

      Sorry for the book, but we have to learn from this. Bring all players that are difference makers. Send a player home if he is acting up. Then the next person will know that opportunity cannot to be squandered.

      • @Wisdom
        ‘A winning team doesn’t have to be a team full of friends.’
        Well, I agree with you on this part. But a winning team must have team chemistry and a collective sense of responsibility which means that everybody should be aware of his role in the team. Comparing NBA to Football is not the best way of argument. I can give more than one example in Football, where super-talented teams failed to perform in a big tournament due to internal issues in the team. So, your one exceptional example doesn’t hold up. Also, despite their differences, Rodman performed. But it doesn’t work out that way 8/10 of the time.
        “Why can’t Dybala express his truth? Why does Messi have to even ask him about the situation?”
        The Messi-Dybala issue is blown out of proportion by the media. I see you being over-sensitive in this case. Messi and Dybala have clearly no problems with each other. And what’s wrong with Messi advising Dybala to be cautious when talking to the media? Any senior should advise his juniors on how to handle these tricky issues. So, when Messi does not shout in the field, he is not a leader. But when he advises people behind the scene, he’s crossing the line? Hilarious. Obviously, Dybala can express the truth, but not in a way that can be twisted into something else. Clearly, that’s what happened in this case, a simple harmless comment had been turned into a headline. And I agree with your thoughts on the difference of opinions to some extent. Everybody should express their own opinion but you have to also consider the consequences of your opinion. Most of us take the phrase ‘freedom of speech’ literally.

    • We don’t know whether Icardi causes trouble or not in the locker room, that claim (made by the ever toxic Argentine media) is without merit. Now, if it turns out indeed that he’s toxic in the locker room then sure, don’t call him but I am yet to see an concrete (or even circumstantial) evidence that Icardi is troublesome.
      Lautaro starts and Dybala is more than capable of playing as a 9, but when it comes to pure 9s it’s Lautaro, Kun, Alario and Icardi. Kun’s fitness is a big issue and I honestly don’t think he’ll make it into the WC (if Argentina qualifies) while Alario, as much as I like him, isn’t even a glorified sub at Neverkusen despite the fact that he merits a start (was in top 5 most clinical strikers in Bundesliga last season despite his lack of playing time). The sad thing is that Alario is way too good to be a sub and could have gone somewhere else where he gets to start but decided to stay, which tells me the guy is content with mediocrity and that’s not good enough for the Argentine NT.

  5. This is Argentina’s best line up for defence and midfield.
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. C.Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Emi Martinez is top 3 goalkeeper in world.

    Foyth has showed his class against top teams like Chelsea, 2 times against Man United, against Real Madrid,Atletico and other. No doubt one of the best RB in world for last month.

    C.Romero is best defender of Argentina

    Otamendi doing good in Benfica,he brings experience for defence line.

    Acuna is best aerial passer.

    • Must be some sorry-ass Christina fans, glad he’s unharmed but better sure up security because this sort of crap tend to keep occurring if unprotected against, just ask Di Maria.

  6. Dybala is our “Gohan”.. We know he can be great, and we are patiently expecting character improvement, but he keep getting hurt as he did during cell games lol He’s great when his hair/bang goes down his face.

    Mauro “Vegito Prince of the Saiyans” Icardi is waiting for his chance. His only weakness is Bulma who left Maxi “Yamcha” Lopez.

    • No. his weakness is that he and his manager insult publicaly several times the Argentina national team and it s people back in 2017-2018. the fact that he as a person has no ethics is not the reason he is (and i hope he will continue) stay out of the team.

      • Because Icardi is Vegita. Vegita always talking smack and want to act like a loner. Bulma thinks she can speak out to lord berus. She was just being a bratty girl trying to get her man on the team, not realizing it was harming his career.

        Solution: AFA leaders & coaching staff speak to Icardi with all players present, and tell him this is his last chance. Warn him that Bulma needs to shut up and if there’s one more outburst from them, she and he will be banned from the team for life.

  7. All he can do is play and improve with JUVE and his chance will come, the prima donna is gone and there is no reason not to make it his team once and for all.

  8. So who will be replacment ? Scaloni should call someone as a cover for injured players… Palacious and Acuna are injured. Now Dybala out. Let see

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