Argentina vs. Paraguay, VAR audios released for penalty decisions


Argentina against Paraguay in the World Cup qualifiers had three penalty decisions, all of which were not given.

It was two possible penalties for Argentina and one for Paraguay but VAR decided against them. The first was a possible penalty against Cristian Romero as a ball was sent into the penalty area and it struck his arm.

The referee for the match, Anderson Daronco, ignored the possible penalty shout. However, it was VAR who was taking a look at it and in the end it was not given.

For Argentina, the first possible penalty that could have been given in their favor was when the ball hit Robert Rojas inside the penalty area. Alejandro Papu Gomez dribbled into the penalty area when Rojas went to ground and the ball hit his arm. However, the decision was that the arm was part of a natural movement as Rojas was falling.

There was another potential foul, this time on Nicolas Otamendi. It was Lionel Messi who took a corner kick for Argentina as Otamendi was brought down inside the penalty area. It went to VAR and they decided that it was all clean, there was no penalty.


  1. J.Correa becoming another Nico Gonzalez.

    J.Correa is not the most athletic player in-terms of movement. Can get stagnant like Higuain..But he is a super sub..Experimenting is fine for now..but need to inject local players as well..

    But time and again Scaloni decision to call tired players or unfit players baffles moments Paraguay beat our defense easily…Romero had no chance on few occasions..

    It was Emi Martinez who saved our day and Papu had a real good game but unfortunate..

  2. It is easy to blame the coach but one must understand a coach’s decisions are relative to the opponent. In this case I would say since argentina created a lot of chances (they didn’t convert it due to lack of No.9 that’s a different story) I would say Scaloni did a decent job.. I would have opted for Alario yes.. but for a team that parked the bus and hit us in the counter (thankfully for which we are protected against due to Romero) we did pretty good.

  3. I think the reason is Alario is not match fit and is nowhere near his best. Since his return to Leverkusen from injury, he has yet to score except one penalty goal I think.

  4. Another reminder Argentina’s main problem has always been our coaches. Correa has never ever played as a no.9 and he is not a regular goal scorer even at club. 8 goals a season is his best return. If you have a centre forward in your squad then freakin play him. y waste him on the bench’ I mean y even call him to the squad if you have fixed set of players you are going to use.
    It is high time, the NT uses Messi in the 3 man midfield, if Messi wants to have the ball all the time then that’s where he should go.It would be a master stroke. It would also free up a space for Dybala or Nico to play in their natural position.

    • I understand your opinion but it would seem like Scaloni prefers a CF/ST who would run into space and create opposition problems with their hard running and hustling defenders like Lautaro does. J Correa fits that profile. Neither Alario, Aguero nor Icardi will not sacrifice themselves like that because they like to wait in the box. Lautaro and the Correa Hermanos are not as clinical but have the hustle.

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